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All In Live Coverage (9/1) Chicago, Illinois

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Sep 01, 2018

All In Live Coverage (9/1) Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to the Live Coverage for ALL IN coming to you live at 7 EST from Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois!  Here is the match card announced so far.

Zero Hour:

  • The Over-Budget Battle Royal (Winner fights Jay Lethal Later in the Evening):  Announced so far... Jordynne Grace, Moose, Rocky Romero, Colt Cabana, Ethan Page, Brian Cage, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Jacobs, Marko Stunt, Brandon Cutler
  • Tag Team Match:  The Briscoes vs. Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky


All In Main Card:

  • NWA Worlds Championship:  Nick Aldis (c) vs. Cody Rhodes
  • Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr.
  • Rey Mysterio, Bandido, & Fenix vs. The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi
  • ROH World Championship:  Jay Lethal (c) vs. Winner of Over Budget Battle Royal
  • Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll
  • Chicago Street Fight:  Adam Page vs. Joey Janela
  • Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels
  • Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green

Join us live for the Zero Hour Pre-Show at 5:30 EST!

The Pre-Show opens with a video package for Nick Aldis vs. Cody Rhodes.  It shows Magnus defending his NWA Worlds Championship against Ken Anderson as well as Cody Rhodes training with Glacier, Diamond Dallas Page, and Tommy Dreamer. 

The card is shown before a video is shown of Chelsea Green talking about her smeared lipstick.

Cody Rhodes talks about funding the show and the Over-The-Budget Battle Royal before highlighting Billy Gunn, Rocky Romero, Ethan Page, and others.

We come live to show with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks talking about the cost of the show before Road Warrior Animal rides out in full gear and on a motor cycle.


The Briscoes vs. SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)


SCU is dressed up like Rocky and Apollo Creed from Rocky III. All four men brawl at the open, with Briscoes getting advantage. SCU takes control and makes frequent tags, working over Mark. Jay with a cheapshot on Sky, then hits a big clothesline and the Briscoes regain control. Sky makes a comeback, but the Briscoes cut him off. Sky comes back with a hurricanrana and makes the hot tag to Kazarian, who mounts a comeback. Northern Lights with a Cradle Combo for a two count!  Sky suplexes Mark onto Jay, then Kazarian with a slingshot rana to wipe out Jay. Sky then wipes out the Briscoes with a big flip dive. Slingshot Cutter by Sky on Jay, then Kazarian hits a cutter on Mark, followed by stereo Dragon Clutches, but Jay rakes the eyes to get free. Briscoes take back over, with Mark hitting an Apron Blockbuster to Kazarian. Hangman’s Neckbreaker by Jay for a two count! Briscoes hit Redneck Boogie for a close two count. Briscoes go for the Super Redneck Boogie, but Sky stops it. No-Hands Rana from Sky to Mark off the top,then Sky helps Kazarian hit a Tornado DDT. SCU hits an Urnangi/Backstabber Combo for a two count. Briscoes stop a double-team, Jay Driller on Kazarian, Froggy Bow by Mark, Sky breaks up the pin. Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device,but Kazarian catches Mark with a powerslam for the win!

Winners:  SoCal Uncensored

They cut a commercial for ProWrestling Tees with Cody Rhodes' dog.

Backstage, Kenny Omega is interviewed about the upcoming match with Pentagon to which he says that he is ready.


