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Impact Wrestling Results (10/19)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 19, 2017

Impact Wrestling Results (10/19)

Welcome to Impact Wrestling!

Impact signature 

Video of Moose and Stephan Bonner with the belts from ATT they stole last week.

Video from the Johnny Impact vs Garza Jr match from last week and the attack by Chris Adonis to Johnny.

Impact opening theme video.

Chris Adonis Vs Johnny Impact

Chris makes his way to the ring and now Johnny Impact makes his way to the ring. 

Johnny taking down Adonis and now with a series of kicks and Chris hits Johnny with a series of punches to the ribs. Johnny with the left and rights and then Adonis hits a back body drop to Johnny. Adonis with the bear hug and Johnny breaks free but Adonis with the Atomic Drop on Johnny for a 2 count. Adonis with the Adonis Lock but Johnny forces the break by hopping over the ropes to the ring apron. Johnny slips under the bottom rope for a 1 count and again. Johnny with the rights and left and a kick to the head and with a swinging neck breaker for a 2 count. Adonis sends Johnny over the top rope but he lands on the apron and hits a kick to the head and then a springboard off the top rope for a 2 count.

Commercial break 

We are back with Johnny fighting Adonis off the top rope which he does and hits the Thursday Night Delight for the win.

Winner Johnny Impact

After the match Eli rushes the ring and Johnny Impact taking down and beating down Eli Drake and Adonis comes in for the save on Eli and both men are now beating down Johnny with Eli literally stripped to his underwear thanks to Johnny. Garza Jr comes out with a steel chair which prompts Eli and Adonis to scatter out of the ring and run off to save Johnny. 

Rosemary Vs Taya Valkyrie in the main event tonight.

Vignette for the returning Alberto El Patron at BFG.

5-Way match with James Storm vs Texano vs Fantasma vs Eddie Edwards vs EC3 up next.

Commercial break 

5-Way match with James Storm Vs Texano Vs Fantasma Vs Eddie Edwards Vs EC3

All men are already in the ring. Storm taking on Fantasma. Edwards, EC3 and Texano in the ring with EC3 and Edwards taking down Texano. Storm with a cover on Fantasma for a 1 count. EC3, Edwards, Storm and Texano in ring. EC3 and Edwards with a suplex to Texano and Storm with the cover on Fantasma for a 2 count. Texano and Fantasma taking out the rest of the bunch. Fantasma with a cross body on Edwards for a 2 count. Storm and Edwards with the double team in the corner on Texano and Storm goes for the cover and EC3 doesnt take kind to that. EC3 shoves Edwards into Storm and rolls into the cover for a 2 count. Fantasma with a drop kick off the top rope. Every man is down now. Storm and Texano trading shots and both men take down Fantasma. Fantasma clotheslining EC3 and Edwards. Fantasma with a piledriver. Texano punches Fantasma off the apron and pins EC3 for the win.

Winner Texano

oVe tracked down Konnan in Mexico. Konnan says the only way oVe can talk to him is if they put up the tag titles at Crash tonight.

Commercial break 

Backstage with EC3, James Storm and Eddie Edwards talking about getting on the same page against AAA. 

ATT manager screaming at Jim Cornette in his office.

Andrew Everett with Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee vs Dezmond Xavier

Andrew Everet makes his way to the ring with Konley and Lee and now Dezmond Xavier makes his way to the ring.

Everett takes advantage of the distraction by hitting a forearm to the back of Xavier. Everett with a baseball slide kick to the head of Xavier for a 2 count. Everett with the knee to Xavier and now a leg drop for a 2 count. Everett tosses Xavier out of the ring and Lee and Konley taking advantage of the ref having his back to them. Cutter to Everett and a few running elbows into the corner and a kick to him as well. Xavier over the top rope and down goes Everett nd Konley and now Lee taunting Xavier which helps Everett hit a back handspring kick to Xavier. Xavier hits a kick to Everett for the win.

Winner Dezmond Xavier

Commercial break 

We are back with oVe looking for Konnan in Mexico. oVe accepts the challenge to put the titles on the line in order to speak to Konnan. 

A video look back at the relationship of Joseph Parks and Grado. 

Grado makes his way to the ring and demands Park to come out the ring. Park makes his way to the ring. Grado tells him hes going to stand trial in the court of public opinion. Parks agrees that he did steal from Grado but says that Grado is only here because of him because he signed his VISA to work in the US. Parks says he has a plea deal bargain for a match with him vs Grado at BFG with a clause that states if he wins he gets to stay if he loses he doesnt and Grado accepts. Parks tells him that he shouldve read the fine print because the match at BFG isnt just a normal match but a Monster’s Ball match and isnt against Parks but against Abyss, Parks’ brother.

Video of the Bobby/Moose Rivalry 

Commercial break 

Backstage with Grado literally running out of the arena into is car flipping through radio stations when Farther James Mitchell appears in the backseat of his car making Grado run away.

OVE vs Black Diamond and Black Danger for the GFW Tag Titles 

OVE makes their way to the ring and as they come down the ramp Black Diamond flies over the top rope taking them both out. Jake takes out Black Diamond. Dave through the middle ropes taking out both Black Diamond and Black Danger. Black Danger hits a kick to Jake and a spear off the top rope by Black Diamond. OVE with the Superplex into a powerbomb for a 2 count. Black Diamond with a spring board cutter and a powerbomb for a 2 count on Dave. Jake with a superkick to Black Diamond and now OVE with the spike to Black Diamond.

Winners oVe

Moose and Stephan Bonner up next

Commercial break 

ATT rushing the ring talking about how they are the best MMA camp in all of America and that whats taken place over the last few weeks should not have happened and now all of the Gold they’ve attained from past champions from different wrestling promotions before the 90s. Dan Lambert issues a challenge to Moose and Stephan Bonner to fight Bobby Lashley and King Mo at BFG. Moose and Stephan Bonner come out with the gold they stole from ATT and Lashley came out from behind and attacked Moose and Bonner and the rest of the ATT come in to help. Lashley with the spear to Bonner and to Moose. Security and the Refs come down to the ring but are held off outside the ring and now Lashley hits a running powerslam to Everett and now another spear to Moose by Lashley. After the whole ordeal ATT pose in the middle of the ring over Moose.

Commercial break 

oVe searching out for Konnan again and find him and tell him that they are there for 2 things to give them their pay and then oVe get ambushed by a few of the wrestlers. 

Video of the Rosemary/Valkyrie feud.

Taya Valkyrie Vs Rosemary 

Taya makes her way to the ring and now Rosemary makes her way to the ring.

Rosemary runs straight at Taya and takes her down. Rosemary with the forearms to the corner on Taya and now hits and exploder suplex. Taya using the ring to pull Rosemary’s shoulder into the post. 

Commercial break 

Taya with Rosemary’s head on the bottom ring rung smashing her foot into the back of her head repeatedly. Taya slings Rosemary head first into the ring corer. Taya off the top rope down onto Rosemary outside the ring. Taya with a knee to the side of Rosemary for a 2 count. Taya with a suplex to Rosemary and now a running elbow in the corner and now double knees to the face of Rosemary in the corner but gets caught going for it again with a German Suplex by Rosemary to Taya. Both women trading shots but Rosemary catches her with a kick and then so does Taya but with a series of kicks. Taya with a double stomp to Rosemary for the win.

Winner Taya Valkyrie 

After the match Taya tries for the Road to Valhalla and but gets Misted in the face twice by Rosemary. Rosemary says they both have a knack for making each other see red and at BFG she wants a match with Taya and repeats Bloody Mary 3x.

-End of Show-

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