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WWE NXT Takeover: New Orleans Results (4/7)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 07, 2018

WWE NXT Takeover:  New Orleans Results (4/7)

Welcome to the live coverage of NXT Takeover:  New Orleans!  Join us for the live coverage for the show at 8 EST!  The match card is as follows:

  • NXT Championship:  Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs. Aleister Black
  • NXT Women Championship:  Ember Moon vs. Shayna Baszler
  • NXT Tag Team Championship:  The Undisputed Era vs. Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne
  • North American Championship:  The Velveteen Dream vs. Killian Dain vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Adam Cole vs. EC3 vs. Ricochet
  • Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The show opens to a dark arena as the crowd begins to chant “NXT!”  A band named Cane Hill is shown playing on the stage as a video package is shown on the screen highlighting the matches.  It transitions to the title screen for NXT Takeover.


North American Championship Ladder Match
EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Killian Dain vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Adam Cole vs. Ricochet


All six men are in the ring as the bell sounds.  They all are hesitant before EC3 slides out of the ring.  Ricochet is teamed up on and the rest of the ring is cleared except for Killian Dain and Lars.  They stand off for a moment before EC3 roots them on.  They both begin teaming up on him before the rest come in.  They power all of them down before Ricochet leaps off the top rope to the outside with a shooting star press!  Ricochet sets up a ladder in the ring, but Dream hits him with a blow before moving the ladder.  Ricochet catches him off guard before hitting a hurricanrana!  Ricochet tries for a springboard move, but Dream catches him on it as he falls outside.  He tries to climb, but Cole catches him and stomps him in the corner.  Cole knocks Dain off the apron before climbing up the ladder.  EC3 takes control with some big moves before Lars comes in and lays out everyone with some big big power moves.  Killian Dain runs off the ropes and hits Lars with a suicide dive!  Dain catches both Ricochet and Dream before Cole hits a big boot to flatten him.  Dain and Cole hit some big hits on Ricochet before Dream gets in to separate the groups.  Dream holds Ricochet for EC3 to hit some strikes to him.  Lars walks into the ring with a ladder above his head before chunking it into the ring to hit everyone.  He brutalizes everyone with the ladder!  Lars lays down a ladder before gorilla presses Dream onto the ladder!  Lars sets up the ladder and begins to climb up.  Ricochet climbs up the other side and begins throwing blows before hitting the sunset flip, but he’s not strong enough.  EC3 and Dream try to help to no avail! 

Cole climbs up and punches him down and tries to climb.  Dain yanks him down and hits a headbutt.  He pushes down the standing ladder, but Ricochet charges him before being flipped over his shoulder onto a set up ladder!  He’s knocked down by Lars only for Cole and EC3 to team up.  They stab Sullivan in the corner with a ladder charge.  They set up a ladder on the outside and whip Dain into it.  They get into the ring before EC3 steals Cole’s taunt.  He doesn’t appreciate it and hits a move onto the ladder before delivering superkicks to everyone and doing his own taunt.  Dream takes him down and begins hitting Purple Rainmaker elbow drops!  He grabs a ladder and Lars chokes him in the corner with a ladder.  He rushes to hit an Avalanche but Dream pushes the ladder into him.  Velveteen Dream sets up the tall ladder and hits a Purple Rainmaker elbow from the top onto Sullivan!  He sets up the ladder, but EC3 hits a powerbomb onto the ladder set up in the corner!  EC3 begins climbing, but Cole yanks him down.  They both climb up before EC3 hits a TKO to take out Cole!  He begins climbing again, but Dain yanks him down to hit a big bicycle kick.  Killian Dain begins to climb, but Cole pulls him down.  Dain takes him out and EC3.  He lays a ladder on EC3 before hitting a running senton.  He climbs up to the top, but Cole catches him with a sleeper hold.  Dain hits a Vader bomb onto a ladder laying atop EC3 with Adam Cole on his back!  Lars and Killian Dain get up, but Ricochet interrupts it.  He hits some big kicks to both men.  Lars catches Ricochet and throws him across the ring.  Dain yanks him up and throws him back!  Dain tries for a running body splash, but Lars catches him in midair and drops him for a World’s Strongest Slam.  He sets up a ladder, but Ricochet interrupts him.  He kicks him in the head and begins to climb up.  Lars tips the ladder and Ricochet backflips off of it onto three men outside.  Ricochet climbs into the ring and takes out Lars with a springboard clothesline. 

