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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results (4/27)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 27, 2018

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results (4/27)

Welcome to the live coverage and results for the Greatest Royal Rumble airing in Saudi Arabia!  Be sure to join us at 11 EST for the kickoff show as well as at 12 PM EST for the actual show itself!

The Match Card:

  • 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble Match
  • Universal Championship Steel Cage Match:  Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns
  • WWE Championship:  AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Intercontinental Championship Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match:  Seth Rollins (c) vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. The Miz
  • Casket Match:  The Undertaker vs. Rusev
  • John Cena vs. Triple H
  • United States Championship:  Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Jinder Mahal
  • Raw Tag Team Championship:  The Bar vs. Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship:  Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The Usos
  • Cruiserweight Championship:  Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Kalisto


The Pre-Show

The kick-off show opens with Byron Saxton, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and Booker T welcoming us to the show.  They quickly run through all of the matches before going to a video package of Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, The Miz, and Samoa Joe talking about what they will do to win the I-C title match.  We come back to the panel and Byron asks who Booker thinks will win.  He says any of them could.  King also beats around the bush on the subject without picking anyone.

The Miz does a phone interview where he says that he is going to get the title back around his waist as well as do it for his daughter, Monroe Sky.  He says that he's going to do it because he's The Miz and he's awesome.

Jinder Mahal is interviewed backstage where the interviewer asks him about the fact that he hasn't won on Raw since coming over.  He holds up a hand to interrupt him before telling him that this is about tonight.  He only had seconds to prepare for Jeff Hardy and only minutes to prepare for Chad Gable.  He tells him that he's ready for tonight and he's going to become United States Champion.

The panel talk about whether he's ready before transitioning into the Raw Tag Team Championship match.  Booker T calls Matt Hardy's transformation a Mid-Life Crisis.  He says that the team is about trust and he likes them as a unit.  Saxton says that they don't have the chemistry of The Bar which could hurt them.  Saxton shows a phone promo from The Bar.

They say well, well, well, well, well, well before saying that they think they're Wonderful but they're actually insane.  Sheamus says that they are going to be choking on his boots' laces after he's finished with them.  They say that they're going to defeat them because they are THE BAR!

Lawler switches his vote to The Bar as Booker keeps his on Bray and Matt.  Byron says that he's impartial before switching to The Usos vs. Bludgeon Brothers.

We come back to the panel and it's Jim Ross who is sitting with them.  Booker T pumps up the crowd.  They transition to talk about Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto.  Booker T talks up Cedric Alexander saying that he worked on getting better and now he's champion. 

They show a video package really highlighting Shinsuke Nakamura hitting a ton of low blows to AJ Styles.  The panel says that this is a big match with AJ and Shinsuke fighting at high levels for so long.  Saxton transitions to a questioning with AJ Styles.  JR asks how does AJ deal with the unpredictable Shinsuke?  AJ Styles tells him that he's easier to predict now because he has to prepare for everything.  King asks him what it was like to be reunited with Anderson and Gallows.  He says that it's special to be with them after being with them in Japan and now the Blue Show.  Booker mistakenly calls AJ Shinsuke before asking him what was going on in his mind when he got low blowed.  AJ says after what happened, it shocked everyone and broke a lot of hearts before he says it's time to get some revenge and some payback.  JR puts over AJ and calls him the best in the business bell-to-bell. 

They transition to talking about Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar before showing a video package.  The panel talks about the match before Paul Heyman shows up.  Heyman says that Roman doesn't stand a chance.  JR says that anyone can lose to which Paul says it's not about wins and losses.  It's about Roman trying to take away something that is Brock Lesnar's.  Heyman says that Brock is so hungry to fight within the cage.  Heyman says that Roman is the only man to survive five F-5s.  Heyman says that his name is Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar is going to make a declarative statement here tonight as he defeats Roman before moving onto UFC to win that title.  He says that's not a prediction; it's a spoiler.  JR calls Brock Lesnar the best cage fighter to ever be in the WWE. 

The winner of the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble will be gifted a trophy.  JR says that the winner will always have that accolade to their credit.

Braun Strowman does a phone interview saying that everyone can get these hands.  The New Day are shown with Big E eating a pancake with Kofi throwing them around.  Woods says that the winner will be intelligent, Big E says that the winner must be strong.  Big E and Xavier Woods say that Kofi Kingston is going to win.  Kofi Kingston says when one wins, they all win baby!

They highlight all of the matches again before announcing John Cena vs. Triple H will start off the show.  They show a video package highlighting them talking about it's been about who is the best, not personal. 

They show a "Please Don't Try This At Home" advertisement as the main show is starting now!


The Main Show

They play the national anthem for Saudi Arabia before playing the one for the United States.

They show a video package showing all of the matches as well as talking about the show itself.

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves are shown at ringside where they talk about the show itself.  Triple H's music hits as he comes out with a bandana over his mouth.  He pulls it down before spitting out water to make his way down to the ring.  He climbs up onto the apron to spit the water into the air for a sizeable pop!  John Cena comes out with kids lining the sides of the ramp as he asks one what the first rule is:  have fun.  The second rule?  Have Fun.  He makes his way into the ring as fireworks go off outside of the arena that has an open top.


