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WWE SmackDown Live Coverage & Results (6/26) Ontario, Canada

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 26, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Coverage & Results (6/26) Ontario, Canada

Welcome to the live coverage for SmackDown Live!

The show opens with Miz TV as The Miz is already in the ring with a microphone in hand.  The crowd begins to chant for Daniel Bryan as he asks the people if they're done.

The Miz says welcome to the show.  He asks if the people are tired of fake-looking dinosaurs.  He says he's got two beasts here on his show today.  He welcomes his guests to their first talk show.  He introduces The Bludgeon Brothers as they make their way into the ring with their mallets in hands.  The Miz says they have something in common.  He says they both proved how easy it is to disprove Daniel Bryan.  The Miz wants to know why they attacked Daniel Bryan.  He reaches over hesitantly with the microphone.

The crowd chants 'Daniel Bryan!' so Miz raises his hand to get them to shut up.  The Miz says that they will not disrespect the tag team champions of SmackDown.  The Miz shows a clip from last week where Bryan says he's ready to take on the biggest and baddest in WWE.  Miz calls it Act One.  He says the Bludgeon Brothers wouldn't understand that.  They step forward as Miz apologizes.  The Miz says that this is where the hero is in his element and happy.  He shows another clip for Act Two where Bryan passes by The Bludgeon Brothers before getting into the ring.  Miz says that this is where he enters into the dangerous area with two monsters.  Miz talks about the disrespect that Bryan showed them.  Miz calls Bryan a glory-hound.  Miz says that there is a plot twist as Bryan is the villain of this film.  The Miz says that his favorite part of the movie is Act Three where the clip shows The Bludgeon Brothers destroying Bryan.  Miz tells the people to give it up.  The Miz says that they deserve a supporting Mizzy by helping him beat Daniel Bryan.  Miz mentions that they could have been auditioning to be his new Miztourage.  Harper slaps the microphone out of his hand.

Daniel Bryan comes out now onto the ramp.  The Miz talks about Bryan out here to steal their spotlight.  Bryan tells Miz to shut up.  He says that The Brothers cost him a shot at the WWE Title.  He says that they have size, but he has heart.  He says he's not afraid of them or The Miz.  Daniel Bryan asks which one is going to fight him first.  Harper pulls the microphone up with Miz's hand attached.  He says that Bryan doesn't learn, but he'll learn tonight.

The New Day is shown backstage where a guy in a tuxedo shirt, monocle, and top hat is mixing pancakes in a blender.  Woods drinks it as they laugh.  Up next is Xavier Woods vs. Rusev.


Daniel Bryan will take on Harper later on in the evening by orders of Paige.

The New Day makes their way out to the ring with a box of Booty-O's and a plate of pancakes.  Aiden English makes his way out before saying that he has a question for Woods.  He asks him if he has a waffle because everyone thinks their pancakes are awful.  He says that Rusev is going to wear Woods like a toupee.  He hopes AJ Styles is watching because Extreme Rules falls on Rusev Day!


Rusev vs. Xavier Woods


Rusev and Woods tie it up at the beginning before Rusev just throws Woods to the mat.  Woods gets up and fights back with strikes.  He hits the ropes before hitting a tiltawhirl hurricanrana!  Rusev finds himself on the second rope as Big E shows a sign that says 'OUCH!' as if a speech bubble from a comic.  Woods dropkicks Rusev before he gets into the corner.  Xavier hits a headstand leap right into a spinebuster from Rusev!  They spill outside as Rusev slams Woods down on the table and barricade.  Rusev throws him inside of the ring and pins him for a two count.  Rusev locks on a side headlock that Woods battles back from until Rusev just clobbers Woods with a big punch!

Rusev pulls up Woods before whipping him towards himself with a big kick to welcome him!  Rusev kicks at Woods mockingly.  Woods punches back, but gets flattened by a running elbow from Rusev.  The Bulgarian Brute just stands over him before lifting him up by his hair to hit forearms into his back.  Woods reverses one into an elbow strike, but Rusev traps him with a bearhug in the center of the ring.  Woods punches Rusev a few times before hitting a jawbreaker to get some separation.  Woods fights back with some punches followed by a kick to the gut and a few chops.  Woods slides underneath the legs of Rusev before hitting a discus forearm strike!  Woods is lifted onto the apron where he hits a kick to Rusev.  He leaps through the ropes off the bottom rope for a tornado DDT for a two count!