EC3 comes in, but Ricochet knocks him onto a ladder before hitting a shooting star press!  Ricochet is attacked by Dream as they set up the ladders positioned between the second and top rope and between rungs of the ladder.  Dream hits a cartwheel slam on the ladder!  They both go outside in pain!  A ladder is set up connecting the barricade to the ring.  Dream is set up on the ladder as Lars hits a Rock Bottom on EC3 through Dream through a ladder!  Another ladder is set up as Dain grabs Cole in his arms and leaps out to sit on Ricochet through a ladder!  Everyone is down!  Finally the giants get up and move into the ring.  They set up a ladder in the center of the ring and trade blows before EC3 sets up another ladder beside theirs.  Him and Cole climb up it and trade blows.  Dream climbs in and sets up another ladder beside theirs as Ricochet climbs up.  EC3 knocks Cole down.  Cole climbs up and hits a Russian Leg sweep down to the ground.  Dain and Lars fall down before Ricochet hits a neckbreaker on Dream to the floor!  Lars Sullivan hits another Rock Bottom from the middle of the ladder to the floor on Killian Dain.  Lars is bleeding as Ricochet leaps from the top rope and tackles Lars to the ground!  Ricochet climbs up the set up ladder, but Adam Cole tips the ladder and climbs up!  Adam Cole grabs the title!

WINNER:  Adam Cole

A video package for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar is shown before Andrade is shown backstage.


NXT Women’s Championship
Ember Moon © vs. Shayna Baszler


Ember Moon comes out with a band singing her theme song.  She dances with the lead singer for a moment before making her way to the ring.  Shayna makes her way down to the ring and shows Ronda and Jessamyn Duke in the audience.

The match starts quickly as they tumble outside before Moon whips Shayna into the steel steps!  They move back into the ring as Ember hits a leaping codebreaker for two!  Moon locks in a crossface, but Shayna finds the ropes.  They move outside as Ember tries for a running kick, but Shayna yanks her down onto the apron.  They move back into the ring before Shayna hits a gutwrench suplex for a two count!  Shayna drives a knee into the side of Ember before lifting her up which Moon reverses with a hurricanrana.  Moon hits a running handstand into an elbow strike!  Shayna hits a leaping knee strike.  They both slowly get to their feet before Moon hits a running dropkick to floor Shayna.  Shayna gets up to her knees before Moon hits a sliding blackout for two.  Moon tries for a springboard cross body, but Shayna ducks out of the way.  Shayna steps on the hand of Moon, but she slips away to hit a basement dropkick.  Moon steps on Shayna’s hand and stomps on her set up arm.  Moon climbs to the top rope, but Shayna hits the ropes to knock her down and stomps into her back.  She falls laying atop it before Shayna hits some dropkicks to her back.  Shayna pops her shoulder back into place?

Shayna tries to attack Ember on the rope, but she kicks her off.  Moon leaps off the top for the corkscrew stunner on the outside!  They both go into the ring after a close ten count.  Shayna locks in the rear naked choke, but Ember breaks it by attacking the arm.  Shayna turns it into a triangle choke, but Moon slams her with a bomb for a two count!  Moon climbs to the top rope again, but she’s caught into a rear naked choke again!  Moon almost gets to the ropes, but Shayna rolls away.  Moon is attacking the arm in the hold, but she’s fading.  Moon tries for a pin, but to no avail.  Moon passes out as we have a new champion!

WINNER:  Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler celebrates with Ronda Rousey and Jessamyn Duke before moving up the ramp.

A preview for Wrestling With My Family is shown based on Paige's family featuring The Rock.

Adam Cole is shown backstage being tended to by the doctors.  He says that he’s not sure if he can do the tag team title defense.  Aleister Black is shown backstage getting ready for the main event.

A video package is shown for the NXT Tag Team Championship match.


