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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (5/08) Baltimore, Maryland

Posted By: Rhett Davis on May 08, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (5/08) Baltimore, Maryland

Welcome to the live results for WWE 205 Live live from Baltimore, Maryland!

Tonight, it's Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik going up against Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick as well as Mustafa Ali going up against Buddy Murphy.

The opening video package is shown.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us back to the show and highlight the two matches announced for tonight.


Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick


Before the match can start, Drew Gulak walks out in a suit.  He smiles on the entrance ramp before shaking some hands on the way down and wiping the hand after doing so.  He walks all the way around the ring and comes over to the announce table to sit with them.

Lince Dorado and Jack Gallagher start this off.  Kalisto gets up on the apron to taunt before dropping down.  Jack hits a takedown to lock in side headlock.  Lince gets out with a headscissors.  Gallagher lifts out of it.  Lince slaps him on the buttocks as he does.  They get to their feet and perform some back and forth pinfalls before Jack misses a big strike to fall to the ground where Lince hits a body splash.  Metalik tags in and hits a springboard dropkick.  Metalik hits a big body drop to Gallagher, but Kendrick blind tags in.  Kendrick charges him and is dumped outside with Gallagher.  Metalik hits a big plancha over the top to take out Gallagher.  Gran rolls in Gallagher and tries to pin him, but Kendrick is the legal man.  He hits an enzuigiri to the head before hitting some slaps to Metalik.

He tags out to Jack Gallagher who hits a shot to the ribs.  He begins working on joint manipulation on Metalik by pulling forcefully on the fingers.  Metalik tries to battle out, but Gallagher slams his head into the corner to tag out.  Kendrick stomps away on Metallik before applying an armhold.  Metalik begins fighting out, but Kendrick hits a knee to the gut.  He does so and takes out Gallagher off the apron.  Metalik ducks Kendrick to tag out to Lince.  Lince hits a springboard crossbody followed by some big dropkicks.  Lince hits the springboard stunner, for a two count as Gallagher breaks it up.  Kendrick charges Lince into the corner and tags out.  Gallagher hits a big dropkick followed by Kendrick hitting Sliced Bread.  Metalik tries to take out both men with a crossbody, but they catch him.  Lince hits a superkick to make them drop him.  Lince and Metalik hit a coordinated suicide dive to the outside!  Lince rolls in Kendrick before hitting the shooting star press for the three count!

Winners:  Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik


Mustafa Ali is shown in a promo talking about making Buddy Murphy moving out of his way.  Buddy Murphy is backstage talking to Tony Nese talking about him not needing to worry about Drew Gulak anymore.  The interviewer comes in asking Buddy Murphy what he's going to do tonight.  He says that he's had one blemish on his record when he was getting used to the weight cut.  He's saying that he's going to overcome it tonight by beating Mustafa Ali.


Tony Nese vs. Keith Clayball


They lock up as Nese just sends him flying into the corner.  Nese talks trash before chopping the chest of Clayball.  He whips him into the opposite corner before hitting some big kicks to the midsection and legs.  He kicks at Clayball on the ground before lifting him up to the top rope.  He pulls him into the tree of woe before stomping on him.  Nese lays down in front of him and does sit-ups as he kicks Clayball in the face.  Nese runs for his finish, but Clayball moves!  Clayball hits a kick to the midsection before hitting the ropes and getting nailed by a big elbow.  Nese hits another running elbow.  He grabs the hair of Clayball on the apron before slamming him to the apron.  Nese slides outside and hits a running elbow strike to the cheek.  He rolls Clayball inside before dropping his kneepad for the running knee strike in the corner before pinning him for three!

Winner:  Tony Nese


They show a video package for Hideo Itami talking about how Akira Tozawa let him down and how he's moving on to better things.  Other wrestlers are shown talking about his intensity.

They show an advertisement for Camp WWE.

