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JBL Defends WWE Hosting Show In Saudi Arabia

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Apr 27, 2018

JBL Defends WWE Hosting Show In Saudi Arabia

Former WWE Champion John 'Bradshaw' Layfield has defended WWE's decision to host a Pay Per View in Saudi Arabia, despite the country's strict laws against women. 

Speaking to Fox Business, the former WWE Champion said that the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is trying to create diversity. 

He said: "One way you do this is you bring the WWE. Because these fans that now will become fans of the WWE will go on the website and they will see that the women there they are treated as equals."

A BBC article from 2017 revealed over 40,000 websites are currently banned in Saudi Arabia, though it is unknown if WWE.com is on this list. 

The Wrestling God also stated that introducing WWE in Saudi Arabia is similar to the opening of iconic western-restaurant McDonald's in China, which first took place in 1990. 

"When you wanted to open up China, you send in McDonald's. You send in companies like this. Capitalism works in breaking down barriers," he told host Stuart Varney. 

Last year, Prince bin Salman father, King Salman ordered a reform in the royal decree, allowing women the chance to obtain driving licences for the first time in the country's history. 

The Greatest Royal Rumble will take place today at the King Abdullah stadium and will air live on the WWE Network. 


Source: FOX Business Tags: #wwe #greatest royal rumble #jbl

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