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Chris Jericho Talking Sh*t About Undertaker/Austin, Coming From WCW, Original Plan For The Highlight Reel

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Feb 12, 2018

Chris Jericho Talking Sh*t About Undertaker/Austin, Coming From WCW, Original Plan For The Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho was recently interviewed on Steve Austin’s Podcast. Below are some of the highlights, courtesy of WrestlingInc.

On What He Didn’t Know Coming From WCW:

“I came in as a heel, so I had no problem.” Jericho recalled, “I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to talk s–t about The Undertaker in a promo or talk bad about Steve Austin in a promo! That’s what heels do to babyfaces! Right? But I learned very quickly that that’s not what heels do when they first come in. I had no idea! Nobody ever taught me that in WCW. They didn’t even tell me how to bump and feed a comeback. I had been in WCW for three years and I had no idea what that even meant as crazy as it sounds right now.”

On Working to Change People’s Opinion Of Him Early On:

“I knew I can’t win with [Triple H] and DX.” Jericho remembered, “and Rocky was always cool and [Austin] was in and out. [Austin was] always on your own, but [he was] always cool to me. But what I did was I worked really hard always, but I knew if I could get over with the bullpen, with the mid level guys, that would bleed up to the top. Bob Holly, those type of guys, JBL, Bradshaw at the time, working with those types, Rikishi, having great matches night after night, after night, with those guys, where I was programmed, word gets around, ‘hey, that guy’s not an asshole. You guys are talking s–t about him, but he’s really good and he’s a really good guy.’ That really helped to alleviate some of the tension that was there.”

On His Original Idea For The Highlight Reel:

“My initial idea was learning from one of the greatest, I don’t know what you would call him, backstage interviewers, was Gene Okerlund who could lead you through a backstage promo even if you didn’t know what you were doing. Right?” Jericho added, “my idea when I started the Highlight Reel was I wanted to be the Gene Okerlund, have guys that didn’t get promo time, and let me do an improv promo. Let’s see what they’ve got. Of course, that did not fly with Vince. He wanted an actual promo segment with top level guys.”

On Not Using Drugs: “I was never interested.” Jericho considered, “I don’t do drugs. Why would I want to do drugs? And I just never started with any of that. I never did any of the pills even back in Calgary [Canada] and Mexico, guys that I’d hang with would do all the pills. I just didn’t! I don’t know why. Still to this day, I’ve never done cocaine in my life. Never! I just never had the desire to for whatever reason. No. Never once. Yeah, I mean, I did ‘shrooms and that sort of scene and that sort of thing. I just liked having a drink. The guys I ran with just liked to have a drink.”

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