Woods lifts up Rusev, but Rusev fights out with elbows.  Rusev misses with the Machka kick, but he connects with the Samoan Drop for a two count!  Rusev is seething.  He grabs Woods and lifts him up into the corner and to the top rope.  Rusev punches him up there before climbing up.  Woods begins fighting back with punches to the gut.  Woods pushes him away before dropping down.  Rusev charges forward, but he finds the corner post.  Woods climbs to the top rope, but Rusev dodges out of the way.  Rusev hits a big kick to the head followed by the Machka Kick!  Rusev locks in The Accolade as Woods has no choice but to tap out!

Winner:  Rusev

Rusev has a microphone as he says tonight wasn't about Xavier Woods, pancakes, or whatever.  He says tonight was about AJ Styles.  Rusev says he knows Styles is watching and he's scared.  He says he punched Aiden in the face last week and he'll pay.  Rusev says that he's breaking down the door to the house that AJ built and he's doing it on a great Rusev Day!

Jeff Hardy is shown backstage with his face painted.  He talks about his threshold for pain being increased as he's ready to take flight and fight.  Earlier today it was stated that Shinsuke is not cleared to compete so Jeff Hardy will defend his title in an Open Challenge.

Jeff Hardy makes his way out to the ring as we'll find out his opponent after this...

Commercial Break.

Backstage Lana and Naomi are talking about who won a dance off from a few weeks ago.  The stars of GLOW come up to talk to them.  Allison Brie, the star of the show, speaks in a Russian accent to Lana.  The stars of the show say that Naomi and Lana should be a team.  They finally talk about them being a tag team if they can get along.  Naomi says that then everyone will feel the glow.

Back to the ring where Jeff Hardy was just sitting in a corner the whole time, I guess.  Sanity's music plays as they all make their way down to the ring.  Eric Young steps into the ring.


United States Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young


The bell sounds as Eric Young flattens Jeff Hardy in the corner.  Young lifts up Jeff before whipping him across only to be reversed.  Young hits the corner and dips over the top to the apron.  Jeff tries for the Twist of Fate, but Young dodges out of it.  Hardy leaps up top for the Swanton Bomb, but Young rolls out of the ring to recuperate with his team as we head into...


We come back as Eric Young has a headlock on Hardy.  Hardy fights out, but he's taken out by a running punch from Young.  Young climbs up to the top rope before wrapping his arm around Hardy and hoisting him up in a choke!  Young climbs down and locks another headlock on.  He keeps yanking and twisting the neck of Hardy in a weird move.  Young locks in a chinlock as his partners watch on.  Jeff tries to fight out only to be slammed back onto the mat by Young.  Young applies the headlock again.  Jeff fights back before being whipped forcefully into the corner with an Irish whip.  Young stomps on Jeff before Jeff rolls him up for a two count.  They get back to their feet before Young floors Jeff with a clothesline.  Young steps on the head of Jeff Hardy before locking on the headlock again.  Hardy hits the jawbreaker before hitting some big punches of his own.  Jeff hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a double leg drop to the groin for a two count.  Hardy begins doing the DELETE taunt as they both take each other out with clotheslines!

The Usos make their way out through the crowd as they begin battling with the other two members of Sanity.  A fight breaks out as Young attacks an Uso and he hits back!

Winner (by DQ):  Eric Young

The two sides continue to fight until Jeff Hardy and The Usos stand tall.



