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WWE Raw Results and Live Coverage (3/5) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Mar 05, 2018

WWE Raw Results and Live Coverage (3/5) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. Tonight, Raw comes to us from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We kick things off with Raw GM Kurt Angle making his way out to the ring as we look back at still photos of Ronda Rousey's contract signing at Elimination Chamber followed by Raw photos from the following night

Back to the live arena and Kurt has the mic and says ever since he returned to Raw as General Manager he's had to swallow his pride on number of occasions and Stephanie taught him has a manager he has to do what's best for business and brings up the actions of Triple H from last week when he sucker punched Angle. Kurt calls Triple H out but gets Stephanie McMahon instead

Stephanie tells Kurt to calm down and says Triple H isn't even here tonight. Stephanie brings up Angle's children and how he's remarried and his alimony. Stephanie says Angle is an Olympic gold medalist but are those accolades paying the bills? But being GM of Raw is and says it's not like Triple H wasn't provoked last week

Stephanie says they're all on the same page. Good managers, know their roles and make good matches and put all this behind them and not to let his ego get in the way.

Ronda Rousey makes her way out to the ring. The crowd starts a "Ronda Rousey" chant. Ronda says what happened to Kurt last week was enlightening and he people that brought her here are not what she thought they were but it's okay she's dealt with bully bosses before

Stephanie says they're not bullies they just take care of what's best for business and they gave Ronda her dream, an opportunity to be a part of Wrestlemania. It doesn't get any better than that. Ronda says and her contract says she gets to choose her opponent as long as it's not a champion and as long as it's someone who is a part of the active roster. Ronda then names her opponent saying she chooses Stephanie.

Triple H then comes out and says this is not going to happen. Kurt needs to stop being a tough guy and do his job. Stephanie is an executive of the company. Kurt says Stephanie is right she has a contract as Commissioner but also has a second contract as a WWE superstar and he makes the matches and says Stephanie WILL face Ronda at Wrestlemania and he knows someone else with a second contract and told Triple H if he came after him again he would pay

Kurt then says if it's okay it's not going to be Ronda vs Stepphanie at Wrestlemania. It's going to be Stephanie McMahon and Triple H vs Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle.

Stephanie goes to slap Kurt but Ronda stops her and Triple H says it doesn't need to go down like this and helps Stephanie out of the ring. Angle and Triple H then trade punches and Angle with a spinebuster to Kurt putting Triple H in the Angle Lock

Ronda brings Stephanie into the ring and Stephanie crawls over to the ropes beging off but Ronda lays Stephanie out and exits the ring with Angle.

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Nia overpowers Asuka and delivers a headbutt before throwing her out of the ring. Asuka fights back with kicks and punches. Nia picks Asuka up and delivers a backbreaker. Octopus hold locked in on Nia but Nia powers out of it. Nia shoves Asuka in the corner

Nia stomps away at the midsection. Asuka on the top rope and Nia connects with a right hand. Nia picks Asuka up with an inverted Razor's Edge and spins her around sending her to the outside as Raw goes to break

-Commercial 8:29pm-

Nia has hold of Asuka and Asuka breaks free with kicks and delivers a shining wizard to Nia. Nia again powers Asuka into the corner. Nearfall by Nia. Nia picks Asuka up but Asuka with elbows to the head but second time around Nia manages to plant Asuka with a Samoan Drop. Military press by Nia as she drops Asuka face first. Nia misses with a legdrop. Nia goes to pick Asuka up but Asuka locks the armbar in. Nia trying to get to her feet and tries to break the hold but Asuka holds on

Nia picks Asuka up again and powers into the corner but Asuka still not letting go picks up the victory to hold onto her strea

The winner of the match: Asuka

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Dawson starts off with Sheamus. Waistlock countered by Sheamus into a side headlock takedown. Shoulderblock by Sheamus to Dawson. Dawson in the wrong corner as The Bar double team Dawson.

Sheamus throws Dawson through the ropes and sets up for the Ten Beats Of The Bohdran but Dawson fights back hanging Sheamus over the top rope. It's time for The Revival to double team now and Cesaro is planted face first. Sheamus pulls Cesaro out of the ring as we go to commercial

-Commercial 8:48pm-

Back from break, The Bar double teaming The Revival as Cesaro hits an elbow drop from the second rope. Dawson with a dropkick to Sheamus and Wilder in unloading on Sheamus. Snapmare to Wilder and Dawson stomps away at the elbow.

