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WWE Raw Live Coverage and Results (3/12) Detroit, Michigan

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Mar 12, 2018

WWE Raw Live Coverage and Results (3/12) Detroit, Michigan

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

Michael Cole welcomes everyone to the show.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. He says he is excited to be competing at Wrestlemania this year and partnering with Ronda Rousey. He says he feels sorry for Stephanie but he won't feel sorry for what he does with Triple H. He says Brock Lesnar would not be here tonight. He says we have a great show tonight. Roman Reigns comes out and makes his way to the ring. Roman says he wishes he is surprised and says Brock doesn't respect this company. Roman asks what punishment should he get. He says Brock won't get any because he is Vince's boy. Roman says the real problem is Vince McMahon and that he didn't know what to expect from him tonight. Roman says he will not be disrespected by Vince. Roman walks out and confronts Vince backstage. Vince takes off the headset and says he wants to talk with Roman.

-Commercial Break- 

Renee Young backstage reports that things sounded like it got out of hand in Vince McMahon's office. Roman storms out and walks away as Renee tries to get a word with him. Vince appears and says Brock is Paul Heyman's boy and says Brock doesn't like anybody but likes competition. Vince says Brock will be here next week and Roman is temporarily suspended.

Sonya Deville vs. Sasha Banks

Banks attacks Sonya and nails a sunset flip for a 2 count. Both women go back and forth until Banks hits drop kicks to Sonya. Banks is in control as she throws Sonya out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Sonya has Banks in a submission hold. Banks gets out but gets thrown down by Sonya. Sonya continues to beat down Banks as Banks tries to fight back. Sonya has her in a submission hold again. Banks powers out and rams Sonya in the buckle. Sonya knocks Banks down with a running knee. Sonya rams her shoulder into the gut of Banks. Banks moves out of the way after Sonya was going for another one. Banks fights back and lands the double knees off the middle rope. Rose distracts Banks but Bayley pulls her off the apron. Sonya attacks from behind but Sasha gets her in the Bank Statement to make Sonya tap out.

Winner: Sasha Banks. Bayley leaves and then Absolution beats Sasha down and leave her lying in the ring.

Michael Cole presents the news of Kid Rock being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. A Hall Of Fame promo for Kid Rock is shown.

-Commercial Break-

Miz is in the ring for Miz TV. He says the Miztourage is not here with him because they got a tag match tonight. He says his guests are the two men he will beat at Wrestlemania, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Rollins comes out and takes his seat. Balor comes out and takes his seat after his introduction. Miz tells Seth they are the work horses of the WWE. Miz says it should've been him and Seth at Mania. Seth tells him to deal with the fact that it is a triple threat. Miz points out to Finn that he has done nothing in WWE except beat Rollins for the Universal title. Miz says maybe he should face Miz one on one at Mania. Finn says he's not falling for it. Miz asks if he's the bad guy here. Miz asks Finn if Seth is really his friend. Seth tells him to shut up. Seth says he's going to take the IC title and Finn doesn't stand a chance. Finn says the last title match they were in Finn won with one arm. Seth says he's living in the future. Finn tells Seth to fight him right now. Miz smiles at this but then Seth and Finn turn their attention to Miz. They both attack Miz. Seth knocks down Finn with a right hand. Seth leaves the ring.

-Commercial Break-

The Bar vs. Miztourage

Miztourage attacks Sheamus and Cesaro before the match. They beat down them down as The Bar retreats outside the ring. The Bar go right after them in the ring and beat down the Miztourage. The Revival come out to attack The Bar. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack The Bar. The Bar try to retreat but then Titus Worldwide, Rhyno and Slater come out and attack them. All the teams brawl in the ring. The Bar retreat into the crowds.

