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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/28) Toronto, Canada

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Aug 29, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/28) Toronto, Canada

Welcome to 205 Live Coverage and Results hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Drake Maverick highlights the matches on tonight's show with The Brian Kendrick going up against Akira Tozawa as well as Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto!

The opening credits play.

We're welcomed into the arena by the usual cast of Percy Watson, Nigel Mcguinness, and Vic Joseph.

The Brian Kendrick comes out with Jack Gallagher.  They talk on the stage as Kendrick asks Jack what is bothering himself.  Jack guesses that it might be the town that they're in.  Kendrick says that this town is terrible, but it's actually people who don't know their place.  He says that the beatdown they gave to Akira Tozawa last week wasn't personal.  He said that he should have just taken his lumps and moved on.  He says that Akira went sniveling back to GM Drake Maverick and now he's going to get hurt.


The Brian Kendrick (w/ Jack Gallagher) vs. Akira Tozawa


The bell rings, but Kendrick steps out of the ring right at the beginning.  Akira slides out as Kendrick hides behind Gallagher.  Akira clocks both before rolling in Kendrick before kicking him in the head and following it up with a leaping senton for a two count.  Tozawa begins stomping on Kendrick in the corner before crying out in fury.  Tozawa whips Kendrick into the corner, but he's lifted to the apron before getting hit with a big right hand.  Jack applauds Kendrick as Brian slides out of the ring.  Kendrick rams Tozawa into the announce table before chopping him.  Kendrick slides into the ring before kicking Tozawa right in the ribs.  Kendrick kicks Tozawa in the head before hitting a big suplex for a two count.  Kendrick clubs the head of Tozawa before locking in an armhold.  Tozawa fights up with shots to the gut, but Kendrick locks on the Captain's Hook!  Tozawa gets to the ropes though.

Akira begins fighting back, but Kendrick applies a sleeper hold only to be reversed out.  Akira hits a big kick to the face before climbing to the top rope.  Kendrick rolls out of the ring only for Akira to hits a suicide dive to knock him down.  Akira rolls him back into the ring before cracking the leg of Kendrick around the ring post.  Akira slams the knee of Kendrick into the ground before hitting a belly-to-back suplex.  Akira wraps the leg of Kendrick around the second rope before hitting three dropkicks to the injured leg of Kendrick.  Akira hits a missile dropkick from the top rope before hitting a dragon screw.  Kendrick is down as Akira climbs up to the top.  The big senton bomb hits for a three count!

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

Akira celebrates outside of the ring as Jack Gallagher slides into the ring to check on his tag team partner.

They show highlights from previous encounters between Buddy Murphy and Kalisto.

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese are being interviewed backstage.  Murphy says that he came to this show for one reason, to be Cruiserweight Championship.  He says that he's sending a message to Kalisto, the Lucha House Party, and the rest of the roster.  Tony Nese quips that The Juggernaut is back.

A video package is shown for the 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic.


Hideo Itami vs. Michael Blaise


Michael Blaise is already in the ring as Hideo makes his way out.  A video is shown where he says that he feels bad about hurting Mustafa Ali... he feels bad that he didn't hurt him worse.

The bell sounds as Hideo just hits a running big boot to flatten Michael.  He lifts him up and slams him into the corner turnbuckle.  He pounds on him a few times before kicking him in the chest.  Blaise gets a few shots in before Hideo slaps the taste out of his mouth.  Hideo hits a snapmare followed by a kick to the back.  Hideo lifts up Blaise and takes some big kicks.  Blaise hits the ropes and takes a big clothesline that sends him for a loop.  Hideo continues kicking the back of Blaise with punting kicks.  Hideo Itami hits a falcon arrow for a two count as he pulls Blaise up.  Hideo hits the neckbreaker kick to the face, but he pulls him up again as he's laughing.  Hideo throws Michael into the corner before hitting the running basement dropkick followed by a second and a third.  However on the third one, Mustafa Ali's music plays as he pops up on the entrance ramp.  He begins making his way down as Hideo is telling him to bring it.  Ali slides into the ring as Hideo runs away.  Ali tells Hideo to fight him, but Hideo just waves as he leaves.  i guess the match is a no contest?

Winner:  No Contest

A video package is shown from last week highlighting Drew Gulak and company attacking Akira Tozawa.