Dawson works over the left arm. Back bodydrop by Sheamus. Cesaro looking for a sharpshooter. Dawson with a DDT to Cesaro. Running uppercut by Cesaro. Sheamus off the ropes with a kneelift. Dawson with a suplex to Cesaro and Wilder with a splash. Brogue Kick to Wilder and Cesaro with a Neutralizer to Dawson for the three count

The winners of the match: The Bar

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John Cena comes out and says he is on Raw to talk about Smackdown and suggests people listen. He has found his road to Wrestlemania and has been granted time to talk. As the only free agent, he recognizes the opportunity to compete on Raw and Smackdown as a privilege.

Sunday at Fastlane there is a six pack challenge and what he has to say there's no way the other 5 challengers will let him say what he has to say uninterrupted. This Sunday, a record will be broken at Smackdown's Fastlane. He knows it's hard for some to deal with but it's real, it's here and staring them in the face and this Sunday he will win the WWE Championship for the 17th time.

All records are made to be broken even those we hold close and says he's been told the only reason he is here is to hold people back. He hasn't been given opportunities. He has earned those opportunities. On Sunday, when Cena winsthe critics will say he ruined an AJ Styles moment. Cena says no he encourages Styles to use his rematch clause right away to make the match at Wrestlemania a triple threat match

On the grandest stage of them all, John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles. Goldust comes out. Goldust says he's always dreamt of sharing the silver screen with someone like John Cena and soaking up the spotlight at Wrestlemania. That dream begins with him stopping John Cena from going to Wrestlemania. All his dreams never had that perfect ending story it seems theyve all been taken away from him just like that. That ends today. Cena wants to go to Wrestlemania to compete for the title. That's his dream. Well, Goldust is taking control as the new director of this motion picutre and tonight Cena's dream will be shattered and lays Cena out with a right hand as we go to break

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Cena misses with a right hand. Inverted atomic drop by Goldust and a nearfall on Cena. Another inverted atomic drop and double clothesline sends Cena and Goldust to the mat. Powerslam by Goldust. Elbow drop to Cena. Cena with a sleeperhold and Goldust with a low blow

Goldust misses with a right hand. Cena with the Five Moves Of Doom. AA by Cena to Goldust for the three count

The winner of the match: John Cena

Backstage: Elias asks Kurt Angle to consider cancelling tonight's Symphony Of Destruction match he doesn't want to hit anyone with a xylophone or drumkit and says music should bring people together. Kurt says he's not cancelling the match and Elias better come up with new strategy because running away won't work since tonight's match will be a Falls Count Anywhere match. Elias says whatever happens tonight is on Kurt

-Commercial 9:22pm-

WWE Hall Of Fame Latest Inductee: Hillbilly Jim

Bayley is out and says Rumble and Elimination Chamber it was every woman for herself but what Sasha did...Absolution interrupts and Paige congratulates Bayley for growing a backbone. Paige says Bayley is still a stupid kid. She pushed away the only person who cared about her. Life would be easier if she had back up and if she has no one she has nothing


Waistlock by Bayley. Leg trip by Mandy. Bayley goes to work on the arm. Irish whip reversed by Bayley and Mandy drives Bayley into the corner. Slam by Rose to Bayley. Bayley drives Mandy into the corner and delivers shoulderblocks. Clothesline to Mandy and Rose slides to the outside as we go to break

-Commercial 9:33pm-

Back from break, Mandy is in control. Bayley gets to her feet. Kick by Bayley. Suplex blocked by Bayley and Mandy connects with a right hand. Bayley with a backslide but Mandy rolls through with an inside cradle. Running knee for a nearfall. Mandy unloads on Bayley

Bayley hangs Mandy up on the second rope and series of clotheslines by Bayley. Bayley unloads with punches. Bayley repeatedly bounces Mandy's head off the turnbuckle. Side suplex and Bayley off the rope with an elbow. Nearfall by Mandy but Bayley reverses it into a roll up of her own for the three count

The winner of the match: Bayley

Post Match: Mandy and Sonya attack Bayley but Sasha Banks comes out for the save. Sasha goes in for a hug but Bayley stops her and leaves the ring

Nia is in the locker room being checked out. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James stop by and Alexa asks Mickie if she can have a moment alone with Nia.

Alexa says that she knows Nia is disappointed. You lost at Elimination Chamber so you are not going to Wrestlemania and then you lost tonight. Alexa says that Nia must be disappointed in herself. Alexa tells Nia not to feel like a failure or that you let your family down. You have friends. Alexa says that Nia might not be on Wrestlemania this year, but she will be next year. Think about what you have accomplished and overcome. You have been an outcast your entire life. You have been scorned because you have been bigger than everyone else. Alexa tells Nia that she sees how people look at Nia in the airport. You might be a quitter, but you cannot let this get you down. If you do, everyone will lose respect for you.


We take a look back at how Ronda Rousey completed the trip tik on her road to Wrestlemania.

