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WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 Results (9/16) San Antonio, Texas

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Sep 16, 2018

WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 Results (9/16) San Antonio, Texas



Aiden backs Kofi into a corner. Irish whip across the ring and Kingston counters a monkey flip. Rusev tags in and Kofi with a series of kicks but Rusev drives Kofi into the corner. Springboard forearm countered as Rusev catches Kingston delivering a series of knee strikes and a slam for a nearfall

Aiden tags back in momentarily and Rusev then tags back in whippping Aiden into the corner as he delivers a splash to Kingston. Rusev keeping Kingston grounded with a front facdelock

Kingston gets to his feet and Rusev tags Kingston with a series of right hands. Kingston on the top turnbuckle and Kofi firing back with punches of his own and he plants Rusev with a DDT. Rusev and Kofi each get the tag and it's Big E delivering a series of belly to belly overhead suplexes to Aiden English.

Big E off the ropes hits the splash on Aiden English. Rusev gets to his corner and hits an elbow as Rusev tags himself in. Rusev with a series clotheslines and a big kick. Back splash into the corner and a spin kick sends Big E to the mat. Big back body drop to Kingston and a big kick to Big E for a nearfall

Rusev setting up, misses with the Machka Kick and Rusev trying to take Big E down but Aiden English makes the tag. Big E to the outside and Aiden flies over the top rope onto Big E. Back in the ring, Aiden plants Big E face first for a nearfall

English up on the top rope misses with the senton as Kofi tags in. Big E picks Aiden up on his shoulders as Kofi tags in and goes to the top rope delivering the double stomp for a nearfall.

Trouble In Paradise is countered and Rusev tags in and catches Kingston as the both go over the top rope but Kingston holds on and Kingston goes airborne but Rusev connects with a Machka Kick as Aiden drops Big E face first on the apron. Rusev rolls Kingston back into the ring and goes to the second rope but misses with the diving headbutt. Aiden English with a frogsplash but Kingston kicks out

Aiden looking to lock The Accolades in on Kingston and Big E runs back in but Rusev stops him with a Machka Kick. Kingston gets to th ropes. Kofi clears the ring of Rusev and Kingston with a Trouble In Paradise to English for the three count

The winners of the match and still Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The New Day


Video: Hell In A Cell Intro

Welcome to WWE Hell In A Cell and we are live inside the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas and we kick things off with the first of two Hell In A Cell matches


Jeff goes after Orton right out of the gate but Orton cuts himoff with a kick taking control of the match as he sends Hardy to the apron. Orton making use of the ropes and he knocks Hardy off the apron sending him crashing into the cell. The match quickly spills to the outside and The Viper rams Hardy's face into the cage. Hardy sends Orton face first into the cage and it's Hardy back in control.

Jeff goes under the ring and pulls out a table sending it into the ring but Orton grabs the other end of the table Hardy runs around the corner but runs into a clothesline. Orton grabs the table and Jeff drives the table into Orton's midsection sending him stumbling backwards crashing into the cage. Jeff then pulls a ladder out from under the ring.

Orton with a steel chair but Hardy makes good use of the ladder using it on Orton and Randy cracks the chair across the spine of Hardy and Orton goes back to the steel chair setting it up as he stalks Hardy.

Orton looking for an RKO on the chair but Jeff sends Randy Orton into the cell and Hardy runs off the chair sending Orton into the steel. Hardy sends Orton back into the ring and it's Jeff sending Orton into the corner driving the double boots into Orton. Nearfall on the Viper. Jeff goes to the top rope and Orton cuts him off

Randy with another right hand. Orton up on the top rope, hooks Hardy up and delivers a superplex. Hardy gets to his feet and Orton runs into an elbow. Whisper In The Wind delivered to Orton and Hardy with a nearfall

Hardy pulls another ladder out from under the ring and Orton with a suplex on the ladders. Orton rolls Hardy back in for a nearfall. Randy goes back under the ring and pulls out another steel chair cracking it across Hardy's spine.