John Cena vs. Triple H


They tie it up in the center of the ring before Triple H powers him back.  They lock up again before Cena powers Triple H to the floor as the crowd pops.  Cena goes for a power of strength, but Triple H gets the best of it for a moment but Cena gets the better before Triple H kicks him.  Cena hits the ropes but he takes a shoulder tackle.  Triple H leans down to give him a "You Can't See Me" taunt to Cena. They trade blows for a moment before Cena charges Cena in the corner that misses before Triple H knocks him down with a punch.  Cena gets a roll-up on Triple H for two before Triple H floors him with a clothesline.  Triple H whips Cena into the corner powerfully as Cena hits the mat.

He whips Cena forcefully into another corner as he soaks in the moment.  Triple H hits some punches on Cena in the corner before trying for another Irish whip that Cena blocks.  Cena hits the ropes but he's locked into a sleeper hold.  Cena powers out and catches Triple H's kick.  Cena hits a running shoulder tackle followed by a second before trying for the spinout slam that Triple H avoids.  HHH takes out Cena with another clothesline.  They get to their feet and trade blows before Triple H hits his running knee for a two count.  Cena lifts up HHH for the Attitude Adjustment, but Triple H gets out.  Cena hits the spinout slam before trying for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Triple H reverses it by catching Cena with a spinout slam of his own before doing his own variation of the Five Knuckle Shuffle for a two count.  They get to their feet and Cena whips Triple H towards the corner where he spills outside.  Cena slams Triple H on the barricade before whipping him into the steel post.  Cena rolls Triple H back into the ring.  He climbs up to the rope for his leg drop, but Triple H hits a powerbomb as both men are down.

They begin trading blows before Cena sucks Triple H into the STF in the center of the ring!  Triple H powers up and begins to crawl.  He gets close before Cena tries to pull him back only for Triple H to kick him off.  Cena rushes back and eats a spinebuster for a two count!  Triple H punches on Cena in the corner in a mounted position as the crowd chants along.  Cena pulls him off before hitting the spinout slam followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle without hitting the ropes.  John Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and gets a two count!  Both men are down.

Cena looks disgusted as he sizes him up for another.  Triple H reverses it and hits a Pedigree for a two count!  Both men are down again.  They slowly make it to their feet and Triple H tries for a Pedigree that is reversed into an AA which is reversed.  Cena rolls through into an STF.  Triple H manages to reverse into a crossface.  Cena lifts up Cena from that position and hits an Attitude Adjustment followed by a slingshot into the corner followed by a third Attitude Adjustment for the three count!

Winner:  John Cena

John Cena gets a microphone and says that he wouldn't have missed this event for anything in the world.  He thanks them for their hospitality before dropping the microphone and leaving up the ramp.  He poses at the top of the ramp with his taunt as the crowd cheers.

An advertisement for conjoined PPVs is shown with the roster singing the song.

Kalisto's music hits as the Cruiserweight Championship match is up next.  They show the Arabic announce team before Cedric's music hits.


Cruiserweight Championship
Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Kalisto


The bell sounds as they circle around.  They do some wristlock transitions before Alexander locks in an armlock.  Kalisto springs over him.  Alexander tries for a handspring hurricanrana that misses before Kalisto shows him how it's done.  Alexander is sent out of the ring before Kalisto springs off the second rope for a corkscrew somersault to the outside.  Kalisto climbs up top before being dumped outside by Alexander.  He rushes off the ropes before hitting a dive over the top rope.  Alexander locks in a waistlock before Kalisto battles out.  He hits the ropes and eats a NASTY dropkick from Alexander.  Cedric locks in another waistlock to work over his midsection.  Kalisto tries to fight out before he's slammed to the mat hard.

Kalisto battles out with an armdrag.  He's knocked out onto the apron before Kalisto hits a springboard crossbody.  Kalisto hits a spike hurricanrana followed by a tiltawhirl DDT for a two count!  Alexander gets back to his feet and charges Kalisto, but he dodges over him.  Kalisto charges him and lifted up for a Michinoku Driver for a two count.  Alexander begins setting up for something.  He lands on the apron where he tries to leap over before getting caught on the top rope.  Kalisto climbs up there with him and they trade blows.  He tries for a hurricanrana from the top, but he's caught.  Kalisto pulls himself back up before hitting a springboard seated Spanish Fly from the top rope for a two count!  They trade kicks, chops, and blows before Alexander hits an uppercut.  They dodge some big kicks before Alexander tries for the Lumbar Check which is reversed into a hurricanrana!  Kalisto tries for the Salida Del Sol only for Alexander to catch him in air for the Lumbar Check for the three count!

Winner:  Cedric Alexander

They show an advertisement for the WWE Shop.

The announce team is shown as they talk about the Raw Tag Team Championship match being next.  They're interrupted by Matt Hardy's theme song as he comes out with Bray Wyatt.


