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WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 (12/17) Boston, Massachussetts

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Dec 17, 2017

WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 (12/17) Boston, Massachussetts

Clash OF Champions Kick-Off



Welcome to the final PPV of 2017. Welcome to WWE Clash Of Champions live from the TD Garden in Boston. Massachussetts and we kick things off with a triple threat match for the United States Championship as Baron Corbin defends his title against Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler



Roode and Ziggler temporarily team up to double team Corbin and the action quickly spills to the outside as Roode clotheslines Corbin over the barricade. Back in the ring, Roode blocks a superkick looking for the Glorious DDT. Ziggler counters. Inverted atomic drop and side russian legsweep by Roode. Roode is sent tot he outside and an explosive clothesline from Corbin

Ziggler reaches over the ropes to grab Corbin who plants him with a right hand. Roode is sent into the barricade. Corbin with a running clothesline in the corner. Right hand to Roode as Corbin stands over him.

Corbin with an irish whip across the ring and Roode hits the turnbuckle hard. Corbin goes after the lower back. Another right hand sends Roode to the mat. Corbin rolls out of the ring going after Ziggler and drives Dolph into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Roode starting to mount a comeback but is caught by Corbin who delivers a side slam. Corbin in trouble and Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Roode shakes him off. Elbow by Ziggler, Dolph runs into a pair of boots. Famouser by Ziggler to Roode and Corbin breaks up the pin. Corbin with a Deep Six to Roode for a nerfall

Roode on the top turnbuckle and Ziggler hooks him up for a suplex but Corbin with a powerbomb. Ziggler counters a chokeslam and Corbin runs shoulder first into the ring post. Ziggler eyes Roode as he cues up for the superkick. Roode side steps and plants Ziggler with a spinebuster. Glorious DDT countered by Ziggler who hits one of his own. Corbin back in the ring goes to throw Ziggler out. Ziggler misses yet again with a superkick.

Roode with the Glorious DDT. Nearfall by Roode. Corbin pulls Roode out and delivers a backbreaker on the outside. Back in the ring End Of Days to Roode but Ziggler from behind hits the ZigZag for the three count and the win

The winner of the match and NEW United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage: Shane is asking Daniel Bryan what he was thinking making himself a referee as well. Daniel says he's protecting the integrity of Smackdown and calls Shane a hot head and tries to explain himself and Shane's understanding is one referee in the ring, one referee outside the ring right? Daniel says no both referees in the ring. Shane says he'll go see if he can find a referee shirt for Daniel and leaves

Backstage: A furious Baron Corbin says he didn't squander his opportunity. Dolph Ziggler shouldn't have been in the match he didn't earn it but he'll make Ziggler pay for it when he gets his title back


Aiden English is singing. Time for the Tag Title match. English did a great job singing the 12 Days of Rusev. The fans loved it and chanted "Rusev Day!" They went to sing more when the party killers in the back sent Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin out to kill the buzz. They got it back by sending out New Day. The champs are out last. They ragged on Aiden English for singing. They have their own song. It is about 12 days and lock down. Some fans sang along.

It was every man for himself early. New Day faced off with Rusev but he laid them both out. He went for a cover as the fans chanted Rusev Day. I am happy to see him get love. WWE hasn't booked him well but look at him now.

Then, it turned into every man for himself. English/Rusev and New Day are the faces.

I had buffering issues for the first time in a while. When it came back, Rusev was going at it with Big E. Rusev locked on the Accolade. Gable came in and blocked it. English came in and ate a suplex. Gable then hit Big E with one. He went to tag Jimmy but he didn't realize that he tagged Jey and the champs retained.

The winners of the match: The Usos


Natalya quick on the offense as she floors Charlotte. Charlotte with a kick sending Natalya to the outside and Naomi quickly throws her back into the ring. Right hands by Natalya and Charlotte gets sent to the outside as The Welcoming Committee and The Riot Squad send her back into the ring

Another right hand by Natalya. Irish whip and a kick by Charlotte. Neckbreaker by Charlotte and a kick. Neafgall on Natalya. Charlotte is sent shoulder first into the ring post and a clothesline sends Charlotte over the ropes to the apron as she kicks Charlotte to the outside. The lumberjacks quickly send her back in and Natalya yet again sends Charlotte to the outside

Charlotte back in and Natalya applies a chinlock. Charlotte gets to her feet but Natalya pulls her back to the mat and delivers a kick. Natalya has Charlotte on the ropes planting a knee in the back of the neck. Natalya is sent to the outside and The Welcoming Comittee send her back in where Charlotte lights Natalya up with Flair chops. Charlotte ducks a clothesline and plants Natalya with a backbreaker

Charlotte to the top rope but Natalya pulls her down. Natalya drags Charlotte to the middle. Sharpshooter countered. Nearfall for Charlotte and a big boot connects. Figure Eight is countered as Charlotte is sent to the outside where the lumberjacks attack her. Naomi from the top rope flies taking out all the lumberjacks. Charlotte back in as Tamina gets a kick in. Sharpshooter locked in by Natalya. Charlotte grabs the ropes and Carmella pulls her to the outside attacking. Carmella grabs the briefcase but Ruby Riott quickly runs in knocking Carmella to the outside.

Charlotte hits the ringpost hard. Natalya picks her up sending her back in the ring. Sharpshooter is countered and Charlotte with the figure eight locked in and Natalya taps

The winner of the match: Charlotte

Post Match: Natalya says she did nothing wrong. Charlotte did what she always does use her family's name. Natalya says she's given the WWE Universe some of the best matches in the women's division and for 10 years she has carried the women's division and now the WWE Universe wants to turn their back on her so now she's turning her back on them. Natalya then leaves and walks up the ramp crying

Backstage: The Singhs did a promo saying Jinder doesn't need them in their corner.  When asked if that means they won't be there, they said watch and see.   


