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WWE Extreme Rules Live Coverage & Results (7/15) Pittsburgh, PA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jul 15, 2018

WWE Extreme Rules Live Coverage & Results (7/15) Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to the live coverage for the Extreme Rules airing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

The show starts at 7 PM EST.  The card is as follows...

  • Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley
  • WWE Championship:  AJ Styles (c) vs. Rusev
  • 30-Minute Ironman Match for Intercontinental Championship:  Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins
  • Steel Cage Match:  Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman
  • United States Championship:  Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships:  Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. Team Hell NO!
  • Raw Women's Championship:  Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax
  • SmackDown Women's Championship:  Carmella (c) vs. Asuka [James Ellsworth is suspended in a shark cage above the ring]
  • Raw Tag Team Championship:  Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. The B Team
  • Finn Balor vs. Constable Baron Corbin


The Kickoff Show

Andrade 'Cien' Almas defeated Sin Cara.  Sin Cara hit a frog splash with a pin, but Zelina Vega distracted the referee long enough for Andrade to hit the hammerlock DDT for the win.

Sanity defeated New Day in a tables match.  Alexander Wolf held Kofi Kingston suspended on the apron as Eric Young leapt off the top rope with an elbow sending Kofi through the table to pick up the win.


The Main Show


Raw Tag Team Championship
Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. The B Team


The match starts with Matt whipping Bo into the corners forcefully before drilling punches into his head as he's laid out.  Matt Hardy hits a running leg drop for a two count before Bo Rolls out of the ring to collect himself.  Bo and Curtis Axel regroup as Matt Hardy yells for them to fight.  Bo slides back in as Matt tags in to Bray.  Bray and his brother Bo are in the ring right now.  They circle around for a few moments before Curtis Axel tags in much to the crow's displeasure.  Wyatt whips Axel into the corner and begins drilling kicks into his midsection.  Axel falls to the ground before he starts nailing forearms to the back of Axel's head.  Axel is whipped into the ropes before taking a headbutt from Bray Wyatt.  Wyatt whips Axel into the corner before missing a splash in the corner.  Axel kicks him a few times before he's pushed away and nailed with a clothesline.  Matt tags in and begins drilling the head of Axel into each of the three turnbuckle pads before hitting the running clothesline in the corner followed by a second and third.

Matt tries for the Side Effect, but Axel elbows out of it.  Matt falls on the second rope where Axel chokes him with his knee.  The referee pulls him away so Bo gets a kick to his head.  Bo tags into the ring and nails Matt with a clothesline.  Bo locks in a side headlock as Matt begins to battle up.  Bo rams him back into his own corner and tags in Axel.  Axel hits a DDT for the two count.  They get back to their feet as Matt Hardy hits the Side Effect.  They slow crawl and in come Bo and Bray.  Bray unloads on Bo with some big chops followed by a big splash in the corner.  Axel comes in only to get dumped outside the ring.  Bray Wyatt hits the Urinagi on Bo Dallas before tagging in Matt Hardy.  They try for a team-up move before Bo pushes Hardy into Bray Wyatt to knock Bray out of the ring.  Bo Dallas hits the neckbreaker on the draped ropes on Matt Hardy for the THREE COUNT!

Winners (and NEW Champions):  The B-Team

An interviewer comes out and asks them how they feel about winning the titles.  Curtis Axel asks how does a rainbow feel?  How did the astronauts feel about standing on the moon?  They feel great and they're the new champions.

Renee Young is backstage with Kurt Angle.  He said that he spoke with Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar, but he said Paul told him that Brock did not want to defend his title at this time.  He mentions Brock showing up at UFC before saying he's issuing an ultimatum.  Either he shows up tomorrow on Raw or Brock must decide on a date to defend his title.


Finn Balor vs. Constable Baron Corbin


They tie up in the center of the ring.  Corbin hits an elbow in the corner before applauding and taunting Finn with a 'Too Sweet'.  Corbin stomps on Balor as he slowly walks around the ring.  Corbin clotheslines Balor in the corner a few times before Balor falls out of the corner into the center of the ring.  Corbin bellows that Balor is 'too small.'  Corbin locks in a headlock.  Finn tries to fight out only for Corbin to slap him away.  Balor strikes back with a big punch.  He whips Corbin who slides underneath the rope, slides back in, and nails a clothesline for a two count.  Corbin stomps on Balor before getting in his face with taunts.  Corbin punches Balor in the corner as he stalks him.