Six-Man Tag Team Match
Sanity vs. The Usos & Jeff Hardy


We come back to find this match underway.  Killian Dain is putting pain in on on Jey Uso before Eric Young does some submission holds on him.  He stomps on his chest before tagging out to Dain.  Dain hits a suplex for a two count.  He locks in a headlock of his own on Jey Uso.  Jey fights back, but Dain stops him before hitting a big Avalanche splash in the corner.  Young enters the match after tagging in.  Young slaps Jey Uso before Uso pushes Young all the way out of the ring!  Jey makes his way towards Jeff Hardy, but Young yanks him off the apron!  Young slides back in and drops a big knee drop onto his chin.  Young tags out to Dain who misses a big shoulder charge.  Jimmy tags in as does Wolfe.  Jimmy Uso does a bit of dancing before hitting a big slap to the face of Wolfe followed by a quick Samoan Drop.  Jimmy Uso hits a big strike followed by a big crossbody for a two count. 

Jimmy Uso sizes him up before Jimmy hits a spinning heel kick.  Jimmy hits the running hip attack on Wolfe, but Young breaks up the pin.  Young is taken out by Hardy.  The Usos hits three superkick to Dain to eliminate him before hitting double dives!  Only Jimmy is pulled by Wolfe into a pin!  He gets a two count before Wolfe hits a German suplex!  Jimmy gets to his feet and tags out.  Wolfe doesn't see it as he eats a superkick followed by a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy for the three count!

Winners:  Jeff Hardy & The Usos

Becky Lynch is shown backstage getting psyched up for her match.  A stagehand comes up and nearly gets decked by Becky by accident.  He tells her that her match is next.  She's up next against Sonya Deville.



Becky Lynch vs. Sonya Deville


The two circle around before both dodging some strikes.  They try for a test of strength before Sonya breaks it up with a knee to the midsection.  Becky escapes a pin by kicking Sonya away.  Sonya hits a belly-to-back suplex and tries for another, but Becky slips out.  Sonya is thrown outside before Sonya drags Becky outside with her.  Becky throws Sonya over the table before sliding back into the ring.  The referee begins his count.  Sonya makes it back in before rolling up Becky for a two count.  She gets back up with a headlock that Lynch fights out of it.  Lynch hits a dropkick that sends her outside.  She slides outside before Sonya rams her into the apron.  She throws her into the barricade where she comes down on her neck.  Sonya rolls in Becky for a two count.  Sonya hits a bevy of strikes before locking in a headlock.  Lynch escapes, but she's driven into the mat with a spinebuster.  Sonya kicks Lynch mockingly on the ground.  Lynch fights back, but Sonya rolls her up for a two count.  Sonya hits a big kick to the chest for a two count.

Sonya locks in a headlock, but Lynch breaks free.  Sonya sends her into the corner.  Becky catches her with an exploder suplex for a two count.  Becky Lynch lifts up Deville's knee but it falls right on her chest for a two count.  Lynch hits a big forearm strike for a two count.  Sonya rolls her up for a two count!  Sonya begins showing frustration.  Sonya charges Becky in the corner, but Becky kicks her away.  Mandy distracts Becky enough as she climbs the turnbuckle to be pulled off by Sonya.  Sonya is whipped into Mandy Rose by Becky Lynch before she locks in the Disarmher!  Sonya taps!

Winner:  Becky Lynch

James Ellsworth is shown backstage checking himself out in a mirror.  Tye Dillinger walks by and he asks if he's a ten.  Tye says he looks better with the Asuka mask on.  He also calls James a 1.


A clip is shown for Andrade Almas.  Zelina Vega says that three weeks ago Almas put Sin Cara on the shelf.  She asks if there is no competition on this show for them?  She says good and to remember not to cross them.

James Ellsworth makes his way down to the ring before a clip is shown from last week.  Ellsworth holds up the mic and instantly booed.  Ellsworth talks about having two different kind of men in the world.  He says that some talk about their feelings and some stand up for what they believe in.  He says Asuka attacked him for no reason.  Ellsworth says that Asuka is here tonight.  He says that this is a man's world and when you mess with the bull, you get the horns!  Ellsworth says that he loves and respects women.  He says his wife is so hot that he could fry an egg on her and the feeling is mutual.  Ellsworth says that he's ready for Asuka this week, bu he wasn't last week.  James Ellsworth takes off his shirt and calls her out.  Instead he gets Paige.  She asks him what he's doing.  She says that he knew Asuka was in Japan and not here.  Paige says that his interference has impacted the match for Extreme Rules.  It's Asuka vs. Carmella.  James Ellsworth says that Paige is out here to ask him on a date.  Paige says that that's right.  She asks him how next Tuesday sounds.  Ellsworth says yes.  Paige says that next week James Ellsworth is getting a date in a form of a match against Asuka!

