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WWE Super Show-Down 2018 Live Coverage & Results (10/6) Melbourne, Australia

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Oct 06, 2018

WWE Super Show-Down 2018 Live Coverage & Results (10/6) Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE Super Show-Down airing live from Melbourne, Australia!  The card is as follows:

  • The Undertaker (w/ Kane) vs. Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels)
  • The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre
  • WWE Championship:  AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe
  • Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad
  • SmackDown Womens Championship:  Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair
  • John Cena & Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens & Elias
  • Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship:  The New Day (c) vs. The Bar
  • Asuka & Naomi vs. The Iiconics
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship:  Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Buddy Murphy


Coverage starts live at 5 am EST!


WWE Super Show-Down 2018


The show opens with the new Then. Now. Forever. logo followed by an Australian themed introduction to Melbourne and the card for the evening.  The Undertaker vs. Triple H as 'One Last Time' is highlighted primarily.

We're welcomed to the packed arena with a little firework show as it's already dark.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The New Day (c) vs. The Bar


The Bar comes out first as Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Renee Young are on commentary.  The New Day makes their way out next as they're chunking pancakes into the crowd.  No talking tonight from the champs as it's Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston teaming up for The New Day.

It's Kofi and Cesaro starting this one off as Cesaro shoulders Kofi to the ground.  They hit the ropes a bit more before Kofi leaps up to hit a spinning elbow for a two count.  Woods tags in and hits a diving elbow from the top for a two count.  Kofi springs off the second rope for a two count after tagging in.  Sheamus is getting frustrated as he pulls Cesaro out of the ring.  Kofi leaps over, but he's caught.  Woods leaps, but he's caught as well.  Both of them are slammed into the ring post before Kofi and Cesaro move back into the ring.  Cesaro tags in Sheamus before they hit dual punches to Kofi's chest.  Sheamus gets a two count before flipping Kofi onto his belly into an armlock.  Sheamus tags out to Cesaro who nails a European uppercut for a two count.

Cesaro applies a body stretch before Kofi worms out and hits a sunset flip for a two count.  Cesaro tags out to Sheamus who stops Kofi from tagging out.  Sheamus hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran.  He stops midway through and tags in Cesaro who applies a chinlock.  Kofi begins to worm out, but Cesaro tags in to Sheamus who knocks Woods off the apron.  The Bar hit a big double suplex on Kofi for a two count.  Cesaro tags in and distracts the referee before Sheamus kicks him in the head.  Cesaro covers for a two count.  Cesaro lifts up Kingston before he begins fighting them both off.  Kofi launches Cesaro over the top rope and begins the slow crawl towards Xavier.  Woods and Sheamus tag in.  Woods hits a superkick to the knee followed by a running reverse STO to a kneeling Sheamus for a two count.  Woods finds himself on the apron before getting caught by an Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count!

Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick, but Woods dodges it.  Sheamus tags in Cesaro before launching Woods to him for a European uppercut.  Cesaro hits The Big Swing before locking Woods into a sharpshooter!  Kofi tries to come in, but Sheamus catches him.  Kofi kicks Sheamus away before kicking Cesaro in the side of the head.  Sheamus dumps himself and Kofi over the top rope.  Woods gets a roll-up for a two count.  Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise kick to Sheamus!  Woods hits a backstabbers before Kofi leaps off for a moonstomp onto the chest of Cesaro.  Kofi pins him for the three count!

Winners:  The New Day

The New Day celebrate before a video is shown for the WWE 2k19 video game.

Charlotte makes her way down to the ring next.  Becky Lynch makes her way out next before a video package is shown for this feud.