NXT Tag Team Championship and Finals for Dusty Rhodes Classic
The Undisputed Era © vs. Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne


The Authors of Pain, Roderick Strong, and Pete Dunne are in the ring before Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly make their way out hesitantly.  Jeff Jarrett and Dustin Rhodes are shown in the crowd.  Everyone is in the ring at one time in this match.  The bell sounds as The Authors of Pain instantly take out Cole.  They hit hip tosses on Strong and Dunne.  Kyle hits a big knee on Rezar, but they quickly outnumber him and hits a combination suplex/powerbomb for two.  Cole breaks it up and they just stare at him.  They throw him out of the ring and clear off a table.  Cole tries to escape a double powerbomb, but he’s unsuccessful as he goes through an announce table.  Kyle O’Reilly takes advantage and takes them out with high knees.  Dunne locks in a double wrist lock in the center of the ring.  Kyle hits some big strikes before flooring Dunne.  Strong hits a chop before catching O’Reilly with a backbreaker.  The AOP return to the ring, but one is cut off with a knee.  Strong takes out the other with a clothesline over the rope before hitting a Rock Bottom into a backbreaker for two on Kyle!  Kyle locks in a triangle lock, but one of the AOP guys is caught by an ankle lock by Kyle!  The other AOP members powerbombs Dunne onto the combination submission to break it up!  Actually, this isn’t a tornado tag as the AOP begin using the apron and tagging out.  One hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex before Kyle O’Reilly comes back in with a series of strikes before eating a belly to bell suplex.  Kyle pops back up, flexes, and falls out of the ring.

Roderick Strong is being overpowered in the ring by The Authors of Pain.   They set up for the Final Chapter before Kyle O’Reilly comes in to stop it.  Strong crawls to his corner and finally tags in Pete Dunne!  Dunne is stopped by Dunne who hits the flip over flip in the corner and hits a kick to the back of his neck.  Dunne takes out Akam before getting a two count!  Kyle and Pete trade hard punches.  Akam takes out both men with a running lariat.  AOP picks them up and hits a running powerbomb into each other.  They hit a Final Chapter on Kyle, but Strong breaks up the pin.  Strong avoids Rezar after being sent into his tag team partner!  Strong hits an Angle Slam for two.  Strong tags in Pete Dunne, but Kyle grabs his leg on the top rope.  Strong hits a suplex onto the apron before Dunne leaps off for a moonstomp onto Kyle on the apron.  Dunne and Strong hit the Bitter End of Heartache on Akam.  Rezar breaks up the pin.  They clear the ring before Dunne goes for the pin on Kyle O’Reilly after hitting The Bitter End, but Strong breaks it up!  Strong hits The End of Heartache on Dunne before pulling Kyle O’Reilly on top for the three count!

WINNERS:  The Undisputed Era

A video package is shown for Ronda/Angle vs. Triple H/Stephanie.


NXT Championship
Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas vs. Aleister Black


The bell sounds as Black explodes with a flurry of blows.  Almas leaves outside, but Black teases a suicide dive before flipping back into the ring.  He hits a springboard moonsault to the outside onto Almas!  Vega distracts Black long enough for Almas to get the advantage.  Black quickly takes back control with a octopus stretch.  Almas holds him into a pin for a two count.  They move outside as Almas slides back in and distracts the referee.  Vega hits a hurricanrana into the steps which Almas takes advantage of for a two count.  Back into the ring, Almas hits a backbreaker in the ropes for a two count.  Almas hits a draping arm bar on the ropes before letting go of the hold at three.  He springboards off the top rope for a missile dropkick for a two count.  Almas locks in a side headlock as Black begins elbowing his way out.  Almas locks in a chinlock with the arm pinned.  Black fights up and rams Almas into the corner to finally break it.  Black hits a back elbow before Almas kicks him in the face.  Almas motions for a tornado reverse DDT before falling over the top rope in another armbar.  Almas hits a springboard move, but he catches him with a bicycle kick!  They get to their feet and Black wins the exchange before sweeping Almas’ legs.  Black hits a moonsault onto Almas for the two count.  Black climbs up, but he’s caught by some chops.  Black tries for a sunset flip, but it misses.  Almas misses with his double knee strike.  Black misses with a kick that floors him.  Almas tries for a moonsault, Black rolls out of the way, but Almas leaps again for a two count.  They begin trading blows again.

