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WWE NXT Live Coverage (3/14)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Mar 14, 2018

WWE NXT Live Coverage (3/14)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Opening Show Promo

Mauro Ranello welcomes everyone.

Sanity vs. Moss and Sabbatelli - Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 1st Round Match

Wolfe and Moss start off. Both men go back and forth. Moss hangs Wolfe on the ropes as Wolfe knocks off Sabbatelli. Moss makes the tag and Sabbatelli beats down Wolfe. Sabatelli tags Moss back in and they both collide into Wolfe in the corner. Moss lands a neck breaker on Wolfe, covers but gets a 2. Moss gets tagged in and charges at Wolfe but knocks Sabbatelli off the apron. Wolfe makes the tag to Young and Young fighting off both men. Young goes to the top for a diving elbow but Moss breaks up the count and attack Young on the outside. Nikki Cross dives onto Moss on the outside from the top. Wolfe gets tagged in and lands a big belly to back suplex neck breaker on Sabbatelli for the win.

Winner: Sanity. 

Tommaso Ciampa comes out and makes his way to the ring. The fans boo and chant for Johnny Gargano. The fans won't let him speak. Ciampa yells "He's gone". Ciampa is about to speak but the fans boo loud. Ciampa drops the mic and leaves the ring. Ciampa walks around as fans boo and asking for Johnny Gargano. Ciampa is frustrated and walks out. The fans sing the Goodbye chant to him.

-Commercial Break-

Lacey Evans vs. Dakota Kai

Lacey goes from behind but Kai gets her off. Lacey takes down Kai after dodging a kick and starts attacking Kai's shoulder. Kai gets out of an arm bar and rolls up Lacey for the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai. Shayna Baszler comes to the ring and confronts Kai. Shayna is about to go after her until Ember Moon comes out. Ember says she wants to end it at NXT Takerover: New Orleans. Ember attacks Shayna while referees try to separate them. Ember and Shayna gets separated but then Shayna knocks her down with an elbow. Ember dodges another shot and kicks Baszler down. Ember goes to the top but Shayna stops her and is about to break her arm but Dakota Kai kicks Shayna. Ember hits the Eclipse on Shayna.

-Commercial Break-

Street Profits vs. Heavy Machinery - Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 1st Round Match

Ford and Otis start off. Ford dodges Otis and gets a head lock but Otis knocks him down. Ford dodges Otis again and takes a drink from his cup. Ford hands Otis the drink and Otis drinks it. Otis starts getting hyped and clotheslines Ford. Otis goes on the attack and tags Tucker and they both double team Ford. They put Dawkins in the corner and throw Ford into Dawkins. Tucker has a bear hug on Ford. Ford gets out and tags Dawkins. Dawkins attacks Tucker and lands a elbow. Dawkins is in control until he is slammed to the mat. Otis gets tagged in and Heavy Machinery go for the Compacter but Ford trips Tucker over the top rope. Dawkins DDT's Otis and tags Ford. Ford frog splashes onto Otis for the win.

Winners: Street Profits.

Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne - WWE UK Championship

Both men lock up and Dunne is backed into the corner. Dunne gets distracted by Fish and O'Reily. Dunne gets back in the ring and gets stomped by Cole. Cole has Dunne but Dunne knocks Cole with a right hand. Dunne has Cole's arm and starts bending Cole's fingers. Dunne has Cole's arm and kicks it. Cole and Dunne fight on the apron but Dunne goes on the top rope and plants his knee on Cole's arm. Dunne continues to work on Cole until a distraction causes Cole to knock Dunne upside down on the turn buckle.

-Commercial Break-

Dunne starts to fight back as Cole responds with right hands back. Dunne counters Cole and lands a Enzuguri. Dunne dominates and lands a sit out powerbomb, covers but gets a 2. Dunne lands a kick to the head. Dunne lifts Cole but Cole goes from behind and lands a back stabber. Cole goes for a suplex but Dunne counters into a wrist lock body scissors. Cole counters Dunne and plants him on the mat. Cole mocks Dunne but Dunne knocks him to the other counter. Both men go back and forth with kicks and fore arms. Dunne dives but gets kicked in the head by Cole. Cole covers but gets a 2. Cole goes for the Shining Wizard but Dunne gets him in a German Suplex. Dunne goes to finish him off butFish and O'Reily distract him. Dunne attacks them on the outside. Cole catches him with a kick and the Last Shot but Dunne kicks out at 2. Dunne attacks Cole's arm and lifts Cole but then Undisputed Era attack Dunne causing a DQ. They attack Dunne until Roderick Strong comes out and saves him. They clear the Undisputed Era out of the ring.

Winner: And still UK champion Pete Dunne by DQ.

-Commercial Break-

William Regal is in the ring introducing the contract signing of Aleister Black and Andrade "Cien" Almas at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. He introduces Aleister Black and Black makes his way to the ring. Regal then introduces Almas but only Zelina Vega appears and makes her way to the ring. Vega says Almas is not here tonight. She said he would destroy Black if he was here. Black looks around not listening to her. Black stops her, gets the table out of the way and sits down. He lets her continue after saying that now he's at her level. Vega says Almas will humiliate him. Black says Almas is afraid he'll come out short and that he doesn't measure up. Vega slaps him. Black signs the contract, laughing and gives it to Regal. Black leaves the ring as Vega continues screaming. Black says he didn't come alone. Candice La Rae comes out and attacks Vega all over the ringside area. Candice fights her on the announce table and brings her back in the ring to hit a Bulldog. 

End Of The Show.

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