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WWE 205 Live Results (2/27)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 27, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (2/27)

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE 205 Live!

A recap of last week is shown.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome everyone to the show.

Cedric Alexander vs. TJP - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Quarter Finals

TJP backstage says he shouldn't be competing in this tournament. He says he will go on to Wrestlemania and regain the Cruiserweight Championship. TJP goes from behind and Cedric reverses. The two men grapple back and forth. They continue back and forth until Cedric catches TJP into a powerbomb. Cedric covers but TJP kicks out. Cedric locks up on TJP. TJP lands a head scissors and gets a arm submission hold in. Cedric counters and both guys work on each others shoulder with a submission hold. Cedric gets TJP down with a hold. TJP gets out but Cedric gets him down with the hold again. TJP gets out and gets Cedric in a clover leaf submission. Cedric gets out and the two continue back and forth. Cedric lands a head scissors and a drop kick. Cedric was about to dive on TJP outside but TJP gets back and head scissors Cedric. TJP gets a back stretch submission on Cedric. TJP is in control until Cedric gets him back in the corner with chops. Both men go back and forth until TJP slams him down. TJP continues to beat down Cedric. TJP has a chin lock applied. Cedric gets out and lands a kick to TJP's face. TJP escapes Cedric through the middle rope and tries to roll up Cedric but Cedric counters. TJP manages to get Cedric in a back submission. TJP is in control, takes down Cedric and flies over the top rope onto Cedric. TJP has a head lock applied. Cedric gets out but TJP lands a flying elbow. TJP covers but gets a 2. TJP pressures his boot onto Cedric's head. TJP tries for a submission and gets a arm stretch on Cedric. TJP hits a suplex then goes for a back suplex but Cedric lands on him. Cedric knocks down TJP over and over and lands a back elbow. Cedric charges but is back dropped on the apron. Cedric kicks TJP and lands a flat liner through the ropes. TJP kicks out at 2. TJP counters the Lumbar Check and hits a Gut Buster. TJP covers but gets a 2 count. TJP tries the Detonation Kick but Cedric counters. TJP attacks the knee of Cedric. Cedric knocks TJP out of the ring. Cedric runs and Swanton Dives onto TJP to the outside. Cedric spring boards but TJP moves out of the way. Cedric bounces off the ropes and tries for a kick but TJP catches him in the knee bar. Cedric gets out but gets rolled up with trunks in TJP's hand but Cedric kicks out at 2. TJP kicks Cedric over and over but Cedric lands a upper cut. Both men take each other down with a clothesline. Both men battle back and forth and TJP gets him in the knee bar again. Cedric crawls and makes it to the ropes. TJP kicks away but Cedric gets an elbow on TJP. TJP hits an elbow of his own. Both men kick and elbow each other back and forth. Cedric counters TJP who was on TJP's shoulders and lands the Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander.

A video of Drake Maverick getting interviewed by WWE.com is shown.

Mustafa Ali talks backstage and says he had the fight of his life last week. He says he's got Buddy Murphy next week and he may be bigger but he will not get past him. Buddy Murphy is interviewed and says he will go to Wrestlemania to win the Cruiserweight title.

Kalisto vs. Roderick Strong - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Quarter Finals

Both mne lock up. Strong gets him down on the mat. Kalisto counters but Strong gets him back down. Kalisto bounces off the ropes to get out of the hold. Kalisto head scissors Strong multiple times. Kalisto lands a shoulder to the gut on the apron and tries to flip over but gets caught in a back breaker. Strong is in control but Kalisto kicks Strong away and lands a hurricurana. Strong gets out of the ring but Kalisto lands a suicide dive onto him. Kalisto jumps off the barricade and dives onto Strong but Strong catches him. Kalisto is able to send him into the barricade. Strong backs Kalisto to the apron and slams him on the announce table. Strong beats down Kalisto with shoulders to the gut. Strong picks him up and lands a vicious back breaker. Strong beats down the back of Kalisto as he hangs on the ropes. Strong lands his knees to Kalisto's ribs. Strong continues to beat him down. Kalisto bounces off the ropes and gets nailed with a brutal drop kick by Strong. Strong has Kalisto in a torture rack submission. Kalisto rolls out and hip tosses Strong. Kalisto head scissors Strong face first to the mat. Kalisto lands a spring board dive to Strong. Kalisto is in control and goes for the Salida Del Sol but Strong counters hanging Kalisto off the ropes. Strong lands an Olympic Slam for a 2 count. Kalisto counters Strong and sunset flips him into a pin but Strong kicks out. Kalisto gets kicked on the top rope and Strong meets him there. Kalisto fights off and hits Strong over and over. Kalisto is on the top rope and counters a body slam from Strong off the top. Kalisto covers but gets a 2. Kalisto kicks Strong over and over. Strong comes back with a knee to Kalisto's skull, lands a back breaker followed by the End Of Heartache for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Roderick Strong.

End Of The Show.

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