Over-The-Budget Battle Royal


Series of crazy dives from everyone early, including Bully powerbombing Chico through a table. MOOSE takes control, until he is eliminated by Marko Stunt. Lots of crazy sequences from everyone. Bully chops Stunt to eliminate him. Cutler is eliminated. Punishment eliminates the Best Friends. Cage drills Romero with a Discus Clothesline and eliminates him, then eliminates Cheeseburger. Cage and Punishment trade headscissors takeovers. Punishment with a heel kick, but Hurricane with the Chokeslam to Punishment and Cage. Page eliminates Hurricane, but Colt eliminates Page. Dreamer uses a trash can and cookie sheet on the Gunns, then shots to Punishment, followed by the Flip, Flop and Fly. Dreamer with the Spicolli Driver, but Bully with a can shot to eliminate Dreamer. The Gunns stop Bully from eliminating Stunt, but Jacobs takes control with a ball claw and the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Austin Gunn. Billy stops the Pedigree, but Jacobs kisses him. Billy eliminates Jacobs. Austin Gunn eliminates Punishment, but Bully eliminates Austin. Billy with the Fame-Asser to Bully. Marko with a Codebreaker to Cage after Cage eliminated Billy. Bully eliminates Marko. Cage and Jordynene go back and forth, with Jordynne eliminating Cage after a powerbomb. Grace goes toe-to-toe with Bully, who rakes her eyes. Bully elininates Jordynne, down to Colt and Bully. Bully eliminates Colt, but Chico El Luchadore, who was not eliminated, eliminates Bully and unmasks as FLIP GORDON to win the battle royale and be ALL IN after all! WOW!

Winner:  Flip Gordon (disguised as Chico El Luchadore)

It's now time for the main show!


ALL IN Main Show


Excalibur, Don Callas, Ian Riccobani are the announcers as the show starts up!


Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Matt Cross


The bell sounds as MJF and Cross circle around.  They tie up with MJF getting the side headlock.  He releases before doing some taunting.  Cross goes for the dropkick, but he rotates himself into a super hero pose.  MJF gives it up to him and extends a hand.  Cross looks at the crowd before accepting it.  MJF says that Cross is all in before kicking him in the gut and sending him outside.  MJF teases a dive before saying he doesn't have to flip to get over.  Cross kicks him in the head and climbs up.  He dodges over him before hitting a hurricanrana to send MJF outside.  Cross hits the ropes and hits a handspring corkscrew plancha onto Freeman!  He makes his way up the ramp and taunts on the top of it.  He makes his way back down and rolls MJF into the ring.  Cross climbs up, but Friedman moves away.  He charges Friedman who pulls the referee in the way before taking a cheap shot.  Freeman hits a senton onto the outstretched arm of Cross and continues talking to the crowd.  Maxwell applies an armhold before pulling hitting a gutwrench powerbomb.  He lifts Cross up to the top turnbuckle before chopping him.  He hooks the arm of Cross before Cross chops him and hits a big hurricanrana from the top rope!  Cross hits a handspring back elbow followed by a springboard crossbody for a two count!

MJF blocks a move from Cross before hitting a package shoulderbreaker for a two count!  MJF pie faces Cross before taking a forearm in response.  They begin trading, but MJF spits in the face of Cross before hitting a thumb to the eye!  MJF hits the wind-up middle finger before Cross rolls him through and hits a moonstomp!  Both men are down. Cross covers MJF for a two count before MJF rolls Cross over into an armbar.  Cross rolls him up for a two count.  Cross's arm is snapped on the top rope.  MJF hits a piledriver for a two count!  MJF climbs to the top, but Cross knocks him down.  Cross hits a rebounding stunner before hitting a shooting star press from the top rope for a three count!

Winner:  Matt Cross

Backstage Nick Aldis is with Sean Mooney.  Aldis says it's a pleasure to be interviewed by him and there is a reason he's here in this jam-packed arena.  He says its because of the ten pounds of gold, the NWA Championship.  He says that it's the reason Cody is wanting to take a step towards immortality.  Nick says that this isn't the opportunity that he'll be able to capture.  Aldis says that he has a date with destiny and she's growing impatient.

The special guest referee for the next show is Jerry Lynn.


Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels


The bell sounds as Daniels is pointing at the crowd.  Amell pushes Daniels before Daniels spits on him.  Daniels tries for a full nelson before slamming him down.  Daniels steps over him and begins dancing.  Amell gets up as they begin trading chops.  Amell hits a belly-to-back suplex before stepping across Daniels.  Daniels is fired up as he pushes Amell into the corner and stomps into him.  Amell hits a big dropkick followed by an enzuigiri.  Daniels gets back to his feet before getting clotheslined over the top rope.  Amell whips Christopher into the barricade.  Daniels sets up the table and slams Daniels into the table.  They fight on the apron before Daniels fights away into the ring.  Amell stomps on the throat of Daniels.  Lynn gets in the way before Amell gets caught with a belly-to-back suplex from Daniels.  Daniels whips Amell into the corner.  Daniels hits a forward suplex landing Amell on his knee before covering for a two count.  Daniels hits the Arabian moonsault before faking a cover.  Daniels tries for a suplex outside of the ring, but Amell hip tosses him back into the ring.  Amell hits a big suplex followed by a kick to the face.  Amell hits a falcon arrow for a two count!  Stephen Amell climbs up and hits a Coast-to-Coast for a two count!  Daniels knocks Amell to the floor before hitting the World's Greatest Moonsault for a two count!  Daniels climbs up with Amell before Amell pushes him onto the apron where he falls onto the table.  Amell leaps but Daniels rolls out of the way as Amell falls through the table.

Jerry Lynn begins the count and nearly gets to ten before rolling both men back into the ring!  Daniels and Lynn begin arguing as Lynn throws his shirt to him.  Amell rolls up Daniels for a two count!  Amell flips off Daniels before Daniels kicks him in the midsection.  He tries for a butterfly suplex, but Amell flips him over for a two count.  Daniels hits a back body drop before climbing up for The Best Moonsault Ever for the three count!

Winner:  Christopher Daniels

Tenille Dashwood and Mandy Leon are shown announcing the next match.


Fatal-Four-Way Match
Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Madison Rayne vs. Chelsea Green vs. Tessa Blanchard


The bell sounds as Rayne extends hands to everyone.  Green seems to be fighting with her inner personality?  Blanchard doesn't shake the hand of Rayne and just decks her.  Green screams at Tessa as she escapes the ring.  Tessa sends Rayne into the barricade before the other two begin pinning each other quickly.  Britt clears Green as Tessa comes in, but he's knocked back down.  Green comes back in and battles it out with Britt.  She slaps her ass before hitting an arm drag.  She charges Britt, but Tessa hits a running elbow.  Tessa hits a codebreaker on Britt before Rayne runs in.  Tessa hits a standing gorilla press before sending her outside onto Britt and Green.  Green pulls Tessa outside before crawling into the ring.  She hits a big tope suicida.  Tessa gets back up and knocks down Green before hitting a plancha to the outside.  Madison Rayne climbs up to the top rope and hits a big crossbody onto everyone.  Rayne rolls in Britt and covers her for a two count.

Rayne hits a big forearm before catching a slingblade from Britt before she hits two more on the other two competitors.  Britt pulls Green up and punches her chest.  Tessa hits a big ripcord cutter for a two count before Green breaks it up.  Tessa rushes towards the corner and misses.  Green hits a Bro Kick to Tessa.  Britt takes her out before getting hit by a flatliner from Tessa.  Rayne hits a DDT onto Tessa before Green hits a big dropkick to Tessa from the top rope.  Britt is lifted to the top by Rayne.  Rayne hits a big bulldog from the top rope for a two count.  Green hits the Killswitch on Rayne!  Tessa hits a codebreaker on Green who is leaping from the top rope!  Britt superkicks Tessa before covering Green for a two count!

Britt hits a big fisherman neckbreaker for a two count, but Green breaks it up.  Green hits another Killswitch for a two count.  Green hits the Canadian Destroyer on Tessa for a two count.  Green lifts up Tessa before hitting the hammerlock DDT for the three count as the other two failed to break it up in time!

Winner:  Tessa Blanchard


NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
Nick Aldis (c) vs. Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes comes out with his wife, Diamond Dallas Page, Tommy Dreamer, Glacier and his dog.  Nick Aldis comes out with Jeff Jarrett, Daivairi, and a few others.  Earl Hebner takes the microphone and wishes best luck to both men.

