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WWE SummerSlam 2018 Live Coverage (8/19)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Aug 19, 2018

WWE SummerSlam 2018 Live Coverage (8/19)

Welcome to the live coverage for the main SummerSlam show hailing from Brooklyn, New York!

We open the show with Terry Crews talking about fame and glory outside of the Barclay Arena with a drummer playing drums.  Images of Ronda Rousey and Roman Reigns are shown as well as Brock Lesnar and Alexa Bliss.  Terry Crews keeps on reciting poetry as he stomps around the outside of the arena.  The rest of the matches are highlighted as Terry Crews welcomes us to 'The Dream.'  And then he welcomes us to another big SummerSlam!

There are images presented in 3-D on the screen above the ring as Dean Ambrose makes his way out to the ring for the beginning of the show.  Seth Rollins follows wearing a blue and yellow jacket.  Dolph Ziggler comes out next by himself before Drew McIntyre's music plays next.


Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins w/ Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Drew McIntyre


The bell rings as they tie up.  Dolph tries to take out Rollins with a double leg takedown, but Rollins gets into the ropes.  McIntyre is there as Dean gets in his face to make sure he backs down.  Rollins gets back into the ring and kicks Dolph in the midsection, but Rollins tries to powerbomb him.  Dolph slides out of the ring and takes a breather outside.  Dolph slides back in and teases a test of strength before kicking him.  He whips Rollins into the ropes and takes a kick to the shoulder before taking a hip toss from The King Slayer.  Dolph slides out of the ring as Drew McIntyre and Rollins talk it out.  Dean distracts Dolph as Rollins blasts him.  Rollins slides into the ring with Dolph before hitting a chest chop.  Rollins connects with a few more chops before connecting with a clothesline to floor Dolph.  Seth hooks the head of Dolph before trying for a suplex.  Dolph flips Seth out onto the apron before connecting with a big kick to the head.  Dolph hits a neckbreaker for a two count.

Dolph Ziggler slides the head of Seth along the top rope before chopping him in the corner.  Dolph slams Seth's head into the second turnbuckle.  More Ambrose and McIntyre staring outside as Dolph stomps on Seth in the ring as he targets the knee.  Seth gets to his feet before getting whipped into the corner as he tumbles up the corner and outside to the floor.  Dolph locks on a headlock as he wears down Seth Rollins.  Seth finally breaks it with a jawbreaker before being dumped over the top rope to the floor below.

Dolph leaps from the top rope as Rollins gets back into the ring.  Rollins rolls through and tries for a suplex, but both men tumble over the top rope.  They slide back into the ring before Rollins hits the Slingblade.  He charges before hitting two stiff elbow shots.  Dolph rolls up Rollins for a two count.  Rollins runs towards the top rope and hits a Blockbuster for a close two count.  Seth climbs back to the top rope, but Dolph crotches Rollins up there.  Dolph hits Seth again before climbing up to the second rope.  He hooks the head of Rollins for a superplex, but Rollins battles him off with headbutts.  Dolph rolls away to avoid the jump.  Rollins clotheslines Dolph over the top rope before hitting the suicide dive.  Rollins rolls him back in before hitting the springboard clothesline.  He pulls Dolph up to his feet before hitting the Ripcord Knee for a two count!

Dolph is put on the top rope, but Rollins pulls him off only for Dolph to latch on for a sleeper hold!  Seth quickly whips Dolph to the mat, but Dolph catches Seth with a kick.  They're standing on the apron before Dolph dropkicks Rollins into the corner post.  Dolph hits his rebound with a big spike DDT on the apron.  Seth is down as Dean tells him to hurry up.  Rollins rolls in at a nine count as Dolph begins pounding him with blows.  Dolph tries for the Zig Zag and takes a superkick for his effort!  Seth Rollins goes for a frog splash, but Dolph brings the knees up and rolls him up for a two count!  They both slowly get to their feet as Dolph throws punches to floor Seth.  Seth pushes Dolph into the corner before lifting him up to the top rope.  Dolph elbows him off before Seth leaps to the top rope.  He hooks the head of Dolph before hitting a reverse suplex from the top rope followed by another after rolling through!  Seth covers as it's a two count!

