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NXT Takeover Chiago Live Coverage And Results (6/16)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jun 16, 2018

NXT Takeover Chiago Live Coverage And Results (6/16)

Welcome to NXT TakeOver Chicago and tonight we kick things off with the first of three championships to be defended tonight as NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era make their way out to the ring for the opening match


Strong and Lorcan start things off. Side headlock by Strong and Strong off the ropes gets hit with an uppercut. Butch is in and O'Reilly tags in taking Burch down with a side headlock.e

The crowd with a 'Kyle O'Reilly' chant. O'Reilly with a kick to the jaw. Burch plants O'Reilly face first and Burch with a series of punches. Lorcan and Burch with a double suplex to Strong onto O'Reilly. Stereo uppercuts to The Undisputed Era as they clear the ring and Undisputed Era re-group on the outside. O'Reilly back in the ring and Strong with the distraction. Lorcan and O'Reilly exchanging chops. Lorcan tags in Burch and the double team continues on O'Reilly. Strong eats an uppercut and Lorcan and Burch in control. Burch is sent to the outside courtesy of O'Reilly and Strong with a oropkick

The Undisputed Era with the double team and O'Reilly focuses on the left arm. Strong in putting the boots to Burch. Backbreaker to Burch. Hard irish whip in the corner and O'Reilly tags in going back to work on the left shoulder. Burch tries to mount a comeback but O'Reilly with a takedown.

Oney Lorcan tags back in taking the fight to The Undisputed Era and multiple uppercuts to O'Reilly and Strong. Blockbuster to Strong and a nearfall as O'Reilly breaks up the pin. O'Reilly is sent to the outside. Lorcan to the top rope as Burch lifts Strong on his shoulders.

O'Reilly pushes Lorcan off the ropes. O'Reilly back in with a suplex to Burch floats over into a nearfall. O'Reilly transitions into the armbar and Burch makes it to the ropes

Irish whip by O'Reilly into the corner and Strong with a running knee. Burch still in the match clearing the ring. Lorcan with a double blockbuster from the apron. Lorcan and Burch with a nearfall but Cole aaves the championships only to get ejected from ringside

O'Reilly with the guillotine locked in on Lorcan and Lorcan counters with a suplex. Lorcan runs into a boot. Strong and Lorcan trade uppercuts and Lorcan with a chop block, Powerbomb to Strong transitions into a single crab but O'Reilly with a kick and Burch back in locks the Crossface in on O'Reilly as Lorcan.

O'Reilly with a kick to Lorcan. O'Reilly and Strong back to the double team and it's Strong off the ropes with a clothesline for the three count

The winners of the match and still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Undisputed Era


Ricochet and Dream have words for each other on their attire. They look around and they back up before locking up. They lock up and Dream with a clean break and a pose. They lock up and Dream with a wrist lock but Ricochet with a head scissors. Dream escapes and he throws his bandana at Ricochet but Ricochet reapplies the head scissors. Dream escapes and he applies a side head lock. Ricochet with an arm bar and side head lock. Dream tries to send Ricochet off the ropes but Ricochet holds on to the side head lock. Dream with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.

Dream with a head scissors but Ricochet with a cartwheel. Dream is surprised to see Ricochet still on his feet. Ricochet with a handspring move into a Superhero Landing. Dream slaps Ricochet and Ricochet slaps back. Ricochet with a head scissors and drop kick. Ricochet goes for a springboard move and Dream hits the ropes and Ricochet falls on the top rope and goes to the floor. Dream sends Ricochet back into the ring and he punches and kicks Ricochet in the corner.

Dream with more punches and the referee warns Dream. Dream hot shots Ricochet and then he goes to the apron. Dream with a slingshot senton similar to Ricochet. Dream with a neck breaker for a near fall. Dream with a forearm but Ricochet with punches. Ricochet with a back elbow. Dream pushes Ricochet through the ropes to the floor. Dream with a double jump plancha onto Ricochet. Dream rolls Ricochet back into the ring and gets a near fall. Dream with a reverse chin lock. Ricochet with a kick as he comes off the ropes and follows with a back elbow. Ricochet with a punch and he avoids a punch from Dream.