The bell rings as Cody extends a hand. Aldis takes it as they circle around.  They tie up, but Aldis gets to the ropes.  Cody applies a hammerlock, but Aldis gets out of it.  Cody Rhodes applies a side headlock, but he's thrown into the ropes and shoulders to the floor.  Cody sends Aldis to the floor before hitting a tope suicida to knock him to the floor outside.  Cody tries for a suplex, but Aldis reverses on the outside of the ring.  Aldis rolls him inside and chops the chest of Cody in two different corners before Irish whipping Cody into the corner.  Aldis hits a fisherman suplex for a two count.  Aldis applies a side headlock as the crowd gets behind Cody.  Rhodes fights out before getting whipped into another corner.  Aldis whips Cody across the ring, but they collide in the center of the ring.  They begin trading blows before Cody hits the signature Goldust drop down strike.  Cody nails a superkick, but Aldis snapmares out of the next hold.  Rhodes and Aldis connect with double crossbodies as Nick rolls out of the ring to recuperate.

Cody Rhodes leaps to the top rope and flies towards him only to catch an uppercut elbow from Aldis!  DDP rushes down to the ring and begins checking on Cody.  Daivari comes over and pushes DDP.  He gets into the ring and pushes Earl before catching a Diamond Cutter from DDP.  The referee throws out DDP.  Cody Rhodes is now bleeding?  Nick Aldis begins punching the forehead before Cody fires up.  Aldis pushes Cody into the corner before taking a kick to the face.  Cody Rhodes tries for a big moonsault, but Aldis moves out of the way.  Aldis lifts up Cody and hits a fall-a-way slam from the top rope.  Nick Aldis hits a big splash from the top rope for a two count!  Cody kicks off Aldis and applies a Figure-4-Leglock!  Aldis is almost counted down, but Aldis rolls him over to reverse the pressure.  They roll again into the ropes as it's broken up.

Cody is nailed down to the ground on the outside with a running powerslam.  They move back into the ring where Cody catches Nick with an airplane spin into an Alabama Slam!  Cody tries for the Beautiful Disaster that misses, but Nick Aldis catches the leg and turns it into the King's Crib (Texas Cloverleaf).  Cody Rhodes powers up and makes it to the ropes!  The crowd is on their feet!  Nick pulls Cody into the center of the ring and nails a piledriver!  Aldis pulls Rhodes to the center of the ring and climbs to the top rope.  Brandi is in the ring pleading for him to stop!  She leaps onto Cody as Aldis brings an elbow drop down!  The crowd is chanting asshole.  He covers Cody for a two count!  Cody gets up and nails a Beautiful Disaster kick followed by the CrossRhodes for a two count!  Cody and Nick begin trading blows before Rhodes goes for the Vertebreaker, but Aldis reverses out.  Cody traps the legs of Aldis after he leapt over him for a sunset flip for a three count!

Winner (and NEW Champion):  Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes celebrates the victory with his wife, DDP, Tommy Dreamer, Glacier, and the rest of his group.


Chicago Street Fight
Joey Janela vs. Hangman Page


The bell sounds as Page nails a big boot followed up by an elbow strike.  Page sends Joey outside of the ring.  Page hits a big tope suicida.  He rolls Joey in who does the exact same thing to Page!  Janela gets up onto the apron, but he catches a big boot.  Page climbs to the top rope and hits a huge moonsault from the top to the floor onto Janela!  Page grabs a steel chair and bang it on the steel post.  He slides into the ring and sets it up.  Joey begins fighting back before catching a rolling elbow strike.  Hangman Page hits a fall-a-way slam onto the standing chair!  Page pulls out Joey and pins him for a two count.  Adam Page grabs a literal Cracker Barrel outside before getting sent into the barrel!  Joey sends him over it.  Joey leaps onto the barrel and flips over onto Page in the crowd!  Joey throws Page back into the ringside area.  Joey rolls a barrel towards Page who leaps over it and nails Joey with a big clothesline!  Joey hits a big clothesline that floors both of them.  Page throws him into the barricade before rolling him into the ring.

