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Rusev Says The Undertaker Is A Little Bit Past His Prime

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Apr 12, 2018

Rusev Says The Undertaker Is A Little Bit Past His Prime

 Rusev vs. The Undertaker in a Casket Match was originally announced for WWE's huge Greatest Royal Rumble event on Friday, April 27th from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Rusev has since been replaced by Chris Jericho.

A new video of TMZ Sports catching up with Lana and Rusev for comments on the Casket Match. Rusev says he is not afraid because The Dead Man is a legend. 

"He is a legend of WWE but so am I. It's Rusev Day, you know? Undertaker is kind of a little bit in the past."

The reporter asked if Taker's past his prime or not.

"Just a little bit. I haven't even peaked at my prime yet."

Lana added that Rusev will obviously crush The Undertaker because he's stronger, faster and just better. Rusev agreed with Lana.

"I'm obviously going to crush him. The only thing that's a little bit worrying to me is it's a Casket Match," Rusev added. "I've never had a Casket Match before, I've never been buried before. So he's got an advantage there but then again, it's Rusev Day, bro."

Source: TMZ Sports Tags: #wwe #rusev #the undertaker

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