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WWE Fastlane 2018 Coverage and Results (3/11) Columbus, Ohio

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Mar 11, 2018

WWE Fastlane 2018 Coverage and Results (3/11) Columbus, Ohio


-Tye Dillinger and Breezango def. American Alpha 2.0 and Mojo Rawley


Welcome to WWE Fastlane. This is the final stop on the Road To Wrestlemania and Fastlane is coming to us live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio


Waistlock by Rusev as the crowd is split with a "Nakamura/Rusev Day" chant. Rusev in control early on with a nearfall. Nakamura with his own waistlock into a facelock and Rusev gets out of it going to work on Nakamura with a wristlock as he presses the point of his elbow into Nakamura's shoulder

Headlock by Rusev and a shoulderblock off the irish whip sends Nakamura to the mat. Hiptoss blocked by Rusev but Nakamura with a kneedrop. Shinsuke working on the wrist but Rusev with a kneestrike bringing Shinsuke to his knees.

Rusev continues to work on the arm. Nakamura with a headlock and Rusev backs him into the ropes. Rusev misses with a right hand. Rusev rolls out of the ring to re-group.

Nakamura brings the fight to Rusev as a knee connects to the head and hits a guillotine to the back of the neck. Rusev is rolled back into the ring. Loud "Nakamura/Rusev Day" chants echo hroughout the arena. Rusev in control as he whips Nakamura into the barricade.

Once again, Rusev drives Nakamura into the barricade. Nearfall on Shinsuke. Sleeperhold locked in on Nakamura. Nakamura trips up Rusev locking in a submission hold. Rusev reaches the ropes and plants Nakamura with a side slam

Elbow drop finds its mark and Rusev off the ropes lands a second elbow. Rusev goes to work on the neck. Another series of knee strikes to the midsection. Irish whip, Rusev misses with a clothesline and Nakamura connects with a dropkick. Series of kicks to Rusev. Running clothesline in the corner. Nakamura with submission hold but Rusev having trouble getting to his feet as his left leg gives out. Rusev picks Nakamura up and delivers a fallaway slam.

Rusev with knee strikes and a big kick to the side of the head. Rusev misses with the Machka Kick and Nakamura with right hands to the throat. Axe Kick to the back of the neck by Nakamura. Rusev tries to lock The Accolades in but can't quite get it. Machka Kick connects and Rusev with a nearfall on Nakamura. Nakamura evades The Accolades and hits the Kinchasa for the three count

The winner of the match: Shinsuke Nakamura


Orton with a drop toehold on Roode. Side headlock on Roode. Irish whip by Roode and Orton with a shoulderblock off the ropes. Roode with a side headlock. Randy with the irish whip and a shoulderblock by Roode. Back elbow by Orton. An "RKO" chant begins as Orton with a side headlock on Roode. Roode backs him into the corner and an uppercut by Orton.

Chop by Roode and an irish whip across the ring and Roode dodges an RKO and rolls out of the ring. Roode and Orton lock up again and Roode with a side headlock is backed into the corner by Orton. Chop by Roode and another uppercut fro Orton. Glorious DDT is dodged by Orton who rolls out of the ring.

Orton re-enters the ring and they lock up with Orton backing Roode against the ropes. Orton hangs Roode over the top rope. Garvin Stomp by Orton. And Orton in control as he lands punch after punch. Exploding clothesline out of the corner by Roode.

Stomp ny Roode and a kneedrop. Chinlock applied by Roode. Orton gets to his feet but Roode holds on. Right hands by Orton creates some separation. Orton staight right hands and Roode catches him with a forearm. Neckbreaker on Orton. Roode goes to the top rope connecting with a clothesline. Roode sets up for the Glorious DDT but Orton counters delivering a series of clotheslines followed up with a powerslam

Roode rolls out onto the apron. Orton pulls him through the ropes for the DDT but Roode counters only to get hung out on the middle rope. Roode off the top rope hits the blockbuster.

Irish whip reversed by Orton and Roode with a right hand. Roode looks for a shoulderblock but Orton with a kick pulls him through the ropes and plants Roode with the DDT.

RKO countered by Roode. Glorious DDT countered by Orton. Roode clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Orton drops Roode on the barricade. Orton rolls Roode back in for a nearfall. Roode hits a powerbomb for nearfall followed up with a spinebuster. Roode then off the ropes gets caught with an RKO by Orton for the three count

The winner of the match and new US Champion: Randy Orton


Naomi and Becky with the double team on Natalya. Nearfall by Naomi and a chinlock applied on Natalya. Naomi with kicks to the legs and she sends Carmella crashing to the floor. Naomi with a modified stunner and Naomi sets up for the moonsault but gets distracted by Carmella allowing Natalya to plant Naomi with a powerbomb for a nearfall

Naomi in the wrong corner as Carmella and Natalya double team and Carmella puts the boots to Naomi. Bronco Buster in the corner by Carmella. Clubbing forearms by Carmella and a chinlock applied on Naomi. Naomi gets to her feet creating separation but Carmella still in control as she drags Naomi to Natalya and Carmella's corner.

Natalya back in with a snapmare and sleeperhold locked in. More double teaming on Naomi as they prevent the tag to Becky. Naomi drives Carmella into the corner. Becky gets the tag and explodes with clotheslines and a dropkick to Natalya.

The Becksploder delivered to Natalya and Becky off the top rope connects with a missile dropkick. Carmella back in and Becky with a kick. Jawbreaker by Carmella. Naomi with a kick. Another kick to the head and Becky with a legdrop from the top rope. Natalya breaks up the nearfall and Naomi gets sent to the outside.