Raw Tag Team Championship
Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. The Bar


Cesaro and Matt Hardy start things off with a dueling "The Bar", "Delete" off.  Matt Hardy gets the advantage for a moment before tagging out to Bray Wyatt.  Cesaro gets the upperhand on Bray before tagging out to Sheamus.  Sheamus is whipped off the rope before kicking Bray up.  He charges him only to be hit with a clothesline by Bray.  Bray tags out as they hit a running duel senton and leg drop.  Cesaro comes in to get cleared as well.  Matt Hardy yells "Wonderful!" before hitting a clothesline on Sheamus for a two count.  Hardy motions for the Twist of Fate, but Sheamus powers out.  Cesaro drops Hardy's neck across the top rope before hitting a clothesline on Hardy.  Sheamus leaps off to hit an axe handle to his back before rolling Hardy into the ring.  He locks in a guillotine choke before tagging Cesaro.  They hit a double team kick to the midsection for a two count on Matt Hardy.  Cesaro locks in an arm hold before Hardy fights up.  Sheamus tags in and cuts off Matt Hardy.

Sheamus hits a running knee drop to the chest for a two count.  Sheamus locks in a headlock as Hardy shoulders out of it before hitting a jawbreaker.  Sheamus tags in to Cesaro.  The Swiss Cyborg hits a gutwrench suplex for a two count.  He sets up Hardy on the rope before Sheamus kicks him in the head.  Cesaro gets a two count from it.  Cesaro taunts before kicking Bray off the apron.  Hardy gets a nearfall with a roll-up.  Sheamus tags in as they hit a backbreaker axe handle drop for a two count.  Sheamus pulls up Hardy before taking some shots followed by the Side Effect.  Matt Hardy sees Bray back on the apron and tags out.  Sheamus tags out as well.  Bray takes out Sheamus and hits a big splash in the corner on Cesaro followed by a running crossbody strike from Bray for a two count.  Sheamus charges in to hit a big move to Bray before taking out Matt.  Sheamus and Cesaro hit their dueling White Noise and Cross body move for a two count as Matt Hardy breaks it up!  Sheamus clears him.  He turns and tries for a Brogue Kick, but Bray reverses it.  He hits the Sister Abigail before tagging in Matt Hardy for the elevated Twist of Fate for the three count!

Winners:  The Deleters of Worlds (Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy)

They show a video package showing Jinder Mahal defending his United States Championship against Jeff Hardy leading to this match tonight.

Jeff Hardy makes his way out first as he gets fireworks going off in the sky on the ramp.  He climbs into the ring.  Sunil Singh is announced as he tells the people to stand up and show respect to The Modern Day Maharajah, Jinder Mahal!  He comes out and makes his way down to the ring.


United States Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Jinder Mahal


Jeff Hardy quickly sends out Jinder Mahal out to the floor before hitting a running clothesline from the top of the barricade!  He rolls Jinder back into the ring before climbing up onto the apron.  Sunil grabs his foots as the referee is distracted.  Jinder blindsides him before bringing Jeff Hardy into the ring with some big knee drops.  He whips Jeff into the corners forcefully before locking in a side headlock.  Hardy begins to fight out only to be slammed down back into it.  Hardy is asking for the crowd to aid him.  Hardy fights out and tries for the Twist of Fate that is reversed before they hit a double clothesline floor both men.  They get back to their feet and trade blows before Jinder Mahal tries for a gutbuster that is reversed by Jeff into a double-leg legdrop for a two count.  They get to their feet before Hardy hits a dropkick to floor Mahal.  Hardy misses a Whisper in the Wind as Mahal falls two seconds later?  Hardy hits a springboard dropkick to the bottom turnbuckle.  Hardy goes to the ropes to be caught by Sunil.  Jinder tries for the Khallas, but Jeff rolls through and is caught for a rollup by Jinder for the two count.  Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and follows through with a Swanton Bomb for the three count!

Winner:  Jeff Hardy

They show an advertisement for Make A Wish.  World Wish Day is this Sunday.  Graves asks where Byron leaves for the All-Star Panel to give a breakdown the event so far where it's Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and Booker T.  King says that it's been great and JR calls it spicy from the extra effort.  Saxton says thanks for Jeddah for opening their doors to them.  They show a video package talking about Saudi Arabia.  They throw it backstage where Chris Jericho is shown backstage.  The interviewer asks him if he'll win his first Royal Rumble.  Jericho says that this is the Greatest Royal Rumble and he runs down the long-list of returning legends before making a jab at Mojo Rawley saying his name runs off the tongue.  The interviewer clarifies that his name is Mike and Jericho says that he knows that his name is Tom.  He makes a few jokes making fun of the beard and hair of Mike.  Jericho asks him if he knows what happens when you insist on having a different name.  Jericho pulls up The List and writes his name as well as the camera man.  And the sound guy. And everyone else as he leaves.

We go back to the panel where Booker T says that he's waiting on his invitation. JR picks Braun Strowman to win.  They throw a thanks to the official theme song "When Legends Rise" by Godsmack.  They highlight some of the remaining matches left on the show.

We come back and Daniel Bryan is being interviewed by Mike Rome.  Daniel Bryan says that this is all a privilege.  He says that he's going to win the Greatest Royal Rumble match. YES!  Lawler says that he likes Bryan to win to which Booker says that he has a target on his back.  Byron throws it back to the ring.

The Usos' theme song plays as they make their way to the ring.  The Bludgeon Brothers make their way down to the ring with hammers, belts, masks, and cloaks.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The Usos


Rowan and Jey Uso are starting things off.  Jey starts off with some big blows before getting caught by a dropkick from Rowan.  Rowan drops a knee on Jey before tagging in Harper.  Harper hits a few chops and throat thrusts before tagging in Rowan.  Rowan stomps on Jey in their own corner before choking him with his boot.  Rowan hits a pumphandle backbreaker followed by a running body splash for a two count.  Rowan places his hands on the sides of Jey's heads to apply pressure.  Jey slaps out of the move onto to catch an elbow from Rowan to knock him into their corner.