Balor evades Corbin enough to get out onto the apron, but he's caught by a right hand as he springs off.  Corbin pulls him inside for a two count before locking in a side headlock.  Corbin hits a chokeslam backbreaker on Balor for a two count.  Corbin tries for the running clothesline again, but Balor hits the slingblade!  Corbin hits another clothesline that floors Balor for a two count.  Corbin yanks up Balor and drives elbows into his head.  He tries for something else, but Balor yanks the legs of Corbin out from underneath before hitting the leaping double foot stomp.  Balor dropkicks Corbin into the corner and tries for his finish.  Corbin catches him there and pulls him down. He tries for the End of Days, but Balor rolls him up for a three count!

Winner:  Finn Balor

Backstage, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan are destroying Team Hell No!  Kane's leg is wedged between a door before a mallet is knocked into the door to hurt his ankle that is wedged.  Kane seems to be taken out of the picture as Paige enters the scene and calls for security.


SmackDown Womens Championship Match
James Ellsworth is suspended above the ring in a shark cage
Carmella (c) vs. Asuka


Security enters the ring once everyone has made it into the ring and load James Ellsworth into the cage, and he's not pleased with being lifted up.

The bell sounds as Asuka connects with some kicks before throwing Carmella to the ground.  Asuka tries for a suplex, but Carmella drops down behind with a hair yank to the floor.  Ellsworth drops a chain to Carmella, but Asuka stomps on the chain to stop Carmella to use it.  Asuka moves towards Carmella in the corner before eating a kick from Carmella followed by a stomp on the bottom rope.  Carmella tries to use the chain only for the referee to remove it.  Ellsworth drops some spray, but Asuka kicks it out of her hand.  Asuka hits the running hip attack for a two count.  Asuka almost locks in the Asuka Lock before she does!  Carmella hooks the bottom rope with her feet to break it up.

James Ellsworth begins picking the lock of the cage as Asuka slides outside with Carmella and hits a suplex.  Asuka whips Carmella into the barricade as Ellsworth is free!  He tries to step out of the cage, but he finds himself being suspended upside down as his ankle is hung up.  Asuka slides into the ring and begins kicking Ellsworth as if he's a pinata!  The security comes in as the cage is lowered to help him out, but Asuka kicks them out of the ring.  She sets up for a big move, but Carmella sends her face-first into the lowered cage!  Carmella pins Asuka for the three count.

Winner (and STILL Champion):  Carmella

After the match, Asuka unloads on James Ellsworth as he's freed from the cage.  She kicks him with a few roundhouses before locking in the Asuka Lock as he's tapping out.


United States Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


Before the bell sounds, Shinsuke hits a low blow on Jeff Hardy as soon as he turns his back away.  The referee double checks that Jeff Hardy wants to continue.  Hardy tells him to ring the bell.  As soon as the bell is rung, Shinsuke Nakamura hits the Kinshasa for the three count!

Winner (and NEW Champion):  Shinsuke Nakamura

Randy Orton comes out right after the match as Shinsuke climbs out of the ring onto the announce table.  Randy Orton looks at him before slowly turning towards Jeff Hardy.  Orton takes him down to the floor before STOMPING on the balls of Jeff Hardy.  Randy Orton just leaves as Shinsuke watches on curiously.


Steel Cage Match
Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens


The bell sounds as Owens tries to escape a few times only for Braun to yank him down to the mat.  Strowman yells at Owens and calls him a cowards telling him to fight him.  Owens rushes towards Braun who pushes him away.  Strowman kicks Owens right on the chin.  Strowman misses a charge before Owens hits the cannonball splash in the corner.  he hits the frog splash on Strowman for a one count!  Owens tries to escape the cage, but Strowman yanks him back.