The Bludgeon Brothers are shown somewhere eerie as the camera zooms in on the face of Harper.  Daniel Bryan is backstage getting ready for his match by punching the hands of Luke Gallows as Karl Anderson counts his six-pack.



Daniel Bryan vs. Harper


The bell sounds as Harper just charges right at Daniel Bryan.  Bryan ducks and dodges from him.  Bryan tries for a big suicide dive, but Harper pulls him outside and slams him into the barricade.  Harper chops his chest.  He lifts up Bryan who slips out to send Harper into the ringpost outside.  Bryan slides into the ring and cuts Harper off at the ropes.  Harper knocks him down with a clothesline before raking his eyes.  Bryan gets some separation with the ropes before sending Harper outside.  Bryan tries for the suicide dive again, but Harper catches him and slams him down on top of the announce table.  Bryan bounces up before taking a big boot that drops him over the barricade by the ring announcer.


We're back and Harper is chopping the chest of Daniel Bryan!  Harper whips Bryan across the ring before Bryan steps over with a backflip.  Harper hits the ropes before Harper hits the spinning black hole slam for a two count.  Harper stomps on Bryan by the ropes before Harper climbs onto the apron to hit a leaping SENTON onto Daniel Bryan ala Eddie Guerrero!  Harper locks on a Cobra clutch before Bryan hits a jawbreaker.  Daniel Bryan is trapped again by a headlock.  Bryan fights out before taking a shot from Harper.  Bryan gets a dropkick followed by another directly to the left arm.  Bryan hits the running dropkick in the corner followed by a second... and the third is caught in a Michinoku Driver for a two count.  Harper gets up to his feet, clutching his injured arm.  Harper hits a big forearm to the back followed by a headlock with legs wrapped around.  Bryan fights out before hitting kicks to the quads!  He hits the ropes, Harper hits a dropkick to stop his momentum once again.  Harper lifts up Bryan in the corner before lighting him up with another chop!  A headbutt floors Bryan.  Harper lifts up Bryan to the top rope.  Harper chops the chest of Bryan up there.  He climbs up for a superplex.  Bryan fights back.  Harper falls to the mat before Bryan hits punches at the top rope!  Bryan hits a big tornado DDT from the top rope!

Bryan is Hulking up!  Daniel Bryan gets to his feet and begins the YES kicks!  He hits five, but the properly set-up one is ducked!  Harper tries for a move, but he's pulled down into a YES Lock!  Before Harper can tap, Rowan leaps into the ring and blindsides Bryan!  It's a DQ win for Bryan.

Winner (by DQ):  Daniel Bryan

The two begin working over Bryan as Rowan whips Harper into Bryan in the corner.  Harper sends him back as Rowan just obliterates him with a crossbody.  Rowan lifts up Bryan for a powerbomb from the top.

Kane's music hits!

Kane makes his way down to the ring to stop the carnage.  Kane climbs into the ring.  They stand off before Kane takes them both on.  Kane grabs both men for a Chokeslam, but they fight out.  They grab Kane as Daniel Bryan hits a missile dropkick to save Kane.  Daniel Bryan hits the running knee followed by a chokeslam!  Bryan looks at Kane incredulously.  The crowd chants 'Team Hell NO!'  Kane and Daniel Bryan look at each other as the crowd says 'Hug it out!'  Kane steps towards Bryan and opens his arms.  The crowd is chanting YES!  Bryan shakes his head.  The crowd boos this.  They begin chanting Yes and he hugs Kane!  Kane and Daniel Bryan are hugging!  Daniel Bryan does the YES chant as Kane joins in.  Paige's music hits.  She comes out and says that The Bludgeon Brothers will be defending their titles against Team HELL NO! at Extreme Rules!

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