One chair shot after another. Orton picks up Hardy's belt and whips him across the back getting another nearfall. Knee to the back of the neck by Orton and he sets up another ladder

Orton places Hardy between the ladder and folds the ladder on Hardy as he stomps away with the Garvin Stomp. Chinlock on Hardy and Jeff trying to hold on as he gets to his feet. Shots to the midsection and Hardy making a comeback firing off with a forearm off the irish whip. Inverted atomic drop, double legs to the midsection and the low dropkick.

Jeff Hardy with a looks for the Twist Of Fate but Orton counters with the powerslam. Orton slides out of the ring momentarily grabbing the steel chair but changes his mind and goes back under the ring pulling out a toolbox and he pulls out a screwdriver as he slides back into the ring.

Orton grabs the screwdriver driving it through Hardy's earlobe and Jeff with a lowblow as he picks up the steel chair cracking Orton across the back with one chair shot after another. Another nearfall on Orton. Orton turns the tables as he hooks Hardy up for the DDT planting himm and both Orton and Hardy are down.

Orton gets back to his feet setting up for the RKO. Jeff pulls himself up and Hardy counters the RKO and hits a Twist Of Fate. Jeff places the chair on top of Orton and goes to the top rope. Hardy with the Swanton Bomb and Orton kicks out

Jeff brings a ladder into the ring then pulls out another table from under the ring. Hardy back in the ring sets up the ladder. Hardy setting up the table. Twist Of Fate to Orton as he staggers falling onto the table and Jeff scales the smaller ladder to the taller ladder and holds onto the roof of the cell and drops onto Orton but Orton moves out of the way as Hardy crashes through the table.

The referee calls for EMTs as Orton yells for the referee to do his job and count and it's Orton picking up the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton

Post Match: EMTs bring a stretcher down to the ring as they tend to Jeff Hardy

Backstage: AJ is asked how he will stay focused tonight. AJ says he is laser focused. It's time for the talking to stop and the fighting to start. He's walking in as WWE Champion, ripping Samoa Joe's heart out of his freaking chest and walking out as WWE Champion because this is the House That AJ Styles Built


Waistlock takedown by Becky and Charlotte gets to her feet and delivers a waistlock takedown of her own. A series of gator rolls and both women get to their feet. Single leg takedown but Becky counters into a side headlock as they get to their feet. Irish whip and a shoulderblock sends Charlotte to the mat.

Leapfrog by Charlotte as she steps through and Charlotte looking for the figure eight but Becky looking to lock in the Disarm Her as Charlotte gets to her feet. Another takedown as Charlotte drives a knee into Becky's leg trying to weaken the left leg. Becky delivering kicks to the back of the neck with her right leg and a straight boot to Charlotte

Becky has Charlotte backed into the corner. Becky misses wildly in the corner and Charlotte drives her shoulder into Becky. Becky side steps as Charlotte hits her shoulder into the ring post and the match spills to the outside.

Becky sends Charlotte back in for a nearfall. Becky going after the right arm. Another nearfall. Becky with a kick in the corner. Becky goes back to work on the arm as the crowd gets a "Let's Go Becky" chant going. Becky has the left arm tied up in a hammerlock as she executes a bridge putting pressure on the arm

Charlotte gets to her feet fighting back with elbows. Charlotte with a series of chops. Becky charges into the corner but is sent over the ropes onto the apron and Becky drops down on the floor pulling on Charlotte's arm

Charlotte and Becky both on the apron trading blows and Becky again goes after the arm dropping the champion face first on the apron. Belly to back suplex by Charlotte

Becky and Charlotte both get to their feet and Becky with a series of uppercuts. Backslide by Becky, Charlotte unloads with chops. Irish whip countered by Becky. Charlotte sends Becky into the turnbuckle and a boot connects as both women are down.

