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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/14) Greensville, SC

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Aug 14, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/14) Greensville, SC

Welcome to the live results and coverage for WWE 205 Live!  Last week, the show ended with Mustafa Ali passing out in the ring.  What will transpire here tonight?  We'll find out when the show starts up at 10 PM EST.

The show opens with a package with General Manager Drake Maverick telling us that the opening match will be Akira Tozawa vs. Lio Rush.  Scrolling across the bottom of the screen is a memorial to Jim Neidhart.  Also tonight, Cedric Alexander will take on Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

The opening video package plays.

We're welcomed to Greensville by Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson as they talk about the 205 Live match for the SummerSlam PPV between Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak.

Lio Rush makes his way down to the ring.  He has a microphone in hand.  He says that the people are lucky.  He says that they're still stuck in this garbage city and this garbage state, but they get the honors of watching the 23-year-old piece of gold.  He says that they get to see him come to collect.  Rush says with all due respect to Tozawa but notice how he's only one of the greatest cruiserweights in the world.  He says that Akira is fighting the absolute best in himself.  He tells Akira to get ready to feel the rush.  Akira Tozawa makes his way out next.


Lio Rush vs. Akira Tozawa


The bell rings as Rush asks for a moment to take off his jewelry.  Akira attacks him during this and begins drilling him with kicks.  The two exchange some slaps that miss before Lio Rush begins his high-pace dodging.  Tozawa stops him with a hurricanrana.  Rush complains about not being able to take off his jewelry.  He does so and throws it to Tozawa who catches it and his kick.  He throws it up for Rush to catch before kicking him in the head.  Rush slides out and decides to leave.  Akira catches him and throws him back in the ring.  Lio hits a big kick that stops him outside before hitting the handstand kick to knock Akira off the apron.  Lio slides out of the ring with a baseball slide that Akira dodges.  Akira nails him with the feint punch.

Lio Rush is rolled back into the ring, but he dodges a charge from Akira before hitting a belly-to-back suplex for a two count.  Lio Rush turns it into a submission.  Akira begins fighting out!  Akira hits a big kick to the head before trying for a leaping senton only Rush raises his knees into his back.  Rush rams Tozawa in the corner before hitting a snapmare and locking in a side headlock.  Akira fights out only to take a right hand.  Akira fights back with a kick that sends Lio Rush out of the ring before hitting the suicide dive before screaming.  Akira rolls him into the ring and connects with an Octopus Stretch!  Lio Rush is fading before reversing into a pin for a two count.  Lio Rush hits a big roundhouse kick for a two count.  Lio begins showing frustration before dragging Akira towards the corner.  He climbs to the top rope, but Akira catches him there.  He hits some big body shots before hooking the arm of Rush.  Rush stops him and knocks his legs out from underneath him to make him fall to the mat.  Lio Rush hits the Final Hour Frog Splash for the three count!

Winner:  Lio Rush

They show a video package showing highlights of him from his start on 205 Live.  Gulak calls Alexander complacent and tired.  Gulak says that he would be representing himself, WWE, and the entire generation of setting the right example for generations to come. 

Gentleman Jack Gallagher is shown backstage throwing elbows into gloves on the hands of Drew Gulak as The Brian Kendrick watches on.

A video package is shown for NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn 4. 

They show a video replay of last week with Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami.

A correspondent is shown backstage with Drake Maverick who says that Mustafa Ali is suffering with serious dehydration.  He says that he takes a part of the blame and that Mustafa Ali will not be in the ring until he feels Ali is ready.

Hideo Itami makes his way out next.

An iPhone promo is shown with Itami saying something in Japanese before saying he ended Mustafa Ali and he stopped the heart of 205 Live.


Hideo Itami vs. Trent Newman


Hideo just nails a big right hand before continuing the abuse with kicks.  He slams the head of Newman down on the top turnbuckle.  He taps his chest before Newman nails an uppercut!  Newman tries to roll-up Itami, but Itami nails him with a big chop.  Itami hits a big clothesline as he's just toying with Newman.  Itami hits some big strikes before covering.  He pulls Newman up at two before hooking the head of Newman for a Falcon Arrow!  He gets a two count before pulling his head up again.  Itami begins kicking Newman in the chest in the corner with vicious kicks.  Hideo Itami hits the basement dropkick followed by a second.  Hideo tries for a third, but Mike Chioda stops him.  He checks on Trent Newman before calling off the match.

