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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Live Coverage (2/20)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 20, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Live Coverage (2/20)

Welcome to our live coverage for the Mixed Match Challenge!

Charlotte and Bobby Roode vs. Apollo and Nia Jax

Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix welcome everyone. Both teams make their entrance. Roode and Apollo start off. Roode does the Flair strut and Charlotte shows him how it's done. Roode chain wrestles Apollo down. They lock up and Roode tackles Apollo down and Apollo lands a hip toss. Roode backs Apollo into the corner and chops him. Apollo dodges Roode and catches Roode with a drop kick. Apollo covers and Roode quickly kicks out. Roode tags in Charlotte. Nia comes in and kicks Charlotte's knee.Charlotte tries a boot on Nia but Nia moves out of the way. Charlotte is in control until Nia attacks her from behind after a distraction by Dana Brooke. Charlotte recovers with a kick to the knee and a drop kick knocking Nia out of the ring. Charlotte tries to get Nia back in but Nia trips her down. Nia is in control as she slams Charlotte down and lands an elbow to the chest. Charlotte quickly kicks out after that. Charlotte fights back but gets knocked off the apron after a distraction by Dana. Nia brings Charlotte back in the ring but Charlotte kicks her. Charlotte goes on the attack and locks in the Figure Four. Nia head butts Charlotte to break the hold. Nia makes the tag to Apollo and Roode comes in on fire. Roode goes off the top rope and nails a clothesline. Apollo recovers and lands a drop kick for a 2 count. Apollo lands a sunset flip on Roode for a 2. Roode hits a spinebuster, covers but gets a 2. Nia and Charlotte fight on the top rope. Nia gets knocked off. Apollo takes down Roode with a kick to the head and tries a standing moonsault but Roode gets his knees up. Charlotte lands a moonsault off the top rope. Roode plants Apollo with the Glorious DDT for the win.

Winners: Charlotte and Bobby Roode.

They show backstage promos for next week when Asuka and Miz take on Sasha Banks and Finn Balor. Renee interviews Bobby and Charlotte and all they have to say is "WOO"! Nia has something to say to Titus O'Neil. She looks to be flirting with him but then insults Titus Worldwide and says they disrupted the match. Nia pushes them down and gives Dana a Samoan Drop.

End Of The Show.


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