Jey gets a break only for Harper to tag in.  Harper misses a big boot to the top rope to tumble outside.  Jey Uso is down and rushes over to tag in Jimmy Uso!  Jimmy Uso is a house of fire before hitting some big planchas on Rowan and Harper.  Jimmy Uso brings Harper in and hits a running hip attack in the corner.  Harper rushes past him and hits an elbow strike, no selling the hip attack.  Jimmy gets to his corner and tags in Jey.  They hit a double superkick to Harper before hitting another to Rowan to send him over the top rope.  Harper is nailed by a Superfly splash from the top for a two count.  Rowan pulls out Jey and hits a discus side kick to the head.  Harper takes out Jimmy before Rowan rolls Jey back into the ring.  They hit a whipped elbow shot in the corner before they hoist up Jey.  They hit a big double powerbomb on Jey Uso as Harper pins him for the three count.

Winners:  Bludgeon Brothers

The announcers talk about the next match on the card, a fatal-4-way ladder match as they show a video package.


Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor


The bell sounds as the title is sent up.  They all brawl before Seth Rollins is the last one in the ring.  He slides outside as he and Miz use a ladder to ram Samoa Joe into the apron.  Finn Balor sees an opportunity and leaps over the top rope with a plancha that takes them out.  Joe lifts up the ladder and plants him with it.  Joe slides it into the ring before Balor finally comes back to connect with a moonstomp onto Joe onto the ladder.  Balor and Rollins climb up the ladder before Miz and Joe dump the ladder.  Joe drops Miz with a running kick before slamming Finn on another ladder!  Joe clears the ladder, but another is set up in the corner.  Joe tries to whip Finn into it, but Joe is sent into it.  He falls with the ladder laid across him.  Finn climbs up top, but he's caught by Seth!  Miz comes into the picture onto to catch a Ladder shot from Joe.  Joe grabs Seth in a powerbomb who suplexes Finn from the top.  They are all down as Joe pulls a ladder into the ring.  Miz slides in and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on the ladder!  He sets up the ladder and begins climbing up only Rollins comes up to punch him.  Miz pushes him off.  Finn replaces him pretty quickly as they trade blows on the top of the ladder.  Miz hits a neckbreaker from the ladder before Rollins tries to climb back up!  Miz pushes him over before flooring Rollins.  Rollins, Finn, and Joe eat ladder shots before Finn catches him with a kick.  He lays him down on the ladder before hitting Coup de Grace!  He sets up the ladder and Joe comes in to catch an overhead kick and a double foot stomp!  Finn Balor sets up the ladder and begins climbing up the ladder.  Seth Rollins leaps from the top rope onto the ladder and snatches the title down as Finn can't quite stop him from the other side!

Winner:  Seth Rollins

They show a video package of the tryouts going on in Saudi Arabia.

Four prospects are shown in the ring with Mike Rome.  He introduces them.  Nassar is introduced first.  Hussein is next.  Monsoour is next.  Finally, from Jeddah is Fisal.  Hussein is asked how it went and he says that he's honored that they came to Saudi Arabia.  Monsoour talks about just being a kid with a dream and he says that now his dream has come true.  He talks about them being the first Saudi Arabian superstars.  Ariya Daivari comes out with Shawn Daivari to interrupt them.  Shawn is waving the Iranian flag on the way out.  Ariya grabs a mic and asks if this is what they call athletes in Saudi Arabia.  Ariya tells them that they are pathetic, a trainee, not a real athletes.  Ariya says that real athletes come from the greatest nation, Iran.  Shawn Daivari says some things as well before Monsoour steps up.  Ariya pushes him back.  Monsoour pushes him back as Fisal hits a big kick.  Nassar lifts up Shawn before slamming down Shawn!  Hussein pumps up the crowd before sending Shawn Daivari over the top rope to join his brother.  They raise their hands together as the crowd cheers them on.

They show a video package for AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way down to the ring with his new theme music.  AJ Styles hits the ring as fireworks go off as he enters the ring.


WWE Championship
AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


They do their introductions as AJ Styles hands over his title.  The bell sounds as Shinsuke keeps him away with some kicks, but AJ gets a waistlock.  Shinsuke fights out quick before getting a wrist lock applied.  AJ gets out of it before locking in a wrist lock of his own.  Shinsuke rolls out just the same before rolling out of the ring.  Nakamura gets back in before they lock up.  Styles gets a side headlock before Shinsuke backs him into the ropes.  He taunts Styles as he gets back before Styles charges him back into the ropes again.  Shinsuke does the head-resting-on-chest taunt.  He backs away before telling Styles to come on!  Styles charges him only to get back in the rope again with Shinsuke releasing before cheapshotting the knee of Styles.  He begins stomping on Styles on the apron.  Shinsuke rolls outside to hit the kneelift with Styles draped over the apron.  He hits a leaping knee drop on him on the apron before rolling him back in.  Shinsuke gets a two count.  Nakamura hits a knee shot in the corner before rolling Styles and dropping a knee on his chin.  Shinsuke applies a side headlock.