-Commercial Break-

John Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena says he has found his road to Wrestlemania. He says he is brave enough to face the truth. He says he tried his hardest to contribute to Wrestlemania and he has failed time after time. The fans chant "Undertaker". Cena says he will not be at Wrestlemania this year. The fans chant "Yes". Cena says he will be there but his road to Wrestlemania will be the same as all the people. He says he is going to Wrestlemania as a fan. He says he is going to have a blast at Mania. He goes out to the crowd and hangs with the audience. He starts a "This is Awesome" chant. He tries to start a "Let's Go Roman" chant. The fans boo. He starts the "Let's Go Cena" "Cena Sucks" chant. The fans chant it. He changes his mind and says he's challenging Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He says he was told it was impossible. He says it again and again. He says The Undertaker is keeping himself from fighting at Wrestlemania. He tells him to get over it. He calls Taker a self centered egomaniac. He asks the fans if he wants to see Taker and Cena at Wrestlemania and the fans chant "Yes". He says we'll see if Taker is still alive and wants one more match.

-Commercial Break-

The Bar confronts Kurt Angle backstage and complain about the brawl. They say they want The Uso's at Wrestlemania in a Champions vs. Champions match. Kurt says there will be a Raw Tag Team Battle Royal tonight to see who will face The Bar for the Tag Titles at Wrestlemania.

A recap of the Symphony Of Destruction match is shown.

Elias is in the ring with a neck brace. He does his introduction. He says this is the fans fault. He gets up and leaves the ring. 

Braun Strowman complains about not having a match at Wrestlemania and says he will go out and find his own destruction. He says he guarentees someone will catch these hands at Wrestlemania.

-Commercial Break-

Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

They both lock up and Finn is pushed against the ropes. Both men chain wrestle and Seth gets a wrist lock in. Both men trade wrist locks on each other. Finn lands a right hand on Seth. Seth knocks Finn down with an elbow. Seth takes down Finn and nails a kick to the back. Seth is in control beating down Finn in the corner. Seth chops Finn in the chest. Finn counters Seth and drop kicks him. Seth is thrown to the apron, knocks Seth down off the apron with a drop kick and Finn kicks Seth in the shoulder from the apron.

-Commercial Break-

Seth has a chin lock applied on Finn. Finn tries to fight out but Seth keeps him down. Finn fights out but Seth keeps him down. Seth nails him with a running knee on the apron to the face of Finn. Seth has a chin lock again on Finn. Finn gets out and Seth lands on the apron. Seth goes for a springboard dive but Finn counters and goes right after Seth. Finn chops him in the corner and takes him down with a reverse DDT. Finn covers but gets a 2. Seth goes for a clothesline but Finn counters. Seth counters Finn and the two go back and forth. Finn lands a kick and Seth hits Finn with a kick of his own. Finn takes down Seth after a roll up and hits a double foot stomp. Finn hits Sling Blade but gets hit with a kick by Seth. Seth covers but Finn kicks out at 2. Seth charges and nails a fore arm to Finn over and over in the corner. Finn counters one of them and nails a kick on Seth on the apron. Finn goes to the top rope but Seth stops him. Seth meets him on the top but Finn knocks him off. Seth gets back on the top rope and nails a superplex. Seth goes for the Flacon Arrow but Finn gets Seth in a inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor. Seth angrily walks out of the ring.

A video of Moolah is shown and how she trail blazed the womens division is shown. The video announces the first ever Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal.

-Commercial Break-

A recap of Ronda Rousey's arrival is shown and the build up to the mixed tag match at Wrestlemania is shown.

Asuka makes her way to the ring as she walks backstage.

-Commercial Break-

Asuka enters the ring. She is interviewed about showing up at Fastlane to challenge Charlotte. Asuka is about to talk until Alexa Bliss and Mickie James comes out. Alexa says Asuka's english is not on point so she will translate. Alexa says Asuka is fierce and smart. Mickie asks how she keeps her streak and Alexa says because she hasn't faced Alexa for the title. Alexa brags about redefining what it means to be Women's champion. Alexa says Asuka doesn't want to face her because she is scared of Alexa. She says Asuka chose the champion of the B show. Asuka says to be the woman you got to beat the woman. Alexa says she couldn't understand her. Asuka says she beat Alexa once she can beat Alexa again. Alexa tries introducing the woman that Asuka will face now but no one comes out. Mickie lands a cheap shot on Asuka after Alexa pushes Asuka.