Owens pleads with Strowman before Braun just pounds on Owens chest.  He hoists up Owens and sends him flying into the cage wall three times.  Owens is slower to his feet each time.  Strowman hits a throwing powerslam into the cage.  Owens is slow to his feet again.  Owens hits a stunner to stop Strowman and begins inching towards the door.  Braun stops him and slams the steel door on his face.  Owens dodges a big charge from Strowman before hitting two superkicks to Strowman!  Owens locks Strowman to the top rope with handcuffs.  Owens begins drilling punches on Strowman.  He rushes towards Strowman before getting hit by a chokeslam.  Strowman is trying to get out of the cuffs as Owens gives him the crotch chop and begins climbing over the cage.  He blows Strowman a kiss as he climbs up.  Strowman powers out and BREAKS the cuffs.  Strowman climbs up to the top with him.  Braun Strowman hits a CHOKESLAM from the top of the cage as Owens slams down through the announce table!

Winner:  Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is out, but Braun Strowman is standing tall on top of the cage pumping his fists.  Strowman steps down into the ring as paramedics come out with a stretcher.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. Team Hell No!


Kane is not present for this battle as it's only Daniel Bryan out here.  Bryan charges towards Erick Rowan.  He gets a few big shots before Rowan sends him tumbling back.  Bryan traps Rowan in the corner and hits some big kicks.  Bryan rushes towards Rowan and is shouldered down into the mat.  Rowan drags Bryan over to his corner and tags in Harper.  Harper climbs up to the top of the rope, but Bryan breaks free from Rowan and dropkicks Harper.  Bryan sends Rowan over the top rope.  Bryan hits the hurricanrana from the top rope.  Bryan gets the YES Lock on, but Rowan drags him outside.  They knock him down before Rowan slams Harper down on top of him.  Rowan and Harper work over Daniel Bryan in the ring with chops and big blows tagging in and out.  Rowan hits the pump handle backbreaker into a sleeper slam.  Rowan covers for a two count.  Harper tags in as they whip Bryan into the corner.  Harper whips Rowan towards him before being dumped over the top!  Harper stops Bryan, but Bryan hits the running suicide dive outside into Rowan.  Rowan catches him as Harper hits a running suicide dive that hits Rowan.  Kane makes his way slowly down to ring.  Bryan tags out!

Kane hits a big punch to Harper.  Kane hits two chokeslams to Harper and Rowan!  He calls for a tombstone, but his leg is hurt.  Harper attacks the leg as Kane tags out to Bryan.  Bryan hits the missile dropkick to floor Harper.  Bryan is getting psyched up!  Bryan begins hitting YES kicks to Harper speeding up as he goes.  Rowan comes in and hits a spinning heel kick to Bryan.  Rowan hoists up Bryan as Harper hits the diving clothesline for the three count.

Winner (and STILL Champions):  The Bludgeon Brothers

Roman Reigns is walking backstage before being stopped by The B-Team.  They tell him that if they can do it, he can too!  Roman just shrugs at them before walking towards the ring.


Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley


The bell sounds as they tie up in the corner.  Lashley battles out before hitting a belly-to-back suplex.  Lashley hits a northern lights suplex before lifting up Roman.  He tries for a German, but Roman battles out.  Roman pushes Lashley to the floor.  Lashley gets up in the corner before Roman begins hitting punches to the gut.  Roman grabs Lashley and throws his head into the top turnbuckle.  Roman hits an elbow to Lashley after whipping him into the ropes.  Roman chokes Lashley on the first rope.  Roman hits the Drive By for the two count.  Roman locks in a side headlock as the crowd is tuned out of this match.

Roman throws Lashley out of the ring and begins throwing him into the barricade.  The crowd is cheering for Rusev Day.  Roman whips Lashley towards the steps, but he leaps up onto them.  Roman charges and knocks him off the steps before breaking up the count.  Roman sends Lashley into the steel steps.  Lashley powers up and hits a big clothesline to floor Reigns.  Lashley rolls Roman into the ring.  He climbs in and hits a big clothesline.  Lashley hits a release belly-to-belly suplex.  Lashley hits a running clothesline in the corner, but he's caught by the second one.  Roman hits a running clothesline of his own.  Roman begins hitting his ten-count clotheslines in the corner.  The crowd barely counts along.  Roman hits the ropes and gets caught with a scoop slam for a two count!