Dream is sent to the floor and he returns to the ring. Ricochet misses an enzuigiri when Dream ducks. Ricochet kicks Dream away and rolls into a drop kick that sends Dream to the floor. Ricochet with a suicide dive onto Dream. Ricochet returns to the ring and he hits a Fosbury Flop. They return to the ring and Ricochet with a running European uppercut and then he sends Dream into the turnbuckles and hits a 619 in the corner. Ricochet with a springboard European uppercut for a near fall. Dream with a kick but Ricochet with a neck breaker followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Dream gets back to the mat after Ricochet gets him on his shoulders. Dream sends Ricochet to the floor but Ricochet gets back onto the turnbuckles. Dream hits the ropes to crotch Ricochet. Dream with a forearm. Ricochet with a chop and he pushes Dream off the turnbuckles. Ricochet sets for the elbow drop but he sees Dream get up and Ricochet goes to the apron as Dream goes to the turnbuckles. Ricochet sets for a springboard Frankensteiner but Dream grabs Ricochet and hits a Super Death Valley Bomb and gets a near fall.

Dream goes to the apron and turnbuckles but he goes to the apron when Ricochet tries to knock him off. Ricochet with a punch and then Ricochet sets for a superplex to the floor but Dream blocks it and he suplexes Ricochet to the floor. The referee makes his count and Dream gets back in the ring at eight while Ricochet gets back in at nine. Dream with a Death Valley Bomb for a near fall. Ricochet with a punch but Dream punches back. They continue to go back and forth and it escalates to kicks. Dream with European uppercuts. Ricochet with forearms. Ricochet with a Northern Lights suplex and he rolls through but cannot hit a second suplex. Dream with a super kick and Ricochet with a bicycle kick. Dream comes off the turnbuckles but he misses. Ricochet with a clothesline.

Dream with a twisting DDT for a near fall. Dream slaps Ricochet as he has something to say to him. Dream says he is a wrestling God and Ricochet hits a Death Valley Bomb. Ricochet goes up top and mocks Dream and hits the elbow drop for a near fall. Dream goes up top again and Dream rolls across the ring slowly. Ricochet thinks about what to do and he goes back up top and goes for a Shooting Star Press and Dream gets his knees up and he can only get a near fall. Dream goes up top and he goes for a coast to coast Purple RainMaker but falls short.

Ricochet goes up top and hits a 630 splash for the three count.

The winner of the match: Ricochet


Sleeperhold by Nikki on Shayna and Nikki crushes her in the corner and Nikki trips her as Shayna falls face first on the apron. Nikki pulls her to the outside and back to the sleeperhold and Shayna drops Nikki on the ramp.

Shayna picks Nikki up and sends her back into the ring. Kick to Nikki and a nearfall. Shayna unloads with punches. Shayna goes to work on Nikki's neck placing a hand over her mouth

Shayna picks Nikki up going back to work on the neck. Nikki fighting back with punches but Shayna hits a forearm and a kneestrike. Nikki looks up at Shayna and screams as Shayna delivers another knee strike. Nikki with a series of strikes delivers a belly to back suplex.

Cross unloads on the champion and delivers a series of clotheslines. Nikki puts the boots to Shayna. Nikki goes to the top rope. Crossbody onto Shayna for a nearfall. Nikki hooks Shayna up and delivers an inverted DDT on the apron.

Shayna with another knee strike still can't put nikki away. Shayna with a sleeperhold and Nikki runs into the corner breaking the hold. Nikki with a cover for nearfall but Shayna gets her boot up on the bottom rope

Shayna with the sleeperhold locked in on Shayna as the referee checks on Nikki who continues to fight. Shayna applies more pressure as Nikki begins to fade

The winner of the match and still NXT Women's Champion: Shayna Bazler


Black unloads with punches but Sullivan quickly takes over. Lars blocks the first kick but second one connects sending Sullivan to the outside. Double knees from the apron by Black and Sullivan and Black back in the ring as Sullivan lands punches. Black with a knee to the jaw.

