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Cody Had A Backup Plan If All In Didn't Sell Out

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on May 17, 2018

Cody Had A Backup Plan If All In Didn't Sell Out

It's official, All In has sold out. Cody Rhodes has revealed what he would intend to do if it hadn't sold out like it did. All In sold out within minutes, if not seconds as soon as tickets went out on sale.

“I had said 4,000 in a week, and I had planned on ‘as soon as we get through that week I’ll start rolling out my publicist, let’s roll out the talent graphics we have remaining, let’s start putting some matches out there for people to get intrigued. So I had a plan to sell the tickets as we go. But we ended up selling them all in under an hour so I just had to play pessimist, somebody in the group had to play pessimist. It was me.”

 They were told by The Sears Centre that they sold 3,000 tickets in the first ten minutes and he thought that worked out great. Cody  said Matt Jackson was strongly adamant about the fact they would sell out the event in a week’s time. But Cody Rhodes admitted he thought it was the die-hard fans buying tickets at first and they might not even sell out in the first week.

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