Seth is setting up for a big Stomp.  McIntyre sends Ambrose into the steel steps to distract Rollins!  Dolph reverses Rollins and hits a Zig Zag for a two count!  Dolph tries for the superkick, but Seth catches him with one instead!  Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on McIntyre on the outside.  Rollins hits The Stomp for the three count!

Winner (and NEW Champion):  Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins celebrate their victory.

They show a video package for the new WWE video game.

Renee Young is shown backstage with the Bella Twins.  Brie says that WWE will always be a part of their life and Nikki says that they're trying to refocus on their YouTube show as well as Total Divas and Total Bellas.  Nikki says that they're here to have fun.

The New Day comes out with pancakes, cereal, trumpets, and there are two big 3-D images beside the screens.  The Bludgeon Brothers come out next.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (c)


The bell rings with Xavier Woods going against Eric Rowan.  Rowan hits a discus roundhouse and floors Woods.  Harper tags in an hits a big boot.  Harper begins hitting an alligator roll before locking in a headlock.  Harper hits a dropkick after Woods breaks out.  Rowan tags in and hits an elbow drop.  Rowan hits a splash for a two count.  Rowan applies a neckwrench before turning it into fists into the sides of Woods' head.  Woods fights out, but Rowan hits a big backbreaker.  Harper hits a senton from the apron!  Harper and Rowan take out Big E.  Rowan slams Harper down on Big E.  Rowan throws Woods over the top ropes and to the floor.  Rowan lifts up Woods, but he fights out.  Harper tries for the powerbomb on the steel steps, but Woods reverses out.  Woods gets into the ring and tags out.  Big E spears Rowan and then hits a belly-to-bell on Harper.  He rolls Harper into the ring and hits a belly-to-belly suplex.  Big E hits a big splash before pumping up the audience.  Harper catches Big E with a sitout slam before Rowan tags in.

Big E reverses their double team before Big E hits the spear through the ropes to take out Harper.  Big E is down as Rowan leaps off the apron to take him down.  Rowan screams before he rolls him.  Rowan and Harper hits the Crucifix bomb for the two count.  Kofi begins getting the crowd pumped up.  Woods is hit with a double powerbomb after tagging in.  Harper gets a two count.  Rowan attacks Kofi, but Big E hits the Big Ending on the outside.  Big E and Xavier do a double urinagi and backstabber on the apron.  Woods climbs to the top rope as Harper rolls around outside.  Woods hits the flying elbow from the top rope to the floor outside on him!

Big E picks up Harper as Woods climbs to the top rope.  Rowan nails Woods with the big hammer before climbing into the ring and nailing Big E with it.  Harper takes the hammer from Rowan and nails him again!

Winners (by DQ):  The New Day

The Bludgeon Brothers get their titles and head up the ramp.

Jon Stewart is shown in the audience before a 3-D image is shown for Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens.

A video package is shown for Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens.


For Money in the Bank Briefcase
Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens


The bell sounds as Strowman just smashes Owens in the corner twice!  Owens rolls to the floor and rolls to the floor.  Owens is nailed by a running shouldercharge!  Owens is nailed by a second as he's turned inside out!  Strowman gets into the ring and Owens rolls out.  Kevin Owens nails a superkick followed by a chokeslam by Strowman on the steel ramp.  Strowman rolls Owens back into the ring.  Strowman hits a running powerslam for the THREE COUNT?!

Winner:  Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman celebrates with the briefcase on the ramp before a clip is shown for Cricket Wireless and B.A. Star.


SmackDown Women's Championship
Carmella (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair


The bell sounds as Carmella does a moon walk.  Carmella attacks Becky Lynch before Charlotte attacks Carmella.  Carmella hits an elbow to Charlotte before Carmella hits two leg drops.  Carmella slaps the back of Lynch's head before feigning injury as Charlotte gets into the ring.  It makes the illusion that Charlotte does.  Lynch hits Carmella as she falls out of the ring.  Lynch rolls up Charlotte for a two count.  They trade arm drags before Lynch tries for an armbar.  Lynch whips Charlotte into the corner as he falls outside.  Carmella sends Charlotte into the ringpost before sending Lynch into the steel steps.  She rolls Lynch into the ring before covering her for a two count.  Carmella begins smacking Lynch before wrapping up Lynch in a side headlock.  Lynch begins fighting up and rams Carmella into the corner.  Carmella nails Becky with an elbow shot.  Charlotte comes into the ring, but Carmella dodges her shot before locking on a side headlock.  Carmella yanks her around.