We see what happened last week between Elias and Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman says that he knows Elias is sweating bullets because tonight you find out about his symphony of destruction. He says he is not done with Elias and tonight is the start of his countdown to extinction.

We are back and Elias is on the stage with a piano. He says he is the living among the dead. Everything he does and everything he says. He has a question for everyone and wants to know who wants to walk with Elias. He says he loves symphonies. They are classy and sophisticated. The opposite of this scumbag town. He says that he has mastered many instruments and he is not a one trick pony like Braun Strowman.

Elias plays the drums. Braun may be a Monster among men, but he is living in Elias' world. Braun will find out that WWE stands for Walk with Elias.

Elias says he has a song for Braun and it will be the last one before you walk with Elias.

Elias demands a proper introduction.

The lights go out and then back on but he is not in the ring. Elias runs to the back. Elias leaves the arena and goes into the garage.

Elias starts his car but it does not move when he puts it in reverse.

Elias looks in the rear view mirror and Braun is stopping the car. Braun says he is not finished with him.

Elias runs back into the arena and Braun follows.


Elias comes through the entrance and so does Braun so the match starts. Braun kicks Elias and sends him into the apron. They return to the ring. Elias grabs his stool but Braun with a forearm to the back. Braun biels Elias across the ring and hits a splash into the corner. Braun with a forearm across the chest. Braun gets Elias up but Elias escapes and Elias clips Braun a few times. Elias hits Braun in the back with a guitar. Elias with punches and a running hip to the head.

Elias goes up top and hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Elias goes for Drift Away but Braun with a punch and Elias goes to the floor. Elias tries to crawl away but Braun kicks him in the ribs. Braun drags Elias to the announce table and Braun does some redecorating. Braun picks up Elias but Elias rakes the eyes. Braun sends Elias into the matrix board and then into some guitars on the stage. Braun with a double sledge to the back. Braun sees the bass and picks it up and hits Elias in the back with it. Braun puts Elias under the piano.

Braun decides to take some time to play the piano. Braun picks up the piano and drops it on Elias. Braun picks up the piano and pushes it away to get the three count.

The winner of the match: Braun Strowman

Post Match: Elias is put on a stretcher after what happened to him.


We are back and we are told about the April 27th show in Saudi Arabia with a 50 man Royal Rumble match.


Bray attacks Rhyno as the bell rings but Wyatt with a kick and clothesline. Bray leans and looks at Slater from the apron. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the three count.

The winner of the match: Bray Wyatt

Post Match: After the match, Slater tries to go get Rhyno but Wyatt lays on top of Rhyno and Slater leaves the ring. Bray tells Matt to come out and show his face. He calls him a coward. Bray says the Great War is far from over.

Matt appears on the TitanTron and he conquers that the Great War is not over. It cannot happen within the WWE. There is only one battlefield that can handle this cosmic combat, the Hardy Compound. Matt says that the battleground has been set for annihilation and he tells Bray to prepare for Final Deletion.


We are back and Miz is in the ring with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and it is time for the Mizzies, even though the crowd says it is MizTV.

Miz says the Mizzies honor the greatest in WWE. They honor true greatness, not movies that no one saw before. The real Darkest Hour is that The Shape of Water won over The Marine 5. Get Out? That is what Kurt Angle should do as General Manager of Raw. Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri should be Three Billboards outside New Orleans with this face.

It is time for the first award. The Superstar that is the best at patting themselves on the back. The nominees are Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Finn Balor. The winners are Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Miz says they will not be able to accept their awards because they were not invited.

The next Mizzie is Best Decision by a Raw General Manager. The nominees are Kurt Angle for bringing his bastard son to Raw, Kurt Angle for letting Finn Balor and Seth Rollins into the Elimination Chamber Match, or Kurt Angle for not naming an opponent for The Intercontinental Champion at Wrestlemania. The winner is Kurt Angle. Kurt cannot accept the award because he was too busy sucking up to Ronda Rousey. Having a Mizzie on your resume is good for you when you do not have a job after Wrestlemania.

Miz says it is time for a LIfetime Achievement Mizzie. It goes to the workhorse of the WWE. The man who will be in the main event wherever he is on the card.

Seth Rollins interrupts the announcement and he makes his way to the stage.

Seth says he was enjoying the Mizzies, but the people of Milwaukee were begging to play him off since he was dragging.

Finn Balor's music plays and he comes out next to Seth and asks if he is done.

Seth says this is two weeks in a row and he asks if he is following him.

Finn says he is out to do one better than Seth.