SmackDown Womens Championship
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair


The bell sounds as they circle around.  They go for a lock-up, but Becky kicks her in the midsection before catching her with some elbows in the corner.  Lynch lifts up Charlotte who begins fighting back.  Lynch hits a kick to Charlotte before kicking her into the second turnbuckle.  Lynch slides outside and yanks Charlotte out of the ring straight to the floor with her narrowly missing hitting her head on the floor.  Lynch whips Charlotte into the ring post before rolling her into the ring for a two count.  Charlotte rolls up Lynch for a two count.  Charlotte catches Becky rushing her before Lynch turns it right around into the Disarmher!  Charlotte begins fighting up, but Becky drives it back down.  Lynch is working on the fingers of that arm, but Charlotte continues to fight up.  Charlotte hits a sidewalk slam before hitting a belly-to-back suplex that floors both of them.  Lynch hits a few European uppercuts before getting caught in the corner with her leg on the second rope.  Charlotte stomps on her leg before lighting up the chest of Lynch with chops.  Charlotte charges into the corner and misses before Becky kicks her there.  Becky tries for the Beck-sploder suplex, but Charlotte reverses with a suplex of her own.  Lynch kicks Charlotte away before leaping with a double axe handle to the throat of Charlotte for a two count!

Becky tries for the Disarmher, but Charlotte blocks it into a Figure-8-Leglock that is blocked.  Lynch gets to her feet and eats a big boot from Charlotte for a two count.  Lynch rolls up Charlotte for a two count.  They both begin trading blows with the crowd on the side of Lynch.  Lynch gets the best of it before taking a spear from Charlotte for a two count!  Charlotte struggles to her feet before climbing to the top rope.  She goes for the moonsault and finds the knees of Becky!  Lynch covers her for a two count.  Lynch hits an enzuigiri before climbing up to the top rope.  Becky misses a big leg drop before Charlotte big boots Becky and locks in a Boston crab!  Lynch is crawling towards the ropes and she grabs them.  Lynch uses the ropes to pull herself out of the ring.  Lynch grabs the title and is running home.  Charlotte catches her with a big time spear into the barricade.  She rolls her into the ring and nails a spear!  Charlotte locks in the Figure-8-Leglock!  Becky grabs the title that is now on the apron and begins nailing Charlotte with it to secure the DQ loss!

Winner (by DQ):  Charlotte Flair

Post-match, Charlotte chases Becky down and rolls her into the ring.  Lynch rolls out of the ring as soon as she's put in there.  Lynch clotheslines Charlotte to the floor before hitting a Beck-sploder suplex on the outside of the ring.  Becky leaves with the title in hand.

An advertisement is shown for Crown Jewel and Evolution and Survivor Series.

Elias is shown in the ring with Kevin Owens.  They both stare out for awhile before Elias finally introduces himself.  Elias begins playing Thunderstruck on his guitar before finishing with a grin on his face as the crowd began chanting along.  Elias says that he's been everywhere, but there is no place that loves him as much as Melbourne.  He says that they understand a universal truth that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.  Elias says that a friend of his is sitting next to him.  He introduces Kevin Owens who says that usually nothing cheers him up like Elias' music because of where they are.  Owens calls Melbourne a cesspool.  Owens says that Canada should have a Super Show-Down.  Elias says that when things get bad, don't worry about it!  He says that Cena and Lashley will choke.  The crowd begins cheering.  Elias is interrupted by Bobby Lashley's music.


Elias & Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley & John Cena


Kevin Owens is starting as well as Bobby Lashley.  Owens tags out immediately to Elias.  The two lock-up before Lashley begins working over the arm of Elias.  Lashley begins hitting some high knees before shoulderblocking Elias into the mat.  Elias gets some offense in before Lashley slams Elias into the corner.  Lashley hits a big powerslam for a two count.  Elias gets to his corner and tags in Owens.  Owens begins hitting some big blows to Lashley.  Owens gets caught by a swinging neckbreaker from Lashley.  Lashley mounts Lashley in the corner for a ten count.  Elias interrupts him before Lashley hits a blackout slam before pointing at Cena.  Elias blasts Cena from the apron.  Owens and Elias double team Lashley.  Elias tags in before kicking Lashley in the midsection in the corner.  Elias hits a big standing elbow drop onto Lashley for a two count.  Owens tags in and begins ramming Lashley in the corner.  Lashley almost gets a tag before Owens yanks him back.  Owens applies a side headlock and trash talks Cena from the center of the ring.  Owens turns it around into a DDT for a two count.  Owens slams Lashley back into their corner before tagging in Elias.

