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WWE Raw Results (12/4)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Dec 04, 2017

WWE Raw Results (12/4)

Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Replay of the Intercontinental Championship between Roman and Elias from last week.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and says that there are 2 championship matches tonight one is the Tag Titles and the Intercontinental Title and before he could go on from there Jordan interrupts and says that he wants Roman Reigns and Angle is hesitant to let him even wrestle due to his knee and Jordan is trying to make his case and is pretty much begging to let Angle let him wrestle and now Roman interrupts and makes his way to the ring. Roman says that he wants Samoa Joe not Jordan and tells Jordan to stop running to his daddy for opportunities and to just step up and take it. Jordan tried to take shot at saying that Roman was handed everything but Roman shuts him down and now Samoa Joe interrupts and says that he accepts Roman’s challenge. Jordan also issues a challenge to Joe and then hits a belly to belly on Reigns. 

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan for the Intercontinental Title next 

Commercial break 

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan for the Intercontinental Title

Roman with Jordan in the corner with rights and lefts. Roman slings Jordan across the ring blasting into the corner and now out on the floor. Roman tosses Jordan into the barricade and now into the ring steps. Jordan with a couple rights and that backfires with Roman blasting him with a couple rights of his own and out onto the floor and then hits the Drive By and now a 2 count. Jordan with the shoulder into the corner repeatedly to Roman. Jordan sends Roman shoulder first into the ring post. 

Commercial break 

Roman with a couple clotheslines and now repeated clotheslines in the corner and a 2 count. Roman going for the Superman Punch gets hit with a drop kick and a 2 count. Reigns flies over the steps and is caught and is slammed into the steps and ring post and a 2 count. Jordan with a side slam and a 2 count. 

Commercial break 

Roman takes out the knee of Jordan and a 2 count. Reigns with the Half Crab to the injured knee after 2x dragging him away from the ropes going for a third Jordan reverses and gets a 2 count. Roman with the Superman Punch for a 2 count. Jordan with 2 Northern Lights Suplexes for a 2 count. Roman with a Superman Punch into a Spear for the win.

Winner Roman Reigns 

After the match Joe rushes the ring and both trade shots and Joe gets the upperhand with the Coquina Clutch until Jordan Side slams him and Joe rolls out of the ring and up the ramp. Roman Superman Punches Jordan. 

Commercial break 

Angle backstage on the phone and Jordan walks in and demands a rematch for next week and wants Joe for tonight and Angle isnt happy about him demanding things from him and tells him to get out of his office and cool off and after that Joe comes flying out of nowhere blasting Jordan taking him out.

A look at Absolution. 

Sasha Banks vs Paige

Paige makes her way to the ring along with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

Commercial break 

Sasha makes her way to the ring along with James and Bayley.

Both women trading slaps to the face. Sasha with the double knee takedown and rights and lefts to the face of Paige. Sasha with boots to the face and now elbows to the face of Paige in the corner. Paige with her own boots to the face to Sasha in the corner. Sasha with a quick roll up pin attempt for 2. Sasha off the top rope with a crossbody for a 2 count. Sasha with the Straightjacket hold on Paige and still with the hold slamming Paige’s head into the mat and now a rope break. 

Commercial break 

Paige with a headbutt and now using the ropes as a chokehold on Sasha. Sasha with a quick roll up and 2 count. Paige with a running knee into the corner on Sasha and up to the top rope and Sasha meets her there with Paige with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a 2 count. Sasha with the Bank Statment and a rope break. Paige with the RamPaige for the win.

Winner Paige

After the match Absolution attacks Sasha. 

Angle backstage and Elias comes in and says that he wants another opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship and isnt happy Angle gave that chance to his son. 

Commercial break 

A look into the rivalry between Kane and Braun Strowman. 

Enzo backstage with the Zo Train hyping up Gulak and Nese for their match and then Nia Jax appears with a giant smile on her face and says “how you doin?” 

Commercial break 

Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali vs Tony Nese vs Drew Gulak

Alexander and Ali now after clearing Nese and Gulak out of the ring. Nese and Gulak rip the legs out from under Ali who lands face first onto the floor and Alexander over the top rope taking out them both. Gulak and Nese working together on Alexander whos hung up in the corner and now Nese with bicycle kicks to Alexander. Ali off the top rope with the crossbody on both Nese and Gulak and 2 counts on both men. Now the double team on Ali in the corner. Alexander back in and takes out Gulak. Alexander with a DDT for a 2 count broken pin. 

Commercial break 

Gulak with control over Alexander and Alexander powers out and hits a right to Gulak and another. Alexander with the springboard kick and a 2 count with Ali breaking the pin. Both Ali and Alexander with a superkick to Nese taking him out. Alexander with a back elbow to Ali and Ali with a spinning back kick. Ali with a springboard Spanish Fly to Alexander for a 2 count with Gulak breaking the pin. Gulak with slaps to Ali and now Ali with the 2 count on Gulak. Nese with the running knee to Ali and Alexander with a Lumbar Check to both Ali and Nese and Gulak blasts Alexander from behind to steal the pin on Ali for the win.