Charlotte pulls herself up going to the top rope. Moonsault misses and Becky rolls through looking for the armbar. Charlotte on her feet pulls Becky up and delivers a sit out powerbomb for a nearfall

Becky and Charlotte exchange right hands and Becky goes back to the hammerlock planting Charlotte for a neardall. Becky goes to the top rope. Charlotte gets to her feet and Charlotte cuts her off as she locks a Boston Crab in on Becky. Becky crawls over to the ropes breaking the hold. Becky slides to the outside as she slams Charlotte's shoulder into the ringpost. Becky back in the ring. A roll up by Charlotte and Becky back to work on the arm but Charlotte slides out of the ring

Becky sends Charlotte back into the ring. Chop by Charlotte and a spear but Becky rolls through covering Charlotte for the three count

The winner of the match and NEW! Smackdown Women's Champion: Becky Lynch

Post Match: Charlotte holds her hand out but Becky holds the belt up and in front of her and exits the ring

Video: We take a look at the Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match from the Kick Off Show

Backstage: New Day is celebrating but Kofi disappears and we get Kramer Kingston with an interview with New Day and Kingston asks what's next for the New Day. Big E says in 3 weeks they go down under to Australia where they defend their championship against The Bar


Seth Rollins starts things off against Drew McIntyre. Rollins goes to work on the arm. Rollins with a side headlock takedown. Test of strength but Ziggler goes to work on Rollins arm. Rollins backs Ziggler in the corner and Ambrose gets the tag delivering an elbow. Nearfall on Ziggler and The Shield with the double team on Ziggler

Rollins misses with the stomp as Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Ziggler tags McIntyre in and Rollins with a punch to McIntyre and McIntyre floors Rollins pointing at Ambrose who tags in

Right hand by McIntyre and Ambrose unloads but McIntyre with a clubbing blow. Ambrose goes after the knee and unloads with clubbing blows on McIntyre. Rollins goes after Ziggler

McIntyre with a chop in the corner and Ziggler with a shot to the kidney and Ambrose in trouble as Ziggler drags Ambrose's eyes across the top rope. Chinlock on Ambrose wearing Dean down. Ambrose gets to his feet delivering a series of elbows but Ziggler with a right hand. Irish whip by Ziggler and he gets caught by Ambrose who drops him throat first across the top rope

Rollins tags in unloading on Ziggler. Slingblade by Rollins right hand takes out McIntyre. Spin Kick to Ziggler. Rollins looking to fly but McIntyre grabs the leg and trips McIntyre allowing Ziggler to plnt Rollins with a DDT

McIntyre with a stomp and McIntyre unloads on Rollins in the corner. McIntyre works over the arm and Ziggler in with a kick to the face. McIntyre with a kick to the side of the face. Tag by McIntyre the champions continue with the double team.

Ziggler in control of the match yelling at Rollins to do something and Rollins unloads with punches. Ziggler still in control as he has a sleeperhold locked in. Rollins goes down to one knee but still in this match as he slowly moves to his corner looking for a tag. Rollins creates some separation and McIntyre tags in and Rollins sends him to the outside. McIntyre pulls Ambrose off the apron and goes after Rollins. McIntyre with a nearfall.

Rollins fights out of the corner and he reaches out for a tag but the referee didn't see it and the champions again with the double team on Rollins. Ziggler has Rollins in the corner placing him on the top turnbuckle and Ziggler up to the top rope hooks Rollins up for a superplex but Rollins blocks it delivereing a right hand sending Ziggler to the mat. Rollins still on nthe ropes hits a blockbuster

Rollins crawling over to the corner but McIntyre prevents the tag. Rollins rolls through and manages to get the tag and Ambrose unloads on the champions. Clotheslines to McIntyre. Dirty Deeds countered. Jackknife cover for 2. Another nearfall for Ambrose

