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Marty Scurll Denies His ALL IN Match Went Over Time

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Sep 05, 2018

Marty Scurll Denies His ALL IN Match Went Over Time

Marty Scurll recently appeared on "Primetime With Sean Mooney" and strongly denied reports that he and Kazuchika Okada caused ALL IN's six man tag main event to be cut short because they went over the allotted time in their match. Check out his comments below.

Match Time:

"[Laughing] Normally I don’t like to reveal the curtain back too much, but in this case I will. [My match] went a minute over. People were saying like 14 minutes over. No, the show ran 14 minutes over. A bunch of the other matches went over. Our match is crucified because we were the match before last. It looks like ‘oh these guys went over.’ No, no, no…the show went over.”

Discussion With Nick jackson Beforehand:

“Before I went out [Nick] Jackson said to me and Okada, ‘Guys whatever you do, don’t cut anything. Just do whatever you do. Even if we go dark tonight, it’s fine. Just do what you gotta do.'”

Source: Prime Time With Sean Mooney Tags: #allin martyscurll #kazuchikaokada

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