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Has Gerald Brisco Discovered WWE's Next John Cena?

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jun 02, 2018

Has Gerald Brisco Discovered WWE's Next John Cena?

WWE Hall of Famer and talent scout Gerald Brisco recently spoke to ESPN. When discussing who he thinks could possibly be WWE's next John Cena, Brisco revealed that he thinks that Duke University collegiate wrestling standout Jacob Kasper has the potential to be a huge star for WWE.

Kasper is a 6'3, 230-pound heavyweight wrestler and a two-time All-American. He is also reportedly a big fan of WWE and has a natural charisma and unique personality that could translate quite nicely in the realm of WWE.

Brisco said the following about Kasper:

“I don’t recruit a prospect unless I think the person has the potential to main event WrestleMania.

"In my nearly 50 years in the wrestling business, I have seen only a few wrestlers who have such powerful personalities that when they come into a room, everyone there knows that person has arrived. Jacob Kasper has that type of personality, and he reminds me in many ways of a young John Cena.”

When asked about possibly joining WWE someday, Kasper replied:

"I always thought it would be awesome to perform at a WrestleMania in front of 90,000 fans and leave an impression on them that would last for the rest of their lives."

Currently, Kasper has his eye on the 2020 Olympics. Aside from being a two-time All-American, Kasper has also won the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Heavyweight Championship, placed fifth in the 2016 Olympic trials, and also holds a record at Duke University for most wins in a single season with 37.

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