Carmella dumps Charlotte out of the ring before getting rolled up by Lynch for a two count.  Carmella rubs the face of Lynch into the mat.  Lynch begins fighting back with shots to the ribs.  Carmella continues talking trash before getting rolled up for a two count.  Charlotte nails a big boot to Lynch before catching a kick from Carmella.  Charlotte lights up the chest of Carmella before hitting an exploder suplex.  Charlotte hits a kip up.  Charlotte tries for the Figure-4, but she's kicked into the ropes where Lynch kicks her in the face!  Lynch leaps down onto both women.  Lynch is getting fired up as she hits a big kick followed by a Becksploder suplex.  Becky is tossed to the apron, but she climbs up and takes a big shot from Carmella.  Carmella slams her to the mat for a two count.

Charlotte runs into the ring and hits a double spear for a two count on Carmella.  Followed by a two count on Becky Lynch.  Charlotte gets caught by Carmella with a kick before putting her up on the top rope.  Carmella tries for Stratusfaction, but Charlotte reverses it into a Figure-4-Leglock!  Lynch leaps off the top rope for a leg drop for a two count as Carmella breaks it up.  Lynch fires up with big elbows, but Carmella dumps her over the top rope.  Carmella hits the ropes and hits a big suicide dive!  Charlotte climbs to the top rope and hits a corkscrew moonsault onto Becky and Carmella.  Charlotte rolls Becky into the ring, but Becky locks on the Disarmher!  Carmella breaks it up!  She's dumped outside.  Becky nails a urinagi on Charlotte for a two count as Carmella breaks it up.  Carmella slams Becky into the turnbuckle before rolling up Becky for a two count.  Becky locks in the Disarmher, but Carmella gets to the ropes.  Becky Lynch hits the Becksploder followed by the Disarmher, but Charlotte hits the Natural Selection on Becky Lynch for the three count!

Winner (and NEW Champion):  Charlotte

Becky Lynch and Charlotte hug it out twice in the ring as Carmella is crying on the outside of the ring.  Lynch slaps Charlotte before beating her out of the ring.  She holds up the title before throwing Charlotte over the table as the crowd is on their feet for the heel turn by Becky.

A video package is shown for AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe.


WWE Championship
AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe


Before the match starts, Samoa Joe grabs the microphone and introduces AJ Styles as he waves at AJ's wife.  He tells her not to worry as AJ is coming home tonight.  Styles says that he's going to kick Joe's ass.

The bell sounds as Styles locks on a side headlock.  Joe lifts him up, but Styles pulls him back to the mat.  Joe breaks out, but Styles reapplies the headlock.  Joe breaks out before hitting a running shoulderblock to floor AJ.  They tease a test of strength before Styles kicks Joe's leg.  They do this spot again.  Joe kicks out the leg from underneath Styles and begins unloading shots into Styles.  Joe tries for a elbow drop, but Styles dodges.  They begin trading blows before Styles hits a running strike as Joe rolls outside.  Styles hits the ropes and hits a baseball slide.  AJ slides outside and tries for the running knee strike on the apron, but Joe pushes him back and kicks out the leg from underneath AJ.  Joe rolls AJ into the ring and chops him to the floor.  Joe lifts up AJ as they trade blows.  AJ is knocked out of the ring before Joe hits a diving elbow strike that floors AJ.  Samoa Joe rolls in AJ Styles and goes for a pinfall for a two count.  Joe applies a headlock as this match plods along.