Winner (by KO):  Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami celebrates momentarily before coming back into the ring to hit the neckbreaker head-kick.  He yells at the crowd to 'Respect Me' before finally leaving with a big grin.

A video package is shown for Cedric Alexander who says that he is undefeated this year, and the Age of Alexander will continue.

Drake Maverick is shown backstage before being joined by Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese.  He congratulates them on getting the upper hand on Lucha House Party last week, but he says that they want revenge.  So next week we'll have that tag team match with Lucha House Party vs. Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy in a tornado tag team match.  Nese says that Maverick is the boss before they leave.  We go back to the announcers who announce that next week we'll have TJP vs. Noam Dar as well.


Cedric Alexander vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher


The bell sounds as Cedric charges Jack who uses the ropes to keep him away.  Jack continues dancing around to avoid Cedric.  Jack Gallagher locks in a headlock in the ropes as Gulak and Kendrick are shown backstage watching.  Cedric is rolled up by Jack for a few quick pins.  Cedric lifts up Jack who runs towards the corner and balances himself there.  Alexander rushes him as Jack leaps off.  Jack chases him only for Alexander to do the same.  Cedric hits a big hurricanrana sending Jack out of the ring.  He goes after him, but Jack has disappeared underneath the ring.  He climbs out on a different side and blindsides Alexander.  Alexander manages to get to his feet before sending Jack outside.  Alexander hits a big dropkick before moving outside.  He gets a chop on Jack Gallagher before getting rammed back into the ringpost.  Jack takes this time to do a little posing on the apron.

Jack begins driving a few elbows to the back of the neck before rolling Alexander into the ring.  Jack rakes the eyes of Alexander before hitting a big face stomp followed by a kick to the back of the head.  He gets a two count from a pinfall before lighting up the chest of Alexander with some chops.  Jack hits some elevated punches before hitting a snapmare into a stomp on the face of Alexander.  Jack continues kicking the head of Alexander as he dances around the ring.  Jack steps on the head of Alexander before pulling away on the arm to stretch out the shoulder.  Alexander fights out before Gallagher hits a neckbreaker for a two count!  Jack rolls him up two more times only for one counts!  Jack wraps up the arms of Alexander and bends back into a straightjacket surfboard.  Alexander gets his legs free, but Jack transitions into a side chancery.  Alexander picks up Jack, but he doesn't release the hold.  This happens again!  Jack continues inflicting pain on the champion.

Alexander hits the inverted atomic drop before Alexander hits the suplex followed by a second and the third is reversed.  Alexander hits the back elbow followed by The Neuralizer kick!  He gets a two count as Alexander begins getting fired up.  Jack hits an elbow to stop him before getting sent into the corner.  Alexander slings off the top rope for a springboard clothesline for a two count!  Alexander hits a chop on Gallagher, but Gallagher stops him with an elbow.  Gallagher hits a big knee drop onto the back of Alexander's neck for a two count!  Gallagher is trying to put on the crossface, but Alexander momentarily blocks him.  Jack gets it applied, but Alexander rolls out of it.  Jack Gallagher reverses the Lumbar Check before locking in the Guillotine!  Alexander is in a bad way before Falcon Arrowing his way out!  Jack throws Alexander out onto the apron before taking a kick.  Alexander springboards off the top rope before getting caught by Jack's dropkick in the corner for a two count as Cedric gets a foot on the bottom rope.  Jack lifts up Alexander before hitting a powerbomb for a two count.  Jack Gallagher rushes towards Cedric and takes a Spanish Fly for the three count!

Winner:  Cedric Alexander

Alexander makes his way out onto the rampway celebrating before Kendrick blasts him from behind.  Jack Gallagher and Kendrick double team him, but he gets the better of them.  Drew Gulak makes his way out and puts on the GU-LOCK that makes Cedric Alexander pass out from the pain.  Gulak lifts up the Cruiserweight Championship and lays it across his waist.  He makes a few motions with his hands to his face before smiling down at Alexander to close the show.


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