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WWE Raw Live Coverage And Results (5/28) Richmond, Virginia

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on May 28, 2018

WWE Raw Live Coverage And Results (5/28) Richmond, Virginia

Welcome to the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw from Richmond, Virginia  and we kick things off with Braun Strowman making his way out to the ring. Strowman says at Money In The Bank he'll climb the ladder and grab the briefcase and he'll not only be known as Mr. Money In The Bank but will also be known as Mr. Monster In The Bank and no one is going to stop him. At MITB he's going to grab that briefcase, cash it in and Brock Lesnar is going to get these hands

Finn Balor comes out and says Braun is getting a little ahead of himself and Balor was the first Universal Champion and never lost that title and every night it eats away at him. Balor says last week he and Strowman went one on one and Strowman gave him quite a challenge but at MITB it's every man for himself. Strowman says Balor's talking big for a little man and Balor with a slap to Strowman and Strowman launches Finn across the ring and Balor lands on the floor. Before things can escalate further Kurt Angle comes out and says he sees intensity in that ring and asks Richmond, Virginia how they'd like to see Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman....next



Strowman throws Balor across the ring. And yet another throw to the other side of the ring. Strowman misses with a right hand but connects on the second try flooring Balor as Kevin Owens joins the commentary team.

Headbutt by Strowman as Bobby Roode looks on from the backstage area. Hard irish whip across the ring by Strowman. Facebuster off the knee by Strowman and Strowman charges across the ring running into a boot. Slingblade is countered and Strowman chops him down. Kick to the ribs by Strowman followed up by a headbutt

Right hand by Strowman drops Balor. Another irish whip across the ring. Clubbing blow across the back by Strowman. Balor with a dropkick but Strowman is still on his feet and connects with a boot to the gut. Kevin Owens then stands up distracting Strowman. Strowman with a stomp on Balor as we go to commercial


We're back from break and Balor with a comeback going for an enziguri but it's blocked by Strowman who sends him to the outside. Strowman runs the ringside area and delivers a shoulder tackle to Balor sending him into the crowd.

Strowman picks him up on his shoulder and Balor runs Strowman into the ringpost. Strowman re-entering the ring but Balor sends him back to the outside and again Owens on the mic with the distraction

Balor goes airborne taking out Strowman and Strowman picks him up throwing him back into the ring. Balor with the slingblade and double stomp the to the back and Balor goes back to the top rope hits the Coup De Grace.

Instead of going for the win, Balor goes for a second Coup De Grace but Owens trips him leading to a disqualification and Owens pulls a ladder out driving it into Balor and Owens looking to use the ladder on Strowman but Strowman grabs it as Owens exits the ring. Strowman throws the ladder at Owens who runs to the back and Strowman exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp to the back

The winner of the match by disqualification: Braun Strowman


Backstage: Back from break, Owens is looking for the valet and yells at him to get the keys to his car. Kurt Angle walks in and asks where Owens thinks he's going. Owens says it's Memorial Day there's a celebration and Angle says Owens doesn't care about that stuff he's Canadian and he's not going anywhere he has a match tonight against Bobby Roode

Elias is in the ring and asks for the lights to dim and vocals to be raised so he can hear more of himself and less of the crowd. He then tells the crowd to shut their mouths and if they don't he can sit in the ring all night until he hears a pin drop.

Up Next: Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal



Rollins goes after Mahal. Irish whip by Seth reversed by Jinder and a crossbody onto Mahal as Seth delivers a series of punches. Mahal is then sent to the outside and Sunil Singh with the distraction allowing Mahal to take over as we go to break


Back from break and Mahal is still in control of the match. Abdominal Stretch locked in on Rollins. Mahal with an irish whip runs into a boot and Rollins clotheslines Mahal over the ropes. Suicide Dive to the outside onto Mahal.

Blockbuster from the second rope by Rollins and a nearfall on Jinder. Mahal picks Rollins up and delivers double knees to the midsection. Rollins counters the Koloss. Kick to the face by Rollins, Falcon Arrow to Mahal. Kick to Mahal and Sunil Singh with another distraction and the referee is busy with Sunil ejecting him from ringside and Mahal pulls a steel chair out from under the ring driving the steel chair intot he ribs.

The Koloss countered again and Sunil is back at ringside and Rollins brings him into the ring the hard way. Rollins picks Sunil Singh up dropping him onto Mahal and Rollins eyes the steel chair and grabs it nailing Jinder Mahal with it as the referee calls for the bell

The winner of the match by disqualification: Jinder Mahal

Post Match: Rollins attacks Jinder with the chair then stands on the announce table to celebrate but Elias returns and cracks Rollins in the back with his guitar



Nia Jax makes her entrance but is interrupted by Ronda Rousey and Nia says shes glad Ronda came out for her exhibition match so she can see exactly what Nia is going to do to Ronda at Money In The Bank and has her opponent apply an armbar but Nia gets to her feet and slams her to the mat.