-Commercial Break-

Mickie James vs. Asuka

Mickie just dominates and beats down Asuka. Asuka knocks down Mickie and starts kicking her in the chest over and over. Mickie goes to the outside but then Asuka kicks her in the head from the apron. Asuka grabs Mickie as she tries to escape and throws her into the ring post. Asuka goes for a kick but Mickie moves out fot he way and her leg hits the ring post. Asuka makes it back to the ring and Mickie starts working on the leg. Mickie swings Asuka's leg to the post. Asuka fights back as she escapes James' DDT and goes for the Asuka Lock but Mickie goes for a roll up for a 2. Asuka kicks her in the head. Asuka lands right hands and kicks to Mickie. Asuka lands a knee to the face but Mickie kicks out. Mickie knocks down Asuka and heads to the top rope. Asuka meets her up there but Mickei fight out. Mickie lands a sunset flip off the top rope, covers but gets a 2. Mickie covers again but gets a 2. Mickie goes for the Mick Kick but Asuka has the Asuka Lock on Mickie to make her tap out.

Winner: Asuka. Alexa Bliss storms off.

Nia Jax is backstage looking at herself in the mirror. Alexa asks her why she didn't come out. Nia says she has a match tonight. Alexa says she only said those things to help her. Alexa says she loves her and they hug. Nia says she will be in Alexa's corner next week in her match with Asuka.

-Commercial Break-

Nia Jax vs. Joan King

Nia collides into her in the corner and throws her across the ring. Nia picks her up for a Samoan Drop for the victory.

Winner: Nia Jax. Mickie and Alexa are shown backstage they insult Nia. Alexa says she used Nia because she is a vulnerable human being. Alexa says Nia grew up as a loser and easily manipulated and is dumb and big. Alexa says Nia is nothing without Alexa. Charly comes in and says the microphone they were using for the interview was on the entire time. She says everyone could hear them. Nia runs after Alexa backstage. Alexa and Mickie get out of the dressing room. Nia comes in the dressing room and starts throwing everything around looking for Alexa. 

-Commercial Break-

A preview of the Ultimate Deletion match with Bray Wyatt and Matt hardy is shown.

Bray Wyatt says Matt Hardy is a liar and is just a man. Bray says when the devil is standing on your door step you should never accept. He says Matt has a beautiful house and family. Bray says he's coming for Matt.

Kurt Angle is with a referee and says he wants him to be the ref for the Ultimate Deletion match.

-Commercial Break-

A replay of earlier tonight with Roman Reigns getting suspended is shown.

Tag Team Battle Royal

The Bar make their way to the announce table. Braun Strowman enters the battle royal. Braun yells at the ref to ring the bell. Braun clotheslines Apollo over the top rope. Braun takes out Slater throwing him into the barricade and throwing him over the top rope. Everyone try to eliminate Braun. The Revival eliminate Rhyno. Titus knocks down The Revival. Braun takes out everyone. Titus is about to fight Braun but then leaves the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Braun gets attacked by everyone and Braun takes everyone out. Titus lands a kick to Braun and Braun is knocked through the second rope. Miztourage and Revival throw Braun to the steps and is hit multiple times with the steps by them. Titus takes down everyone and pummels Wilder in the corner. Titus collides onto Dawson and gives him a spine buster. Miztourage attacks Titus. The Revival attack Miztourage. Bo eliminates Dawson and Axel eliminates Wilder. Titus attacks Gallows but then Braun eliminates Titus and then eliminates Gallows. Miztourage attacks Braun but then Braun power slams and eliminates Axel. Braun eliminates Bo. Anderson kicks Braun and starts beating him down. Braun catches Anderson's leg and throws Anderson over the top and onto the other teams.

Winner: Braun Strowman. The Bar stand on the stage, shocked.

End Of The Show.

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