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Nick Aldis Discusses What Separates NWA/ALL IN From WWE

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Sep 05, 2018

Nick Aldis Discusses What Separates NWA/ALL IN From WWE

Former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis was recently interviewed by Sean Mooney and discussed what he feels makes NWA and the recent ALL IN pay-per-view different from WWE. Below are interview highlights.

Difference Between The Two Brands:

"We look at everything like ‘what can we do that they’re not necessarily able to do based on their requirements as a huge conglomerate?’ They have to answer to the shareholders, they have to meet advertiser’s requirements, they have to put out a certain amount of content. We’re not beholding to any standards like that, so we can just focus on quality and we can go, ‘hey, you know what, this week we feel like we need to put out three videos, and then next week, we may put out none.’ It just depends on what is required at that time. And by the advent of having subscribers and having that online viewing habit now, it goes out, and immediately people can watch it on their phone, on their TV, on their tablet, wherever they want. And it’s real, it’s a connection, it’s not manufactured. Whatever we put out, we put out for a reason. To me, it’s all about trust. It’s about developing a trust with the audience where when you put something out, they know that it’s gonna deliver something that they want, and it’s gonna build to something that they are willing, in this case, willing to pay to see.”

Source: WrestlingInc.com Tags: #allin #nwa #nickaldis

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