Nia picks her opponent up and delivers a Samoan Drop. Nia says she could get the 1-2-3 but isn't done yet and delivers a leg drop. Nis says Ronda's never faced anything like that in UFC and her leg could crush a woman's chest but so could this....and she delivers a senton to Michelle

Ronda walks down to the ringside and enters the ring to face off with Nia. Nia says she's not so intimidated by Ronda and finds her look hilarious and calls her cute.



Viktor with left hands and a side headlock but Wyatt with a back suplex and an elbow to Viktor. Matt tags in and gets a nearfall. Splash in the corner by Viktor. konnor tags in and now The Ascension with the double team on Hardy as Bray looks on. Right hand by Konnor

Elbow drop to Hardy and a chinlock by Konnor. Headlock by Konnor and Matt with a side slam. Konnor with a nearfall and an elbow to the back of the neck. Irish whip across the ring and Matt hits hard. Side headlock takedown by Konnor

Viktor in misses with an elbow in the corner and Wyatt tags in taking out both members of The Ascension. Senton on Viktor. Konnor picks Matt up on his shoulders but Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate. Wyatt with a uranage to Viktor

Hardy and Wyatt pick Viktor up and deliver the Kiss Of Deletion for the three count

The winners of the match: The Deleters Of Worlds

Backstage: The B Team walk in and call Hardy and Wyatt's celebration amateur hour and they want a tag team championship match. Angle says two wins in a row against the same team doesn't qualify them for a tag team championship match. Dallas then says in order to win the other tag teams over they're going to send out invitatios to The B Team's Memorial Barbecue tonight



Dueling chants. They had some nice back and forth exchanges early. Roode nailed a big clothesline on Owens, who was on the apron. He went to follow but was tripped on the apron. Owens tossed him into the barricade. Owens nailed a cannonball on the floor as they went to commercial. When they returned, Owens was in charge. Roode fired back but was nailed. Owens charged him in the corner but was nailed with an elbow and hit with a Blockbuster for a two count. Roode nailed a clothesline in the corner. He went for a neckbreaker but Owens countered. Roode finally nailed it for a two count.

Amazingly, Owens isnt concerned that Braun might be looking for him.

Roode went to the top but Owens nailed the ropes, crotching him. Owens climbed the ropes and set up for a superplex. Roode nailed him with several shots to the mid-section, sending Owens crashing down to the mat. Roode nailed him off the ropes. He set up for the Glorious DDT but Owens began walking up the aisle, trying to retreat. Roode caught him and nailed him. He tossed Owens back into the ring but was caught with a superkick. Roode avoided a pop-up powerbomb and went for a sunset flip but Owens dropped down and scored the pin.

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens

Post Match: As Owens left, Braun Strowman's music hit and Owens tried to back down the aisle. Owens was chased around the ring but his exit was blocked by Roode. Braun grabbed him and tossed Owens back into the ring, where he nailed the running powerslam. Roode was cheerleading Braun and called for another. I don't think this will end well for Roode. Braun nailed another powerslam, then grabbed Roode and powerslammed him as well.


Sami Zayn came out after the commercial break. The announcers said he was here to make a public apology for the awful Bobby Lashley segment last week. They should send Vince McMahon out for that.

Zayn took the mic and said that he wanted to get serious for a second. He said that last week didn't go as he had hoped and in retrospect it went too far. WWE management has been gracious enough to give him time to issue an official public apology. He read a statement and said he presented a segment that was inappropriate and in poor taste. He said that the reaction on social media was brutal and he was asked in endless texts and emails what he was doing. He was even asked by the man in Syracuse who was evicted by his own parents in a DM to ask him what he was thinking. Zayn said that this was simply his way of trying to entertain, not provoke and that these men were hired by him and were not his sisters. He said that he wanted to tell the WWE Universe and the Lashley family that he was...was...sorry.

That certainly read like WWE management wanted that said publicly after the backlash.

However....it should be noted that everything he said was true. It was actors playing his sisters, but his expose was rooted in reality, like all great art. He said that history will look back on last week's segment very favorably. Yeah, sure. Zayn said he was the one doing the right thing and trying to expose Lashley for being a bully and liar and asked why he was the one who was catching flack. He said that everyone should feel sorry for him and should be apologizing to him. Zayn said he deserves and deserves better. He should be in the MITB ladder match and should have been wrestling Seth Rollins for the IC title tonight, not issuing an apology in front of a group of disgusting fans in Richmond, VA.