AJ fights out with a wheelbarrow slam.  AJ hits the running, leaping punch for a two count.  AJ Styles hits a fireman neckbreaker on his knee!  He tries for something, but Shinsuke catches him with a big kick.  He drives some knees into the side of Styles' head.  Shinsuke hits a forward Suplex and tries for the Kinshasa, but Styles reverses it and applies a Calf Crusher!  Shinsuke manages to make it to the ropes to break the hold.  Styles tries to work on the leg, but Shinsuke hits a big kick to the side of his head.  Styles gets into the corner, but Shinsuke charges to eat a boot.  Styles leaps up, but he's caught by Shinsuke who lands him on the top rope.  Running knee lift to Styles on top rope for a two count.  Nakamura plants him back up on the top rope before climbing up with him.  Styles slipped underneath him and yanks the leg of Shinsuke with him to drop Shinsuke's head onto the top rope.  Shinsuke and AJ trade blows as the crowd sides with AJ.  AJ gets the better of the exchange before Shinsuke feints an injury only to sucker AJ in with some strikes!  AJ reverses one to hit his flurry of blows only Shinsuke pulls him into the armbar.  AJ breaks out of the hold before hitting the Pele kick to floor Shinsuke!  AJ gets launched onto the apron.  He tries for the Phenomenal Forearm only Shinsuke ducks as AJ almost hits the referee!  Shinsuke takes advantage of the opportunity to low blow him!  He rolls him up for a two count as AJ got his hand on the ropes!  Shinsuke sets up for the Kinshasa, but AJ blocks it with a kick that sends him outside.  AJ follows him and charges him over the announce table.  He throws Shinsuke into the barricade as the referee calls for the ten!

Winner:  Double Countout

AJ continues to beat up Shinsuke before hitting him with a chair.  AJ Styles climbs into the ring before leaping over the top rope to hit a big dive to take him out.  He hoists up the WWE Championship as we're shown the announce table again.

A video package for The Undertaker is shown before returning to the arena to show a casket set-up by the ring.  Aiden English's voice is heard next.  He says that this is The Undertaker's final day, locked in a casket, and buried away.  He says that we'll celebrate this day on Rusev Day!  Rusev makes his way out.  The gong hits.  The Undertaker makes his way out to the ring putting his hands on the casket before climbing into the ring.


Casket Match
The Undertaker vs. Rusev



The bell sounds as The Undertaker beckons for the casket top to open.  Rusev rolls out of the ring.  The Undertaker follows him and hits a few punches outside.  Rusev is rolled into the ring and catches Undertaker when he comes in.  Rusev begins stomping on Undertaker in the corner before Undertaker catches him and reverses position.  Undertaker climbs up to the top before hitting Old School on Rusev!  The Undertaker throws Rusev through the ropes and he lands on the casket before freaking out and making his way up to the apron.  He comes back down and pulls Undertaker down beneath the ropes.  He punches Undertaker and whips him into the barricade.  He tries for another, but Undertaker reverses it into a different barricade.  Undertaker slams him down on the announce table before rolling Rusev onto the apron.  Leg drop onto the chest of Rusev!  The Undertaker rolls him back into the ring before motioning for the casket top to open.  He rolls Rusev into the casket before Aiden English holds the top open!  The Undertaker rolls out of the ring to warn English who retreats.  Rusev rolls out of the casket as Undertaker rolls back in.  Rusev begins pounding on Undertaker in the corner before they trade blows in the ring.  Rusev gets the better for a few moments only for Undertaker to knock him down with one punch.

The Undertaker is sent into the ropes before Rusev hits a spinning heel kick!  Rusev hits a running elbow before yelling that this is it before locking in The Accolade!  Aiden English is telling Rusev that he needs to put him in the casket.  Rusev tells the casket to open as Undertaker sits up.  Rusev turns around to see The Undertaker who tries to chokeslam him.  They begin trading blows before Rusev hits the ropes only to get caught for a chokeslam!  Rusev is rolled into the casket as Aiden English gets in to save him only to receive a Tombstone Piledriver.  The Undertaker rolls English into the casket before slamming the top shut to win the match.

Winner:  The Undertaker

The announcers talk about the next match which is the Universal Championship match in a steel cage!

Roman Reigns comes out a mixed reaction, although largely negative.  He makes his way to the ring with some fireworks before Brock Lesnar makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman in tow.


Universal Championship Steel Cage Match
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns


The bell sounds as Roman is caught in a German suplex.  Brock hits a second one.  Brock hits a third suplex.  And a fourth.  Brock Lesnar lifts up Roman Reigns before hitting an F-5.  He stands over him with a smirk.  Brock picks him up for another, but Roman fights out with a running Superman punch.  He hits another before motioning for the spear that is caught!  Roman grabs the cage and pulls himself up.  Brock gets up there just as Roman is caught on top of the cage.  Brock smashes Roman on the cage as he falls down to the mat.  Brock climbs up to the top of the cage, but he's slow enough for Roman to grab his legs to pull him back in.  Roman hits a powerbomb to the mat as Brock is back to his knees quickly.  Samoa Joe is shown backstage watching on.  Roman grabs Brock and sends him flying into the steel cage three times.  Spear!  Roman doesn't try for a pin as he sets up another.  Second spear!  Brock begins to stir again as Roman sets up for another that connects!  Roman covers for the two count. 

