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WWE Raw Live Results (7/2) Sioux Falls, SD

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jul 02, 2018

WWE Raw Live Results (7/2) Sioux Falls, SD

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

Roman Reigns opens the show as he comes out and makes his way towards the ring. He says he lost to the Revival last week because of the worst tag partner ever Bobby Lashley. Roman calls out Bobby and says Bobby couldn't be the guy 10 years ago. Roman says he's the guy and he's the Big Dog that runs the yard. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre come out and Dolph says everything is about Roman. Drew says Roman has to play the hero as always. Dolph says that's fine if Roman wants to make it about him. Drew says he wants to return the favor. Drew and Dolph attack Roman. Seth Rollins comes out and saves Roman, beating down Dolph and Drew.  Dolph and Drew retreat as Roman and Seth stand tall in the ring.

Roman and Seth walk backstage and confront Kurt Angle. Kurt schedules a match against Dolph and Drew for next week. Roman says he wants the match tonight. Kurt says he already is teaming up with Lashley against the Revival. They are not pleased and Kurt changes his mind and makes the tag match against Drew and Dolph for tonight.

"Woken" Matt Hardy heads to the ring for his match. The B Team are on the titantron as Axel and Bo make fun of Wyatt and Hardy. They sing "He's got the whole world in his hand". 

"Woken" Matt Hardy vs. Curtis Axel

Both men lock up. Hardy rolls up Axel but gets a 2. Both men lock up and Axel takes Hardy down with a head lock. Matt takes control of the wrist and knocks down Axel. Hardy nails right hands on Axel. Axel whips Hardy to the ropes and elbows Hardy. Axel takes control in the corner until Hardy fights back. Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate but Axel quickly gets out and leaves the ring. Axel is in control as we come back from commercial. Hardy fights back but runs into a drop kick from Axel. Axel continues to beat down Hardy. Axel lands a back breaker to Hardy and lands a snap mare to Matt. Axel covers but Hardy kicks out. Both men are on the apron as both men trade punches and Hardy lands a Side Effect on the apron. Hardy comes back ramming Axel's head into the corner and lands a Side Effect. Hardy lands an elbow from the middle rope followed by an elbow from the top rope. Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate but Bo distracts him. Axel sends him head first to the post followed by a face plant to the mat for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel.

Seth backstage tells Roman that he has a match at Extreme Rules with Dolph in the Iron Man match. Bobby Lashley interrupts and Seth leaves. Bobby tells him to check his ego at the door tonight for their tag match.

A recap of Bayley and Sasha Banks from last week is shown.

Footage from earlier today is shown of Bayley and Sasha Banks at counseling. Banks yells at her and asks what she's doing here. Bayley says she has the appointment and they argue. Dr. Shelby interrupts them and welcomes them. Dr. Shelby introduces them to the session, what they will do and says this is a safe space for them.

Titus Worldwide make their way to the ring.

Titus Worldwide vs. The Authors Of Pain

Titus and Rezar lock up and Titus knocks him into the corner. Apollo comes in but gets knocked into the corner by Rezar. Akam comes in and dominates Apollo. Akam picks up Apollo on his shoulder and slams him chest first to the mat. Rezar comes in and throws Apollo around the ring. Rezar dominates and tags Akam. AOP land a neck breaker powerbomb double team on Apollo. Titus tries to come in for the save but gets sent to the ring post. Akam tilt a whirl slams Apollo and AOP hit the Last Chapter for the victory.

Winners: AOP.

Roman confronts Seth backstage, asks about Lashley and asks if he's ready for the match. Roman says he's ready and they make their way to the ring.

