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WWE 205 Live Coverage (2/20)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 20, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage (2/20)

Welcome to our WWE 205 Live Coverage!

A recap of last week and preview for tonight is shown.

Ariya Daivari vs. Buddy Murphy - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

Both men lock up. Daivari gets him in a head lock, gets pushed into the corner and kicks Buddy in the gut. Both men go back and forth and Buddy kicks Ariya in the knee. Murphy attacks him on the outside. Both men are on the apron and Ariya plants him with a reverse DDT on the apron. Ariya sends Murphy into the steel steps. Ariya brings him back in the ring, covers but gets a 2. Ariya dominates with a chop and a hard irish whip to the buckle. Murphy fights back until he is hip tossed into the buckle. Ariya covers but gets a 2. Ariya has a chin lock applied on Murphy. Murphy gets up and lands a jaw breaker. Ariya goes after him and gets a boot from Murphy. Murphy lands a drop kick from the middle rope and starts his comeback. Murphy kicks Ariya on the apron, goes up the top rope but Ariya leaves the ring. Murphy dives swanton dives onto Ariya on the outside. Murphy goes off the top, lands on Ariya and gets a 2. Murphy is in control until he gets an elbow to the face. Ariya dives off the top with a splash but Murphy kicks out. Ariya lands a kick followed by a hammerlock lariat. Ariya covers but Murphy just kicks out before the 3 count. Murphy counters the back suplex. Murphy picks up Ariya for a pump handle slam and lands Ariya on the back of the neck for the win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy.

Drake Maverick updates everyone on the bracket for the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. He brings in TJP and Cedric Alexander. They talk trash to each other and both say they will move on to the tournament when they face next week. 

-Commercial Break-

Gran Madalik and Lince Derado vs. Local Competitors

Dorado and Evan Daniels lock up and Dorado is in control with a drop kick. Daniels nials a fore arm and gets a tag. Dorado lands a back drop and both Madalik and Dorado double team. Medalik catches his opponent and slams him down. Daniels gets tagged in and goes on the attack on Madalik. Daniels mocks Madalik and Madalik kicks Daniels down. Madalik tags Dorado and Dorado is on fire. Dorado lands a cross body, covers but Daniels breaks up the count. Madalik takes Daniels out. Both Madalik and Dorado dive onto them on the outside. Dorado lands the shooting star press and covers for the win.

Winners: Gran Madalik and Lince Dorado

A backstage video of Gulak is shown. He says Mark Andrews will tap out to Gulak. Andrews has a video that says he will fly his way straight to Wrestlemania to be the Cruiserweight Champion.

Jack Gallagher is shown preparing for his match.

-Commercial Break-

Jack Gallagher vs. Mustafa Ali - WWE Cruiserweight Championship 1st Round Tournament

Both men lock up and Ali is backed into the ropes. They lock again and Jack takes Ali down with a wrist lock. Ali gets out but Jack gets him in the lock again. Ali flips him over but Jack still has the hold applied. Jack has Ali on his shoulders and slams him down with a wrist lock still applied. Ali gets a head lock and both men chain wrestle back and forth. Ali dodges Jack, moving all around and gets Jack in a boston crab. Jack gets out and counters Ali by hanging upside down on the buckle. Both men trade roll ups for 2 counts. Ali backs Jack into the buckle. Jack brings him into the corner. Jack head butts him in the gut. Jack is in control but Ali kicks Jack in the head knocking him to the outside. Ali goes for a baseball slide but Jack traps him with the ring apron and wails away on him. Ali gets back in the ring but gets an elbow to the face by Jack. Jack lands a suplex followed by a pin but gets a 2. Ali fights back but Jack continues to ground him. Ali dodges Jack in the corner and Ali comes back knocking him down and landing a drop kick. Ali lands a hurricurana  and kick on the apron. Ali flies through the middle rope and nails a face buster on Jack. Ali goes on the top but Jack nails him with a right. Jack hangs Ali's shoulder off the ropes and throws Ali shoulder first to the post. Jack covers but gets a 2. Jack works the arm and gets him in a wrist lock. Jack continues to work the arm. Jack nails a hammerlock slam but gets a 2. Jack has a hold on the shoulder again. Ali gets Jack to the outside, kicks Jack off the apron and dives but Jack moves out of the way. Jack gets back in the ring as the referee starts his 10 count. Ali just makes it back in before the 10 count. Jack gets Ali on the top rope, Ali fights him off and dives but gets caught into an arm bar. Ali gets out and dives again but gets caught again in the arm bar. Ali tries to crawl to the ropes and he gets his feet on the ropes. Ali sends Jack face first to the buckle and heads to the top. Jack has his shoulder on the top but Ali knocks him off. Jack gets back up and knocks Ali off the top and shoulder first into the barricade. Jack viciously attacks his arm again on the outside. Ali is thrown into the buckle. Jack covers but Ali kicks out. Jack tries another arm bar but Ali fights out. Jack elbows Ali on the shoulder over and over. Jack covers but again Ali kicks out. Jack puts Ali on the top and goes for a back superplex but Ali lands on his feet. Ali kicks Jack on the back of the head, hits the tornado DDT and hits the 054 splash off the top to get the 1... 2.. 3.

Winner: Mustafa Ali. 

End Of The Show.



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