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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/21) Brooklyn, NY

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Aug 22, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/21) Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to the coverage for 205 Live in Brooklyn, New York!

The show opens with highlights from SummerSlam before GM Drake Maverick talks about TJP vs. Noam Dar.  He then talks about the tornado tag team match tonight between Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese.

The opening video package is shown before we're welcomed by the announce team of Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness as well as Wale!

TJP comes out next with a microphone.  He says that fortunately this match will be over quickly so he can get back to the city he loves... Los Angeles.  TJP talks about capitalizing on the gimp knee of Noam Dar since his finisher is a kneebar.  He says that Noam Dar will not be walking away tonight and this is not for the faint at heart.


TJP vs. Noam Dar


The bell sounds as they tie up.  Noam Dar backs TJP into the corner before Noam Dar backs away with a taunt.  Noam Dar tries to lock up again, but TJP slides out of the ring.  TJP grabs a microphone and says that it's time he introduced Wale at ringside.  He says that he's here to see TJP.  Wale says that no one dabs anymore as Noam Dar dropkicks TJP and slams his head into the steel steps.  Noam Dar slams the head of TJP onto the announce table before making TJP fistbump Wale.  Noam Dar whips TJP into the ring and slams him into the ropes.  Noam Dar begins smashing TJP with ruthless forearms.  Noam sends TJP over the top rope before blasting him with a dropkick to the floor.  Noam is pulled back by the referee before TJp grabs his leg and pulls him down.  Noam kicks TJP away before sliding outside.  Dar rolls TJP into the ring.  TJP hits a big DDT on Dar as he comes into the ring before covering for a two count.

TJP hooks the arm of Noam before applying a single-leg Boston crab.  TJP releases the hold before slamming Dar into the corner.  TJP begins choking Dar with his boot in the corner.  TJP applies a leg hold before stomping Dar into the mat.  TJP struts around the ring before pulling Dar up and hitting a snap body slam.  TJP slings over the top rope onto the knees of Dar.  The two trade blows before TJP catches the leg of Dar, slaps him, and hits a leg lariat.  Noam Dar hits a big kick to stop TJP.  Dar hits some uppercuts before charging from corner to corner with a big uppercut.  Dar hits a Northern Lights release suplex for a two count.  Noam Dar rushes towards TJP, but he dodges his attack.  TJP rolls up Dar for a two count.  TJP locks on the Kneebar in the center of the ring as Dar manages to get to the bottom rope!  TJP removes his elbow pads before stomping on Dar on the apron.  Dar grabs TJP's arms and holds him in the ropes and he kicks him repeatedly until the referee reaches a four count.  Dar follows this with the roundhouse knee strike for the three count!

Winner:  Noam Dar

Wale leaves the ringside announce table as Dar celebrates.

A clip from SummerSlam is shown before Drew Gulak comes on in an empty arena.  Gulak says that he deserves a rematch.  Drake Maverick is shown backstage where he is interviewed.  Maverick says that Gulak's rematch is denied as he has to earn that right.

A clip for the 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic is shown.

Akira Tozawa makes his way out next.


Akira Tozawa vs. Colin Delaney


Before the match can actually start, Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, and Jack Gallagher run into the ring and decimate both Tozawa and Delaney.  Gulak says that he tried to be reasonable.  He says that until he gets his rematch there will be no peace on 205 Live.  He says that Cedric Alexander is scared.  He tells Alexander to get his butt out here right now and accept his challenge.

Cedric Alexander makes his way out in a suit jacket.  Alexander says that Gulak is the one down there surrounded by Thing #1 and #2.  He tells them to leave and he'll come shut him up.  GM Drake Maverick comes out and tells Alexander not to go in there.  Gulak says that he's Sam I Am and that Alexander can't have his green eggs and ham.  Gulak mocks the Age of Alexander and he asks just what the hell that is.  Gulak says that Brooklyn deserves better and that the Age of Alexander absolutely sucks.  Gulak asks when did Alexander become such a choir boy or whether Alexander is worried that Maverick is going to put him in timeout.  Referees and Maverick are holding back Alexander, but he pushes by them just as Gulak runs away with a grin on his face.

