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Ricky Steamboat: Charlotte Flair Is One Of The Best In The Business

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on May 03, 2018

Ricky Steamboat: Charlotte Flair Is One Of The Best In The Business

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat has described SmackDown Live Superstar Charlotte Flair as one of the best in the business, in an interview with SportsKeeda.

The Dragon said that the former Women's Champion's in-ring performance, mannerisms and demeanour set her apart from the rest.

He said: "She’s like a chip of the old block like her dad. I think she’s one of the top women performers that we have. She speaks well."

Steamboat also gave praise to Ronda Rousey, saying that he sees "nothing but stardom" in her future. 

When asked about his upcoming training workshop with PCW Ultra, Steamboat said how anyone who participates should already know the basics. 

"All of my seminars deal with psychology in the ring. And I do that because when I first started, most of the nights I was looking across at a guy who had 15 or 20 years of experience. He was taking me to school every night when I was working in the ring," Steamboat told SportsKeeda. 

The 2009 WWE Hall of Famer also recounted of a time when he was DDT'd on a concrete floor by fellow Hall of Famer, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. 

He said: "He didn’t want to do it. But I said I knew how to protect myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I took the shot to my head and it was a serious moment for a while."

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