AJ fights out before knocking Joe out of the ring.  AJ Styles hits a big springboard phenomenal forearm.  Joe is rolled into the ring before Styles slides in.  AJ begins lighting up Joe following it up with a clothesline.  Styles hits a big forearm as he's getting fired up.  AJ Styles hits a big splash in the corner before springing off the second rope for a reverse DDT for the two count!  AJ Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Joe gets out.  Styles lifts Joe up to the top turnbuckle.  Joe pushes AJ off before leaping for a leg drop that floors him!  Joe covers him for a two count.  Joe hits a big senton for a two count.  AJ hits the neckbreaker on his knee for the two count as he sells the weight of Joe onto his knee.  AJ tries for the springboard move that misses before Joe hits the quick scoop slam for the two count.

AJ locks in the crucifix into the pin for a one count.  AJ Styles lifts up Joe for the Styles Clash, but Samoa Joe kicks out!  Styles lifts up Joe and nails him with some shots before Joe just nails him with some big slaps.  Joe is nailed by a Pele Kick!  AJ Styles rushes towards the corner, but he eats a urinagi.  Samoa Joe gets a two count.  Samoa Joe gets to his feet as AJ Styles rolls through to lock on the Calf Crusher!  Joe slams the head of AJ Styles into the mat before locking in the Coquina Clutch!  Styles breaks it up by getting his foot under the bottom rope.  Joe begins motioning for the Muscle Buster.  He raises Styles to the top rope before hitting a high kick the sends him to the floor.  Joe throws Styles into the steel steps.  He climbs up onto the table.  He grabs a microphone and says that he's going to break his promise to Styles' wife as he's not coming home, but he'll be their new daddy.  Styles rushes up and rams Joe through the barricade!  He punches two security people before slamming a steel chair across the back of Joe.

Winner (by DQ):  Samoa Joe

AJ Styles slams the steel chair across the back of Joe some more before Fit Finlay grabs it from him.  He goes to his family and apologizes to them before leaving through the crowd with them.

A video package is shown for the WWE Network.

Elias is shown in the ring next with his guitar in hand.  He says he has one question for everyone here tonight.  Who wants to Walk With Elias?  He says that he was a child once, but then he grew up and wrote the greatest album of all time.  He says that he wrote a song that said that no matter what he did that everyone loved him more every day.  Elias said that tonight is the night for a big show.  He said he'd like to donate this to the New Yorkers who are disgusting.  He tells them to shut their mouths and hold their applause.  Elias' guitar suddenly breaks in his hand.  He looks up as the crowd chants, "You F*cked Up!"  Elias stands up and kicks the stand away before throwing the guitar pieces.  He storms off.

The Miz is shown backstage where he meets up with The B-Team.  He says that well isn't that the former Miztourage.  The Miz says that tonight he'll prove that he's better than Daniel Bryan by beating him.  He asks The B-Team if they want to get his limousine ready.  They say they're about to leave right now and the B stands for Bryan.  They hope that Bryan beats him.  They say that they're going to start a show called Total Fellas before storming off.


The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan


The bell sounds as Daniel Bryan balls up his fist as the crowd cheers for both men.  They tease getting started before Miz pulls out of the ropes to stop him.  They tie up in the center of the ring.  They move into the corner where Miz sucker punches Bryan.  He backs him into the corner and drills him with some more strikes.  Miz hits the Yes kicks in the corner to mock Daniel Bryan.  Miz hits the running dropkicks before getting caught around the throat by Bryan.  He punches on Miz before Miz applies a side headlock.  Bryan pushes him off, but Miz shoulderblocks him down.  They hit the ropes before Bryan hits a kick to the chest to floor Miz.  Miz locks in a side headlock and punches at his face.  Bryan hits a bulldog for a two count.  Bryan hits a big punch to Miz before hitting a few more.  Miz hits a kneelift to the midsection of Bryan as he falls to the mat.  Miz locks in a surfboard stretch lifting up Bryan before Bryan fights out.  He kicks the leg and backside of Miz as he moves away.  Daniel Bryan applies his own surfboard stretch as Miz is in pain.  He falls it back into a pin for a two count.  Daniel Bryan begins trying to hit the Yes Kicks.  Miz crotches Bryan on the top rope before hitting a springboard clothesline that makes Bryan fall onto his head!