Roman calls for the door to be open as he makes it towards it.  Roman slams the door in the face of Roman as he's blasted back into the cage into the arms of Brock.  F-5 for a two count.  Paul slides in a steel chair.  Brock pulls off the gloves to reveal his bare hands.  He lifts up the chair, but he's nailed by a spear for a two count!  Roman eyes the steel chair before lifting it up to crack across the back of Brock Lesnar!  He lays it into him several more times.  Roman punches the mat before hitting another Superman punch!  Roman runs towards Brock and spears him THROUGH the steel cage as both men hit the floor!  The referee talks to the announcer before Brock is announced as hitting the floor first!

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

They show the card for the upcoming Backlash show before showing the new shows coming to the WWE Network and new episodes.  They also show that the winner of the Royal Rumble get a large trophy and a title belt!  The 50-Man Royal Rumble Match is up next!

The announcer explains the rules of the Royal Rumble match as a graphic comes across the screen.


50-Man Royal Rumble Match


Entrant #1 is Daniel Bryan!  Entrant #2 is Dolph Ziggler!

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring with a loud pop from the crowd!  Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring as the bell sounds.  They tie it up before Bryan is trying to dump him over the top rope.  Dolph escapes and takes him into the corner.  He tries to lift him over the top rope, but Daniel Bryan fires back only to eat a dropkick. Dolph nearly eliminates him again.

Entrant #3 is Sin Cara!

Sin Cara flies into the ring hitting a springboard moonsault to take out both men before hitting a springboard crossbody to take out Bryan.  Sin Cara is lifted to the apron before hitting a kick to the side of his head before hitting a Swanton from the top!  Sin Cara is taken out by Dolph Ziggler as he goes over too but catches himself!


Entrant #4 is Curtis Axel!

Curtis Axel beats down on Dolph and Daniel.  He hits a few big blows on Dolph in the corner before the timer starts up again.

Entrant #5 is Mark Henry!

He slowly makes his way out as Axel is trying to eliminate Daniel Bryan in the corner.  Bryan is caught in the ropes as Mark makes his way into the ring.  He sets Axel onto the apron before headbutting Axel over the top rope to the floor!

ELIMINATED:  Curtis Axel

Entrant #6 is Mike Kanellis!

Mike Kanellis enters the ring and is eliminated instantly by Mark Henry.  Daniel Bryan leaps on Henry's back only to take a beating in the corner for it.

ELIMINATED:  Mike Kanellis!

Entrant #7 is Hiroki Sumi!

He's from Japan and is a Sumo Wrestler!  Sumi gets into the ring and sizes up with Mark Henry!  He tries to hit Henry only for Henry to catch him and bring him to the rope to eliminate him!  Mark Henry is thrown out by Bryan and Dolph as eight is on the way!

Entrant #8 is Viktor!

ELIMINATED:  Hiroki Sumi & Mark Henry

Viktor charges them to knock them down before sitting Daniel Bryan on the apron before he grabs the arm of Viktor and drags him over the top rope to the floor!


Entrant #9 is Kofi Kingston!

Kofi Kingston comes into the ring to knock down both men and try for the Boom Boom Drop only for Bryan to catch him with some kicks to stop that.  Daniel continues kicking both men as Tony Nese's music hits!

Entrant #10 is Tony Nese!

Tony Nese grabs Kofi Kingston and tries to dump him out after hitting some big aerial offense as he comes into the ring.  Dolph is trying to eliminate Kofi as Bryan catches Tony Nese from behind.

Entrant #11 is Dash Wilder!

Dash runs in and instantly tries to eliminate Tony Nese.  Dash hits Nese hard before hitting a big elbow to Daniel Bryan!  Tony Nese is working on Kofi Kingston as Dolph is taking a break in the corner.

Entrant #12 is Hornswoggle!

He helps eliminate Dash Wilder from the outside before getting into the ring.  He gets a handshake with Kofi Kingston before kicking him in the shin.  He hits a Samoan Drop.  He climbs to the top rope for a Tadpole Splash, but Dolph superkicks him down to the apron.  Nese is trying to eliminate him, but he fights out.  Dolph grabs him only to be bitten by Hornswoggle!  Nese knees him out of the ring!

ELIMINATED:  Dash Wilder & Hornswoggle

Entrant #13 is Primo Colon!

Primo comes in and botches an aerial move before Nese catches him and brings him back in.  Bryan hits a tornado DDT on Kofi.  They continue to brawl as the timer counts down.

Entrant #14 is Xavier Woods!

Primo nearly eliminates Woods who lands on the apron before Kofi is lifted over and lands on Woods!  Primo tries to pry the fingers of Xavier off the ropes but Kofi punches Primo back.  They climb to the top rope and Kofi leaps off of Woods to take out everyone!  Tony Nese gets to his feet to dance with them only for them to lift him up and send him right over the top rope!


Entrant #15 is Bo Dallas!

Bo comes into the ring with a flurry of blows to people before targeting Xavier Woods in the corner.  They continue fighting until the timer pops back up.

Entrant #16 is Kurt Angle!