Lashley hits the ropes before falling through the ropes as Elias had pulled them down.  Elias slams Lashley into the ringpost before rolling him into the ring.  Owens tags himself in before hitting the Bullfrog Splash from the top rope for a two count!  Lashley begins fighting up as he nails a spinebuster.  Lashley and Owens tag out!  John Cena hits the shoulderblocks followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He begins setting up for the AA before hitting The Lightning Fist for a three count!

Winners:  John Cena & Bobby Lashley

John Cena grabs a microphone and says that he didn't know what the reaction would be tonight.  John says that he has no idea what the future holds.  John says that he stands in front of 70,000 people making some noise.  Cena says that there isn't a better feeling in the world.  He thanks the audience for welcoming him to their country so warmly.  He drops the microphone and heads up the ramp.

The IIconics make their way out next.  They have microphones and say look where they are!  Peyton says that she never thought that they would be here.  They say it's beautiful that they're home now.  Royce says that there is no one they'd rather be fighting in front of.  Kay says that their opponents aren't too shabby, but they are IIconic!


The IIconics vs. Asuka & Naomi


Naomi and Peyton Royce are starting this off.  Royce and Naomi lock-up before Naomi decks Royce.  Naomi misses a big move in the corner before Kay tags in and they hit a double kick to Naomi.  Naomi is pulled into a split before Kay can't quite pull of the split.  Asuka tags in and hits a leg sweep followed by a dropkick from Naomi.  Asuka dodges a Kay attack before doing some dancing.  Asuka is getting double teamed before The IIconics stand tall and say their name.  Unfortunately, they are dumped out of the ring.  Asuka rolls Royce into the ring before they kick Asuka in the head while Naomi is blocking the referee accidentally.  Royce hits a big spinning kick to floor Asuka for a two count.  Billie Kay works over the arm of Asuka.  Asuka begins fighting back before Asuka rolls up Kay for a two count.  Asuka hits a big German suplex as both of them are down.  They both tag out as Naomi begins clearing house.  Naomi hits a springboard kick to the face of Royce before hitting a running bulldog into the corner!  She covers, but it's broken up by Kay.  Asuka hits a missile dropkick to Kay to stop her.  Chaos unfolds before Asuka is whipped into the barricade!  The IIconics grab up Naomi before Royce hits a running knee trembler to her for the three count!

Winners:  The IIconics

A video package is shown for AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe.


WWE Championship
No DQ Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe


Styles runs down the ramp as they meet on the ramp.  They begin trading blows before AJ slams Joe down on the barricade.  Styles rolls Joe into the ring before the bell sounds to start the match officially.  Styles begins punching Joe in the corner.  Joe begins fighting back with some quick jabs.  Joe floors AJ with these before AJ punches Joe away.  AJ begins giving more shots to Joe before Joe sends Styles through the ropes and to the floor.  Joe throws Styles over the announce table, but he leaps up and follows him immediately.  Styles slams the head of Joe into the corner turnbuckle.  Styles hits a snapmare followed by a kick to the back.  Styles begins kicking the chest of Joe as he cries out.  Joe NAILS Styles with a big chop that floors AJ!  Samoa Joe begins lighting up the chest of Styles with chops.  Styles balances himself between the bottom two ropes before Joe kicks him to the floor.  Samoa Joe hits the suicide dive into Styles!  Joe slams Styles into the steel steps before whipping Styles into the barricade.  Joe hits a snap suplex on AJ onto the mat on the outside of the ring.  Styles is rolled back into the ring before Joe applies a claw to the traps of AJ.  Styles fights out before eating a big running elbow that turns him inside out.  Joe continues the claw maneuver on Styles.  Joe hits a big running elbow before hitting a big kick for a two count.  Joe hits a catapult into the bottom rope!