Backstage, Lince is doing inverted situps as his teammates cheer him on.  Nese is getting pumped up as Murphy talks to him.


Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese


The bell sounds as Nese and Murphy surround Lince and Gran.  Lince and Gran attack first before Lince is thrown to the apron.  They take down Metalik before Lince hits a big crossbody from the top onto both Nese and Murphy.  Nese and Murphy are cleared to the outside of the ring before Lince and Gran try for running dives.  However, they're grabbed by the feet and dragged to the outside.  Lince and Gran quickly take advantage before hitting big chops.  Gran and Lince get onto the apron and hit dual springboard moonsaults onto both Buddy and Tony!  Gran rolls Nese into the ring and covers him for a one count.  Lince clears Buddy outside before Nese hits elbows to both Lince and Gran.  Murphy nails Lince with a big clothesline on the ramp.  Both men smile as Gran Metalik is alone in the ring.  They climb onto the apron before he hits both with a dropkick.  Gran hits the ropes before leaping for a plancha.  They catch him and slam him into the barricade!  Nese begins dragging Lince into the ring to Buddy Murphy who laughs at him.  Murphy steps on his injured hand before stomping on it.

Murphy applies an arm hold before hitting a kick to the face.  Nese and Murphy try to take off the cast of Dorado on his hand!  Gran Metalik hits a big dropkick to Murphy to clear him before hitting a big springboard arm drag followed by a springboard moonsault.  Murphy gets back into the ring before Metalik hooks his hand and leaps from the top rope with a hurricanrana!  But Murphy holds him and hits a big powerbomb!  Metalik is now getting worked over by Murphy and Nese as Nese holds him by the arms.  Metalik breaks out before getting a pumphandle powerslam.  Nese covers him as Lince breaks it up!  Murphy sends Lince out of the ring.  They lift up Metalik and begin to try for something when Lince springs from the top rope with a double dropkick!  Lince uses the momentum of Murphy to hit Nese with it.  Lince hits a wheelbarrow bulldog before hitting a hurricanrana for a two count on Murphy!  Lince gets the crowd fired up before getting nailed by Tony Nese.  Lince hits a springboard moonsault onto both Nese and Murphy as they crumble to the mat.  Lince Dorado hits a tornado DDT before kicking Nese off the apron as he drills Murphy for a two count!

Lince Dorado climbs to the top before kicking off Nese.  Murphy crotches Lince on the top rope as he's in pain.  Murphy and Nese climb up and hook his arms.  Metalik comes up and knocks off Nese before getting taken out!  Nese hits a springboard moonsault onto Metalik before taking a shooting star press for a two count.  Murphy lifts up Lince and hits a spinout powerbomb for a two count!  Murphy grabs Lince on the apron, but Lince kicks Murphy away.  Murphy tries to take off his mask as he climbs up onto the top turnbuckle.  Lince climbs up as well.  Nese climbs up and is knocked down.  He stays on the ropes as he hits a big German suplex from the top rope.  Metalik walks the rope to hit a big dropkick to Nese who is hanging upside down on the turnbuckle.  Murphy hits the Meteora on Metalik for a two count.  All four men are up as they trade blows back and forth.  Lince hits an enzuigiri.  Metalik hits a dropkick to send out Murphy and hits another on Nese.  Metalik and Lince hit three moonsaults on Nese before both covering him for a two count as Murphy breaks it up!

Murphy sends Lince out of the ring before Nese rolls up Metalik for a two count.  Nese slams Metalik into the corner before trying for the Running Nese.  Metalik kicks him away before hitting a hurricanrana that sends Nese into Murphy on the outside of the ring.  Metalik rolls Murphy into the ring before springing up and missing.  Murphy hits a high impact running bicycle knee strike.  Murphy climbs outside and grabs Gran Metalik to roll him into the ring.  Murphy shoves Kalisto who has been managing before climbing into the ring.  Metalik rolls him up for a two count.  Murphy kicks him on the chin before hitting the ropes and being tripped up by Kalisto!  Gran Metalik hits a big sunset flip powerbomb for a three count!

Winners:  Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado

The show ends with Lucha House Party celebrating.

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