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WWE Fans Upset Legendary Fabulous Moolah Is Being Honored At WrestleMania

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Mar 13, 2018

WWE Fans Upset Legendary Fabulous Moolah Is Being Honored At WrestleMania

The rise of the WWE Women's Revolution has been nothing short of impressive over the last few years with female talent being given the same opportunities as their male counterparts to compete in some of the most exciting matches the company has to offer, a far cry from the Bra and Panties matches of The Attitude Era, but there was a generation of women's wrestling before that which would shock and dismay today's generation if rumors are to be believed.

During Monday's WWE Raw the womens revolution hit an awkward bump in the road when WWE announced the Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal for the female talent which will debut at WrestleMania 34 to rival the men's Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal - sounds fair right? ...well, the concept isn't necessarily a bad one, it's just the association with Fabulous Moolah which has upset many diehard WWE fans who view the legendary Moolah who passed in 2007 in a different light than WWE likes to portray her.

For those unaware, Moolah is reconsigned as their first women's champion and longest reigning but in recent years some concerning stories have surfaced about Moolah and how she treated the women under her command. She has been accused of being a pimp who provided wrestling promoters with unsuspecting female talent to be used as sex objects. She has also been accused of drugging and allowing women to be raped for her own advancement in the industry.

A story which has been circulating for a number of years is the damning accusations from the family of Sweet Georgia Brown (Susie Mae McCoy). McCoy, who was trained and booked by Moolah and her then-husband Buddy Lee, told her daughter that she was often raped, given drugs and made an addict in an intentional attempt by Moolah and Lee to control her.

There have also been claims that Moolah would take home half the pay of the women she had influence over going as far as to threaten their position in the industry if they complained. When the women questioned where their pay was she would tell them that is all the promoter had to give. 

If these stories are to be believed or carry any shred of truth she was essentially controlling the women's wrestling scene for a very long time and it could be argued she hindered its advancement, something which today's crop of women's wrestlers would rightly take issue with.

Fans have taken to social media in their droves to slam WWE for their decision to dedicate the match to Moolah which will most likely feature an unveiling of a statue honoring the legendary Moolah. 

There is no doubt Moolah was a pioneer and did a lot for women's wrestling, some would say at worst she could be described as a crooked businesswoman and let's face it she wouldn't have been the first crock in the "glory days" of professional wrestling. As for the accusations she was a pimp, many would say this was an exaggerated truth. For every girl who claims they were mistreated by her there were tons more who will swear she never hurt them and led the way. 

There is certainly no smoke without fire and whatever your opinion one has to wonder if WWE will continue to ignore this backlash or take action given their progressive attutide toward women in 2018. 

Do you think WWE should reconsider honoring Fabolous Moolah going forward?

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