Bobby Lashley came out to the ring. He took a mic and said that Memorial Day is a special day for families like him and said that to anyone who has loved ones who served in the military, he and his family salute you and thank you. He saluted a flag. The crowd chanted "USA." Lashley said it was good to see Sami. He said that his sisters, who Zayn never contacted, thought what happened last week was entertaining. Lashley said they obviously have an issue and challenged him to settle it in the ring at Money in the Bank. He told Zayn to back up the trash talk and offered him his hand to shake and seal the deal. Zayn took it and said that Lashley got what he wanted. He said he was going to Helluva kick the smile off Lashley's face. Lashley squeezed his hand and wouldn't let go,

Lashley said he had an apology of his own - he apologizes for everything he's going to do to Sami Zayn at Money in the Bank. He released his grip and walked off as Zayn sat there in the ring holding his hand.



Some very good, intense wrestling early on from McIntyre. Gabe avoided a move and went for a rollup off the ropes but instead ate a back elbow. McIntyre nailed a big suplex. Gable fought back but Drew dumped him to the outside. Drew followed but was nailed. Gable avoided him and came off the ropes with a bodypress to the floor. McIntyre caught him and sent Gable into the ringpost. McIntyre brought him back into the ring and nailed the Claymore Kick, scoring the pin.

The winner of the match: Drew McIntyre


When we returned from commercial, all the teams from the Raw division except the Champs were in the ring for the B-Team Memorial Day BBQ. Rhyno was eating everything.n Bo and Curtis broke down all the food, then invited them to all eat. Curtis then said that since they were all friends now, they could agree that the B-Team should challenge next as they were undefeated. Titus cut a promo knocking the quality of the food and the ridiculousness of the idea that they were the top contenders. Heath Slater said that this would be a feast in West Virginia but he agreed they don't deserve the shot. The B Team said they were taking their food back then. Titus dumped baked beans over Bo's head while Breezango dumped potato salad over Curtis. It broke down into a food fight that we haven't seen since the immortal foodfight featuring Lanny Poffo, Lord Alfred Hayes and The Bushwhackers back in the day. It ended with everyone but Rhyno leaving them laying. Rhyno kept eating so they attacked him and the B-Team put him through a table.


Backstage: The B Team storm into Angle's office demanding a tag team championship match. Angle says they will settle things next week but not in a stupid food fight but in a tag team battle royal and the winners will face Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt



Bayley was the first out. Charlie Caruso interviewed her and said the odds are against her because she was first. Bayley said she was going to bring the fight and has never backed down from one in her life. She commented on all the other competitors and promised Sasha Banks that the name on the contract will read Bayley.

Her opponent was Liv Morgan. Bayley pinned her almost immediately with the Bayley to Belly.

Next out was Sarah Logan. They went back and forth and finally Bayley scored the pin. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan beat her down. Ruby Riott came to the ring as they went to commercial.


Back from break, it's Ruby and Bayley with Ruby in control. Bayley with a right hand from the apron as Alexa Bliss looks on from backstage. Ruby trips Bayley and scores the pinfall to eliminate Bayley.

Out next it's Dana Brooke and Ruby stomps away at her. Ruby bounces Dana's head off the turnbuckle but second time Dana blocks and it's Ruby's head that gets slammed into the turnbuckle. Irish whip by Dana and a back elbow to Ruby. Clothesline to Ruby and only a 2 count

Ruby Riott with the elimination and Mickie James is out as she goes after Ruby. Mickie from the apron with a seated senton to Ruby. Ruby is rolled back into the ring for a nearfall.

Elbow by Ruby and it's Ruby in control. Ruby runs into an elbow and a hurricanrana by Mickie. Dropkick to Ruby as we go to break


Back from break, Ruby misses with a right hand and Mickie with a series of clotheslines. Mickie plants Ruby face first and looks up at the Money In The Bank briefcase. Mickie goes to the top rope and connects with the Meteora.

Mick Kick misses. Riott Kick misses. Ruby counters the Mick DT and rolls Mickie up for the three count. And the final entrant in the gauntlet match, Sasha Banks makes her way out to the ring

Roll up by The Boss. A backslide. A roll up and a series of nearfalls by Sasha. Crossbody from the top rope and Sasha works over the arm as Ruby gets to her feet. Sasha looks for The Bank Statement but Ruby gets to the ropes

Ruby drives Sasha face first into the mat. Ruby puts the boots to Sasha. Sasha and Ruby trade slaps and Ruby slams Sasha's face into the mat as Natalya looks on from the back. Ruby runs into a boot. Sasha with a knee to the face. Another meteora by Sasha

Double knees miss and Ruby shakes Sasha off. Sasha gets tripped up as she falls into the ropes. Ruby with a DDT to Sasha. Kick by Ruby for yet another nearfall.

Ruby picks Sasha up delivering a right forearm. She plants Sasha on the top rope and hooks her up for a superplex but it's blocked by Sasha who delivers elbow to the back of Ruby's neck. Ruby is knocked out on the top rope and Sasha with a powerbomb. Sasha locks the Bank Statement in and the rest of The Riott Squad attacks but Sasha fights them off and applies the Bank Statement for the submission

The winner of the match: Sasha Banks


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