Angle slides into the ring to hit a release German suplex to everyone who wants one!  Kurt Angle grabs Bo Dallas and sends him over the top rope.  He grabs Primo and sends him over the top rope to the floor as well!  Dolph catches him with a superkick!  He charges Angle by the ropes who catches him to hit a release belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope to the floor!  The New Day try to team up on him for a moment before the timer pops up.

ELIMINATED:  Bo Dallas, Primo Colon, Dolph Ziggler

Entrant #17 is Scott Dawson!

Scott Dawson slides into the ring and begins working over Kurt Angle as The New Day try to eliminate Daniel Bryan.  Dawson is chopping Angle in the corner as the timer counts down.

Entrant #18 is Goldust!

Goldust throws Woods over the top rope, but he lands on the apron to take a blow.  Goldust tries to eliminate Daniel Bryan on the apron.  Bryan hits a sunset flip into the ring.

Entrant #19 is Konnor!

He comes in and tries to eliminate Kofi, but Xavier Woods saves him.  They continue to team up on Konnor as Goldust is trying to eliminate Bryan while Dawson and Angle continue battling on.  Woods tries to take down Angle, but it fails.

Entrant #20 is Elias!

He comes out with his guitar and asks the crowd who wants to Walk With Elias.  He says that all of these people came to see Elias.  He says that they know what the rest of the world knows that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.  He says Elias Is Universal before strumming his guitar.  He slides into the ring and eliminates Konnor, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods!

ELIMINATED:  Konnor, Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods

Entrant #21 is Luke Gallows!

Daniel Bryan takes down Kurt Angle before hitting some YES! kicks!  He tries for another, but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock!  Bryan is hit with an Angle Slam before he's taken out by Elias!


Entrant #22 is Rhyno!

Gallows sets up Bryan on the top rope before stepping away.  Dawson fights him there as Rhyno and Luke fight it out in the corner!  Elias is trying to eliminate Goldust as the timer goes!

Entrant #23 is Drew Gulak!

Drew Gulak goes right after Bryan in the corner before Dawson gets in his way.  They begin trading blows and shots in the corner as everyone switches dancing partners. 

Entrant #24 is Tucker Knight!

One part of NXT's Heavy Machinery, Tucker Knight comes in and begins STOMPING on Scott Dawson.  Drew Gulak climbs onto the back of Tucker Knight to slow him down only to get dumped out fairly shortly thereafter.  The timer starts up again.

Entrant #25 is Bobby Roode!

He races to the ring before sliding into the meet Elias.  Dawson catches a spinebuster before climbing to the top rope to hit a Blockbuster!  Goldust is sent out of the ring and eliminated by Bobby Roode.  Inverted atomic drop to Dawson.  Roode whips him into the corner where he folds over the top rope and to the floor!

ELIMINATED:  Goldust & Scott Dawson

Entrant #26 is Fandango!

Fandango comes in and gets double teamed by Gallows and Rhyno!  Elias is nearly eliminated by Tucker Knight and Daniel Bryan.

Entrant #27 is Chad Gable!

He comes in and lifts up Tucker Knight in an electric chair drop!  Bryan begins chopping down the tree of Gable with kicks.  He sets up Gable on the top rope as the next entrant comes out!

Entrant #28 is Rey Mysterio!

Rey comes in and begins hitting some big shots to Gallows before sending him out of the ring with a hurricanrana!  Rey pulls Roode into the 619, but he's caught by Fandango who shoves him into Chad Gable with a swinging DDT!

ELIMINATED:  Luke Gallows

Entrant #29 is Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley comes into the ring and blindsides Fandango quickly to eliminate him.  Mojo goes after Gable and headbutts him.  He's trying to eliminate him with Rey as Elias and Bryan duke it out in the ring.


Entrant #30 is Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze talks to Fandango for a moment before getting into the ring.  Mojo rushes at Breeze who leaps into the arms of Fandango!  He puts him back on the apron as Mojo just shoves him to the floor to eliminate him.  Gable hits a big suplex in the center of the ring.

ELIMINATED:  Tyler Breeze

Entrant #31 is Big E!

He rushes down to the ring, but stops there to pull out some pancakes and throw some at Tucker Knight.  Knight bats them away only to get caught in an abdominal stretch.  Knight goes off on him only to receive a Big Ending and be thrown out of the ring.  Big E throws some pancakes for the road.  He then moves to eliminate Bobby Roode. 

ELIMINATED:  Tucker Knight

Entrant #32 is Karl Anderson!

He hits a big kick in the corner to Daniel Bryan before hitting Roode with a big spinebuster!  Big E flattens him as Rey Mysterio hits a big 619 on Bobby Roode.

Entrant #33 is Apollo Crews!

Crews comes into the ring and flattens Gable before hitting the standing moonsault and sending Chad Gable over the top rope and to the floor!  Crews and Bryan begin trading blows.


Entrant #34 is Roderick Strong!

He comes running into the ring before hitting chops on everyone.  he grabs Elias and hits a big dropkick.  He hits a backbreaker on Roode and another on Anderson and one more on Rey.  He lifts up Big E to hit a gutbuster!  Roderick Strong hits a running knee strike to send Rhyno out of the ring!


Entrant #35 is Randy Orton!

Orton slides into the ring before hitting a big RKO out of nowhere on Crews who leaps off the second rope!  Anderson is dumped out as is Mojo Rawley!  He throws out Apollo Crews as well.