Page sets up a table on the outside before climbing onto the apron.  Both men are on the top rope.  Joey pulls Page down onto his shoulders and slams him into the corner with a running shoulderbreaker.  Joey sets up the ladder on the barricade and apron.  He lays out Page on it but Page fights back.  Page leaps off with a burning hammer onto the ladder.  Page reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a black, trash bag.  Penelope Ford gets into the ring and tries to stop him with a choke!  She slaps Page before hitting him with a stunner!  She lays him out on the table as Joey nails an elbow drop!  Joey drags Page up the ramp and hits a big clothesline.  They set up tables before Adam Page powerbombs Joey through the first one from the top of the ramp.  They move back to the ring before Adam Page hits a falling Right of Passage  He goes for the pin, but Ford breaks it up with a trash bag punch.  She offers the bag to him as he opens it.  The cursed boots fall out as Page is freaking out.  She tries to grab them, but Page superkicks her!  He turns around and eats a superkick from Joey Janela for a two count.

Joey Janela pulls out a table and ladder before sliding them into the ring.  Joey sets up the ladder and table in the center of the ring.  He lays out Page on the table, but Page fights up the ladder.  Page grabs a cord phone and begins nailing Joey Janela with it!  He hits the Right of Passage off the ladder through the table!  Page covers Janela for a three count!

Winner:  Hangman Adam Page

The lights shut off in the arena before a video is shown on the screen showing Joey Ryan's 'member' rising in his pants.  Penis and ball druids come out as they line the sides of the ramp.  Joey Ryan is coming out.  He walks out as Hangman acts as if he's seen a ghost.  Joey Ryan begins lathering himself up with baby oil.  Ryan makes Page grab his penis before powering up.  He penis tosses Page before putting his sucker into the mouth of Page.  He nails a superkick.  Ryan rolls Page to the penis druids as they carry him out.  The crowd is chanting 'Rest in Penis' as he's carried away. Ahem...


ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) vs. Flip Gordon


Jay Lethal comes out with Lanny Poffo as Flip comes out with Brandi Rhodes.  Jay Lethal and Lanny do the Mega Powers handshake.  Jay Lethal reaches out to do it with Flip as they also shake hands.

The bell sounds as they circle around.  Lethal rolls out and brings Brandi to his corner.  He rolls back into the ring before Flip hits an arm drag followed by a big chop.  Lethal whips Flip into the ropes and hits an armdrag of his own.  Lethal sends Flip over the top rope to skin the cat before clotheslining Flip right back over the top rope.  Black Machismo climbs up before climbing down to run off Brandi.  He chases her into the ring before lifting up Brandi much like Macho Man with Elizabeth.  Brandi chops his chest which seems to break him out of the Black Machismo gimmick.  Jay Lethal hits a big armdrag to Flip before missing a dropkick.  Flip hits a big moonsault for a two count. 

Flip does some kip downs to dodge Jay a few times before catching him with a big kick.  The two make their way to the top rope where Flip kicks Lethal back to the mat.  Jay hits a backbreaker into an STO for a two count.  Slowly Flip makes his way up before taking a chop to the chest.  Flip hits the leaping knee followed by the Falcon Arrow for the two count!  Both men are slow to their feet.  Flip hits a big chop before springboarding off to get caught in a torture rack followed by a running senton!  Lanny Poffo leaps up onto the apron to stop Lethal.  He slaps the chest of Lethal activating Black Machismo!  Black Machismo hits a big body slam before climbing to the top rope!  Diving elbow drop!  He climbs a different corner before hitting another one!  He goes right back up though before hitting a third one!  Flip kicks out and begins powering up like Hulk Hogan!

Flip Gordon hits the punches before hitting the big boot!  He goes for the leg drop, but Lethal gets up to take a Pele kick!  Flip climbs to the top rope, but Lethal dodges.  Flip Gordon hits a big Samoan drop before hitting the running shooting star press.  Flip Gordon leaps up and hits a corkscrew moonsault for a two count!  Both men are slow to their feet once more before moving to the top rope.  Jay Lethal catches Flip with a big cutter from the top rope before hitting the handspring Lethal Injection for the three count!

Winner:  Jay Lethal

After the match, Jay Lethal shakes the hand of Flip Gordon, but Flip pulls him into a hug.  Bully Ray rushes down to the ring and takes out both men with a clothesline before drilling them with chains.