Ambrose up to the top rope, kicks Ziggler away. Ambrose looking for Dirty Deeds and Mcintyre blasts Ambrose off the apron. McIntyre is sent into the ring post and Ziggler is sent into the barricades. McIntyre is sent back in the ring, Ambrose from the top rope and McIntyre catches him delivering a belly to belly suplex into the corner

Rollins tags in with a springboard clothesline and Ziggler is sent over the top rope. Suicide dive and Rollins is caught by the champions. Ambrose with a dive of his own taking everyone out. Rollins ans Ziggler beat the 10 count back into the ring. Falcon arrow delivered to Ziggler. Kick to the midsection, Rollins misses with the Stomp. Buckle bomb to Ziggler Ambrose takes McIntyre out. ZigZag to Rollins after a series of nearfalls

McIntyre looking for the Claymore Kick but Rollins with a superkick and Rollins to the top rope delivers a frogsplash and yet another two count as McIntyre kicks out

The Shield with a double team as they have McIntyre up on the top rope. Ziggler is sent to the outside. Rollins goes after Ziggler. McIntyre connects with a clothesline to Ambrose. McIntyre picks Ambrose up on his shoulders and Ambrose looks for Dirty Deeds.

Rollins tags and delivers a suplex. Rpllins rolls through but McIntyre slides back in and delivers a Claymore Kick as Ziggler falls on Rollins covering him for the three count

The winners of the match and still Raw Tag Team Champions: Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

Backstage: Mick Foley walks into Braun Strowman's locker room and says he may think he's going to walk into the cell and it won't change him but it will and says all he wants is for Strowman to respect his authority. Strowman says all Foley has to do is count to three and hand Strowman the Universal Championship because he does not want a monster problem on his hands


Joe came out first. The announcers talked about Joe’s mind games and called them despicable. During ring intros, Styles and Joe jawed at each other the whole time. Graves said Joe is definitely in Style’s head. The bell rang and Styles charged at Joe and took it to him with forearms and punches at the start. No collar and elbow hookup this time. Joe ended up fighting back with some of his signature jabs. Styles dropkicked Joe to stop his comeback. Joe regrouped at ringside. Styles threw Joe head-first into the announce table. He slidekicked him next. Graves said Styles is fighting for his family, but questioned whether he could sustain his intensity and emotional state. Styles went for an early Phenomenal Forearm, but Joe rolled to the floor. The ref told Styles to keep it in the ring. That brief delay gave Joe time to recover, as he kicked Styles when Styles went for a slingshot dive onto Joe. Styles clutched his knee. Joe kicked Styles and threw him into the ringside steps. Styles flip-bumped to the floor.

Back in the ring Joe took over, knocking Styles down with a hard chop to the chest. Joe face washed Styles and then delivered a running boot to the Styles as he was lying in a corner of the ring. Graves said Styles appears to have run out of gas, a callback to his concern earlier that Styles was going to run out of steam at the early pace he set. With Styles at ringside, Joe flew at Styles with a serious-business elbow to the side of his head. Styles bumped hard into the announce table and then didn’t move. Joe picked him up and threw him back into the ring and made a cover for a two count. Joe settled into a head twist mid-ring.

Styles eventually fought back and hit a charging Joe with an elbow and then landed an inverted DDT for a near fall. Styles went for a springboard moonsault off the second rope, but Joe lifted his knees. Phillips mindlessly said “nobody home on the moonsault,” even though that’s when the opponent moves, not when they lift their knees. Joe put Styles in a Crossface mid-ring. Styles crawled over to the bottom rope to force a break. Styles avoided a charging Joe, then turned and hit a hard chop and round kick. Then he lifted Joe onto his shoulders and put him in a torture rack and then spun out into a powerbomb for a near fall. Graves marveled at his power.

