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Enzo Amore On Who His Best Friend Was While On The Road

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Jun 23, 2018

Enzo Amore On Who His Best Friend Was While On The Road

Enzo Amore, who prefers to be called "Real1" now, revealed who his best friend was while he had been on the road with WWE. He revealed this info on  This Is 50.

"Adrian Neville who's my best friend, I rode with him on the road. He was the most crisp athletic, poignant -- guy never missed a step it was insane I had never seen anybody who could move in a wrestling ring like him it was like second-nature to him. Flips, name it, agile jumping in and out of the ring effortlessly to the top rope like crazy."

He spoke very highly of Finn Balor:

"Finn Balor, just takes good care of his body and his mind for that matter he's just a class act and he's a pro. Another guy would probably be Seth Rollins. Just takes care of himself crazy just so in tune to his body and his work. These people they take it so seriously."

As far as himself?

"I was different. I wasn't like anyone else. The business has never seen the likes of me ever and probably never will. I focus in a completely different aspect of that business than they did. They were hitting the gym working hard athletic and looked great and they worked on the other things I worked on too I'm not taking away from that. I mean I could have worked harder on those things I definitely could have but at the end of the day you know I'm not on PEDs, alright? Enzo wasn't popping for PEDs. I did my curls."

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