Styles begins fighting back with some big elbow strikes.  Styles hits a moonsault reverse DDT for a two count!  Joe once again floors him with another big elbow.  Styles leaps from the top rope, but he's caught by Joe with a big powerslam for a two count.  Joe slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.  He slides back into the ring, but Styles dropkicks the chair into the face of Joe!  AJ lifts up the chair and brings it down across the back of Joe.  Styles is bleeding from the mouth.  Styles rams the chair into the ribs of Joe before taking a seat as he watches Joe rise up.  AJ has Joe in the corner before leaping from the chair into the arms of Joe who hits a Urinagi onto the steel chair for a two count!  Samoa Joe slides outside and pulls out a table.  He slides the table into the ring.  Joe slams the steel chair down across the back of Styles.  Samoa Joe sets up the table before dragging AJ Styles towards the corner.

Joe lifts up AJ to the top rope, but Styles slips down and hits an electric chair drop through the table!  Joe begins clutching at his left leg as he's saying that it 'popped.'  AJ Styles moves the referee away from Joe.  AJ Styles begins going right after the bad knee!  Styles continues stomping away on it.  Styles traps Joe's leg between his before dropping down on top of it.  AJ Styles yells something at Joe that is bleeped in the corner before he rolls into a Calf Crusher, but Joe reverses into the Coaquina Clutch!  Styles slides to the outside of the ring before kicking Joe in the side of the face!  Styles takes a breather before hitting a stunner on Joe on the top rope.  Styles springboards from the top rope for the 450 splash right onto the bad knee of Samoa Joe! 

Styles continues pursuing Joe on the outside of the ring before Joe fights back with some chops.  Styles springboards from the barricade with the Phenomenal Forearm!  The referee checks on Joe before Styles lifts up Joe and rolls him into the ring.  Styles climbs up onto the apron and teases for something.  Styles tries for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Joe catches him in the Coaquina Clutch.  Styles begins to slip out, but Joe hits a big belly-to-back suplex for a two count!  Samoa Joe lifts up Styles onto the top turnbuckle before chopping him.  Joe sets up for the Muscle Buster, but Styles slips out into a roll-up!  But Joe reverses into a Coaquina Clutch!  However, Styles reverses that into the Calf Crusher!  Joe reaches out for the ropes before tapping out!

Winner:  AJ Styles

AJ Styles celebrates with the title as Samoa Joe is helped to the back by a referee.

A commercial is shown for SmackDown 1000.


Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad


Nikki Bella starts this off against Ruby Riott who attacks from behind.  Nikki hits a clothesline followed by a dropkick.  Ruby trips her into the corner turnbuckle.  Nikki hits a kneebuster before hitting a big spinebuster on Ruby Riott for a two count.  Brie Bella tags in and receives a neckbreaker for her worries.  Liv Morgan tags in and rushes to hit a big kick to the face of Brie!  Brie Bella grabs the tongue of Liv before she decks Brie.  Brie kicks her away before yelling Brie Mode and kicking Morgan in the face.  Brie moves towards her corner and tags in Nikki.  They hit a double suplex on Morgan for a two count.  Nikki lifts up Morgan who tags out to Sarah Logan.  Logan hits a big kick to the face of Nikki for a two count.  Sarah Logan begins drilling punches to the back of Nikki's head on the mat.  Logan tags out to Morgan who leaps off for a facebuster for a two count.  Morgan begins kicking Nikki.  Nikki kicks her in the face before crawling towards her corner.  Liv stops her and drags her back to her own corner.  In comes Logan who taunts Nikki.  Sarah tags in Ruby who kicks Nikki in the back.  Ruby applies a headlock before Nikki fights out.  Ruby slams her down and gets a two count.  Logan tags in and begins applying a cobra clutch.  Nikki fights out, but Logan floors her again.  Logan taunts Ronda, but she's rolled up for her troubles for a two count.