Styles landed a springboard 450 for a near fall. Graves said the fact that Styles had that in his reserve athletically at this point in the match was mind-blowing. Styles set up a Styles Clash. Joe dropped out of it and immediately catapulted Styles into the corner. Then he hit a vicious clothesline for a two count. Both were slow to get up. Graves said Joe reached from the depths of his soul and hit that lariat, but still couldn’t get the three on Styles. Styles took a great bump there. Styles came up bleeding from his mouth. Phillips said Styles was a mess. Joe set up a Muscle Buster off the top, but Styles slipped out into a sunset flip and then went for a Styles Clash immediately, but Joe kicked his way free from an upside down position. Styles hinted at Calk Crusher, but Joe landed a round kick to the head. Joe took a few breaths, rolled Styles onto his back, and then scored a two count.

Styles set up a Phenomenal Forearm with a quick forearm, but Joe avoided the springboard forearm and applied the Coquina Clutch. Joe ripped Styles away from the ropes and dropped back. Styles bridged Joe’s shoulders down and the ref counted to three. Joe was irate afterward, standing over Styles and protesting the call. He tried to tell the ref Styles actually tapped out. Joe went to ringside and Graves hesitantly said he thinks he saw a tapout.

Joe returned to the ring as Styles’s music played. As Styles reached for his belt, Joe snatched it and held it up. Styles then gave Joe a leaping round kick to the back of his head. Joe rolled to the floor. A bloodied Styles held up the belt, then dropped to his knees and fall back onto the mat, selling the war he just fought in the ring.

They replayed the finish from a fresh angle and Styles did indeed indisputably tapout before the ref counted to three. Graves declared Joe the WWE Champion, then said Joe at least has a legitimate gripe.

The winner of the match and still WWE Champion: AJ Styles


Daniel Bryan and Miz starting things off and Miz with a series of kicks in the corner and he unloads on Bryan in the corner. Irish whip in the corner and Bryan flips over Miz and drops Miz. Bryan unloads with punches and an irish whip as Miz connects with a boot. Miz rolls out of the ring avoiding the Yes Lock

Bryan with a dragon screw on Miz. Miz with the irish whip looking for the running dropkick but Miz moves out of the way rolling up Bryan for a nearfall. Yes Lock on Miz but Maryse in to break it up and Brie chases after Maryse.

Miz from behind sets up for the SCF but Bryan counters with a nearfall. Uppercut and Yes Kicks and a series of running dropkicks but Bryan misses on the second one hitting the turnbuckle. Snapmare by Miz into a chinlock

Miz with Bryan in the corner buries his shoulder in the ribs and Miz with the Yes Kicks to Bryan as he mocks taunts Brie. Miz sets Bryan on the top turnbuckle looking for a superplex but Bryan counters fighting back.

Headbutt sends Miz crashing to the mat. Bryan off the top rope misses with the diving headbutt. Bryan reaches out for a tag but Miz has a hold of Bryan's leg. Irish whip and Bryan holds on sending Miz over the ropes to the outside.

Bryan crawls over and tags in and Brie. Brie wants Maryse but Miz slides in stepping in front of Maryse and Brie unloads with punches on Miz and a dropkick to Maryse as Brie bounces Maryse's head off the announce table. Bryan takes out Miz. Miz turns things around whipping Bryan into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Brie off the top rope delivers a dropkick to Maryse for a nearfall. Miz back in pulls Brie off Maryse and Bryan slides back in unloading on Miz. Bryan and Brie have Miz and Maryse in place and deliver stereo Yes Kicks but slide out of the ring after the final roundhouse kick and Miz and Maryse are brought back in the hard way.

Brie delivers the running knee to Maryse and Maryse accidentally knocks Miz off the apron. Brie with a roll up but Maryse rolls through for the three count

The winners of the match: Miz and Maryse


Side headlock takedown by Ronda and Alexa goes right to the ribs into a waistlock. Fireman's carry takedown by Ronda and Ronda goes after the arm right away.