Miz locks on a cravat before Daniel Bryan fights out with body shots.  Miz hits the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a two count.  The Miz balls up his fist in mockery of Bryan before punching him in the face.  Miz begins talking trash to Bryan who is getting fired up.  Bryan is Hulking Up as he takes more and more shots.  The Miz beats him back down int the corner before taunting.  He comes back to Daniel Bryan who fires up punches to him with YES chants in the audience.  Bryan hits the corner backflip before hitting the running clothesline to drop Miz.  Bryan is trying to fire up again as the crowd is split!  Bryan hits the running dropkicks in the corner followed by the kicks to the chest.  Bryan lifts up Miz to the top rope and hits a super hurricanrana for a two count!  Bryan chops the chest of Miz before hitting some big kicks.  Miz fights out, but he's dropped to the floor on the outside.  Daniel Bryan hits a dropkick through the ropes as he holds the ropes.  Bryan climbs to the top rope and leaps off for a big splash on Miz on the outside of the ring!

They move back into the ring as Miz catches Bryan with a kick.  He lifts up Bryan to the top rope and climbs up.  Bryan slips down and crotches him on the top turnbuckle.  Miz falls into a tree of woe as Bryan hits some Yes kicks followed by a running dropkick to him. Bryan lifts up Miz to the top turnbuckle and hits a super belly-to-back suplex!  Bryan covers for a two count.  Bryan hits some Yes kicks before Miz kicks his leg out from underneath him and nails his kneeling DDT for a two count!  The Miz begins hitting IT kicks as Bryan is getting fired up.  Bryan begins throwing his chest at the kicks!  He gets to his feet and catches a kick of Miz before slapping the hell out of him!  Bryan hits a leg drag before hitting a final kick to the head.  The Miz manages to whip Bryan into the corner before locking in the Figure-4, but Bryan grabs his arm and pulls him towards the YES Lock!  Miz blocks it and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for a two count!

The Miz begins doing the Yes chants before running towards Bryan who catches him with a high kick!  He covers Miz for a two count.  They move out onto the apron before Bryan kicks Miz a few times.  He rears back for the final one, but Miz dodges out of the way as it collides with the steel post.  Miz rolls him back into the ring and locks on the Figure-4-Leglock!  Daniel Bryan is in pain as he rolls over, but Miz blocks him.  Bryan begins punching Miz a bunch before finally flipping the hold.  The Miz slow crawls to the ropes to break the hold.  They stagger to their feet and trade blows here.  Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Bryan rolls him up for a two count.  Daniel Bryan begins driving elbows down onto Miz as he slowly begins to fade.  Daniel Bryan locks in the Yes Lock!  The Miz bites Daniel Bryan's hand before he pounds on him.  Miz makes his way to the rope.  He slides out of the ring before Bryan whips Miz into the barricade where Maryse puts something in his hand.  Bryan hits the ropes and goes for the suicide dive that Miz nails Bryan with a brass knuckled punch!  Miz throws the knucks back to Maryse as Daniel Bryan slumps back into the ring.  The Miz covers him for a three count!

Winner:  The Miz

They show a video package for Mayans and the 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic.

Constable Baron Corbin makes his way out to the ring before Demon Finn Balor makes his way down to the ring!


Constable Baron Corbin vs. Demon Finn Balor


Finn Balor comes out and hits a big slingblade.  He sends Corbin over the top rope with a clothesline.  Balor hits a diving plancha!  Finn hits another slingblade followed by a dropkick.  He rolls Corbin into the ring followed the moonstomp onto the back of Corbin's head.  Finn hits the dropkick into the corner followed by the Coupe De Grace for the three count!

Winner:  Demon Finn Balor

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage with ice on his head before Brie Bella comes into the picture.  Brie comes in and expresses her displeasure with Maryse.  Bryan says that it's been three years that he's been wanting this match.  Bryan throws the ice into the wall.  Brie says that his resistance has brought him back and his fight isn't over.  He thanks her as they kiss.