Harper with a right hand to Breeze. Tag to Rowan and Rowan chases after Fandango. Rowan up on the apron picks Breeze up who connects with a kick. Kick by Fandango. Breeze off the apron with a crossbody but is caught by Rwaon. Clothesline by Rowan to Fandango.

Harper picks Breeze up and plants him face first on the apron. Fandango is set in place as Harper delivers a powerbomb and Fandango is lifted up and planted for the three count

The winners of the match: The Bludgeon Brothers

Backstage: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were in the back. They were asked if Daniel was going to turn heel for them. They said no, he is reasonable. Shane isn't. The Guardian Angels are then asked what if they lose and are fired. They just look at Dasha and walk off


Orton and Zayn lock up and Zayn powers Orton into the corner but it's broken up. Side headlock by Orton. Zayn with an irish whip and shoulderblock by Orton as both Daniel and Shane count the nearfall.

Zayn powers Orton into the corner and delivers a series of right hands but Shane steps between allowing Orton to get out of the corner with a kick and uppercut. Shinsuke tags in going to work on the arm. Zayn backs Nakamura into the ropes. Side headlock on Nakamura and Zayn goes to work on the arm. The crowd with a "Nakamura/Sami Zayn" chant and Nakamura has Zayn in the ropes as Bryan calls for a break. Owens tags in unloading on Shinsuke. Owens chops Nakamura but it doesnt faze him as he turns it around unloading on Owens.

Knee drop on Owens. Clothesline by Orton off the irish whip floors Owens and Shane and Daniel continue to argue. Right hand by Orton to Sami and Owens connects with a superkick. Owens putting the boots to Orton. Sami tags in unloading with punches on Orton. Zayn with a chop to Orton.

Owens tags in preventing Orton from tagging delivering forearms across the back. Owens again putting the boots to Orton. Cheap shot to Nakamura and Owens with a chinlock on Orton. Orton trying to get to his feet and he breaks free with a series of right hands but Owens with a kick and right hands.

Sami with a knee on the back of the neck. Sami with the chinlock and Orton trying to get the tag. Belly to bakc suplex by Orton to Zayn. Shinsuke tags in as does owens and catches Owens with a boot to the chin. Series of kicks by Shinsuke and Owens with one of his own. Zayn gets knocked off the apron. Series of kneestrikes by Nakamura in the corner.

Owens is laid out on the top rope and a knee to the ribs by Shinsuke. Nearfall on Owens. Nakamura with a spinning back kick. Reverse exploder countered by Owens and Nakamura fighting off both Owens and and Zayn. Triangle locked in on Zayn. Owens with a superkick and a nearfall. Zayn with a cheap shot to Orton. Zayn runs into a boot

Zayn with the Blue Thunder Bomb to Nakamura. Owens back in and legtrip by Zayn as Owens hits the senton on Shinsuke. Zayn all over Orton with right hands and Shane gets in Sami's face tellng him to exit the ring. Another senton by Owens blocked as Nakamura gets the knees up.

Orton back in unloads with clotheslines on Zayn. Orton misses the powerbomb. Overhead throw by Orton. Orton picks Zayn up and top rope by Zayn as he snaps Orton off of it. Zayn to the top rope is blocked by Orton. Orton to the top rope hooking Sami up for the superplex.

Owens pulls Orton out of the ring and sends him into the ring steps. Shinsuke all over OWens sends him crashing into the barricades but Zayn slides to the outside going after Nakamura. Owens and Zayn clear the announce table. Zayn holds Nakamura in place as Owens hits a splash on Shinsuke putting them both through the table.

Powerslam from Orton as Zayn misses with the clothesline. Orton pulls Sami through the ropes planting him with the inverted DDT. RKO to Zayn and Orton with the cover and Daniel jumps on Shane breaking up the pinfall.

Orton goes after Bryan but Owens gets to his feet and is dropped with an RKO. Series of nearfalls between Zayn and ORton. Shane and Daniel begin arguing and Zayn with a roll up on Orton and Bryan administers the fast count giving Owens and Zayn the win

The winners of the match: Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan


AJ was on the attack early, attacking the left knee, but then Jinder caught him and tossed him on the top rope. AJ hit the floor and Jinder chased him and did damage on the floor while the ref counted. Jinder took him back in and then whipped AJ into the exposed portion of the barricade. Jinder is trying to decimate him. Mahal then threw AJ into the ring and went to work. Jinder threw him back on the floor and trashed AJ on the ringside table.

Jinder took him back in and tried to squeeze the life out of the champ. Then he went to the top and came off the top and AJ hit him with a dropkick. AJ went for the five arm but Jinder took out his legs. Jinder got a two with a gut buster.

Jinder then kept up his attack. Jinder went for a Superplex but AJ turned it into an Electric Chair. AJ gets a two count. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Jinder went back to the ribs and pushed him into the corner. AJ charged but Mahal tossed him in the air and got a two after AJ landed "ribs first". AJ hits a suplex.

Jinder with a Fisherman's Samoan Drop. AJ hits a Pele kick. Jinder hits a big kick and gets a two.

Jinder goes for the Kallas on the second rope but gets nailed with a Pele Kick. AJ goes for the 450 but doesn't really hit it. As AJ goes for the cover the Singhs grab Jinder's legs so AJ took them both out on the floor. Jinder tries to take him out when he returns to the ring but AJ got out of it. Jinder hit the Kallas but only gets a two.

Jinder goes for the Styles Clash but AJ reverses it and gets the Calf Crusher. He tries to roll out, but AJ pulls him back to the middle and Jinder taps out

The winner of the match: AJ Styles



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