Lanny Poffo jumps into the ring before taking a right hand from Bully Ray who looks underneath the ring.  He pulls out a table and slides it into the ring.  Ray begins setting it up as Colt Cabana makes it out.  He spears Bully Ray before the three of them hit a triple powerbomb through a table on Bully Ray. 


Penta El Zero vs. Kenny Omega


The two stand around for a while before finally Pentagon does his Ciero Mierdo taunt.  Pentagon takes off the glove before Omega shoves him.  They hit the ropes a bit before Pentagon hits a kick to the ribs.  Pentagon throws Omega into the ring and whips him into the corner, but Pentagon stops and hits a lungblower!  Pentagon hits a big slingblade followed by a running plancha onto Omega on the outside!  Pentagon chops the chest of Omega on the barricade.  Omega catches Pentagon with a knee before running into a scoop slam on the outside. Pentagon rolls him into the ring and hits another big chop on the ropes.  Omega fights back with some chops.  Pentagon hits a big clothesline in the corner.  Omega hits a running senton, but Pentagon stops it.  Omega connects with a tornado DDT before hitting a big springboard splash outside!  Omega rolls Pentagon into the ring before climbing to the top rope.  Omega hits a big dropkick to the back before hitting a forward suplex onto his knee for a two count.  Pentagon hits a big superkick before catching a discus elbow strike on the jaw.  Omega hits a snap dragon suplex before Pentagon hits a lungblower for a two count.  Pentagon climbs to the top rope and misses his moonstomp.  Omega hits a big clothesline before hitting the death valley driver for a two count.

Omega hits a running knee strike to the back of Pentagon's head into the second turnbuckle.  Pentagon is lifted up to the top rope before he stops Omega with a dropkick.  They fight down before Kenny Omega hits two V-Triggers!  Pentagon gives him the Ciero Mierdo taunt before getting hit with a powerbomb followed by a third V-Trigger!  Pentagon kicks out at two.  Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver for a two count!  They move out onto the apron before Omega kicks Pentagon away.  Pentagon hits the package piledriver on the APRON!  Pentagon rolls Omega into the ring.  Pentagon hits the double foot stomp for the two and a half count!  Kenny Omega has new life as he hits a package piledriver of his own for a two count.  Kenny nails the V-Trigger for a two count!  Pentagon dodges the One Winged Angel before hitting the arm-break move followed by the package piledriver for a two count!  Kenny nails the V-Trigger followed by the One Winged Angel for a three count!

Winner:  Kenny Omega

The match is over as the lights are out!  The lights finally return before Kenny is shown celebrating.  Pentagon gets up and begins drilling into him before hitting a Codebreaker!  Pentagon removes his mask to show Chris Jericho beneath.  Chris hits another Codebreaker before grabbing a microphone.  He says I'll see you on the Jericho Cruise!

Marty Scurll is shown walking backstage before two hands point at him from off-screen and criticize him.  He breaks the fingers of them before laughing.


Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll


The two size up before Okada backs him into the ropes.  Okada teases a slap before slapping the chest.  They lock up again before Scurl does the exact same thing to Okada before flexing his muscles.  Scurll locks the arm of Okada down to the mat before rolling him over into a pin for a two count.  Okada rolls through and hooks a wrist lock.  Scurll fights out before locking in a side headlock.  Okada fights out before Scurll tries to power him down with a shoulderblock that doesn't work.  Okada just stares him down.  Okada hits the ropes and floors Marty with a running shoulderblock.  Okada catches some elbows from Marty before reversing and hitting him with some.  Okada whips Scurll into the corner before trying for a suplex that is reversed by Okada into one of his own.  Scurll knocks Okada out of the ring before hitting a superkick on the apron.  Scurll gets back in and nails a suicide dive to blast him into the barricade!  Scurll chops Okada along the barricade before hitting an elbow to the back of Okada's head.  Marty Scurll grabs Okada and sends him into the ring.

