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WWE Raw Live Results (8/13) Greensboro, NC

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Aug 13, 2018

WWE Raw Live Results (8/13) Greensboro, NC

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We open the show with Ronda Rousey making her way to the ring. The fans cheer and chant her name. Ronda talks about Jim Neidhart's passing and tells Natalya to stay strong during this time. Ronda says we all love you. The fans chant for Nattie. Ronda says Alexa has cheated to beat Natalya time and time again but she will beat Alexa at Summerslam. Ronda introduces Alexa's opponent tonight: Ember Moon. Moon makes her way to the ring. Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox come out and Alexa says she's sick of kissing up to the fans and insults the fans. Alexa calls her a spoiled brat over hyped rookie and Summerslam will be Ronda's humiliation. Alexa says she is sick of Ronda's angry face she makes every week. Alexa says Constable Corbin has brought security for Alexa during the match and security come out to escort her and Fox to the ring. Bliss lands a cheap shot to Ember and Ronda knocking Ronda off the apron. Ronda goes after her but security restrain her. Ronda backs off but then takes out all the security. Fox tries to step in and fight her but Ronda flips her over. Fox rolls out of the ring.

Alexa Bliss vs. Ember Moon

Both women chain wrestle. Alexa manages to get Ember in a head lock. Ember bounces Bliss off the ropes and knocks Bliss down. Bliss bounces off the ropes again and lands a head scissors and plants Bliss face first on the mat. Alexa rolls out of the ring, she gets distracted by Ronda and gets hit with a baseball slide by Moon. Ember gets Bliss in a head lock. Bliss gets out and slams Moon's arm into the mat. Alexa nails a drop kick to the mid section. Moon lands a step up enziguri to Bliss and Bliss rolls out of the ring. Back from commercial, Alexa kicks Moon in the head over and over. Bliss hits the standing moonsault landing her knees into Moon's mid section. Bliss has Moon in a head lock. Moon hits a jaw breaker but Alexa catches her with a clothesline. Alexa has another head lock on Moon. Moon gets out and catches Bliss in a roll up but Bliss kicks out. Both women pin each other back and forth. Bliss gets back control mouthing off to Moon and slapping her. Moon fights back and kicks her over and over. Moon goes for a tornado DDT but turns it into a suplex. Ronda takes out Fox outside who tries to interfere. Alexa sends Ronda into the barricade. Moon hits a gut breaker on Bliss and hits the Eclipse on Alexa. Moon covers but then Fox attacks Moon causing a DQ. Ronda attacks Fox flipping her on the mat over and over. Fox escapes the ring.

Winner: Ember Moon by DQ.

Kurt Angle yells at Corbin for going over his head. Corbin says he's just doing what Stephanie says he should do. Ziggler and McIntyre comes in and Dolph asks where Seth is. Kurt says he will be here for the contract signing.

Constable Corbin makes his way to the ring for his match.

Constable Corbin vs. Tyler Breeze

Corbin locks up with Breeze and pushes him to the corner. Breeze chain wrestles with him but gets knocked down with a elbow. Corbin has a chin lock on Tyler. Breeze fights back and tries to dive on Corbin outside but gets caught by Corbin and hits the barricade chest first. Corbin stomps away at Tyler. Corbin has another chin lock on Tyler. Tyler tries to fight out but Corbin throws back down to the mat. Tyler sends Corbin  to the outside. Corbin fights back but Tyler lands a drop kick. Tyler flips over Corbin and bounces off the ropes but gets hit with the Deep 6 for the win.

Winner: Constable Corbin.

Constable Corbin announces Finn Balor's opponent for tonight to be Jinder Mahal. Jinder comes out but then continues to say that the match will also be a handicap match and announces Kevin Owens as Balor's partner. Kevin Owens comes out to join Jinder Mahal and Corbin in the ring. 

Corbin introduces Finn Balor to the ring for his match. Kurt Angle's music hits and Angle comes out. Angle says he makes the matches around here and says this will be a normal tag team match with Finn's partner being Braun Strowman. 

Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman and Finn Balor

Jinder and Finn lock up. Jinder takes control grounding Finn to the mat and gets Finn in a head lock. Jinder bounces off the ropes and knocks Finn down. Jinder goes off the ropes again and Finn flips over and drop kicks Jinder. Jinder takes Finn to his corner, Kevin is tagged in and beats down Finn. Owens takes control with the beat down. Owens tags Jinder. Jinder tags Owens again and Owens remains in control until Finn kicks Owens away from him. Braun is tagged in and Owens runs away and tags Jinder. Jinder lands right hands on Jinder but gets knocked down by Braun with a clothesline. Braun kicks Jinder in the gut and collides into Jinder in the corner. Braun knocks Jinder with a big shoulder tackle and a huge blow to the chest. Finn gets tagged in and Braun lifts Finn up and power slams him onto Jinder. Jinder kicks out at 2. Finn drop kicks Jinder out of the ring and goes for a dive but Owens pulls Finn's leg. Braun chases after Owens and Finn dives onto both Owens and Jinder. Back from commercial, Jinder is in control with a chin lock on Finn. Finn fights back but Jinder lands a boot to the mid section. Owens comes in and beats Finn down. Owens tries a Senton Splash but Finn gets his knees up. Finn tries to make a tag but Owens tags in Jinder and Jinder stops Finn. Jinder has a submission hold again. Finn tries to fight back but Jinder beats him down. Finn sends Jinder outside. Finn tries to make a tag but Owens stops him. Finn hits Sling Blade on Owens. Braun is tagged in and Braun continues to knock Jinder down. Braun runs outside, lifts up Singh and uses him to knock down Owens. Braun comes back in, Jinder lands a kick. Jinder tries to capitalize but Braun gets him in the Powerslam for the victory. Braun chases Owens to the stage. Constable Corbin out of nowhere hits End Of Days on Finn in the ring.

Winners: Finn Balor and Braun Strowman.

Kurt tries to call Seth but no answer and leaves him a message. Dolph and Drew brag about Seth not being here and saying that if Seth doesn't sign the contract tonight then the match at Summerslam is not official. Dolph asks for a look at the contract and tells Kurt that's not how you spell Ziggler, Kurt looks and Dolph laughs at him and says that was too easy.

A musician named Ricky Roberts is in the ring and says his favorite musician is Elias. He says that one day he will be in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and impress Elias. Elias comes out to the stage and says there is only one Elias here. Elias advertises his bracelet for WWE shop and asks Ricky if he's that much of a fan that he'll buy it. Elias says he'll be impressed if Ricky beats Bobby Lashley tonight. Elias says he has a concert at the Gramercy Theatre during Summerslam weekend and also perform a great concert at Summerslam. Elias insults Greensboro calling it a piece of garbage. Lashley comes out and makes his way to the ring. Bobby says Ricky needs a new schtick because there's already a clown with a guitar. Ricky hits the guitar right in the back of Lashley. It doesn't phase Lashley and he grabs Ricky and plants him with a spine buster.

Bo is writing down something backstage and Axel asks what's wrong. Bo says their odds of retaining the title tonight are horrible once he did the math. Axel says if they lose tonight this will go down as the best run of their lives.

Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt make their way to the ring.

Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs. The Revival vs. The B Team - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Bo and Wilder start off and Bo goes for a roll up for a 2. Wilder beats Bo down and Dawson gets tagged in. Dawson continues the beat down. Wilder is in but Bo fights back. Bo tags Hardy. Matt Hardy comes in and rams Wilder over and over to the turn buckle. Hardy lands the side effect and covers for a 2 count. Hardy lands a elbow to the back of the head off the middle rope. Wilder tags Dawson and both of them hit the Heart Attack double team on Hardy. Dawson is in control. Hardy kicks Dawson away form the corner but Dawson clotheslines Hardy. Wilder comes in and continues the beat down on Hardy. Back from commercial, Wilder dominates but Hardy fights back and knocks off Wilder. Dawson tries to prevent Hardy from making a tag but Hardy makes the tag. Bray slams Wilder and Dawson down and takes them both out. Bray slams Bo down and Axel fights Bray. Bray knocks Dawson out of the ring and slams Wilder on the apron. Bo launches off the steel steps and clotheslines Bray. Hardy is on the apron but Dawson fights him on it. Dawson goes on the top rope, Hardy fights him on there and superplexes him onto everyone outside. Bray gets back in and him and Dawson fight. Axel makes a blind tag to Dawson, Revival hits Shattered Machine on Bray, Dawson covers but Axel throws Dawson out of the ring and covers Bray for the win.

Winners: And Still Raw Tag Team Champions The B Team.

Roman is walking backstage as he prepares to go out to the ring. The B Team go up to him cheering about their victory and leave. Roman continues preparing.

Ziggler confronts Kurt Angle about Seth having the right to have someone in his corner for Summerslam. Kurt says it's only fair so that the odds are even. Dolph says doesn't matter because Seth won't be here tonight to sign the contract.