Nikki begins fighting back before hitting a springboard enzuigiri from the second rope.  The Riott Squad hits some cheapshots before Ronda is tagged in.  Rousey hits some nasty armdrags.  Ronda hits a big set of punches to Logan before lifting her up and hitting a big spinout slam.  The Bellas fight off the rest of the Riott Squad.  Ronda sets up for the armbar, but Morgan saves Logan.  Morgan and Logan lift up Ronda who hits a double armdrag!  Ronda pulls them over themselves before applying a DOUBLE ARMBAR!  They instantly tap out!

Winners:  Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins

They show off a little bit of Melbourne before coming back to the arena for the next match.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Buddy Murphy


Murphy nails Alexander with a huge knee for a two count!  Alexander rolls out of the ring before Murphy hits a huge dive over the top rope to floor Alexander.  Buddy hits a huge Meteora inside of the ring for a two count.  Murphy begins kicking viciously at the back of Cedric Alexander before covering him for a two count.  Buddy Murphy steps back before getting caught by an uppercut.  Alexander hits a big elbow strike before going for The Neutralizer.  However, Murphy catches him in a headlock.  Alexander rams him into the corner to break the hold.  Alexander is sent into the corner turnbuckle which flattens him.  Murphy rushes towards Alexander and eats a super kick!  Cedric grabs Murphy who nails him with a big right hand.  Murphy lifts up Alexander to the top rope.  He tries for a superplex, but Alexander pushes him off.  Murphy leaps right back before taking a Michonoku Driver from the top rope for a two count!  Alexander hits a big kick in the corner followed by the springboard flatliner!  Murphy rolls out of the ring as Alexander leaps over the top rope right on top of him!  Alexander leaps from the top rope before getting caught by Murphy.  He fights out of Murphy before hitting The Neuralizer to floor Murphy!  He covers him for a two count.  Alexander lifts up Murphy who catches him with a big kick.  Murphy climbs up top, but he's dazed up there with a shot from Alexander.  Cedric tries for a superplex, but Murphy fights him down.  He hits a trapped head superkick on the top rope!

Cedric Alexander is lifted up and powerbombed into the center of the ring for a two count!  Buddy Murphy lifts up Alexander who hits an enzuigiri.  Murphy nails the big knee before going for Murphy's Law!  But Alexander rolls him through for a two count!  Alexander hits a Spanish Fly for a two count!  Alexander hits the Lumbar Check for a two count!  Cedric Alexander leaps from the top rope, but he's caught by a huge knee to the face!  Murphy grabs him and hits Murphy's Law for the three count!

Winner (and NEW Champion):  Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy celebrates in big style as the crowd is in celebration for their hometown boy.


Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre vs. The Shield


The Shield surround the ring as the other three are back-to-back inside of it.  They all attack at once as The Shield clear out McIntyre and Dolph before triple teaming Braun out of the ring.  Ambrose tears apart the announce table as they all begin to take on Braun.  Drew and Dolph prevent a Shield Bomb on the table.  Braun and his team begin to take control of this match.  Rollins is rolled into the ring with Dolph.  Dolph hits a big DDT for a two count before Drew is tagged into the match.  Drew begins stomping right on the jaw of Rollins.  Braun enters the ring before hitting a big splash on Seth after being tagged in.  Strowman continues whipping Rollins around the ring. Ziggler tags in and hits a big elbow followed by a Sleeper Hold.  Drew tags in and kicks Rollins face.  Drew begins wearing down Rollins in the corner.  Rollins is stopped by Drew who kicks him in the face again.  Dolph tags in and kicks Rollins.  Dolph begins taunting Seth before Rollins finally hits a couple of right hands.  Dolph applies a sleeper hold right in the center of the ring to stop his momentum.  Seth hits a belly-to-back suplex before they both slow crawl.  McIntyre tags in and cuts off Rollins.  Rollins hits a Sling Blade.  Strowman tags in and knocks the other two Shield members down before stomping on Rollins.  Rollins is being decimated by Strowman in the corner.