Lashley picks up Roman who fights back.  Roman hits the ropes but catches a crossbody from Bobby that hits weird.  Lashley climbs to the top rope.  He leaps off for a double axe-handle.  Bobby picks up Roman, but Roman lifts him up instead.  Roman has him on the shoulders before throwing him right over the top rope and to the floor!  Lashley comes into the ring and catches a big leg drop from Roman on the ropes.  Roman tries for the Superman punch, but he's caught and sent into the ring for a spinebuster.  Lashley lifts up Roman and hits a stalling vertical suplex for a two count!  Roman is slow to his feet.  Lashley runs towards Roman and catches a Superman punch for a two count.  They make their way outside before Lashley hits a big through over the table.  They make their way back inside.  Lashley climbs to the top rope before getting caught by a Superman punch.  He fall down from the top rope.  Roman tries for a spear, but Lashley hits one of his own for the three count!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley celebrates as the announce team say that he must be in line for a title match against Brock Lesnar.


Raw Womens Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax


Alexa Bliss makes her way out to the ring with Mickie James as Natalya comes out with Nia Jax.  Ronda Rousey is shown at ringside.

The bell sounds as they circle around.  Nia tries to trap Bliss, but she slides out.  She nails Nia with a kendo stick once before Nia catches and breaks it on the second time.  Bliss takes some time pulling out steel chairs, trash cans, and lids before Nia rips it from her hand and throws it into the ring.  Nia Jax blasts her with a clothesline before throwing her into the ring.  Nia throws her down on top of the pile of weapons before setting up a trash can.  Nia lifts up Bliss in a gorilla press before dropping her onto the trash can!  Bliss rolls out of the ring as Mickie checks on her.  Nia rolls Bliss back inside before climbing in.  Nia grabs the foot of Bliss before Bliss nails her with four trash can lid shots.  Bliss smashes the dented trash can down on top of Nia.

Bliss charges towards Nia and hits a dropkick for a two count.  Bliss sets up the chair in the corner before Nia headbutts her.  She rushes towards Bliss who sidesteps her as she smashes into the chair.  Mickie James gets up on the apron before getting yanked down by Natalya.  Bliss rushes out and helps her friend.  Mickie and Bliss team up on Natalya before Ronda Rousey leaps over the barricade.  Ronda Rousey beats up both of them by slamming Mickie into the barricade a few times.  She hits a spinning angle slam before throwing Mickie over the announce table.  Ronda chases her down, but James comes back with a kendo stick to knock her down.  Bliss climbs up top but she's caught by Jax!  James and Bliss beat up Jax with steel chairs before Bliss hits a DDT on the steel chair for the win.

Winner (and STILL Champion):  Alexa Bliss

Ronda Rousey and Natalya stand in the ring watching Bliss and James at the top of the ramp.


WWE Championship
AJ Styles (c) vs. Rusev


Aiden English says that this place is an ashtray and that this is the ongoing holiday that is Rusev Day.  Rusev makes his way out.  AJ Styles follows him out.

The crowd is pretty divided in who to support in this match.  The bell sounds as AJ pushes Rusev back into the corner and strikes with some big chops.  Rusev charges towards AJ only for Styles to kick his leg out from underneath him.  Styles tries for another kick, but he's caught.  Rusev floors him with a shove before stomping away on him.  Styles begins chopping at the legs of Rusev before hitting a big chop.  Styles hooks the arm of Rusev, but Rusev reverses the suplex.  Styles reverses out of that and kicks the leg of Rusev out from underneath him.  Rusev hits a big spinebuster to AJ.  Rusev is holding his leg in pain.  Rusev hits a big suplex before pulling Styles back up.  Rusev hits another throw before hitting an elbow drop for  two count.  Rusev hits a big right hand that floors Styles.  Rusev misses an elbow drop before Styles works on chopping down the leg of the tree some more.  Styles rushes towards Rusev before being back body dropped over his shoulder.  Rusev hits a big strike to the lower back of Styles.  Rusev hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. 