Roman comes out and make his way to the ring. Roman says leave this better than I found it was what he tells himself every day. Roman says he's sick of looking at him and thinking about him and wants it to end at Summerslam and take back the Universal title. Roman says he'll send him back to UFC and up Dana White's ass. Paul Heyman comes out and does his introduction. Paul says it's a new day and looking to the future and looking at the #1 contender. Roman invites Paul in the ring and says this is going to be good. Paul says why wait till Sunday to make history when he can do it tonight. Paul says Roman doesn't stand a chance unless Paul drops Brock's big dirty secrets to Roman and be in Roman's corner at Summerslam. Roman says he doesn't need Paul's tools and that he's beaten Brock in Saudi Arabia. Paul says he's not here to talk about the past and he sees the future. Paul says he sees the night after Summerslam him being side by side with Roman with Paul introducing Roman as the new Universal Champion. Paul extends his hand to Roman. Roman says Paul is trying but it's not good enough. Roman says his father taught him to swim with the sharks and he sees Paul is there to drown him. Paul says he's drowning Roman with knowledge that he had riding with his uncle and father. Paul says he taught Roman these things in Samoan and talks Samoan to Roman. Paul begs him to look this over and make this decision at Summerslam and hands him a paper. Roman reads it but then Paul sprays Roman in the eyes with mace. Paul leaves the ring but then Brock's music hits. Brock enters the ring and assaults Roman with knees to the face. Brock gets Roman in a guillotine head lock putting Roman to sleep. Brock leaves the ring and Paul gives the Universal title to Brock. Brock heads up the stage to leave. Brock goes back to the ring, picks up Roman and plants him with the F5. Brock leaves the ring once again.

Titus Worldwide and Bobby Roode vs. Authors Of Pain and Mojo Rawley

Akam is in control beating down Apollo. Rezar gets tagged in and continues the beat down. Rezar has a head lock on Apollo. Akam gets tagged back in and both Authors Of Pain double team Apollo. Akam charges at Apollo but Apollo moves out of the way and kicks him. Mojo knocks Titus and Bobby off the apron. Apollo fights off Mojo and tags Bobby. Bobby dominates Mojo and hits the Block Buster from the top rope. Titus knocks Rezar out of the ring and Bobby nails the Glorious DDT on Mojo for the victory.

Winners: Bobby Roode and Titus Worldwide.

A tribute video is shown of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

Sasha Banks along with Bayley makes her way to the ring for her match.

Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riot

Both women lock up and Ruby smacks Banks and lands a blow to the back. Banks fires back with a right hand. Liv and Sarah try to distract Banks but she catches Ruby with an arm bar. Ruby gets out but then Banks gets her in the Bank Statement. Ruby rolls out of the ring. Banks slides out of the ring to attack but then Ruby sends her to the steps. Banks' hands get stuck in the steps and Ruby kicks the steps into Banks hands. Ruby dominates by stomping and ramming her knee onto Banks' hand. Back from commercial, Ruby twists Banks hand and works the arm. Banks fights back with an arm drag. Banks tries the Bank Statement but Ruby fights out. Banks bounces off the ropes and lands a suicide dive onto the Riot Squad. Bayley helps take out Liv and Sarah but Ruby kicks Banks in the head as she comes in the ring and covers for the win.

Winner: Ruby Riot.

Kurt asks a production manager if they heard anything on Seth and he says no. Corbin says Kurt can't make matches right and can't do anything else right.

Kurt Angle is in the ring and says that he won't suspend Brock because he wants Roman to kick his ass at Summerslam. Dolph and Drew come out and call him a liar. Kurt says he was going to introduce the two of them if they waited and introduces Seth Rollins. Seth doesn't show up. He tries again but Seth doesn't show again. Dolph says this proves that Seth quit because he can't beat Dolph. Drew says they worked harder to prove themselves that's why they respect Seth because of his hard work. Dolph blames the fans for turning their back on him because of his disappointments. Dolph says they'll do it to Seth. Dolph says he doesn't care about the fans or stealing the show he cares about taking his spot. Dolph says it's time that this match doesn't become a official. Dolph signs his contract but then Seth Rollins music hits and Seth shows up. Seth says he didn't want to come out until Dolph signed that contract because of what he had to say. Seth says he had travel issues just not his issues. Seth says he's got a lunatic in his corner for Summerslam. Dean Ambrose comes out. Both of them run to the ring and they attack Drew and Dolph. Seth hits a Super Kick and Dean hits Dirty Deeds on Drew. Seth signs his contract as Dolph and Drew look on.

End Of The Show.

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