Black going to work on the arm. Sullivan gets to his feet and throws Sullivan into the corner. Black is sent over the ropes landing on the apron. Sullivan connects with a clothesline sending Black to the outside.

Sullivan picks Black up and Black sends Sullivan shoulder first into the ring post. Moonsault from the top and Sullivan catches Black on his shoulder slamming Black onto the apron then sending him into the barricades

Back in the ring, Sullivan wearing Black down. Black gets to his feet trying to fight back but Lars still in control picking Black up delivering a slam to the mat. Black with a series of punches. Black off the ropes is caught by Sullivan and Sullivan with a powerslam.

Sullivan to the top rope is met by Black who hooks him up for a superplex but Lars escapes delivering a lariat clothesline sending Black to the mat. Sullivan to the top rope misses as he lands on black's jaw hurting his knee in the process and Black takes Sullivan down

Black with rapid fire punches a kick to Sullivan. Black Mass countered as Sullivan takes out the knee. Submission hold locked in on Black. Reversal by Black and Sullivan back on the attack but Black plants Sullivan with a DDT. Sullivan grabs Black's throat, kick by Black and Sullivan with a clubbing right forearm. Sullivan with a powerslam on the apron. Sullivan off the top ropes lands on Black with a headbutt. Black hits the Black Mass and goes for it once more but Sullivan blocks it deliverin a clothesline. Knee strike to the jaw and Black Mass to Sullivan. A third Black Mass puts Sullivan away for the three count

The winner of the match and still NXT Champion: Aleister Black


The crutches are released as Gargano goes after Ciampa and he sends Ciampa to the floor and hits a super kick on the apron followed by a cannonball off the apron. Gargano sends Ciampa over the announce table and Nigel is down. They fight into the crowd and Gargano with punches. Ciampa with a punch and kick. Ciampa kicks Gargano in the head and he takes a sign from a fan. Gargano punches Ciampa and hits Ciampa in the back with the sign and there is a stop sign in the middle of it. Gargano hits Ciampa with the stop sign.

Gargano goes onto a platform and he comes off with a cross body. Gargano punches Ciampa on the floor and they go back into the ringside area. They make their way back into the ring and Gargano gets a trash can and throws it into the ring right next to Ciampa. Gargano gets a chair as well. Gargano misses with the trash can lid and Ciampa with a German suplex onto the chair. Ciampa stomps on the hand on the chair. Gargano with punches. Gargano with a clothesline but Ciampa with a German suplex and he holds on to the waist lock. Ciampa with another German suplex.

Ciampa holds on and hits a third German suplex. Gargano blocks a suplex and hits a German suplex and then follows with a suicide dive onto Ciampa. Gargano sends Ciampa into the ring steps. Ciampa with a running knee while Gargano goes under the ring for weapons. Ciampa sends Gargano into the ringside barrier. Ciampa moves the ring steps. Ciamap goes under the ring for a trash can and it lands on the floor. Ciampa completes the same package as Gargano earlier by getting a chair and trash can lid. Ciampa hits Gargano in the midsection with the end of the chair. Ciampa puts the chair around Gargano's head and Ciampa with punches. Ciampa sends the chair and Gargano into the ring steps.

The referee checks on Gargano and the match continues. Ciampa hits Gargano in the back with the trash can. Ciampa puts Gargano's head on the ring steps and he throws the trash can at Gargano and connects. They return to the ring and Ciampa removes his shirt and chokes Gargano with it. Ciampa with an elbow to the top of the head. Ciampa kicks Gargano. Ciampa sends Gargano into the turnbuckles and kicks him. Ciampa with a catapult into the bottom of the turnbuckle. Ciampa gets some handcuffs from under the ring. Ciampa cuffs one hand but Gargano with punches. Ciampa with a chop and Gargano with an enzuigiri. Gargano with a slingshot spear.

