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WWE 205 Live Coverage and Results (2/13)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 13, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage and Results (2/13)

Welcome to our WWE 205 Live Coverage and Results!

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome everyone to the show.

Akira Tozawa vs. Mark Andrews - 1st Round in Cruiserweight Title Tournament

Andrews is interviewed before the match and says he will high fly and stage dive his way into Wrestlemania to win the Cruiserweight title. Both men lock up. Andrews has Tozawa down in a head lock. Tozawa gets Andrews shoulders down but Andrews gets out. Andrews works on Tozawa's leg. Andrews has a wrist lock and Tozawa counters and gets a wrist lock of his own. Andrews reverses and works on the arm. Andrews gets Tozawa in the Octopus stretch. Andrews starts hitting arm drags to Tozawa. Both men go back and forth ending with Andrews catching him in a drop kick. Tozawa and Andrews exchange chops to the chest. Tozawa lands a shot to the jaw. Tozawa stomps away at Mark in the corner. Akira with a knee and a splash onto him. Akira covers but gets a 2. Akira has Andrews in a submission hold and is in control. Akira continues to dominate getting Mark in another arm submission hold. Andrews fights out and lands right hands on Akira. Andrews lands a upper cut. Andrews counters Akira and lands a spring board cross body for a 2 count. Andrews goes back to work on the leg of Akira with a Indian Death Lock. Andrews tries the Octopus Stretch again but Akira fights out. Akira lands a hurricurana on Andrews followed by a knee to the face. Andrews moves out of the way as Akira is on the top rope. Akira lands a suicide dive onto Andrews on the outside. Akira gets him back in the ring, goes to the top but Andrews moves out of the way. Andrews catches Akira in the turnbuckle and lands a standing corkscrew moonsault but gets a 2 count. The two go back and forth and Akira lands a back suplex but Andrews kicks out at 2. Akira lands right hands over and over but Andrews nails kicks. Both men go back and forth again until Andrews catches him in a stunner for a 2 count. Andrews has Akira on the top rope and goes for a head scissors but Akira holds him. Andrews manages to land the head scissors but Akira kicks out at 2. Andrews tries the shooting star off the top rope but Akira moves out of the way. Andrews lands on his feet. Akira has Andrews after a kick but Andrews gets a roll up on Akira for the victory.

Winner: Mark Andrews.

Jack Gallagher is interviewed backstage. He says he is delighted to face Mustafa Ali next week. Drake Maverick says he hopes Jack gets an appropriate attire for next week.

-Commercial Break-

A video highlight of Buddy Murphy is shown.

Both Tony Nese and Drew Gulak are shown preparing for their match backstage.

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Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese - 1st Round Of The Cruiserweight Title Tournament

Gulak extends his hand and they both shake hands. They lock up and Nese takes him down. Nese shows off his muscles. Gulak takes Nese down and gets Nese in a head lock. Nese rolls him over on his back but Nese gets out. Gulak works on him again and the two chain wrestle back and forth. Nese has Gulak's leg but Gulak kicks him in the face. Gulak whips him but Nese counters and dodges Gulak's strikes. Nese kicks and punches him down. Gulak tries an irish whip but Nese gets a submission hold on Gulak. Nese tries a roll up but Gulak kicks out. Nese tosses Gulak to the outside. Nese avoids Gulak and catches him with a right hand. Gulak grabs Nese and pulls him to the outside and back suplexes him on the outside. Nese gets back in and Gulak covers but gets a 2. Gulak starts aggressively working on Nese. Gulak has a wrist lock applied. Nese fights out and runs over Gulak. Nese lands right hands, kicks and a heel kick. Nese is in control as he covers Gulak but gets a 2. Nese has a hold of Gulak but Gulak fights him off. Nese collides his head onto Gulak's gut. Gulak gets planted with a knee to the gut but Gulak kicks out. Nese is frustrated and Gulak fight back. Both men go back and forth and Gulak lands a drop kick. Gulak lands a over head suplex but Nese kicks out at 2. Nese tries to fight back on Gulak and pummels on Gulak. Gulak pulls on Nese's beard and slaps him. Gulak lands an Electric Chair immediatley covers but gets a 2. Gulak gets Nese in a front head lock. Nese powers out and lands Gulak on the apron. The two fight and Nese knocks him off the apron. Nese dives onto him on the outside. Nese goes to the top rope but misses a 450 splash. Gulak tries his offense but Nese gets a pump handle slam. He covers Gulak but he kicks out at 2. The two exchange rights and knees. Nese goes for a powerbomb but sends Gulak face first into the turnbuckle. Nese picks up Gulak and buckle bombs him into the buckle across the ring. Gulak rolls out of the ring and Nese attacks him. Gulak knocks Nese off the apron as he was getting back into the ring and Nese lands on the announce table. Gulak grabs Nese and throws him into the announce table. He throws Nese again into the table. Gulak throws him back into the ring and lands a vicious clothesline on Nese. Gulak lands a powerbomb, lifts Nese again and nails another powerbomb. Gulak gets Nese into the Dragon Sleeper and the referee calls for the bell as Nese is lifeless.

Winner: Drew Gulak.

End Of Show.

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