Footage is shown from earlier today of Kevin Owens arriving to the arena and looking around paranoid of Braun Strowman. A valet guy says he can't park there and asks for his keys but Owens says not a chance.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Seth and Dolph start off. Both men lock up and chain wrestle. Dolph roll ups Seth after a back and forth encounter but Seth kicks out and drop kicks Dolph. Drew gets tagged in and gets a head lock on Seth. Drew knocks down Seth as he bounces off the ropes. Seth dodges a lot of Drew's strikes. Roman gets tagged in. Both men lock up and Drew gets him in the corner and pummels him. Roman turns it around and lands right hands to Drew. Drew counters a Samoan Drop but gets rocked with a right hand. Roman gets distracted by Dolph and runs into a head butt by Drew. Dolph comes in and beats down Roman. Drew gets tagged in and Drew lands a neck breaker. Drew covers but Roman kicks out at 2. Drew tags Dolph and beats down Roman in the corner. Dolph charges at Roman but gets clocked with a right hand by Roman. Seth gets tagged in and spring board clotheslines onto Dolph. Seth knocks down Drew and lands Sling Blade on Dolph. Seth suicide dives onto Drew outside. Dolph gets hit with the Drive By from Roman and Seth hits the Frog Splash on Dolph, covers but Drew breaks up the count. Roman takes Drew to the outside along with Dolph. Seth heads to the top rope and hits a cross body onto Dolph and Drew outside. Back from commercial, Dolph has a sleeper hold on Seth. Seth backs Dolph into the corner to break out of it. Seth tries a tag but gets hit with the Famouser. Dolph covers but gets a 2. Drew comes in and continues the beat down. Seth lands chops to Drew and tosses him outside. Seth tries to make a tag but Drew pulls Roman off the apron. Drew and Dolph double team on Seth. Dolph throws Seth in the ring. Drew tries to stop him from making a tag but gets super kicked by Seth. Dolph tries to stop Seth but gets buckle bombed into the corner. Seth tries to make a tag but then the Revival hop over the barricade and beat down Roman. Referee calls for the bell. Seth tries to stop them but Drew and Dolph beat Seth down. The Revival send Roman to the steel steps and Drew and Dolph hit the Claymore and Zig Zag to Seth. The Revival continue to beat down Roman in the ring and hit Shattered Machine on Roman. Roman and Seth are left laying in the ring.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins by DQ.

A recap of last week with Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman is shown.

Kurt Angle is confronted by Kevin Owens and says Kurt has to do something about Braun. Angle says we settle our problems in the ring. Owens says no he wants Braun suspended and fired. Angle says Owens is facing Braun tonight.

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring.

Back from commercial, Corbin tells the announcer to get the introduction right as Stephanie McMahon's Constable. Corbin talks about Finn Balor attacking him last week. Corbin says Finn's behavior was unprofessional and demands an apology from Finn. Finn makes his way to the ring. Corbin says he'll apologize first and he's sorry that he attacked Finn last week he just wanted to talk to him. Finn says he's sorry that he got fired from TGI Fridays from wearing that vest he has on. Finn says he deserves an apology for whoever gave Corbin that haircut. Corbin says he is trying to help him and he wants Finn to suck it up and apologize. Finn says he's sorry that he lost all his respect for Corbin for becoming Stephanie's stooge. Corbin attacks Finn but Finn fights back with Sling Blade. Corbin retreats as Finn heads to the top rope. 

Elias is backstage playing his guitar. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan approach him and ask them for some music. Elias plays them something and they throw things backstage.

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan

Both women lock up and Moon tries to take her down from behind. Liv gets out but gets tripped by Moon. Liv breaks out of a head lock and fights back. Liv gets a head lock on Moon but Moon gets out and lands a spring board cross body on Liv. Liv rolls out of the ring to recover. Back from commercial, Liv has a arm lock applied on Moon. Moon struggles to get out. Moon is able to get an ankle lock on liv but Liv throws Moon face first into the ropes. Liv gets a full nelson on Moon. Moon gets out and starts to throw right hands as does Liv. Liv smacks and taunts Moon but Moon throws Liv into the turnbuckle and hits the Eclipse on Liv for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon.

Banks and Bayley are at the counseling session and Banks says she wants to go. Shelby says he wants to play game for their honesty. Banks impersonates Bayley as part of the game and Bayley impersonates Banks. They both start arguing. Shelby tries to break them up but they both tell him to shut up. They argue again but then Shelby yells "Enough!" 

The Revival make their way to the ring.

Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley vs. The Revival

Roman and Dawson start off. They lock up and Roman pushes him to the corner. Scott tries to chain wrestle Roman but Roman gets a head lock on Scott. Scott gets out and starts to beat down Roman. Roman fights back with a right hand knocking Scott out of the ring. Roman gets distracted by Wilder and Dawson attacks Roman taking advantage. Roman fights them off but Wilder knocks Roman from behind and beats him down. Dawson comes in and continues the beat down. Dawson is in control until Roman fights back. Dawson clotheslines Roman down and they double team Roman with a leg drop. Roman fights back on Dawson but Roman gets kicked in the ribs. Dawson whips Roman but Roman reverses and whips Dawson in the corner. Roman fights both guys off. Dawson fights back on Roman. Lashley comes in and spine busters both men. Roman goes for the Spear instead of making the tag to Lashley but then Roman gets beat down by the Revival. Referee calls for the bell and they continue the beat down. Lashley leaves as Roman gets hit with Shattered Machine and Dawson throws Wilder off the top rope onto Roman.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley by DQ.

Kurt Angle is watching this and Owens explains that Raw is chaos. Owens wants out of the match with Braun, Kurt says it's still on. Owens says he'll babysit his kids while he and his wife go to a concert but Kurt says no. Owens walks away angry.

Kurt is confronted by Roman and wants Bobby Lashley and Kurt says Bobby came in here for the same thing and he made the match already. Roman says he'll lay his punk ass out at Extreme Rules.

Mojo cuts a promo with No Way Jose in the ring, saying Jose dances with his opportunity and says No Way Jose to a rematch with him. Mojo knocks Jose down and attacks members of his conga line. Jose attacks Mojo from behind. Mojo rams Jose into the apron and slams him on it.

A highlight package of the Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey segment form 2 weeks ago is shown. 

An interview with Renee Young and Ronda Rousey is shown and Ronda says she'll be at ringside at Extreme Rules watching Alexa's match.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James make their way to the ring.

Nia Jax comes out and says she thought she was done with Alexa after Wrestlemania and Backlash but she was wrong. Nia says this needs to end and it will at Extreme Rules. Nia says their match at Extreme Rules will be an Extreme Rules match. Nia says she brought back up of her own. Natalya comes out and walks with Nia to the ring.

Nia Jax vs. Mickie James

Mickie attacks Nia from behind but Nia pushes her down. Mickie lands right hands but Nia takes her down again. Nia throws Mickie around but Mickie fights back. Nia collides into Mickie knocking her down. Mickie tries to avoid Nia but Nia has her. Alexa helps Mickie escape Nia. Back from commercial, Mickie base ball slides Nia out of the ring. Nia gets back in the ring and kicks Nia over and over. Nia tries to fight back but Mickie keeps kicking her down and kicking her knee. Mickie continues to work on Nia's knee. Mickie has a leg hold applied but then Nia turns it around with leg scissors. Nia clotheslines Mickie down over and over. Nia sends Mickie to the corner but gets caught with a boot from Mickie. Mickie gets out of a powerbomb from Nia. Mickie tries to fight Nia but gets caught in a sit out powerbomb from Nia. Bliss tries to distract Nia but Natalya pulls her off the apron. Nia slams Mickie with the Samoan Drop for the victory.

Winner: Nia Jax.

Owens is asking someone that it's not working. It's Jinder Mahal. Jinder teaches Owens to breathe in and out but Owens is still anxious. Owens is approached by an interviewer and says he can't calm down. Owens then says he's okay with facing Braun because he's been in the ring with him before and knows his every move. Owens says he will take down the monster tonight.

Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage and says it was enjoyable to watch Roman get beat down like that tonight. Bobby says if he was still here 10 years ago Roman would've never been the guy. 

Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman

Both men lock up and Braun throws Owens across the ring. Owens leaves the ring and runs away. The referee counts to 10 and rings the bell.

Winner: Braun Strowman by count out.

Owens goes to his car but can't open the door. Owens looks around trying to find a place to hide. Owens hides in a porta potty. Braun goes around outside looking for Owens. Braun knocks on the porta potty. Braun tapes the porta potty to lock Owens in there. Braun pulls the potty into the arena with Owens still in it. Braun tells backstage people to move out of his way and brings the potty all the way to the stage. Braun brings it to the entrance stage. Braun is about to push it off the stage but then stops. Braun walks away from it but then charges towards it and knocks it off the stage with Owens in it. Officials get Owens out with blue goo all over him. Braun celebrates as the show ends.

End Of Show.

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