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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (9/5) Detroit, MI

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Sep 05, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (9/5) Detroit, MI

Welcome to the coverage of 205 Live coming from Detroit, Michigan!

The show opens with the opening video package before we're welcomed to the arena by the usual crew.

Gran Metalik comes down to the ring accompanied by the Lucha House Party.

Backstage, Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy are shown together.  The interviewer comes up to ask Tony about the match, but Buddy takes over.  Murphy says that it only made sense for himself to be chosen to take on Cedric Alexander in Melbourne, Australia for the Cruiserweight Championship as he's the biggest star there.  He says that tonight Nese will beat Metalik.


Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese


The bell sounds as the two exchange holds before Nese shoulders Metalik to the mat.  They come back to their feet as they come to a stale mate.  Nese tries for a kick, but it's caught.  However, he responds with a big elbow to the chin.  Metalik and Nese slide to the outside before Nese tries for a powerbomb.  Metalik stops him, but Nese slams Metalik into the barricade.  He slams him into the ring and hits a northern lights suplex for a two count.  Metalik tries for a moonsault, but he's caught by Nese.  Nese tries to slam him, but Metalik hits a tornado DDT for a two count!  Metalik gets another roll-up for a two count.  Metalik slaps the chest of Nese before catching a rolling kick from Nese straight to the back.  Metalik knocks Nese out onto the apron before leaping over the top rope, hooks the head with his legs, and nails a big hurricanrana to the floor!  Nese counters Metalik before rolling him into the ring.  Nese hits a big 450 splash for a two count.  Nese slams Metalik into the corner, but his Running Nese is blocked by Metalik who hits a falcon arrow.  Metalik hits a superhurricanrana from the top rope followed by a diving elbow drop for the three count!

Winner:  Gran Metalik

They show a video package from last week where Hideo destroyed an enhancement talent before Mustafa Ali showed up to stop him.

Drake Maverick is shown backstage where Mustafa Ali barges in and remarks on Maverick wearing the AOP gear.  He tells Ali that he shouldn't have gone out there last week.  He says that Ali won't be in the ring until he says so.

A video is shown for the Mae Young Classic.


Noam Dar vs. Brian Kelly


Before the match starts, Lio Rush makes his way down to the ring to join the announce team.  The bell sounds as Noam Dar pushes Kelly around.  He hits a big crossbody followed by some severe knee strikes to the midsection.  Noam Dar nails a big roundhouse knee to finish off his opponent and obtain the three count.

Winner:  Noam Dar

Cedric Alexander is shown walking backstage as Drake Maverick tells him to act like a champion before he nods and walks off.

Cedric comes out and has a microphone in his hand.  He says that he's a man of few words.  He says that if Drew has any integrity, he'll come out to the ring right now.  Alexander grows impatient, but TJP makes his way out instead.  TJP has a microphone and tells Alexander that he's not surprised that Gulak isn't out there.  TJP says that he's impatient and he's tired of waiting at the end of the list.  TJP says that he'll make Cedric tap out anytime.  Alexander tells him to bring it.  Drake comes out now and tells them to hold on.  He says that he's the only one who makes the matches around here.  He announces Cedric Alexander vs. TJP right now.


Cedric Alexander vs. TJP


The bell sounds as these two men circle around.  TJP wrenches on the wrist of Alexander before Cedric turns it around on him.  Cedric applies a side headlock before slamming TJP to the mat.  Alexander nails an elbow strike before hitting The Neuralizer!  TJP rolls out of the ring before Alexander hits the ropes and nails a big suicide dive!  Alexander rams TJP into the apron before chopping the chest of TJP with a crack.  They move out onto the apron before TJP sweeps the legs of Alexander onto the apron.  TJP rolls in Alexander and leaps over before applying an Octopus Stretch.  Alexander reverses into a stretch muffler that is reversed.  Alexander hits a big dropkick to send TJP to the floor.  Alexander rolls out of the ring and delivers an uppercut.  TJP chokes Alexander in the ring with his boot after shaking off the uppercut.  TJP rushes towards Alexander, but he eats a dropkick to the knee making him hit the second turnbuckle face-first followed by a kick to the head.  Alexander hits a springboard flatliner for a two count.  TJP begins working over the arm of Alexander with a big armbar.  TJP hits a springboard crossbody before eating a kick to the face followed by a flying clothesline!  Alexander can't cover as he's feeling out his injured arm.  Alexander hits some short clotheslines followed by a Lumbar Check for a two count!

Alexander tries for the Lumbar Check again, but TJP applies a double wrist lock with the body scissors.  Alexander slams him down hard for a two count!  Alexander tries for a springboard move, but TJP locks in an armbar.  TJP applies the kneebar as Alexander manages to grab the bottom rope!  TJP begins kicking the face of Alexander who fires back with strong strikes.  TJP tries for the Detonation Kick, but Alexander reverses and hits The Lumbar Check!  He covers and gets the three count!

Winner:  Cedric Alexander

After the match, Drew Gulak makes his way out.  He says congratulations as it's another groundbreaking win for The Age of Alexander.  Gulak says that he has his boots on and he accepts his invitation to fight.  As he's about to enter the ring, Jack Gallagher attacks Alexander!  Alexander clears Gallagher before Gulak nails a big clothesline to Alexander before applying the Gu-Lock as Alexander is passed out.  The show comes to a close with Gulak and Jack Gallagher celebrating their attack.

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