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NXT Takeover Philadelphia Live Coverage And Results (1/27)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jan 27, 2018

NXT Takeover Philadelphia Live Coverage And Results (1/27)

Welcome to NXT TakeOver Philadelphia and we are live from the Wells Fargo Arena. We go down to ringside where we are joined by Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson and we kick things off with NXT Championship action as the challengers, Authors Of Pain make their way down to the ring accompanied by Paul Ellering


AOP aren’t messing around. They attacked the champs before the bell. The champs bailed to the floor to regroup. O’Reilly tried to combat Rezar’s power, but it didn’t go well. The AOP dominated the opening minutes.

Things started to turn when the Era went to work on Akam’s knee. Akam kept trying to make the tag but the champs kept working over the injured leg. The champs kept working him over, keeping him away from Rezar.

Fish then slugged Rezar but that allowed Rezar to get the tag. He came in like a house afire, beating down both champions. Fish jumped on Rezar's back for a choke as he was going for a Fallaway Slam on Kyle. So, Rezar just dusted them both and got a two count. Kyle went for a choke but got thrown down. Kyle then threw a knee into Rezar's shoulder and the champs went back to double teaming the big man. Fish got a two on an exploder, after Kyle kicked the big man in the leg first.

Rezar hit a big clothesline and tagged in Akam, who is still selling the left leg. Rezar came off of the ropes into a knee strike by Fish as Kyle locked a kneebar on Akam. Rezar broke the hold by whipping Fish onto O'Reilly.

Akam powered back and threw Kyle with a big suplex. Fish tried to get involved and got slugged to the floor. Akam hit a Buckle Bomb on Kyle and then blasted him in the face with knees. Fish came and AOP went for the Super Collider. Rezar got Fish but Akam stumbled into Rezar before nailing Kyle, knocking his partner out of the ring. Kyle then quickly rolled up Akam and got the pin

The winners of the match: The Undisputed Era


Dream opened up like a boxer.  The fans are counting to 30.  At 23 Dream hit a big shot and knocked Ohno down.  The fans popped.  He didn't cover him though so Ohno was allowed to get up and pummel him with a few shots.  Ohno ran into a Spinebuster as the fans were chanting "Velveteen" as he started throwing punches at Ohno and he worked over the bigger man fo a while.  When Ohno got up, Dream went back to throwing big shots, yelling "Dream Over". Dream did a double Axe from the top for a two.  Dream is asking Ohno what his name is and he works him over.

Ohno got a chance when a suplex spot went awry.  They started to trade big blows.  Ohno got the advantage with a senton splash and a Cyclone Kick to the face, two count only.  Dream got a two on a backslide and another with a stuff DDT.  Dream went to the top but jumped into a big Ohno kick.  Ohno came flying but it turned into a Dream Death Valley Driver for a two.  Ohno got a two with a big elbow.  The crowd is way behind Dream.

Dream hit a Death Valley Driver and then follows up with  the Purple Rainmaker for the pin.

The winner of the match: Velveteen Dream


Waistlock takedown by Shayna. Ember reverses it into a waistlock of her own and Shayna with a kick to Moon. Double leg takedown by Baszler. Back kick blocked by Moon and Ember with a series of dropkicks to the challenger sending Baszler to the outside. Ember off the ropes suicido to Baszler on the outside and she rolls Baszler back into the ring.

Baszler with short knee strikes to Ember Moon and a big kick and cover for a nearfall. Shayna drops Moon face first onto the mat. Baszler with a stomp on the arm. Shayna goes to work on the arm and another nearfall on Moon.

Kick to the back by Baszler. Back to work on the arm as she has an armbar locked in on Ember Moon. Shayna transitions into a submission hold and she drops an elbow across the back delivering a kick. Shayna with a kick and Moon explodes with a slap to the face and follows it up with a series of kicks and a clothesline. Springboard crossbody onto Baszler

Forearm in the corner by Moon and Ember goes up to the top rope and Moon hits the Eclipse on Baszler. The referee calls for EMTs to come down to ringside to look at her arm. Moon pulls herself to her feet as Shayna slowly gets up. Moon goes to pick Baszler up but Baszler back into an armlock submission and Moon gets her foot on the bottom rope forcing the break.

Baszler pulls Ember away from the rope back to the armlock submission. Ember rolling through trying to get out of the hold. Baszler still has the armlock applied and Moon rolls through rolling Shayna up for the three count

The winner of the match: Ember Moon


Cole and Black exchange punches and it's Black with a kick sending Cole to the outside. Cole brings a steel chair into play as the crowd starts an "ECW" chant. Cole up on the apron staring at Black who is sitting in the middle of the ring. Black ducks a chairshot and intercepts the chair as Cole slides to the outside

Cole plants the chair and takes a seat in the middle of the ring. Cole back in gets sent flying over the top rope and Black blasts Cole with forearms. Kneestrike by Cole and he bounces Black's head off the apron. Several chairs and a garbage are thrown into the ring and he hits a running boot to Black.

Black with a series of forearm smashes and Cole drives Black into the barricade. Cole pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring aa does Aleister Black and they are both back in the ring.

