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John Cena Doesn't Understand Why People Want Just To Be Famous

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Apr 30, 2018

John Cena Doesn't Understand Why People Want Just To Be Famous

John Cena has said he doesn't see why people want just to be famous, describing it as intangible.

In an interview on ID10T with Chris Hardwick, Cena said how people who get into wrestling just to be famous will not last.

He said: "When I see a ring and I get in, and I say that I just want to learn, and I just want to sustainably do this for my entire life, for as long as I physically can, then the ups and downs will come."

"Sometimes you see complacency in our workplace, and I don't understand that, because if you really wanted to be here, and when they put a microphone in front of them, and when they say that they have wanted to do this since they were a kid, then you have to take the bad s**t with the good stuff."

When asked, Cena also said WWE fans can be considered nerds, as the WWE characters are akin to superheroes and supervillains. 

"We are in the business of imagination, and a lot of that creativity rests on your own shoulders.

"When you say 'nerdy,' and the things that nerds are drawn to, the creativity to video games or comic books, if that is what defines a nerd then we are all nerds because our job is to go out there and be a superhero," Cena told Hardwick

The 16-time World Champion also admitted to being a company man. 

He said: "I know that I will not perform anywhere else in Pro Wrestling outside of the WWE because I love the company I work for."

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