Rusev lifts up Styles and locks in a bearhug.  Styles tries to fight out of the hold before Rusev stops him.  Rusev lifts up Styles onto the top turnbuckle before hitting some big right hands.  Styles nearly falls off before Rusev climbs up.  Styles slips underneath him and kicks the legs of Rusev sending him over the top rope and to the floor.  Styles pulls himself over the top rope with a big Phenomenal Forearm taking him down.  They both get up and Rusev pushes Styles into the barricade.  They make their way into the ring before Styles hits the Styles Flurry before hitting the running forearm to the downed Rusev.  Styles tries to lift up Rusev on his shoulders, but Rusev stops it.  Styles hits a reverse DDT for the two count. 

Styles attempts the Styles Clash, but Rusev stops it.  Styles tries for the Calf Crusher, but Rusev hooks the top rope.  Rusev lifts up Styles to the top rope before kicking him off to the outside.  Rusev allows the referee to count a bit before trying for a running dive, but Styles cuts him off.  Styles climbs up onto the apron and hits a big kick.  Styles springboards from the top rope and misses a big 450 Splash before taking a big kick.  Rusev charges Styles before getting pulled into the Calf Crusher, but Rusev pulls him into The Accolade.  Yet Styles gets to the ropes!  Styles tries for the running forearm strike, but Rusev kicks him right in the face.  Rusev pulls Styles up to his feet, but Styles finally locks in the Calf Crusher!  Rusev is in pain, but he begins to slowly crawl towards the ropes.  English is pushing the ropes towards Rusev who grabs them!

Styles knows what he did and begins chasing English around the ring.  Styles finally gets caught by Rusev who hits a big throw!  He rolls Styles into the ring and hits the Machka Kick for a close two count!  Rusev pulls himself up to his feet as he's favoring his left leg.  Rusev misses another Machka Kick before taking a Pele Kick!  Styles is caught by Rusev for another Machka Kick!  It's a close two count, but Rusev pulls him right into The Accolade, but he can't fully lock it in due to his injured leg.  Styles crawls towards the ropes and gets them as Rusev is frustrated.  English removes the top turnbuckle cover as the referee is distracted.  Rusev rushes towards Styles as he gets to his feet and HEADBUTTS the top turnbuckle that is exposed.  Styles climbs out onto the apron before hitting the springboard 450 splash for a two count!  Styles hits a big baseball slide to take out Aiden English before springboarding again!  Phenomenal Forearm connects as AJ Styles gets the three count!

Winner (and STILL Champion):  AJ Styles

Seth Rollins is shown backstage where he's asked how he prepared.  He says he has three opponents out there tonight.  Drew, Dolph, and the clock.  He says that he's going to be the new Intercontinental Champion.  He says he's got only one thing he has to do... Burn it down.


Intercontinental Championship
30-Man Ironman Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins


The bell sounds as they circle around the ring.  Seth hooks the arm of Dolph and wrenches it behind him.  Seth steps back as Dolph rolls through.  They continue some mat wrestling before breaking away.  Dolph is rolled up into a pin for a one count.  They interlock fingers for a test of strength before they just continue some chains.  Dolph tries for a kick before he's caught.  Seth whips him into the ropes before Dolph tries for the sunset flip and is caught into a pin for a one count.  Dolph slides outside as Seth does jumping jacks.  Dolph tries to sneak up on Rollins before taking a big chop followed by a body slam.  Rollins covers him for a one count.  Dolph gets to his feet and decks Rollins.  He pulls him up before Rollins hits the Buckle Bomb before a roll-up at 25:20 to up a fall!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 1, Dolph Ziggler - 0

Rollins attacks Dolph quickly and springs over the top rope onto him.  He sends Dolph into the barricade before slamming his head on the apron.  Dolph is rolled in before he stops Rollins from entering.  Dolph stomps on him before rolling him up for a two count.  Rollins hits a big running forearm into the corner followed by a dropkick from Dolph Ziggler to the knees of Rollins.  Dolph tries for the Fameasser, but he's rolled up for two count!  They roll through before Seth hits The Stomp to go up 2-0 around the 22 minute mark!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 2, Dolph Ziggler - 0

