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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (4/24) Louisville, Kentucky

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 24, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (4/24) Louisville, Kentucky

Welcome to the live coverage for 205 Live from Louisville, Kentucky!  Tonight there is a gauntlet match to decide who will fight Cedric Alexander Friday at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia!

We open the show with Drake Maverick highlighting the five people in this gauntlet including Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Mustafa Ali, TJP, and Kalisto!

We come back to see Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness who are explaining how gauntlet matches work.  They explain that this match was created as a result of Buddy Murphy not making the weight.


Gauntlet Match:  Match One

Mustafa Ali vs. TJP


The bell sounds as they circle around.  They lock fingers before releasing and TJP pushes Ali into the ropes and does a dab on him.  Ali wrenches his arm as punishment before locking in an armlock.  TJP slides out of the hold before getting a pin for one.  They get to their feet before Ali hits an armdrag and locks in that arm hold again.  Ali is pushed towards the corner where he springs back over him.  They hit the rope before Ali hits a backslide for a two count.  TJP hits a sunset flip that Ali just rolls through before feinting a kick.  He leaps over him as he covers and kicks him in the back of his head.  They get to their feet before TJP takes a walk to the outside of the ring.  He holds his jaw as the referee gets up to a five counts before Ali slides out.  TJP slides in as he does.  Ali catches his foot, but TJP sucker punches him.  He then applies an Octopus Stretch in the ropes as the referee counts him down to three before he releases.  TJP rolls him back into the ring before covering for a two count.  TJP slowly raises up Ali before slamming his head into the turnbuckle.

A pop-up comes up with Cedric Alexander as he’s being interviewed.  He says that Buddy made a mistake by not cutting weight and he’ll have something for him when he comes back.  He also says that this is The Age of Alexander and he’s ready for whoever wins this gauntlet.

In the ring, TJP is applying a straight jacket backbreaker submission.  Ali flips over into a pin for two before they get to their feet.  TJP hits a knee followed by a Russian Leg Sweep into a two count before turning it into a Goji Clutch.  Ali breaks out of the hold before hitting some chops to TJP.  TJP is hit by a big hurricanrana.  TJP gets up and manages to whip Ali into the corner before getting caught with a kick to the head.  Ali rolls through the ropes and leaps up for a facesmash into the mat for two.  TJP whips Ali into the corner turnbuckle before rolling him up for two.  TJP gets to the top rope, but he’s caught by a big right hand.  Ali climbs up, but he’s pushed off for a backflip.  TJP dives for a dropkick that catches him right on the knee before turning it into his kneebar!  Ali crawls towards the bottom rope and manages to grab that rope.  TJP removes his gloves and tries for the kneebar again, but Ali punches him.  TJP doesn’t relinquish his hold before ramming him into the corner.  Ali gets a boot to the face before springing off the second rope for a tornado DDT!  Ali pulls TJP to the corner before hitting the 0-5-4 for the three count!

Winner of Match One:  Mustafa Ali


Mustafa Ali is selling the knee as Drew Gulak is coming out next!


Gauntlet Match:  Match Two

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak


Drew Gulak asks Mustafa Ali if he’s hurt before attacking his knee.  Ali manages to evade and roll him up for a one count.  They get to their feet before Gulak hits a body slam with Ali’s legs hitting the top rope.  Ali rolls outside to where Gulak charges him.  Ali hits a drop toe hold to catch him before rolling Gulak into the ring.  Ali hits a big crossbody, but Gulak rolls through into a single-leg Boston crab.  Ali gets out of the hold with a roll through, but he’s flattened by a big lariat from Gulak.  Drew Gulak rests his ankle on the bottom rope before stomping on the injured knee.

Another pop-in video appears to highlight the Greatest Royal Rumble as Gulak applies a chinlock with a leg hooked.

Ali fights out, but he’s hit with a flapjack move for a two count.  Gulak applies another submission before wrenching the leg to the mat forcefully for a two count.  Gulak pulls Ali up as Ali continues to throw rights.  Gulak catches a crossbody attempt by Mustafa before applying another single-leg Boston Crab.  Ali manages to get to a feet before connecting with an enzuigiri that knocks Gulak to the mat.  Gulak charges towards him in the corner before catching a kick to the side of his head.  Ali tries for the rolling facesmash, but he’s caught and brought up into a powerbomb!  Gulak holds him in that position for a pin before rolling him into another single-leg Boston crab with the arm of Ali pinned behind him!  Ali begins to climb and gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Gulak shows some frustration with the referee before yanking Ali up by his hair and slams his head into the top turnbuckle.  Gulak asks Ali if he likes highflying before bringing him to the top rope.