Cedric Alexander is shown on video promo as he says Gulak sunk to a new low attacking two men just to complain about losing.  Alexander says that he accepted Gulak's challenge last week, but Gulak ran.  Alexander says that Gulak exposed himself last week.  Alexander says that next week he's going to call out Gulak and he expects him to answer him.

The Lucha House Party are shown dancing backstage in preparation.


Kalisto (w/ Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs. Buddy Murphy (w/ Tony Nese)


The bell sounds as Murphy just slams Kalisto to the mat at the beginning.  Kalisto rolls right back up.  Kalisto tries to lock up Murphy before getting dumped to the mat once again.  Kalisto points at the crowd as they chant "Lucha".  Murphy goes for the test of strength and easily overpowers him.  Kalisto begins firing back up, but Murphy slams him to the mat for a pin.  He does this again as Kalisto kicks out.  Only a two count as Kalisto powers out.  They move onto the second rope, still connected by the hands, before Kalisto hits a big hurricanrana!  Kalisto kicks Murphy as he gets back onto the apron.  Kalisto tries for a plancha, but Nese gets in the way.  He stops himself before hitting one to hit both Nese and Murphy.  All five superstars flood into the ring as the referee is yelling at everyone to leave.  In the confusion, Murphy blindsides Kalisto.

Buddy slams the head of Kalisto into the top corner.  Murphy slaps the chest of Kalisto.  Kalisto tries for a hurricanrana, but he's caught.  Murphy tries to powerbomb him over the top rope, but he's hurricanrana'd instead!  Kalisto hits a big kick to the face of Murphy from the apron.  Kalisto leaps towards Murphy who catches Kalisto in mid air in a suplex!  Murphy pushes Lince out of his way, but Lince pushes him back!  The referee gets involved and throws out Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik!  Buddy Murphy grabs Kalisto and rolls him into the ring.  Murphy slides into the ring and hits a big punt kick to the back of Kalisto.  He follows it up with another big kick.  He tries for a third kick, but Kalisto rolls away.  Kalisto hits a big kick to Murphy before locking in a sleeper hold.  Murphy slams Kalisto into the corner to stop it.  Kalisto applies another sleeper hold though!  Murphy grabs his hands and slams him to the mat before pulling him through into another punt kick to the face!

Buddy Murphy covers Kalisto for a two count.  Murphy lifts up Kalisto, but Kalisto dumps him over the top rope and to the floor!  Murphy grabs the foot of Kalisto who kicks him away.  Kalisto hits the ropes, but Nese grabs his feet!  Buddy Murphy collides with Kalisto with a big clothesline!  The referee finally realizes what happened and throws out Tony Nese!  Murphy is irate as Kalisto has scooted onto the apron.  Murphy moves towards Kalisto and eats some kicks.  Kalisto hits a springboard seated senton followed by some kicks.  Murphy gets caught with a roll through kick, but he catches the foot!  Kalisto kicks him with the other boot.  Kalisto hits the inverted hurricanrana from the top rope followed by a basement hurricanrana for a two count!

Kalisto begins getting the crowd fired up as he gets to his feet.  He tries for the Salida Del Sol, but Muprhy sends him into the second turnbuckle face-first!  Murphy charges Kalisto and takes a super kick right to the face for a two count. Both men move out onto the apron, but Murphy throws Kalisto onto the announce table face-first!  Murphy steps out of the ring and grabs Kalisto.  He slams Kalisto down onto the table before sending him into the barricade.  He rams Kalisto again before throwing him over the barricade.  The count gets to eight before Murphy breaks it up.  He goes back to Kalisto and takes a kick to the face.  Kalisto springboards from the barricade before taking a kick to the face!  Murphy climbs into the ring, but Kalisto beckons for Murphy to bring it.  Murphy rushes towards Kalisto, but he's monkey flipped right over the barricade!  Kalisto gets into the ring as does Murphy.  Kalisto hits a spike hurricanrana onto Murphy as he's between the ropes, but it only gets a two count!

Kalisto climbs to his feet on the apron.  Kalisto tries for the seated senton again, but he's spiked with a powerbomb followed by a second spinning powerbomb for a two count.  The crowd is chanting '205' as Murphy lifts up Kalisto for Murphy's Law, but Kalisto rolls him up for a two count.  Kalisto hits the roll through kick, but Murphy catches him with another punt kick followed by Murphy's Law!  He covers him for a three count!

Winner:  Buddy Murphy

Tony Nese returns to the ring to celebrate with Buddy Murphy.  The two leave as Kalisto is left to lick his wounds in the ring.

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