Winner Drew Gulak

Commercial break 

Elias in ring for a special concert and Braun Strowman interrupts making his way to the ring and Elias high tails it out of the ring. Strowman destroys Elias for the moment Elias gets some upperhand until he smashes the guitar over Strowman’s back which angers Strowman and now the Running Powerslam to Elias. Strowman tosses the ring steps into the ring and now Kane’s music hits and Kane appears on the big screen and says that next week they will have a match.

Replay of the Intercontinental Title from earlier tonight.

The Shield backstage hyping for their Tag Title match later on 

Asuka is up next 

Commercial break 

Asuka vs Alicia Fox 

Asuka makes her way to the ring and now Alicia Fox makes her way to the ring.

Fox tosses Asuka across the ring and now with a side headlock. Asuka with the hip attack and tosses Fox across the ring. Fox with a big boot and a 2 count and again. Asuka with a drop kick after a flurry of strikes and now with a kick to the head. Asuka with the Asuka Lock and the win.

Winner Asuka

After the match Absolution makes their way to the ring and surround the ring. Absolution allowing Asuka to leave the ring leaving Fox in the ring alone. Paige telling Fox she has nothing to worry about and that Fox is her best friend and she loves her. Sonya and Mandy attack Fox and take Fox out. 

Balor is up next

Commercial break 

Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas 

Finn makes his way to the ring and now Bo Dallas with Curtis Axel makes their way to the ring.

Balor with a kick to the back of Dallas for a 1 count. Balor with a drop kick to the face and a 2 count. Balor on the top rope gets knocked off by Dallas after the distraction from Axel. Dallas with a punt kick to the midsection of Finn and another. Dallas dropping Balor on his knee to Balor’s midsection for a 2 count. Balor with the double stomp and Dallas whips him into the corner and a 2 count. Balor with the Slingblade and the running drop kick and now up to the top rope and hits the Coup Des Grace for the win.

Winner Finn Balor

Commercial break

Replay of Matt Hardy from last week hinting at the Broken Gimmick.

Wyatt appears and asks who is Matt Hardy and then Hardy pops up and then switches back to Wyatt and then back to Hardy who appears to be Broken Matt as Woken Matt.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro and Sheamus for the Tag Team Championships

Seth and Dean make their way to the ring.

Commercial break 

Strowman vs Kane next week.

Cesaro and Sheamus make their way to the ring.

Ambrose and Cesaro start off with Ambrose with a couple deep arm drags to Cesaro and now a arm bar and the tag to Sheamus. Ambrose with Sheamus in the corner with repeated kicks. Sheamus sends Ambrose into the corner and tags in Cesaro and then Sheamus back in for the double team. Sheamus with a knee to Ambrose. Rollins in now and takes out Cesaro and hits the Blockbuster on Sheamus and a Slingblade for a 2 count. Sheamus drives Rollins into the ring post from the outside.

Commercial break 

Sheamus and Cesaro with the double team on Rollins. Cesaro back in now and hits a suplex for a 2 count and now Sheamus back in. Sheamus off the top rope with a clothesline for a 2 count. Rollins with a DDT and Cesaro in now. Both men vying to get the tag to each other’s partner and Cesaro kicks Ambrose off the Apron and Rollins hits a back body drop and Sheamus in now. Rollins with a superkick to Sheamus. Cesaro in now and Ambrose in as well and takes down Cesaro with a couple clotheslines. Ambrose sends Cesaro over the top rope and knocks Sheamus off the Apron. Cesaro with a crossbody and Ambrose with a 2 count. Ambrose reverses the Swing for a 2 count. Sheamus with a knee to Ambrose and Cesaro with a 2 count and now Sheamus in. Ambrose sends Cesaro into the corner and Rollins in now and a Superplex into the Falcon Arrow for a 2 count with Cesaro breaking the pin. Cesaro in now and gets caught with a forearm and Cesaro with a uppercut and now Rollins with the knee and Sheamus breaks up the pin. Sheamus beating down Rollins causing the DQ.

Winners Rollins and Ambrose by DQ 

After the match Angle comes out and says that doesnt work for him and the match is restarted as a no DQ match.

Rollins and Ambrose take out Cesaro and Sheamus. Ambrose with the clothesline and Rollins with a splash and Ambrose for the pin and 2 count. Samoa Joe takes out Rollins and Ambrose and out comes Reigns who Superman Punches Cesaro. Sheamus Brogue Kicks Ambrose and Cesaro gets the pin.

Winners Cesaro and Sheamus 

-End of show-

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