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Eric Bischoff Dismisses Rumors of Undertaker Trying to Jump to WCW in 1999/2000

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 01, 2018

Eric Bischoff Dismisses Rumors of Undertaker Trying to Jump to WCW in 1999/2000

As longtime WWE fans may recall, there was a period of time back in 1999/2000 when The Undertaker disappeared from WWE programming for quite some time, as he was dealing with injuries. For years, there have been rumors that Undertaker might have been interested in signing with World Championship Wrestling during that time, and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash has stated that he was actually lobbying for Undertaker to jump to WCW.

However, according to former WCW President Eric Bischoff, there were virtually no conversations about The Undertaker ever leaving WWE to jump to WCW during that time. Bischoff recently spoke to PopCulture.com and dismissed these rumors:

"See, that's another one of those internet wrestling rumors that continues to survive, what is it now, 18, 19 years later? Nothing could be further from the truth.

"There was never one syllable of conversation between anybody that mattered. Maybe some of the lower level guys on the production, maybe some freelancers said, 'Wow, wouldn't it be cool if the Undertaker came over?'

"Or maybe there was some new assignees over at the Power Plant where some other people that really weren't very significant who had some indirect association with the company that speculated about how cool it would be. There was never any meaningful conversation with anybody that mattered at any level."

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