Almas hits a spinning back elbow, but Black hits a big boot right to the face that floors him for a two count.  Both men get to their feet and begin trading elbows, chops, and kicks that floor them both.  The referee begins the ten count as both men are down.  They get up at six, but Almas reverses Black’s momentum to flip him into the corner.  He tries for the running knee strike, but Black stops him.  Almas dumps him outside before hitting a springboard corkscrew move onto Black!  He rolls him inside the ring for a two count.  Vega goes over and grabs the title before handing it to Almas who raises it high.  The referee grabs the title as Vega hits a spike hurricanrana!  Black is covered for a two count!  Vega is irate!  Almas yanks Black to his feet and goes for the hammerlock DDT, but Black rolls him up for two.  Black hits the Black Mass for two as the referee notices the foot on the rope that Vega put there!  Black tries for a springboard move, but Almas pushes his legs out from underneath to stun him on the second rope!  Almas climbs to the top and hits a double stomp onto the chest of Black!  Almas hits the running double knee strike in the corner for a two count!

Andrade tries for the hammerlock DDT, but Black fights out again.  Almas hits a leaping dropkick to interrupt the Black Mass!  They move out onto the apron and trade blows.  Almas hits a running double knee strike against the ring post on the apron.  Almas tries for the Hammerlock DDT again, but Black flips him over the top rope to the floor.  Black hits a big topei con hilo to take out Almas.  He rolls him back in and Almas catches him with a Hammerlock DDT for a two count.  Vega climbs to the top rope and leaps, but Black ducks!  She is caught by Almas who turns around with her in his arms to eat a BLACK MASS!  Aleister Black covers for the three count!

WINNER:  Aleister Black

A video package is shown for Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano.


Non-Sanctioned Match
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano


Tommaso Ciampa comes out to no music as the crowd chants “Asshole” at him.  He very slowly walks down to the ring and climbs onto the apron as the crowd chants “You suck.”  They then switch to “Fuck You Ciampa.”  Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring as the bell is rung.  The referee is wearing all black instead of normal stripes.  Ciampa and Gargano stand off for a moment before they trade blows.  Gargano hits a Thesz press and begins reigning in blows.  Gargano is thrown to the apron before hitting a slingshot spear.  Gargano stomps a mudhole in Ciampa.  He clotheslines him over the top rope before hitting a running suicide dive onto Ciampa on the outside.  Gargano grabs the beard of Ciampa to hit some stiff rights.  Ciampa fights back with some blows before getting a whip reversed into the barricade as Ciampa goes into the crowd.  Gargano runs forward and leaps the barricade to take him out!  He begins hitting him with some stiff right hands.  He staggers to his feet as Ciampa rams him into the barricade.  Ciampa hits a suplex onto the barricade before blasting him over.  Ciampa hits a backbreaker onto Gargano before pulling up the mat to expose the concrete below.  Gargano is almost suplexed onto the concrete, but he reverses the suplex.  Gargano kicks him right in the head from the apron.  He then throws Ciampa over the announce table.  He clears it up. Gargano pulls Ciampa up and gives him a wedgie?  Ciampa uses a monitor to hit Gargano before hitting a suplex from the announce table to the floor.