Necky throws Natalya to the outside. Elbow to Carmella. Becky on the top rope gets distracted by Natalya. Carmella with a hurricanrana and a nearfall. Natalya up on the apron with the MITB briefcase and Carmella with a kick to Becky for the three count

The winners of the match: Natalya and Carmella


Usos work over Xavier. He finally made the tag to Kofi and he went to work on both Usos. The Usos came back and hit The Midnight Hour on Kofi, and got a two. Jey waited too long to splash Kofi in the corner. He moved and tagged in Xavier. He delivered superkicks to Jey and tagged in Kofi, who did the Uso splash, getting a two.

Usos threw New Day to the floor and and did splashes over the top on all three. The Bludgeon Brothers then come out. They walk to ringside with their hammers and attack everyone.

The winners of the match: None

The Bludgeon Brothers destroyed everyone. Harper slapped Rowan in the face, so Rowan slammed him on both Usos. The crowd chanted that they wanted tables.

As Harper and Rowan left the ringside area they saw Woods laying on the floor and returned and powerbombed Woods onto the steps
As they went to the back, they saw Xavier laying and they took the steps apart. They did a powerbomb on him onto the steps.



Riott Kick at the start. Clothesline by Ruby. Side headlock and irish whip and Charlotte picks Ruby up delivering a fallaway slam. Charlotte runs into a pair of boots. Ruby on Charlotte's back and Charlotte trying to shake her off as they both fall onto the apron to the floor. Charlotte sends Ruby into the barricade and then back into the ring. Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan appear for a distraction as Ruby delivers a kick to the back of the head.

Back in the ring, Riott kick delivered by Ruby. Ruby uses the referee as a distraction as Sarah and Liv stalk Charlotte but Becky and Naomi run down to ringside to even the odds. Ruby rolls Charlotte back in and rains down with punches on the champion. Ruby with a suplex to Charlotte. A second suplex is blocked by Charlotte who delivers a slingshot suplex.

Ruby with a kick to the midsection and sends Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. Senton by Ruby for a nearfall. Ruby controlling the arm locking the strait jacket in on Charlotte. Ruby and Charlotte back to their feet and Ruby delivers an STO

Ruby to the top rope looking for another senton but Charlotte gets the knees up. Charlotte with a neckbreaker. Charlotte going to the top rope but Ruby sends her crashing into the turnbuckle.

Suicide dive by Ruby but Charlotte catches her and delivers the fallaway slam into the barricade. Charlotte climbs onto the barricade and executes the moonsault

Figure four countered by Ruby but Charlotte connects with a knee to the jaw. Boot to the face by Charlotte. Ruby back to her feet delivers a hurricanrana to Charlotte

Charlotte and Ruby trade chops. Irish whip blocked by Ruby. Charlotte with a backbreaker. Ruby sends Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. Liv and Sarah climb into the ring but Becky and Naomi do as well and referee Mike Chioda ejects Becky and Naomi from ringside as Liv and Sarah double team Charlotte.

Liv and Sarah are then ejected as well. Ruby argues with the referee but Charlotte from behind with a chop. Back suplex and big boot by Charlotte. inside cradle by Ruby. Charlotte ducks the Riott Kick and again Ruby is sent face first into the turnbuckle. Spear by Charlotte and the figure four is locked in transitioning into the figure eight as Ruby taps out

The winner of the match by submission: Charlotte Flair

Post Match: Asuka comes out to the ring and stands face to face with Charlotte. She's smiling and points at the Wrestlemania sign


All five superstars attack Cena and he lays them out with AA's. It's Cena and AJ Styles and Styles blocks the AA. The other four superstars return and circle Cena. They attack him again and send him to the outside then go after each other

Corbin throws AJ to the outside. Cena returns to the ring and Dolph nails him with a DDT. Styles goes for the Styles Clash on Owens but gets back bodydropped. Cena returns to the ring and takes out Ziggler and Zayn. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena and an AA to Dolph but Ziggler counters and hits The Famouser. Ziggler sets up The Superkick but Cena locks in the STF

AJ with the Styles Clash on Cena. Corbin nails Owens with the Dream Crusher and Deep Six to Styles. He misses End Of Days on Zayn but Zayn counters. Corbin goes to the outside and throws Ziggler into the crowd. They went through the hockey boards meanwhile the ringside announce tables got destroyed by Owens and Styles.

Owens placed Styles on the table and picked him up bu Styles with a pele kick to Owens. Sami is clotheslined over the barricade. Cena with an AA to Owens on the table. Cena, Owens and Zayn in the ring.

Zayn says he is a man of his word and lays down for Owens. Zayn rolls him up and then they begin trading punches. Owens goes for the powerbomb but gets backdropped

On the outside, Zayn argues with Shane and Owens goes for the superkick but Zayn ducks and Owens hits Shane instead. Zayn runs into a kick

Zayn goes for the cover but Shane pulls him out of the ring. Shane then pulls the referee out of the ring

Helluva Kick connects on Owens. Corbin nails Sami with the steps then hits Dolph and Owens. Cena rolls back in and blocks Corbin's attempt to hit him with the steps

Cena gives Corbin an AA on the steps. Cena charges at Ziggler with the steps but Ziggler moves out of the way. Superkick blocked as Cena hits an AA

owens blocks an AA and hits the Pop Up but AJ returns and hits the Phenomenal Forearm to Owens for the three count

The winner of the match: AJ Styles



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