Ronda and Alexa lock up and Ronda has Alexa backed into the corner. Straight right drops Alexa. Alexa with a kick to the ribs and it's Alexa unloading with kicks in the corner

Ronda with an overhead armdrag but Mickie James jumps up on the apron for the distraction. Ronda throws Alexa face first across the ring and goes after the arm but Alicia and Mickie pull Alexa out of the ring

Ronda quick with the punches throws Alexa back into the ring Alexa goes after Ronda but the champion side steps as Alexa lands on top of Alicia and Mickie. Ronda pulls Alexa back in the hard way but it's Alexa who gets the upperhand. The challenger is in control now as she had Ronda in trouble. Alexa bounces Ronda's head off the turnbuckle

Hard kick to Ronda. Snapmare by Alexa and applies the Regal Stretch. Ronda gets to her feet picking Alexa up on her shoulders but the ribs give out as Alexa lands the double knee. Alexa with a bow and arrow applied on Ronda

Ronda is sent face first into the turnbuckle. Alexa on the top rope and Ronda goes to the top rope hooking Alexa up for a superplex but Alexa blocks and climbs down. Ronda in the tree of woe and Alexa goes after the ribs. Back to the Regal Stretch goes Alexa

Ronda with a takedown but can't follow up as Alexa delivers a basement dropkick and sends her into the ring post. Alexa has Ronda's arm wrapped around the ring post. Back in the ring, double crossbody as both women go down. Backslide by Rousey for a nearfall and Alexa with another kick and Alexa goes after the ribs

Alexa mocks Ronda and Rousey grabs Alexa's wrist, getting to her feet and she plants Alexa. Ronda gets to her feet and unloads punches in the corner. Alexa is thrown out of the corner and Ronda rushes the corner and Alexa connects with a kick to the ribs. Ronda picks Alexa up on her shoulders and plants the challenger on the mat and applies the armbar for the submission

The winner of the match by submission: Ronda Rousey


Braun came out to a mixed response. Once he entered the Hell in a Cell (the entire structure is coated in red now, by the way), he raised the belt and that was the loudest boos of his entrance. When Reigns’s music stopped, Braun and Reigns had a stare down mid-ring. When Reigns raised his belt in the air, Strowman snatched it away. The crowd cheered. Reigns jump-started the match with a punch to the jaw. Cole said Reigns wouldn’t allow the championship to be disrespected by Braun like that. (And so begins the needlessly heavy-handed commentary telling everyone why they should absolutely cheer Reigns.) Braun kneed Reigns to stop him and then threw him shoulder-first into the ring post. Braun then knocked him hard off the ring apron into the side of the Cell.

As Reigns returned to the ring, a “Let’s Go Roman / Roman sucks!” dueling chant began. Reigns knocked Strowman to the floor. Louder boos. Strowman charged at Reigns at ringside seconds later, knocking him hard into the Cell wall. He then stomped on his throat like he was putting out a cigarette. When Braun picked up the steel steps, Roman kicked them out of his hands. He then hit a Drive By. Braun caught Reigns’s half-hearted leap toward him and chokeslammed him on the ring apron. A “Get These Hands!” started with a small group of fans. Strowman picked up a kendo stick, but dropped it. He liked the chair better. He smiled. Reigns popped up and hit Strowman with the kendo stick. Renee said she’s never seen one of those break so quickly before. Reigns kicked Braun as he was re-entering the ring.

Reigns bashed Braun across his back with a chair a few times. Strowman grabbed the chair mid-swing and yanked it away, but when he charged shoulder-first, Reigns moved. Strowman crashed into the ringpost. Reigns DDT’d Strowman onto a chair for a soft two count with a powerful kickoff. Reigns staggered Strowman with two Superman Punches. He went for a third and Strowman chokeslammed him for a very near fall. Strowman complained to referee Mick Foley, who went from invisible to a factor in this match instantly. Braun yelled more at Foley, who defended himself. Braun lifted Reigns for a power slam, but Reigns slipped out and caught him with a boot. Reigns avoided a charging Braun and then hit a Superman Punch for a near fall. Cole went into ultra-dramatic mode for the count.