Ciampa sets up the top part of the announce table and drops Gargano on it.  It doesn’t break surprisingly as Gargano is sprung off of it.  Ciampa kicks the back of Gargano before rolling him into the ring.  He holds him on the apron and slams him on it.  Ciampa hits an elbow drop before raking the eyes of Gargano.  Gargano is whipped into the corner where he goes upside down.  Gargano tries to fight back, but Ciampa stops him with a flurry of blows before locking in a Texas cloverleaf submission.  Gargano makes it to the rope, but there’s no rope break.  He manages to use the ropes to get out.  He’s laid out over the apron as Ciampa STOMPS on his overhanging head multiple times.  Ciampa sits on the apron and begins clapping and smiling.  He hits a running knee strike to Gargano.  He lunges at a person in a brace in the audience before taking his crutches.  He moves into the ring and raises up Gargano slowly.  He tries for a crutch shot, but Gargano avoids it.  Gargano tries to grab the crutch, but Ciampa kicks him in the head.  Gargano hits some big shots before he’s floored in the ropes to plant him.  Ciampa tries to suplex Gargano on the ropes from inside the ring onto the cement below!  Gargano reverses out and tries for a slingshot DDT, but Ciampa catches it.  Ciampa tries for the White Noise, but Gargano flips over and hits a powerbomb onto the concrete!

They slowly get into the ring and they both grab the crutch.  They tug over it before getting to their feet.  Johnny gets the crutch and nails a shot to Ciampa before hitting some more to the back, legs, and stomach.  Gargano gets pumped up, but Ciampa lifts him over the ropes to the floor.  Ciampa tries to get out before getting hit by a crutch shot to the head.  Johnny slingshots over the top rope for a DDT for a two count!  Johnny begins exposing the turnbuckle corner revealing the second turnbuckle.  Gargano runs towards the corner, but Ciampa reverses it.  Ciampa lifts him up for Gargano to reverse to the apron.  Ciampa nails a brutal elbow that stuns Gargano.  Gargano tries for a slingshot spear only Ciampa hits a knee to block it!  Ciampa lifts up Gargano for a torture rack into a powerbomb for a two count.  Ciampa sets up for a move in the corner.  Ciampa rushes forward and hits a big knee to the back of Gargano’s head, mocking their #DIY finish.  He gets a two count!  Ciampa begins taking apart his knee brace before pulling Gargano into a powerbomb position.  Gargano fights against it, but Ciampa hammers his back.  Johnny reverses out of it before grabbing the beard to hit some open hand slaps.  Ciampa floors him with a clothesline.  Johnny manages to try for a reverse hurricanrana that doesn’t get all of it.  Gargano gets his finisher that’s a crossface with the arm pinned.  Ciampa digs at the eyes of Gargano as Mauro calls Ciampa a Son of a Bitch.  Ciampa begins biting at his wrist tape.  He begins pulling it off as he cries out in pain.  Ciampa tries to use the tape to choke him, but Gargano blocks it.  They are soft of handcuffed together by the tape.  They begin trading blows.  Gargano wins the exchange before Ciampa kicks him right between the uprights.  He grabs the crutch and cracks it across his spine.  He lifts up Gargano and hits a powerbomb into a lungblower for a two count!

Ciampa finishes taking the tape off before shaking his head at Gargano.  Ciampa begins saying something inaudible before Gargano fights back!  Gargano lifts up Ciampa and hits a long dart into the exposed turnbuckle.  He hits a superkick before moving into the corner for his part of the #DIY tag move as he kicks Ciampa fight on the jaw.  He covers him for a two count!  Gargano slowly climbs to the top of the turnbuckle as Ciampa catches him there.  They both climb up to the top rope and trade blows.  Ciampa gets the better of the exchange and picks up Gargano onto his shoulders.  Gargano begins to elbow out of it.  Gargano begins hitting a ten count on the top rope before Ciampa catches him with a powerbomb into a lungblower from the top rope for a two count!  Ciampa seems to have hurt his knee on the move as he removes the knee brace.  Ciampa exposes his knee down past the kneepad as Johnny slowly gets up to his knees.  Ciampa runs forward and Gargano smashes a knee brace into his knee!  Gargano grabs the crutch and breaks it in half.  He goes to jab it into the face of Ciampa, but he hesitates.  Ciampa is showing remorse in a seated position as Gargano.  Gargano sits beside him, but Ciampa tries to bash him over the head with the knee brace.  Gargano ducks underneath and pulls him into his crossface.  Gargano drops the hold to pull Ciampa into an STF using the knee brace to pull on the face of Ciampa!  Tommaso Ciampa taps out quickly!

WINNER:  Johnny Gargano

Candice LeRae comes out to celebrate with him as he holds up the brace and the crutch.

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