“It’s dangerous up there!” says Gulak before slapping him and working on his knee over the rope.  Ali hits a big shot to the back of Gulak’s head before locking in a single-leg Boston crab in the ropes!  Gulak falls to the outside before Ali leaps for a huge crossbody that takes him out.  Ali seems to have hurt his knee in that move.  He lifts up Gulak and rolls him into the ring.  As Ali gingerly gets into the ring, Gulak chops the knee out from underneath Ali.  Drew Gulak tries for his Gu-Lock (Dragon Sleeper), but Ali gets out of it before kicking him in the head.  Ali hits a big springboard tornado DDT.  He tries for the 0-5-4, but he takes too much with his injured knee.  Gulak gets up and takes out his legs as Ali’s head smashes outside on the steel steps.  Gulak rolls him back into the ring and locks in the Gu-Lock as Ali isn’t responding.  The referee calls it!

Winner of Match Two:  Drew Gulak


Tony Nese rushes down to the ring as he's up next!


Gauntlet Match:  Match Three

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese


Nese charges into the ring and takes down Gulak with some heavy shots before hitting a big gorilla press.  Gulak rolls out of the ring before Nese throws Gulak into the separate barricades.  He pulls Gulak up on the apron before hitting some big chops.  He throws Gulak over the announce table before throwing him into the front of the table.  The crowd chants "One More Time!" as the referee yells at the men to get back into the ring.  Nese rolls Gulak into the ring before talking trash by telling him that he's on Gulak's level.  Gulak slaps him before Nese charges him with a running elbow strike.  Nese yells out in anger before lifting up Gulak.  Gulak sends him to the apron and tries for a charge which Nese avoids.  Nese kicks in the chest to knock him into the ring.  Nese tries for his springboard moonsault, but Gulak rolls out of the way out of the ring.  Nese lands on his feet and slides out to connect with a huge discuss forearm strike.  Nese rolls him into the ring in the corner.  Nese talks some more trash in the corner before stomping him in the corner.  He backs up and hits a running knee to the head.  He pulls him out and seems to have the win, but he sets him up in the corner for another strike.  Gulak moves out of the way.  Nese tries to pick him up, but Gulak reverses into the Gu-Lock!  Nese fights for a few seconds before tapping out.

Winner of Match Three:  Drew Gulak


The crowd chants "You Tapped Out!" before Kalisto comes out as the final competitor.


Gauntlet Match:  Match Four

Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto


Drew Gulak rolls out of the ring a few times to gain his energy as Kalisto charges him.  Gulak is utilizing all of the ten count before sliding back in.  Kalisto charges him as Gulak rolls out yet again.  This happens yet again.  Gulak waits until Kalisto turns his back before charging only to receive a kick to the head.  Kalisto chops him outside on the barricade before doing some "Lucha" taunts before kicking him in the side of his head.  He climbs back into the ring before hitting a swinging dropkick to knock Gulak back.  Kalisto tries for a suicide dive, but Gulak redirects him right into the barricade.  A count of nine is reached as Gulak is already back in the ring.  Kalisto barely makes it in!

In another picture-in-picture, Tony Nese is asked about how disappointed he is about tonight and he just glares at her before leaving.

Gulak hits a snap suplex for a two count inside of the ring.  Gulak hits some stomps to Kalisto before applying an arm hold with some swinging shots to the side of Kalisto's head.  Gulak transitions into a side headlock.  Kalisto hits some shots to the midsection.  They both try for a knee shot that stalemates.  Kalisto hits a tilt-awhirl headscissors.  Kalisto tries for a DDT off the top rope, but Gulak blocks it.  He tries for the Gu-Lock, but Kalisto doesn't let him lock it in.  Kalisto gets to his feet, still partially in the hold before hitting the Salida Del Sol!  Kalisto hooks his legs for the three count!

Winner of Match Four and the Gauntlet and new #1 Contender:  Kalisto

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik run down to the ring to celebrate with Kalisto before Cedric Alexander's music hits.  He comes onto the ramp to clap and congratulate him as they stand off.

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