United States Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Jeff Hardy


The bell sounds as they try for a test of strength.  Jeff pushes him away before Shinsuke continues to psyche out Jeff.  Shinsuke hits a knee to the midsection of Jeff.  They trade trading taunts before Hardy slams Shinsuke's head into all of the turnbuckles.  Jeff Hardy hits a stunner.  Shinsuke rolls outside as Hardy follows.  Shinsuke hits a sweeping kick on the apron to kick Hardy in the face.  Shinsuke hits the draped knee drop.  Shinsuke rolls into the ring and locks on a side headlock.  Hardy breaks free and hits a big slingblade to floor Shinsuke.  Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop followed by the leg drop for a two count.  Shinsuke hits a roundhouse kick to Jeff Hardy before stomping him into the ropes.  Jeff fights back with a clothesline.  He tries for the springboard dropkick, but Shinsuke flips him over.  Jeff Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind for a two count.  Shinsuke hits some knee strikes to Jeff before continuing his kicks to Jeff Hardy.  Shinsuke tries for the low blow, but Jeff dropkicks him.  Jeff hits the Twist of Fate followed by the Swanton Bomb for the two count as Shinsuke gets his fingers on the bottom rope.  Shinsuke rolls out onto the apron as Jeff leaps for a Swanton onto the apron!  Shinsuke rolls him into the ring and nails a KINSHASA for the three count!

Winner (and STILL Champion):  Shinsuke Nakamura

Randy Orton comes out after the match and teases entering the ring before just turning around and leaving.  Jeff Hardy gets to his feet and begins clapping.

They show a video package for Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss.


Raw Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Ronda Rousey


Natalya makes her way out first wearing a jacket of her dad's.  Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey make their way out as The Bellas are shown at ringside.

The bell rings as Ronda rushes Bliss into the ropes. She waves at Ronda before the spot is repeated.  Bliss tries for a punch, but Ronda catches it to punch her instead.  Bliss rolls out of the ring.  Ronda Rousey sits in the middle of the ring with her eyes closed to get Bliss to re-enter the ring.  Bliss comes in and locks in a side headlock.  Ronda lifts up and forces her arms apart.  Bliss is pulled up onto her shoulders before hitting the spinout Samoan drop!  Alexa Bliss is terrified on the outside before Ronda chases her back into the ring.  Bliss catches her there with some punches.  Bliss tries for a kick, but she's thrown to the mat.  Ronda unloads some strikes before hitting three arm tosses in a row.  Ronda begins working on the wrist of Alexa Bliss!  Bliss is screaming in pain.  Ronda Rousey locks in the armbar as Alexa instantly taps out!

Winner (and NEW Champion):  Ronda Rousey

Natalya comes into the ring and gives a hug to Ronda Rousey as they're celebrating.  The Bella Twins enter the ring and receive boos instantly.  They all four celebrate as Ronda jumps into the crowd and kisses her husband.  Natalya and Ronda celebrate up the ramp.

A video package is shown for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.


Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns


Right as the match is about to begin, Braun Strowman walks to the ring.  He asks for a microphone.  He says that everyone knows the history of the briefcase and he refuses to be a coward and cash it in later.  Braun says that he's the Monster Among Men and he'll do this face-to-face.  He says good luck to Roman and good luck to the Beastie Boy!  He says that he's fighting the winner right after the match!

The bell sounds as Roman hits three quick punches as Brock seemed off-guard!  Roman hits the Spear before Brock catches roman into a guillotine choke!  Roman lifts up Brock and slams him!  Roman is caught right back into the choke!  Roman lifts him up again and spinebusters him once more!  Brock removes his gloves as they're slow to their feet.  Roman goes for a Superman Punch, but Brock hits two quick German suplexes.  He lifts up Roman and hits a third German suplex.  The crowd chants 'You Both Suck!'  Brock lifts up Roman for the F-5, but Roman fights out.  He tries for the spear, but Brock sidesteps him as he goes through the ropes to take out Braun!  Brock slides out and hits an F-5 on Braun!  Brock rolls Roman into the ring before nailing Braun with some more briefcase shots followed by chair shots!  Brock hurls the briefcase up the ramp.  Brock rolls into the ring and takes a spear!  Roman covers Brock and gets the three count!

Winner (and NEW Universal Champion):  Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the winner and Braun is too injured to cash in as the show comes to a close.

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