ELIMINATED:  Karl Anderson, Mojo Rawley, & Apollo Crews

Entrant #36 is Heath Slater!

Slater nearly eliminates Elias as he comes in, but Elias kicks him right in the face.  Orton and Rey continue fighting as Roode kicks Bryan in the center of the ring. 

Entrant #37 is Babatunde!

This large man from NXT climbs into the ring before chopping down everyone and shouldertackles Roode to the ground.  He begins choking out Bryan with his boot.

Entrant #38 is Baron Corbin!

Corbin grabs Elias and drags him outside before slamming him into the steel steps!  He climbs into the ring and hits a Deep Six on Rey Mysterio.  He hits a clothesline on Roode.  Roode tries for the Glorious DDT before being sent out by Corbin.  Corbin throws out Roderick Strong as well!

ELIMINATED:  Bobby Roode & Roderick Strong

Entrant #39 is Titus O'Neal!

He comes into the ring and is torn up by the announce team as he slipped on his way into the ring and slid all the way under the ring.

Entrant #40 is Dan Matha!

Dan Matha came into the ring and begins stomping on Rey Mysterio!  Slater is about to eliminate Bryan when Orton saves him! 

Entrant #41 is Braun Strowman!

He gets into the ring just to eliminate Babatunde, Dan Matha, and Big E.  Elias is nearly eliminated by Braun.  Slater leaps off the top rope only to be caught by Braun.  He sends him flying over the rope onto Matha and Big E to be eliminated.

ELIMINATED:  Babatunde, Dan Matha, Big E, & Heath Slater

Entrant #42 is Tye Dillinger!

Everyone is trying to eliminate Braun, but he breaks out of it and tosses out Tye Dillinger and Titus O'Neal!  Rey hits a 619 on Braun into an RKO!  Baron Corbin throws out Rey who is dumped out by Randy Orton who is dumped out by Elias!  Elias turns around and is chokeslammed by Braun.

ELIMINATED:  Titus O'Neal, Tye Dillinger, Rey Mysterio, Baron Corbin, & Randy Orton

Entrant #43 is Curt Hawkins!

He comes to the ring and decides he's rather run away.  He runs up the ramp before Braun catches him and flattens him.  He throws him back in the ring before shoulderblocking Bryan and Elias.  He steps into the ring and throws out Hawkins.  Elias comes in and begins working over Braun after he misses with a charging shoulder into the corner.

ELIMINATED:  Curt Hawkins

Entrant #44 is Bobby Lashley!

Bobby Lashley charges into the ring and eliminates Elias!  Bobby Lashley and Braun trade blows before Bryan comes in and hits running dropkicks in the corner as the timer counts down.


Entrant #45 is The Great Khali!

The Great Khali comes in and chops everyone before trying for a double-arm Chokeslam to Bryan!  Only Braun and Bobby catch him and dump him over the top rope.

Entrant #46 is Kevin Owens!

He comes down into the ring and begins unloading on everyone!  He tries to eliminate Daniel Bryan as their feud continues on.

Entrant #47 is Shane McMahon!

He enters the ring and begins trading blows with Kevin Owens!  Shane gets the better of it with a leaping elbow to floor him.  He begins throwing kicks to Owens.  Shane hits a big DDT on Owens.  He gets to his feet and squares off with Bryan before they give alternating YES kicks to Owens!

Entrant #48 is Shelton Benjamin!

Shelton unloads on everyone before being thrown away by Braun Strowman!  Shelton hits the dragon whip kick to Shane followed by being tossed away by Strowman!  Kevin Owens tells everyone that we have to get him out, talking about Braun Strowman!  They all try to take out Braun, but they can't.   He blasts them all out as the next entrant enters the ring.

Entrant #49 is Big Cass!

Big Cass is tripped by Kevin Owens as he's blasted away.  Big Cass takes out Daniel Bryan and Braun.  Shelton hits a big knee to Strowman as Shane hits Coast to Coast on Strowman!  Braun rolls out of the ring underneath the ropes.  Cass continues stomping away on Daniel Bryan before hitting an avalanche splash on Owens.

Entrant #50 is Chris Jericho!

Jericho and Owens instantly go after it before Jericho hits an elbow followed by a Lionsault!  Jericho nearly eliminates Cass with a springboard dropkick!  Shelton Benjamin is eliminated by Jericho!  Jericho puts on a Walls of Jericho!  Big Cass breaks it up with a big boot to the face of Jericho!  Bryan hits a bunch of Yes kicks to Owens in the corner.  Lashley picks up Cass and drops him with a brainbuster!  Shane McMahon climbs up, but he's thrown out of the ring by Strowman through the announce table!  Lashley is caught by Braun and dropped out of the ring!  Jericho is thrown out by Braun Strowman!  Owens is thrown out as well!  Big Cass big boots Daniel Bryan before eliminating him leaving only Big Cass and Braun Strowman!  Braun Strowman is nearly eliminated by Big Cass!  Big Cass is crotched on the top rope before getting shoulder blocked to the floor by Braun Strowman!


After the match, Braun Strowman is in the ring with Vince McMahon and another gentleman.  The man from Saudi Arabia gives Braun Strowman a green title as he raises it above his head.  Fireworks go off atop the arena as the show comes to a close.

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