Marty climbs into the ring and applies a wristlock.  Okada reverses before hitting a neckbreaker of his own.  Okada throws Scurll into the barricade before sliding into the ring.  The referee begins his count, but Okada breaks it by rolling Marty into the ring.  Okada hits the tope atomico to hit Marty.  Marty pulls himself up to slap the chest of Okada who doesn't seem bothered.  Okada is telling him to do it again.  Marty does as Okada just floors him with one forearm blast.  Okada puts a knee into the spine of Marty locking in a straightjacket submission as the crowd is getting behind Marty!  Scurll begins getting back to his feet and turns it around into a straightjacket lungblower!  Okada gets back up before Scurll kicks the knee out from underneath Okada.  Scurll kicks the charging Okada with a kick before hitting the tornado DDT for a two count!

Marty Scurll lifts up Okada who hits a back elbow to floor him.  Okada hits a big spike DDT before covering for a two count.  Marty hits a brainbuster for a two count!  Both men are slow to their feet. Marty picks up Okada for a move, but Okada is making his weight too much to lift.  Scurll is getting fired up as he gets caught by Okada in an Air Raid Crash for a two count!  Okada rolls to the apron before getting caught by an uppercut from Marty.  Marty climbs up with him before getting caught with a big forearm strike.  Okada fights back with more forearm strikes!  Marty hits an ear clap before hitting the superplex!  Scurll nails a big upppercut before getting a big powerbomb into a pin for a two count!  Okada rushes towards Marty before hitting a big dropkick followed by one from the top rope!  Okada tries for a move before hitting a big tombstone piledriver!  Okada yells out as the camera zooms out in comical fashion.  Okada tries for the Rainmaker, but Marty rips the fingers apart.  Okada tries for the Rainmaker, but Marty locks on the chickenwing choke!  He can't quite complete it.  They fight to their feet, but Okada nails him with a Rainmaker!  They both fall to the floor.

They fight back to their feet before the referee is bumped to the floor.  Marty Scurll pulls out the umbrella and smacks Okada with it.  He tries for his finish, but Okada reverses it.  Scurll spits in the face of Okada before Okada nails him with another Rainmaker for the three count.

Winner:  Kazuchika Okada


Rey Mysterio, Rey Fenix, and Bandido vs. The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi


Matt Jackson and Bandido start this thing off before they just starting throwing blows back and forth.  Bandido knocks Matt to the outside before leaping over the top rope right onto Matt.  Nick tags himself in as they hit dueling dropkicks to Bandido.  Rey Fenix tags in and hits a big hurricanrana to Matt to send him out of the ring.  Fenix hits a big armdrag before both men tag out.  Kota Ibushi and Rey Mysterio meet.  Rey hits a big hurricanrana to Ibushi before they trade blows back and forth.  Rey hits the ropes before getting caught with a kick to the chest to floor him.  Matt Jackson tags in before catching a kick followed by a spike DDT!  Rey tag out to Fenix who nails a superkick.  Matt Jackson hits a spinning face slam on Fenix before Bandido and Kota tag in.  Bandido hits a big kick followed by a leg sweep.  Bandido misses the moonsault and takes a kick to the chest.  Kota nails a moonsault of his own.  Fenix and Bandido hit duel Pele kicks to them.  Nick Jackson tags in and begins hitting crazy kicks left and right.  He and Kota hit big moonsaults from the top rope just as Rey Mysterio, Rey Fenix hit big planchas!  They move towards the ramp before Matt Jackson rushes out of nowhere with a big plancha onto everyone.  Bandido hits a triple hurricanrana onto Ibushi and The Young Bucks.  Rey gets double teamed by The Young Bucks.

Rey sets up the 619, but he gets caught by Matt Jackson.  They try for the assisted tombstone, but Rey Fenix kicks Ibushi away as Bandido kicks away Nick Jackson.  The three hit their finishes on Matt Jackson who kicks out.  Bandido hits a big fall-a-way slam from the top rope for a two count.  The Young Bucks begin hitting superkicks to everyone before The Young Bucks hit their double Tombstone on Bandido to get the three count.

Winners:  The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi


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