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WWE 205 Live Results (3/20)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Mar 20, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (3/20)

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE 205 Live!

A recap of last week is shown followed by a preview for tonight.

Opening Show Promo.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome everyone to the show.

Lince Dorado vs. Hideo Itami

Both men lock up and Hideo is pushed to the corner. Hideo lands a kick on Dorado's knee and starts pummeling him. Hideo has a head lock applied. Dorado gets out but Hideo keeps knocking him down. Dorado throws Hideo to the outside. Hideo gets back in but gets taken down with a head lock by Dorado. Hideo pushes Dorado to the corner and fights out. Both men go back and forth and Dorado lands a head scissors and a drop kick. Hideo goes to the outside and Dorado dives onto him. Dorado brings him back in the ring and lands another head scissors from the apron. Dorado has  ahead lock but Hideo gets out of it and knees him in the gut. Hideo knocks Dorado to the outside. Hideo rams Dorado's spine on the apron. Hideo kicks and mocks Dorado and slaps him. Dorado fights back and lands a heel kick. Dorado lands a springboard cross body. Dorado builds momentum until Hideo nails a clothesline. Dorado catches Hideo with a kick to the head. Hideo is sent to the outside. Hideo tries to get back in but is knocked off the apron. Hideo pushes Gran outside and Gran Metalik attacks Hideo. Referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Hideo Itami by DQ.

A highlight package of Drew Gulak is shown.

Cedric Alexander cuts a promo backstage. He says his journey is not over yet. He says his dream of fighting at Wrestlemania has come true but he still has his dream of winning the title.

TJP vs. Kenneth Johnson

TJP throws Kenneth down to the mat from behind and gets him in a head lock. TJP knocks him down and lands a elbow to the jaw of Kenneth. TJP lands a upper cut followed by a suplex and a back suplex. TJP flips over the top rope and onto Kenneth. Johnson counters TJP with a kick and flips onto him. Johnson builds momentum until he is kicked in the knee. TJP attacks the knee and lands a Detenation Kick. TJP has the leg lock submission applied and Kenneth taps out.

Winner: TJP. TJP keeps the hold on until the referee forces him to break it.

A highlight package of Mustafa Ali is shown.

Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak are shown getting ready for their match.

Drake Maverick is interviewed and says everyone has got to calm down after the altercation with Hideo Itami, Dorado and Gran Metalik. He announces a fatal 4 way match for next week.

Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Semifinals Match

Both men lock up and Ali is pushed into the corner. Ali gets out but Gulak has a wrist lock applied. Ali counters and has a wrist lock on Drew. Ali takes him down into a arm lock. Drew tries to get out but Ali keeps him grounded. Drew pushes him to the corner but Ali pushes him back. Both men go back and forth but Drew plants Ali into the mat. Drew has a chin lock but Ali gets out. Drew continues to pummel him. Ali dodges him and lands a head scissors. Ali lands a drop kick but Drew elbows him as Ali was behind him. Drew lands a lariat to the back of the head. Drew covers but gets a 2. Ali fights back with a roll up but Drew kicks out. Drew gets him in an electric chair into a pin but Ali kicks out at 2. Drew beats down Ali. Drew grabs him by the jaw but Ali fights back. Ali builds momentum and beats down Gulak. Ali kicks Gulak on the apron and flies through the ropes for a face buster. Ali covers but gets a 2. Ali kicks Gulak over and over. Ali starts to stomp on him in the corner. Gulak sends him to the middle turnbuckle. Gulak has him in the Dragon Sleeper but Ali gets out. Gulak catches him with a lariat. Drew lands lariats over and over but Ali kicks out. Ali has a clutch on Gulak. Gulak manages to get his leg uner the ropes. Gulak gets out of the ring but Ali goes to the top rope and dives onto Drew. Ali beats down Drew and gets him back in the ring. Ali is on the top rope but Drew trips him off and Ali lands on the outside. The referee starts the count. Ali gets on the apron but Drew knocks him down, gets out of the ring and throws Ali into the barricade. Drew charges at him but Ali dodges and Drew flies through the announce table. Ali jumps on him and beats him down. The referee starts the count on Gulak as Ali gets in the ring. Ali breaks the count and clears off the top of the announce table. Ali has Gulak on the table but Gulak fights out and back drops Ali off the table. Gulak gets back in the ring as Gulak gets in the ring. Gulak breaks the count and throws Ali to the steel post. Gulak tosses Ali into the time keepers area. Gulak gets back in the ring and the referee counts. Ali tries to crawl back in the ring. Ali just makes it back in right before the 10 count. Gulak has the Dragon Sleeper but Ali gets the ropes. Gulak has Ali on his shoulders but Ali counters into a DDT. Ali goes to the top rope and hits the 054 splash for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Mustafa Ali. Ali is interviewed in the ring and says we are going to Wrestlemania. He says it doesn't matter who you are or what race you are, what matters is what's in your heart.

End Of The Show.

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