Cedric Alexander comes into picture with Drake Maverick backstage.  Maverick wants to make sure that that brawl won't happen again this week during the main event.  Cedric says that he had a statement to make, and he made it.  He's going to let Ali make his own statement in the main event.  Drake Maverick says that's good because next week it's going to be the UK guys on the show against 205 Live guys.  Alexander says that that's good and tells the WWE UK division to bring their A-game because he will be.

They show a video package of Ali defeating Buddy Murphy in the tournament a few months ago.


Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali


The bell sounds as Murphy circles around smacking on his gum.  Murphy lifts up Ali before ramming him into the corner.  Ali slips out to connect with a big chop.  Ali hits the ropes and tries for a hurricanrana, but he's caught in a near powerbomb.  Ali hits some big chops.  Ali tries for a sunset flip, but Murphy pulls him for another powerbomb attempt.  Ali hits a hurricanrana to send Murphy outside.  He hits a big suicide dive.  He tries for another, but Murphy moves.  Buddy Murphy kicks him in the midsection before hitting a running suplex on the outside of the ring as the referee begins counting.  They get in at six before Murphy pins him for a two count.  Murphy pull him to his feet by his hair before whipping him forcefully into the corner where Ali hits the mat.  Murphy hits another whip followed by a third that leads into a back body drop.  Cedric Alexander is shown backstage watching the match unfold.

Murphy kicks the back of Ali as he holds him sitting up.  He does this again before telling the audience to quiet down.  He goes for a third and stops before applying a headlock.  Ali gets to his feet to break it with a jawbreaker!  Ali tries to hit a rope before he's yanked back.  Murphy tries for a belly-to-back suplex, but Ali slips out.  They both hit the rope and collide with a double crossbody!  Murphy gets up first, but Ali catches him with a punch to the midsection.  Ali is caught with a knee.  Ali gets to the ropes to hit a big dropkick.  He begins charging up with some axe handles.  Ali hits a kick to Murphy in the corner.  Ali tries to roll in for his facebuster, but Ali hits a sleeper on him.  Ali tries to fight up, but Murphy is more powerful.

Ali breaks it in the corner before getting his own sleeper hold on.  Murphy falls to the mat as Ali has it cinched in.  Murphy gets back up and hits a running cannonball into the corner doing a front flip in the process!  The crowd begins to chant for Mustafa Ali as Murphy gets up first.  Murphy holds the hand of Ali before kicking him in the face.  Ali hits a big forearm to the jaw as Murphy seems not affected.  Ali hits some big forearms followed by a flurry from Murphy.  Murphy is thrown out onto the apron before he is caught between the ropes.  Mustafa Ali hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT with Murphy hanging between the ropes!  Ali pins him for only a two count.  Ali pulls up Murphy and throws him into the corner.  Mustafa lifts him up to the top rope before hitting a punch to hold him there.  Mustafa hooks the arm of Murphy, but he's too powerful.  Murphy hits a big front suplex from the top followed by a huge kick to the face!  Murphy lifts up Ali and hits a big crucifix DDT for a two count!  Alexander is shown again backstage.

Murphy is rolled up by Ali for a two count.  Buddy Murphy hits a trio of powerbombs.  The referee pushes Murphy away before going to check on Mustafa Ali.  Ali seems to tell the referee to let him continue.  Mustafa Ali tells him to bring it.  Murphy picks him up for a powerbomb that is reversed into a big facebuster!  Ali only gets a two count!  They make their way out onto the apron.  They climb up onto the top rope.  Murphy pushes Ali to the floor where he lands on his feet!  Murphy leaps off towards him, but he eats a superkick!  Ali rolls Murphy into the ring for the cover, but Murphy gets a foot on the rope!  Mustafa Ali climbs up and tries for a big 450 splash that misses, but Buddy Murphy stomps on his arm as he tries to get up.  Ali manages to reverse Murphy's whip into a roll-up for two!  Ali leaps from the top for a big DDT, but Murphy catches him.  He rams injured shoulder into the corner.  He pulls Ali up and nails Murphy's Law for a three count!

Winner:  Buddy Murphy


Buddy Murphy gets to the top rope and motions for the title as the show comes to a close.

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