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The Shield Officially Reunites On WWE Raw

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Oct 09, 2017

The Shield Officially Reunites On WWE Raw

On Monday night's edition of WWE Raw, Roman Reigns and Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who formerly comprised the faction known as The Shield, officially reunited.

The reunion of The Shield came after a special edition of Miz TV, in which Intercontinental Champion The Miz hosted the second edition of "The Mizzies," in which he presented mock awards to Curtis Axel, Sheamus & Cesaro, and himself. After Miz stated that he was the new "big dog" of WWE, Roman interrupted, telling Miz to shut up and saying that Miz, Axel, and Sheamus & Cesaro had one chance to leave the ring. Miz then said that since Roman was all by himself, it looked as though rumors of The Shield's reunion were untrue. Roman then responded with "who said anything about rumors?" before he, Ambrose, and Rollins hit the ring and attacked Miz, Axel, and Sheamus & Cesaro. The attack ended with Miz being hit with The Shield's patented Triple Powerbomb, followed by Roman, Ambrose, and Rollins treating the crowd to the familiar Shield fistbump.

Below is video of The Shield attacking Miz, Axel, and Sheamus & Cesaro on Raw, courtesy of WWE's official YouTube page:

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