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NXT Live Results (6/13)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jun 13, 2018

NXT Live Results (6/13)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Opening Show Promo

War Raiders vs. Local Competitors

Hanson locks up with his opponent and he throws him down. Hanson dodges his opponents attack with a cartwheel and clotheslines the opponent. Rowe comes in and he beats down the opponent along with Hanson. The other opponent comes in and gets a head butt from Rowe followed by a Discus Clothesline. War Raiders attack the opponent and drop kick him into their corner. The other competitor comes in and tries to hit Hanson but the attack has no effect on Hanson. Rowe flips the opponent over and they land the double team leg drop for the win.

Winners: War Raiders.

They call out TM-61 and they show TM-61 who is mighty. They pick up one of the opponents and throws him for a pick up powerslam by Hanson.

Undisputed Era are shown talking backstage and they kick the camera guy out from their sight.

A history package between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa is shown. 

EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno

Both men push each other before the bell. Ohno throws EC3 around. Ohno chases him around, pulls him out of the ring and chops his chest. Ohno gets EC3 back in the ring and chops him again. Ohno dominates with a clothesline followed by a leg drop and Senton Splash. Ohno misses EC3 and EC3 gains control. EC3 beats him down and squeezes the traps of Ohno. Ohno counters EC3 and kicks him in the face. Ohno beats EC3 down with right hands and a Cyclone Kick. Ohno lands Senton Splashes and even one on the outside. EC3 brings Ohno throat first into the ropes and hit the 1 Percenter for the win.

Winner: EC3.

Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah

Belair lands a right hand to Aliyah in the early goings. Belair dominates, knocking her down again. Belair dodges Aliyah and rams her shoulder into the gut of Aliyah. Aliyah tries to jump on Belair and attack but Belair throws her over head. Belair lands a splash onto the back of Aliyah. Belair lifts Aliyah's body off the mat, lifts her up and lands a snake eyes on Aliyah. Belair gets her in the Torture Rack into a slam down to the mat and covers for the victory.

Winner: Bianca Belair.

A highlight package of Nikki Cross and Shayna Baszler is shown.

Dakota Kai is interviewed and says she was seconds away from being champion but then Belair interrupts and calls her a failure and tells Dakota to go to the back of the line. Dakota challenges her to a match and Belair accepts.

Kyle O'Reily vs. Pete Dunne - U.K. Championship

Both men lock hands and Kyle tries to keep Dunne down but Dunne gets an arm bar. Kyle gets an arm bar in. Dunne gets him on the ground and bends his fingers. Dunne dominates him with clotheslines and continuously knocks him down. Dunne starts attacking Kyle's legs. Kyle kicks Dunne's knee and starts stomp on the knee. Kyle gets Dunne in a knee bar. Dunne gets out, Kyle grabs Dunne's knee but he slaps Kyle and hits a Enziguri. Dunne fights back with right hands. Dunne counters a German Suplex and kicks Kyle. Dunne nails a Powerbomb, covers, but gets a 2. Kyle gets him in a triangle choke but Dunne gets out. Kyle dominates and hits a Brain Buster, covers but Kyle kicks out at 2. Dunne lands right hands and gets Kyle in a arm bar. Kyle gets out and has an ankle lock. Dunne gets out, both men go back and forth and they head butt each other. Dunne fires back. Kyle lands a knee to the face of Dunne but Dunne catches Kyle with a right hand. Kyle lands right hands and tries to land one more but Dunne snaps Kyle's fingers and hits the Bitter End for the 1.. 2.. 3. Undisputed Era attacks Dunne but then Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan saves Dunne and takes out the Undisputed Era.

Winner: And Still U.K. Champion Pete Dunne.

Aleister Black makes his way to the ring. Black says Lars will simply Fade To Black at his hands this Saturday. Lars Sullivan runs to the ring and both men fight. Lars clothesline Black and slams him down with the Freak Accident. Lars picks him up again and slams him down with another Freak Accident. Lars picks him up again and slams him for another Freak Accident. Lars lays Black on the announce table and raises the NXT title over his head.

End Of The Show.

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