Miz says that neither of you deserve a title match against him. Whether it is lasting 65 minutes or having a great performance in the Elimination Chamber because you lose. The only person who does it better than you is Finn Balor because he held the Universal Title for one day. You can talk about how over you are, but this is not Japan. To be over, you need more than a hand sign that isn't even yours.

You two think you are so special because you beat him in a two on one handicap match. Why not do something big tonight. Miz says that he challenges them to face him, Curtis, and Bo.

Seth says if that is what it takes to shut him up, then he is on.


Irish whip by Axel reversed by Balor for a nearfall. Tag to Rollins. Seth off the top rope with a double axehandle. Rollins now caught in the Miztourage's corner. Rollins sends Axel out of the ring, hip toss to Dallas and a dropkick. Miztourage putting the boots to Rollins.

Nearfall by The Miz another nearfall by Axel. Chinlock on Rollins. Dropkick by Axel. Dallas in with an elbow to the head and a chinlock on Rollins. Rollins gets to his feet and breaks the hold unloading with punches and chops. Tag to Balor and Balor unloads on The Miztourage. Chop to Dallas, irish whip reversed by Balor, Dallas on the ropes and Finn catches Dallas with an enziguri

Balor goes after Miz and falls into his trap as Dallas attacks from behind. We go to break as Miz stands over Finn


We are back and Axel with a forearm but Balor with a Pele Kick. Rollins and Miz tag in and Rollins with a springboard clothesline and enzuigiri. Rollins with a forearm into the corner followed by a suplex and Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Rollins sets for a super kick and he hits a thrust kick. Rollins deals with Axel on the apron and that allows Miz to take advantage. Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Axel and Dallas. Rollins clotheslines Miz over the top rope to the floor.

Balor makes the tag when Rollins was getting ready for a suicide dive. Rollins and Balor argue. Rollins with a baseball slide to Dallas and Axel. Balor knocks Miz off the apron and then Balor with a plancha onto Bo and Curtis. Balor with Slingblade to Miz followed by a running drop kick. Balor goes up top and Rollins makes the tag and hits Black Out for the three count.

The winners of the match: Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

Post Match: Kurt Angle comes out and he tells Miz that he has a match at Wrestlemania so it is time to find out who Miz will be facing. You will not facing Seth Rollins and you will not be facing Finn Balor. You will be facing both of them in a Triple Threat Match.


Paul Heyman comes out and introduces himself to the WWE Universe. He is not here to seek anyone's affirmation. He is here to delivere a message from his client Brock Lesnar and he is here to lay the championship down on the mat saying Brock allows him to put his hands on the Universal Championship and April 8th when Brock defeats Roman Reigns and if Lesnar chooses to defend at Summerslam he will come out on Raw the night after and if Brock allows him, he will lay the Universal and UFC Championships down on the mat.

Last week, Roman Reigns came out and criticized Brock's schedule but what was Reigns' biggest victory of his career? Beating The Undertaker. One of only two men to do so and no one made the statement that it didn't mean anything because Undertaker wrestled only one time. Because if they did, it would be bullsh--.

The Undertaker is The Undertaker 365 days a year and Reigns beat him but Brock Lesnar is Brock Lesnar 365 days a year and he's not going to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship and if Reigns doesn't like what Heyman is saying he can come out here next week he can do something about it because next week on Raw Heyman will bring outBrock Lesnar. And Afa Wrestlemania, Reigns can Sika new title to challenge for because the Universal Championship belongs to Brock Lesnar

Last week, Roman Reigns called Brock Lesnar a bitch, Heyman holds up the championship and says the Universal Championship is Brock Lesnar's bitch and Reigns is eyeballing it and he can't have her. Reigns wants to be champion because his family bloodline runs through his business and vice versa. When you're champion, the Universal Championship is your bloodline and Reigns is not going to have to pry the title from Lesnar cold hands he's going to have to take it from Lesnar's hot competitive fingers because Lesnar was a big boy in his class who always wanted to be number one

The Universal Championship is not a strap, a belt or a prop. It is a declarative statement that you are number one and can look at your children and say you are head and shoulders above the rest. That's what the championship means. It's not about how bad Reigns wants the title, it's how bad the title wants Reigns

Next week on Raw in Detroit, Lesnar will be here and Reigns can say anything he wants to Lesnar's face because by now Roman has learned he doesn't want to shoot on the mic with Paul Heyman and he doesn't want to shoot in the ring with Brock Lesnar

Reigns comes out and says he said alot of harsh things last week and he thought Brock would show up but instead sends Heyman for his rebuttal. All Reigns is asking is for Lesnar to show up for work. But not just to show up but to actually want to be here. Reigns says next week if Lesnar is going to be in Detroit then so will he and Brock can say whatever he wants to Reigns' face and to not come dressed for a promo but dressed for a fight





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