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WWE Summerslam 2018 Kick-Off Show Results 8/19

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Aug 19, 2018

WWE Summerslam 2018 Kick-Off Show Results 8/19

Welcome to the WWE Summerslam Kick Off Show. We are live from the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York and the panel is made up of Renee Young, Booker T, Sam Roberts and David Otunga. They run down the card for tonight.

Renee then throws to Peter Rosenberg who is joined by John Bradshaw Layfield and they reminisce about Summerslam 2004 when JBL defended the WWE Championship against The Undertaker. They then re-cap the events from the end of last week's Monday Night Raw which saw the return of Dean Ambrose who was announced as Seth Rollins cornerman for his Intercontinental Championship match against Dolph Ziggler tonight.

JBL gives his prediction for the match and says Dolph Ziggler walks out as champion but the true winners will be the fans. Regardless, it is set to be one hell of a match. On the kick off tonight, three matches announced.

. Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak
. Raw Tag Team Championship; B-Team vs The Revival
. Mixed Tag Team Match: Rusev/Lana vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas/Zelina Vega


We take a look at the Smackdown Women's Championship match originally Becky Lynch vs Carmella which was then turned into a triple threat match when Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella to earn an opportunity at the championship

Promo: New Day cut their promo saying Brooklyn is where they started their tag team championship reign and also the birthplace of "Francesca" but more importantly it is the place where they will become the 5 times WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions

Next we take a look back at last Monday's tag team match with Braun Strowman and Finn Balor taking on Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens followed by a WWE.com Exclusive with Kevin Owens talking about getting his hands on the Money In The Bank briefcase

Rosenberg and JBL discuss Owens planning on getting his hands on the Money In The Bank briefcase. JBL then uses Summerslam 2004 as an example saying he escaped with the championship by getting Undertaker disqualified and that's what Kevin Owens has to do. He has to take a page out of JBL's book and get Strowman disqualified. Rosenberg then asks the question will one of these two possibly cash in tonight

Video: Summerslam week in New York City

Backstage: Miz, Maryse and baby Monroe Sky arrive at the arena

The next match they take a look at is the eight year feud between Daniel Bryan and The Miz which began at the original NXT when Miz was assigned to be Bryan's mentor

The next match is for the Raw Women's Championship with Alexa Bliss defending against Ronda Rousey and we begin with footage of Ronday Rousey vs Nia Jax with a cash in from Miss Money In The Bank Alexa Bliss at Money In The Bank and Ronda's suspension the next night on Raw and her return

JBL gives his prediction going with Alexa Bliss who has overcome so much and just like they looked at Brock Lesnar and said that guy was going to change the business, Ronda Rousey is going to change the business. Rosennberg and JBL then throw to the first match coming up next on the Kick Off Show. And we begin with Mixed Tag Action

Backstage: Aiden walks in as Rusev and Lana are preparing and says he knows the past few weeks he's messed up but tonight he will make it up to them and Rusev says no tonight it's about Rusev Day and Lana Day and tell English to stay behind


The crowd chanting 'Rusev Day' from the start. A game of cat and mouse at the start as Almas and Rusev play mind gamees on each other. Baseball slide by Almas and Almas on the offense but Rusev quickly turns it around hammering and stomping away at Almas in the corner.

Rusev hooks Almas up for a suplex. Right hand to Almas and Zelina with the distraction as Almas sends Rusev shoulder first into the ring post. Almas has Rusev tied up in the ropes and Almas goes to work on the arm


Rusev goes for a tag but Zelina pulls Lana off the apron. Almas with a tornado reverse DDT. Staying on the arm is Almas as Rusev tries to fight back. Suplex blocked by Rusev. Almas on the top rope looking for another DDT but Rusev sends Almas crashing down hard to the floor. Lana back on the apron looking for the tag and it's Lana and Zelina in now. Bulldog by Lana.

Off the ropes, double knees to the back of the neck. Lana with a neckbreaker and a nearfall as Zelina rolls to the outside. Lana going after her as she bounces Zelina's head off the apron. Back in the ring, slam to Vega and Zelina backing away and a leg trip sends Lana face first into the turnbuckle

Kick to the face by Zelina and Lana answers with one of her own. Almas with the distraction but Rusev pulls him down off the apron. Almas back on the apron is slapped by Lana. Vega from behind rolls Lana up for the three count using the ropes for leverage

The winners of the match: Andrade 'Cien' Almas and Zelina Vega

Back to the panel and we are joined by WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler

Backstage: Charly Caruso catches up with Paul Heyman to get comments on his actions from Raw. Heyman says they are live at Barclay Center and Brock Lesnar will finally get rid of The Big Dog Roman Reigns and then onto UFC where he will get rid of Daniel Cormier and become a two sport champion. Brock Lesnar will beat Roman Reigns and pin him one...two...three and that's not a prediction, that's a spoiler

Backstage: Raw GM Kurt Angle, Smackdown GM Paige and 205 Live GM Drake Maverick are talking and Paige says she's excited about being GM at Summerslam and all three shows have amazing rosters. Constable Corbin walks in to make sure Kurt Angle is on top of things so he doesn't get another call from Stephanie


Alexander and Gulak lock up and it's Alexander with Gulak in the corner as the referee breaks it up. Back to the lock up and Alexander trying to neutralize Gulak and they're still in the feeling out process.

Lock up and Gulak has Alexander backed in the corner lands a right hand. Alexander escapes the Gu-Lock and delivers a dropkick. On the outside it's Cedric on the offense. Gulak back in the ring knocks Alexander out of the ring with a right foot. Drew grabs Cedric's head and drops Alexander on the back of the neck. Gulak drives him into the apron and they're back in the ring. Gulak works over the neck

Drew with a clothesline to Cedric. He picks Alexander up and delivers another clothesline. Nearfall on Cedric as Gulak goes back to work on the neck and Gulak is stretching the champion with a version of the Gory Especial. Alexander flips over and connects with a right forearm. Chop by Gulak and he sends Cedric over the ropes.

Alexander with shouldler block as he re-enters the ring and delivers The Flatliner. Uppercut by Alexander and Cedric is picking up the pace unleashing flurry of punches on the challenger.

Gulak rolls out of the ring and Alexander flies over the ropes taking Gulak out. Gulak and Alexander trade punches and The Gu-Lock is locked in but it's in the ropes and is forced to break it.

Nearfall by Gulak. The Gu-Lock being applied in the center of the ring as Alexander fights it. Back elbow lays Gulak out. Champion and challenger trading punches in the center of the ring. Gulak rockes Alexander. Roll through by Gulak and series of nearfalls

Paralyzer turned into the ankle lock but Alexander rolls through. Series of nearfalls and Alexander finally rolls Gulak up for the three count to retain the championship

The winner of the match and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Cedric Alexander

Rosenberg and JBL are breaking down the Smackdown Women's Championship and they are on the complete opposite page as Rosenberg is predicting Carmella while JBL is going with Becky Lynch as the favorite

Video: Re-cap of AJ Styles-Samoa Joe feud

Samoa Joe joins the panel and Renee asks him if he thinks he went too far with AJ Styles. Joe says what she sees is a man in control of his actions and he does not fear retaliation. Everything he said rung true and if not then why is AJ mad. Booker asks what he thinks Joe's advantage is. Joe says he has Styles mentally broken/ Sty;es is an explosive dyanmic athlete but every time he's put Styles into the ground and taken every championship and tonight is no different. There are wrongs and transgressions in his life and Joe wants to correct them and he's coming for the championship and Styles can either hand it to him or Joe will take it and tells Styles he hopes there's a pillow in the back because Joe is going to put him to sleep

JBL and Rosenbeg are both going with Styles to retain the WWE Championship and JBL then throws it to Corey, Coachman and Michael Cole for our final match of the Kick-Off Show


Side headlock by Dallas on Wilder. Dawson tags as Dallas gets nailed with a dragon screw. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine and it's a two on one as Dallas is alone with both members of The Revival and Dawson continues to work over the leg


Dallas tries to fight out of the corner but Dawson with a spinning toehold and Dallas kicks him away as Dawson hits the ring post. Nearfall by Dallas and Wilder with a knee to Axel keeping Dallas isolated.

Dawson with a nearfall. Wilder has Dallas hooked up but Dallas counters a suplex attempt by bringing Wilder in executing a neckbreaker. Axel finally back in the match. Snapmare to Dawson and a neckbreaker. Wilder is thrown to the outside. Nearfall by Dawson. Axel looking for the perfectplex. Dawson with a roll up but Dallas, distracted with Wilder, falls backwards as Axel reverses it and it's The B-Team picking up the win to retain the championship

The winners of the match and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: The B-Team

Backstage: Alexa is walking into the arena and Charly is lookito get comments but Alexa says she is not talking

The panel then break down the Ronda Rousey-Alexa Bliss match

Vignette: Paul Heyman says history is written by the victors and Roman Reigns has never defeated Brock Lesnar. At Wrestlemania, Reigns failed and at The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia Reigns failed again. The plain simple fact is The Beast was once again declared victorious and to the victor goes the spoils

Video: Roman Reigns-Brock Lesnar feud

There Will Be A Main Coverage Post


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