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Bully Ray Says Dolph Ziggler Should Quit WWE To Revive His Career

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 29, 2017

Bully Ray Says Dolph Ziggler Should Quit WWE To Revive His Career

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Bubba Ray Dudley discussed his thoughts on Ziggler's WWE career, on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio.

"It's the truth. You never want to have that stigma. You never wanna be known as, 'He's a good little worker.' Because when you are a good little worker, the 'curse of the worker,' that's the role that you fit in. A boss looks at you as, 'Ok. He's the guy that I can put in any role at any given time. And since there aren't a lot of guys like that, you get put in a weird spot. That spot is, your gonna make a very, very good living, we're gonna keep you around for a long time, but you're never gonna be 'the guy.'

Maybe, every once in a while, we'll shuffle you up to the main event, but it's only gonna be for a cup of coffee and a biscuit, and then we're gonna double park you back on the back burner for when we need you again. And that is what Dolph Ziggler has been going through for a long time."

The biggest issue with Ziggler, Bubba Ray feels, is that Dolph has been around for too long in WWE. He feels that the good news is that Ziggler would get paid a lot of money for a long time working for WWE, but the bad news is that "he'll never main event WrestleMania." 

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