Drew McIntyre enters the ring after Rollins begins taunting and destroys him with a big boot.  The referee has no choice but to award another fall to Dolph Ziggler.  Drew continues his attack despite this and the referee throws out Drew.  Drew stews before hitting a Claymore kick!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 3, Dolph Ziggler - 0

Drew McIntyre wakes up Ziggler before he leaves.  Ziggler covers him for a three count!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 3, Dolph Ziggler - 1

Seth Rollins slowly gets to his feet before Ziggler hits the superkick for the three count at the 19:00 minute mark.

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 3, Dolph Ziggler - 2

Dolph begins setting up another superkick, but Rollins rolls him up for a two count.  Ziggler rolls through and hits the Zig Zag for the three count at 17:50!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 3, Dolph Ziggler - 3

Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag, but Seth dodges out of the way.  Seth hits the Slingblade before clotheslining Dolph over the top rope.  Seth tries for the suicide dive, but he's caught with a big right hand.  Dolph rolls him up with his legs on the ropes for the three count!

SCOREBOARD:  Dolph Ziggler - 4, Seth Rollins - 3

Dolph Ziggler begins wearing down Rollins with a headlock.  Rollins fights up as the crowd chants down the 10...9... down to 1 for every minute like the Royal Rumble.  Rollins breaks out of the hold, but Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold with all of his weight wrapped around Rollins.  13 minutes are left on the clock.  Rollins begins to break out of the hold as he drives Ziggler back into the corner.  Ziggler reapplies the hold in the center of the ring.  Rollins rushes towards the corner and sends Ziggler into the top turnbuckle.  Both men are down.  Rollins staggers to his feet.  He clotheslines Dolph over the top rope and connects with a suicide dive!  Rollins rolls Dolph into the ring, but Dolph just keeps rolling out of the ring.  Rollins hits the suicide dive on the other side of the ring!  Rollins lifts up Dolph and rolls him into the ring.  Seth leaps from the top rope with a big clothesline.  Rollins covers him for a two count!  Ten minutes are left!

Seth Rollins hits the Blockbuster for a two count!  The crowd begins chanting TEN TEN TEN as it hits ten minutes.  Seth Rollins climbs up to the top rope, but he's blasted back by Dolph with a dropkick.  Rollins barely beats the ten count before taking the Ripcord knee!  Dolph kicks out!  Seth Rollins climbs up to the top rope, but Dolph crotches him on the top rope.  Dolph collapses as Seth pulls him up.  Dolph fights back but Seth headbutts him down.  Dolph tries to roll away, but Seth hits a big frog splash for a two count.  Seth tries to grab Dolph, but he's grabbing the bottom rope.  Seth baseball slides him out of the ring before throwing him back into the ring.  Seth lifts up Dolph onto the top rope.  Seth is pushed off, but he leaps back up before hitting the superplex followed by the falcon arrow for the two count.

Seth Rollins picks himself up, and he begins stomping the mat.  Rollins hits a big kick to the midsection before getting rolled up for two.  Dolph is slingshot back into the corner before Rollins rolls him up for a three count!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 4, Dolph Ziggler - 4

Seth Rollins locks in the sharpshooter as Dolph is trying to get to the ropes.  Rollins releases the hold before locking in the crossface!  The clock is ticking down at 1:30!  Seth releases the hold and tries for The Stomp, but Ziggler scoots out of the ring!  Ziggler is caught by Rollins and pulled into the ring, but Ziggler hits the Fameasser for the two count!  Ziggler is up to his feet as he's trying for the Superkick!  Rollins hits him instead by The Stomp!  He crawls towards Ziggler and TIME RUNS OUT!

SCOREBOARD:  Seth Rollins - 4, Dolph Ziggler - 4

Winner:  DRAW

Kurt Angle's music hits!  He says that the universe doesn't want to see a tie!  Kurt Angle says that we're going into sudden death overtime with the next fall deciding the match!

Drew McIntyre gets up on the apron as Rollins knocks him down.  Dolph hits the Zig Zag for the three count!

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

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