Dolph tags in and tries for a Fameasser only for Rollins to hit a Buckle Bomb!  Braun tags in and levels Rollins.  Braun climbs up to the top rope and misses a big splash from the top rope.  Both men slow crawl as in comes Dean and Dolph!  Dean unloads some clotheslines followed by a fallaway slam!  Dean lifts up Ziggler who tries for the Fameasser, but Dean stops him before hitting a tiger suplex for a two count.  Ambrose climbs up to the top rope just as Dolph leapt up there.  Dean tries for the diving elbow after pushing Ziggler off.  However, Dolph rolls through into a pin for a two count.  Dean and Dolph hit the ropes before they collide with a double crossbody.  In comes Drew and Roman.  Roman begins unloading on Drew with the clotheslines in the corner.  Roman clotheslines Drew out of the ring.  Roman hits a big Drive-By kick.  Roman rolls Drew into the ring before setting up for a big Superman punch.  Dean catches the punch right on the chin!  Roman Reigns hits a sitout powerbomb on Drew for a two count.  Chaos unleashes in the ring.  Roman hits a Superman punch on Drew for a two count.  Everyone is back to their feet with exception of Dean.  Dolph, Drew, and Braun stand up and surround Roman and Rollins.  Dean teases turning on his teammates before kicking the other guys away.  The Shield just beat down everyone before trying for the Cerberus Bomb!  However, Braun spears everyone to the floor.  Strowman throws everyone out of the ring except for Dean Ambrose.  Strowman hits a running shoulder block to knock out Roman and Rollins.  Dolph hits the Zig Zag in the center of the ring for a two count. 

Ambrose is chunked outside as Braun chases him.  However, Roman catches him with a huge spear!  Braun is laid out!  Dolph superkicks Dean and climbs in with him.  Dolph and Drew try for their double Claymore/Zig Zag, but Rollins superkicks Drew out.  Dean hits a Dirty Deeds for the three count!

Winners:  The Shield

The Shield puts their fists together in celebration as they pick up the pieces of their bodies.

They show a video package for Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz.


Number One Contendership for WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz


The Miz is about to speak when Daniel Bryan interrupts him with his music.  Daniel Bryan YESYESYESes his way down to the ring.

As soon as the bell sounds, Miz charges Bryan into the corner and attacks the ribs.  Miz begins kicking at the ribs while Bryan is on the ground.  Miz drops Bryan on the top rope as Bryan slinks down off of them.  Miz begins taunting Bryan before catching a roundhouse on the chin.  Bryan begins hitting YES kicks but the last one is reversed.  Miz hits a running knee strike just like Bryan's.  The Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Daniel Bryan rolls up Miz for the three count?!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

A video clip is shown for the upcoming events including Crown Jewel and Evolution.

Shawn Michaels makes his way out to the ring first, but he pauses halfway down to catch is breath.  Triple H is out next with his normal entrance, but wearing a bandana over his mouth.  Kane comes out next.  The Gong hits and here comes The Undertaker... eventually.


Last Time Ever
No Disqualification

Triple H vs. The Undertaker


The announcements are made despite them not being done in any of the other matches in the night. 

The Undertaker does his throat slash as the bell sounds.  Triple H ducks Undertaker before ducking him once again as he moves around the ring.  Triple H puts his hands behind his back to sucker him in.  Triple H corners Taker and throws some blows.  Triple H turns his back on Undertaker.  HBK and Kane jump up on the apron to give their partners advice.  Undertaker kicks Triple H in the gut before working on the shoulder of Triple H before climbing up to the top rope for Old School, but Triple H crotches him there.  Triple H works on the arm of Undertaker before trying for Old School.  Undertaker goozles him and begins peppering him with right hands in the corner.  The last one floors Triple H.  Undertaker continues hitting shouldertackles to Triple H to soften him up before hitting Old School.  The Deadman continues hitting some big shots to the ribs of Triple H.  Undertaker hits snake eyes, but Triple H stops the big boot that follows with a running high knee.  Triple H clotheslines Undertaker over the top rope as he grabs HBK by the throat.  Triple H grabs Undertaker's hair, but Taker hits a stunner over the top rope.  HBK pushes Undertaker into the steel post before Kane runs him off.  Triple H rams Undertaker into the barricade.