Reigns charged at Strowman at ringside, but when he turned the corner, Strowman met him with raised steel steps. Reigns went down hard. Strowman threw Reigns back into the ring as Graves said Reigns will have diamond prints on his forehead for the next few weeks. Strowman bashed Reigns again with the top of the steps, good for a two count. Strowman protested, then yelled, “Why won’t you stay down, you moron!” Cole said: “He won’t stay down, Braun, because that’s what Roman Reigns is all about. That’s why he is Universal Champion today!” Strowman smashed the ringside steps down onto Reigns’s chest. He threw the steps out of the ring, making a huge noise as they bounced off the cage and the ring and landed with a thud on the mat. Graves said Reigns could have internal injuries after that. Strowman landed a running powerslam and scored a two count. Graves said Braun isn’t happy with the officiating, “and for good reason.” Braun set up a table in the corner. Reigns slipped free. Reigns landed a Superman Punch and then speared Braun through the table. It broke in two. Reigns made the cover and Bryan kicked out.

With both men down, Ziggler and McIntyre ran out. the ringside ref yelled at them. Dean and Seth ran out and threw Drew into the barricade. Ziggler ran away. They caught him and threw him into the cage and took turns punching him. They cleared an announce table. Drew ran back and attacked Seth and Dean. When Seth and Dean fought back, Ziggler began to climb the Cell. Graves said he was just trying to escape Rollins. Seth followed him. They stood on top of the Cell and exchanged punches. Drew began to scale the Cell, too. Cole said this must be bringing back nightmares for Foley. Seth set up a Powerbomb, but had to abandon it as Drew approached. Drew mounted Seth and punched away at him. Dean climbed the Cell with a kendo stick. Dean attacked Ziggler and Drew with the kendo stick like a madman. “This is crazy!” said Cole. Dean and Drew double-clotheslined each other and crashed onto the roof. “Thank God it held!” said Cole. “There are bodies strewn everywhere!”

Ziggler was able to began a descent, although Seth crawled over and tried too grab at him. Ziggler punched Seth off of him and tried to get his footing in the cage. He began to climb down. Seth began to descend next to him. They fought on the middle beam of the cage wall. Reigns and Braun were still down in the ring all these minutes later, which was ridiculous. The camera aimed up dramatically at them as they tried to bash each other into the cage. They both bumped onto tables in stereo fashion. (Is it really going to help Reigns get over now that Seth isn’t just insulating him from cheers, but he’s taking the big bumps for him in his matches?)

Suddenly Brock Lesnar’s music played and he walked out with Paul Heyman. Now there was a surprise. The ref outside the cage tried to tell them to leave. It’d have been hilarious if they listened. Lesnar kicked the door off of the Cell and it came right off the hinges. Fans chanted “Holy sh–!” Heyman sprayed Foley in the eyes. Foley went down, writhing in pain. Lesnar bashed Braun across the back with parts of a broken table. Then he hit Reigns. Then Braun, and the table piece broke in two and went flying. He picked up another piece and broke it across both men’s backs. Lesnar then gave Braun an F5. Braun didn’t take it particularly well. Lesnar looked fierce with a beard as he circled the two men. Lesnar then gave Reigns an F5 and dropped him onto Strowman. Fans chanted “UFC.” Cole said, “Nobody in a million years expected Brock Lesnar to show up here tonight!” Graves: “And no one is safe.” No boos. Just a “One more time!” chant. He left. Cole said Lesnar has left bodies in his wake. The ringside ref entered the ring and called off the match. Boos. Cole said he has no choice. Reigns and Braun writhed on the mat. Reigns grabbed his left arm. “I have never seen anything like tonight,” Cole said. Graves said neither man can continue thanks to Brock Lesnar.

The winner of the match: No Contest



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