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WWE NXT Live Results (5/2)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on May 02, 2018

WWE NXT Live Results (5/2)

Welcome to our live coverage and results for NXT!

The Undisputed Era cut a promo backstage with Cole bragging about successfully retaining last week. Strong says what he did at Takeover is nothing compared to what he does to Pete Dunn tonight.

Opening Show Promo.

Kairi Sane vs. Shazza McKenzie

Sane and Shazza shake hands. Sane goes for a quick roll up but Shazza kicks out. Sane lands a head scissors to Shazza. Shazza fights back with a right hand but Sane fires back and takes her down. Sane lands a elbow to Shazza who is sitting in the corner. Sane lands a Tokyo slam followed by the Insane Elbow for the win.

Winner: Kairi Sane. 

Lacey Evans interrupts Kairi's celebration and heads to the ring. Evans says she's sorry for being wrong about Kairi. Evans says that Sane does belong in NXT. Evans extends her hand. Sane says no but then gets knocked out with a right hand by Evans.

A recap of Ciampa attacking Gargano last week is shown.

Candice LaRae is interviewed and says she doesn't know why Ciampa does this. Candice breaks down crying and leaves.

Street Profits vs. TM61

Ford and Thorne start off. Both stars battle back and Ford lands a drop kick. Dawkins gets tagged in and Dawkins knocks Thorne down. Ford drop kicks both men. Dawkins is in control until Thorne lands a back suplex followed by a roll in by Miller. Miller is in control with a chin lock. Dawkins gets out, lands a kick and knocks Miller down. Ford gets tagged in and takes both of TM61 out. Ford kicks Miller from the apron and tries a sunset flip into a roll up on Thorne but then Thorne gets a roll up on Ford with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winners: TM61.

Kassius Ohno is interviewed about Gargano's attack. Ohno says Ciampa is a coward and wants Ciampa to feel how Gargano felt last week.

Kona Reeves vs. Patrick Scott

Both men lock up and Kona pushes Scott to the corner. They break and Kona kicks Scott in the gut and starts to beat him down. Scott dodges Kona and tries a wrist lock but gets knocked down by Kona. Kona rams the back of Scott's head into the corner. Kona lands a reverse elbow drop on Scott and slams Scott chest first with a Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner: Kona Reeves.

A promo for EC3's TV debut for next week is shown.

Dakota Kai says she is happy to be a part of the women's division but then asked about Shayna Bazler and she says she doesn't want to talk about Shayna. Vanessa Borne interrupts and says she is not afraid of Shayna and she will take her on anytime.

Candice LaRae vs. Bianca BeLair

Belair takes down Candice from behind. Both women lock up again and Belair has her in a head lock. Belair bounces off the ropes and knocks LaRae down. LaRae lands a head scssors on Belair. LaRae is in control until she is caught by Belair and is slammed down. Belair dead lifts Candice from the mat, picks her up over her head and throws her into the corner. Belair has a torture rack applied on Candice. Candice gets out and fights back on Belair in the corner. LaRae goes off the top rope and lands a missile drop kick. Belair counters Candice and lands an alley oop for the pin.

Winner: Bianca Belair.

Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong

Dunne immediately lands a right hand to Strong and pounds away. Strong tries to fight back but Dunne continues to attack. Dunne knocks Strong down on the outside and brings bakc in the ring. Strong lands a back breaker to Dunne. Dunne fights back with right hands. Strong goes to the outside, Dunne goes to dive off the apron but Strong drop kicks him. Strong picks Dunne up for a back suplex on the apron. Dunne dominates Dunne and stomps away at him. Strong keeps Dunne grounded with an abdominal stretch. Dunne tries to fight back but gets hit with a mule kick from Strong. Strong hits an over the shoulder back breaker, covers but gets a 2. Strong is in control and goes for a back breaker but Dunne counters with a suplex into a slam. Dunne lands a enziguri on Strong in the corner. Dunne lands aboot to Strong's elbow and tries to go after the arm but gets thrown to the outside. Strong lands a back breaker from the ropes,c overs but Dunne kicks out. Both men go bakc and forth and Dunne manages to get him in a sleeper and then catches him in an arm bar. Strong gets to the ropes. Dunne goes to the top but Strong kicks him on there. Strong goes to the top and slams Dunne into the apron from the top with an olympic slam, covers but gets a 2. Strong lands a right hand and another and goes for another but Dunne counters and cracks Strong's hand. Strong gets thrown by Dunne and Dunne hits the Bitter End, covers but The Undisputed Era come in and attack Dunne. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan come to Dunne's aid and help take out the Undisputed Era as Dunne lands n elbow on Strong, sending him out of the ring.

Winner: Pete Dunne by DQ.

End Of The Show.


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