Triple H whips Undertaker into the steel steps as he crumples weirdly.  Shawn Michaels begins to set up a table on the outside of the ring.  Triple H tries for a Pedigree outside of the ring, but Undertaker flips him over.  The Undertaker rams Triple H into the steel steps.  They move back into the ring where Triple H begins punching Undertaker.  They begin trading blows.  Undertaker floors Triple H before getting caught by a kneebuster from Triple H.  Triple H leaps from the second rope before getting caught by Undertaker who sends him over the rope and to the floor.  The Undertaker whips Triple H into the barricade and into the time keeper's area.  Undertaker strips the announce table as HBK tries to sneak up behind him.  They fight around the ring until Triple H is flipped over the barricade and into the crowd.  Undertaker wraps a chord around the throat of Triple H and begins choking him.  HHH escapes, but Undertaker is stalking him.  It looks like a botched spot from Undertaker where Triple H doesn't quite fall on the guard rail right. 

They move through the crowd before moving back into the time keeper's area again.  Undertaker grabs a chair and punches HBK away.  Triple H leg drops Undertaker as he comes into the ring.  Undertaker hits a big boot to Triple H before hitting him in the ribs with the steel chair.  Triple H falls out of the ring.  Undertaker cracks the steel chair across the spine of Triple H.  He drives the chair into the midsection of Triple H.  Undertaker lays out Triple H on a table before HBK interferes and takes a big boot.  Undertaker attacks Triple H, but he takes a chair to the ribs for it.  Kane attacks at this point and takes a Sweet Chin Music followed by an elbow drop through the table.  Triple H rolls back into the ring before taking a chokeslam from Triple H!  The Undertaker hits the Tombstone Piledriver for a two count.  The Undertaker attacks the referee!

The Deadman points at HBK and says you're next.  The Undertaker grabs the steel chair and drops it.  He kicks Triple H in the face.  The Undertaker grabs the steel chair and cracks it across the spine of Triple H.  Undertaker is beckoning Triple H up as he grabs the steel chair and lays into him a few more times.  He puts the chair around the neck of Triple H and teases doing a leg drop.  HBK begins to plead before entering the ring and taking a punch to the nose.  Triple H hits a big spinebuster.  A new referee finds his way down to the ring.  Undertaker goes for the chokeslam, but Triple H reverses into a Pedigree for a two count.  Now Triple H puts Undertaker's head in the steel chair.  Triple H leaps from the second rope to stomp on the chair!  Triple H covers him!  But Kane pulls the referee out as he's about to count three.  Shawn Michaels grabs a Sledge Hammer and hands it to Triple H.

Triple H nails The Undertaker with the sledge hammer, but there is no referee as Triple H covers him.  Triple H is pulled into Hell's Gate as he stands up!  However, Triple H is choking Undertaker with the sledge hammer.  But there is still no official.  Kane and HBK enter the ring as HBK kicks Kane in the big red nether regions.  HBK is tossed out by Undertaker.  Undertaker grabs the sledge hammer, but he throws it away.  Triple H tries for the Pedigree, but Undertaker reverses it.  Undertaker hits a chokeslam followed by a tombstone, but HBK stops the Tombstone!  Sweet Chin Music by HBK into a Pedigree by Triple H for the three count as the referee slides back into the ring.

Winner:  Triple H

Triple H and Shawn Michaels embrace in the center of the ring before Triple H falls to his knees in an emotional state.  Triple H walks over to Undertaker who has the sledge hammer in his hand.  He gives it over to Triple H who drops it outside.  Triple H extends a hand before leaning in to Undertaker and whispering some words.  Undertaker takes Triple H's hand as he is pulled up.  Undertaker, Kane, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H all hold hands and raise them up as the fireworks go off.

The Brothers then grab Triple H and hit a Tombstone as Kane clotheslines HBK.  They both focus on Shawn as they move to the announce table.  Undertaker chokeslams Shawn Michaels through the announce table as the Brothers celebrate their Destruction.

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