Gargano gets his belt and he whips Ciampa with it. Gargano whips Ciampa in the neck and back. Gargano puts the trash can over Ciampa's head and he hits a super kick. Gargano wedges the trash can in the turnbuckles. Ciampa with a thumb to the eyes and then he hits Project Ciampa. Ciampa with a running knee and the trash can lid for a near fall. Ciampa with another running knee with the trash can lid. Ciampa tries to get Gargano on his shoulders but Gargano with elbows to the neck.

Ciampa with and Air Raid Crash onto the ring steps. Ciampa gets a near fall. Ciampa goes under the ring again and he has bolt cutters. He cuts the ropes holding the canvas and he exposes the ring by pulling up the mat and padding. Ciampa hits Garagano with the chair and he removes more padding to show the wood in the ring. Gargano is put on the turnbuckles in the exposed corner of the ring. Ciampa bites Gargano and then goes for an Air Raid Crash from the turnbuckles but Gargano counters and goes for a sunset flip power bomb. Ciampa with punches and Gargano with a super kick and Gargano falls to the wood.

Ciampa with a punch and Gargano punches back. They continue to exchange punches until Gargano gets the advantage. Ciampa with a kick but Gargano with an enzuigiri. Ciampa with a knee. Gargano hits Ciampa with the trash can lid while Ciampa hits Gargano with the crutch. Gargano falls onto Ciampa and gets a near fall. Ciampa goes to the floor and Gargano goes for a pescado but Ciampa hits Gargano with the trash can lid. Ciampa misses a running knee to the head when Gargano moves and Ciampa hits the ring steps. Gargano punches Ciampa in the surgically repaired knee and then Gargano hits Ciampa in the knee with the chair.

Ciampa sends Gargano into the trash can in the turnbuckles and then Ciampa applies GargaNo Escape. Gargano goes for the crutch he was given by Candice before the match but Ciampa stops Gargano and connects with forearms to the back of the head. Ciampa gets his knee brace reconnected and he connects with a knee to the head. Ciampa gets the crutch Johnny brought to the ring and hits him in the back of the neck with it. Ciampa gets a near fall. Ciampa sends Gargano to the floor.

Ciampa picks up Gargano and he walks him up the ramp. Ciampa says they were best friends and Johnny was his family. Ciampa says you did this to yourself. Say goodbye to Chicago, Candice, and your career. Ciampa sends Gargano into the matrix board and connects with a running knee. Ciampa says that is not enough. He says that only he knows. Ciampa sees a table and then he goes on top of some cases. Ciampa picks up Gargano and takes his wedding ring and spits on it and throws it away. Gargano gets Ciampa up and hits an Air Raid Crash through the table.

The referee calls for medical assistance to check on Ciampa. They put a neck brace on Ciampa and put him onto a stretcher. Gargano looks catatonic. Ciampa is put on a stretcher. Gargano realizes that his ring is not on his hand and he sees Ciampa being stretchered out.

Gargano says this isn't over and he throws the medical assistant into the referee and he pulls Ciampa to the ring. Gargano removes Ciampa from the stretcher and sends him into the ring. Gargano takes off the neck brace and he applies GargaNo Escape. Officials pull Gargano off Ciampa and Gargano punches them. Gargano gets the handcuffs and uses them on Ciampa and puts them behind him. Gargano with super kicks and Ciampa crumbles to the mat. Gargano applies GargaNo Escape. More officials come out to pull Gargano off Ciampa. Gargano gets away and he punches everyone who is trying to stop him.

Ciampa with a DDT onto the exposed part of the ring and Ciampa covers Gargano for the three count.

The winner of the match: Tommaso Ciampa

Post Match: Ciampa smiles as he struggles to go to the back. Ciampa uses the stretcher to get himself up the ramp.

They check on Gargano in the ring and we see Ciampa waving to Gargano


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