Black tosses the stick away and tells Cole to bring it on. Cole swings the kendo stick and Black ducks. Springboard moonsault and Cole strikes with a kendo shot to the ribs. Cole swings the kendo stick again. Backstabber by Cole on Black and Cole with mounted punches. Cole stomps away on Black

The crowd starts a "Get The Tables" chant and Cole pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up. Back in the ring, kick to Black and Cole goes to the top rope pulling Black with him. He hooks Black up for a suplex but Black fights back with a series of right hands slamming him off the top rope

Running knee strike by Black for a nearfall. Black pulls a table out from under the ring and he sets his own table up at ringside. Black looks back at the tables set up side by side and pulls a ladder out but Cole dropkicks the ladder into Black

Cole wedges the ladder into the corner. Cole to the outside throws Black back into the ring. Suplex blocked by Black. Suplex blocked by Cole and an enziguri to Black. Cole unloads with punches. Nlsvk with the Electric Chair and he drops Cole onto the ladder

Black has Cole's head set up in the chair but Cole with a chairshot. Back elbow by Cole. Black counters the kick with one of his own. Black on the top rope

Cole throws the chair at him and connects with a kick sending Black crashing through the two tables at ringside. Cole rolls Black into the ring. Cole grabs the chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

Black with a Death Valley Driver through the chairs. Cole using a chair to pull himself up and Black drives the chair into the face. Undisputed Era run out and pull Black out of the ring. Double team on Black. Cole on the outside and Black hits a double knee through the announce table. Back in the ring, Cole says he's going to end Black. Cole goes to swing the chair but Black connects with the Black Mass for the three count

The winner of the match: Aleister Black


We are starting out with chain wrestling. Johnny was getting the better of it until Cien caught him with a slap to the chest. Then he got the upper hand for a minute or so.

But Johnny came back with a flying headscissors dumped Almas to the floor. He went for his cannonball splash but Almas moved. He landed right in from of his wife Candice LeRae. I saw what Tammy Sytch said about her. I don't know who Sytch was looking at but I am sure LeRae would love to show her what she knows about the business if she were ever given the chance. Almas is in control.

Speaking of Candice, anyone want to take odds for how long it will be until she hops the rail and meets Zelina Vega?

Almas put Johnny in the tree of woe and tried to stomp him but Johny moved. Johnny then armdragged Almas into the corner. Both men are on even footing now as they throw hands in the center of the ring. Johnny gets the better of it and gets a two with a flying face plant. He got another with a slingshot spear. The fans are chanting for him.

But Almas came back and got a two on Johnny. Zelina is working hard at ringside, telling Almas to stay on it. Almas went up for the moonsault. Johnny moved but Almas did a standing mooonsault and got a two. Very cool spot.

Johnny then ran into and elbow for a two. Johnny nailed kick for a two. We are heating up. They just double punched each other and both went down. The fans showed their thanks with cheers.

Almas went up for the DDT from the top but Gargano got out and hit a superkick to the supernuts area. Johnny went for the Sunset Flip but Almas got out. OK a ton is happening. These guys are great. Almas gets a two with a tornado DDT. They are both down as the fans are going nuts and chanting NXT. If you were wondering when NXT would have their first flat Takeover, the answer is not tonight. The fans are chanting for Johnny but Almas has been great too.

With Almas on the arpon Johnny did a jumping stuff DDT. Almas hit the floor but you can't win the Title there.

Johnny fought to get him back in before 10 and he did, but he only got a two count. Gargano went for his finish but Almas used a jawbreaker. Almas hit an elbow and Vega told him to go, but he ran into a clothesline instead. Johnny launhed him into the second turnbuckle but before he could get the win he got distracted by Vega. But he came back and got a two with a superkick. The crowd wanted it. Vega is going nuts. She hasn't interfered at all yet.

Johnny drapped himself to the top rope. Almas grabbed his leg and JG got crotched. JG was hanging in the second turnbuckle, on the outside, when Almas double stomped him from the top. Johnny dumped to tyhe floor. Almas went to work. JG looks stunned. Almas then pushed him in the ring and double kneed him in the face. Two count only! The fans are chanting for Johnny. Johnny is selling that is out of it.

But's still fighting. He is throwing punches with all that he has left. This guy totally gets how to tell an amazing story. Out of nowhere JG hit a backward rana after a big kick. Almas went for the Tilt a whirl but Johnny hung on and got the Escape. Almas tried to get out but couldn't, so Vega helped him. While the ref yelled at her Almas raked the eyes. Almas went for the Hammerlock DDT but JD dumped him to the floor and did a tope. Out of nowhere Vega hit a ran on JG. Almas hit the big DDT but Johnny kicked out at two. The crowd is chanting YES! They chanted Johnny Wrestling.

As Johnny was crawling on the floor, Vega came after him. Candice said OH NO. Joey Styles would have yelled CATFIGHT. Candice ran Vega out of the building as the crowd thanked her. Johnny hits a kick and a Slingshot DDT. Two count only. Johnny locked on the Escape. Almas is fighting. He got his leg to the rope to break the hold.

After Johnny took a shot into the post, Almas hit double knees, also into the post. They are saying the ref should stop it. Johnny does not agree. Almas pulled Johnny up to the top and hit the spike DDT, 1-2-3. Almas retains.

The winner of the match: Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Post Match: Candice LaRae checks on her husband and helps him to the back. They're standing at the top of the ramp out comes a returning Tomasso Ciampa who attacks Gargano with a crutch




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