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WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Live Coverage and Results (10/8) Detroit, Michigan

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Oct 08, 2017

WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Live Coverage and Results (10/8) Detroit, Michigan


Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable def. The Hype Bros



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Hell In A Cell Intro

Welcome to WWE Hell In A Cell and we are live from the Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit Michigan and we kick things off with the first of 2 hell in a cell match ups on the card tonight as The New Day defend their tag team championships against The Usos in the very first Tag Team Hell In A Cell match


The champs were out first. They cut a serious promo about the violence that will happen. Usos are out next. We have Tornado rules, with Xavier Woods and Big E representing New Day. Kofi is on the floor. At the start, both teams went under the ring and brought out the weapons.

These guys are being vicious early, lots of cell violence. The fans love it and are chanting "This is awesome". Xavier had a bunch of trombones under the ring and used them liberally on each Uso. He kept the theme alive with a cowbell and then a gong.

Usos came back with a chair to Xavier and then a big kick to Big E, they then went to work on the champs with weapons of their own.

The Usos destroyed Xavier in the corner of the cage and he's out.
After taking a beating Big E came back with a few suplexes but The Usos kept fighting back. Big E then did a choke slame from the apron into the knee of a sliding Xavier Woods.

Xavier went and got a lot of kendo sticks. He and Big E worked Jey over in the corner. They put Jey in jail by using kendo sticks to lock him in the corner. Then they went over to get Jimmy. New Day delivers the Up Up Down Down for a nearfall.

Jey got out and Jimmy put Big E on his shoulders and Jey came flying into Big E, smashing him into the cage. Usos got a two count on Big E with double splashes. hey used handcuffs on Big E, attaching him to the bottom turnbuckle. They cuffed Xavier and hung him over the posts. They then went to work on his midsection with kendo sticks, making Kofi watch from the outside.

The Usos went back into the ring to work over Big E but he broke free. He started throwing The Usos around. Running slam onto Uso into the fence.

Big E hit the Big Ending but Jey kicked out at two. Jey tried to kick Big E but he wrapped up the leg. Jimmy saved him and they nailed big kicks. They hit Double Uso but Xavier broke up the pin

The challengers are up first and went to work on Xavier with kendo sticks. Xavier got mad and came back with handcuffs but the Usos got control again. The Usos brought a chair down on him and they went to the top for the big splash onto the chair for the three count.

The winners of the match and new Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Backstae: AJ says he doesn't like the idea of his match is now a Triple Threat but gets that Dillinger is staying in the hunt. He doesn't have to be pinned to lose the title and tonight he's going in and walking out as champion and quotes the late great Tom Petty "You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down"


Orton and Rusev lock up and Orton with a side headlock. Irish whip and Rusev with a shoulderblock to Orton. Leapfrog by Orton. Orton blocks a kick and goes for an RKO but Rusev slides out of the ring.

Lock up and Rusev drives Orton into the cornering delivering shoulderblocks. Rusev stomps away at Orton. Irish whip by Rusev but Orton mows him down and stomps on Rusev

Orton looking for the draping DDT but it's countered by Rusev who delivers a right hand and sends Orton crashing into the barricade. Fallaway slam by Rusev into the barricade

Rusev picks Orton up throwing back into the ring and a cover for two count. Rusev stomps away on Orton. Axehandle by Orton and a kick to the back. Rusev with a chinlock on The Viper and Orton gets back to his feet delivering a headbutt and series of right hands. Irish whip reversed by Rusev who delivers a spinning heel kick

Orton with a back suplex on the barricade. Rusev with a clothesline. Orton is rolled back into the ring and another nearfall for the Bulgarian Brute. Elbow drop on Orton. Rusev with an irish whip, misses with a splash as Orton moves out of the way

Orton and Rusev exchanging punches now, series of clotheslines by Orton. Orton misses with the powerslamm but gets it the second time around after Rusev blocks an RKO. Orton goes to plant Rusev with the draping DDT but Rusev counters with a fallaway slam. Kick by Rusev and another nearfall. Rusev with a stomp on the back ans Orton escapes The Accolades. Rusev sprints around the ring and delivers a kick to Orton

Rusev on the second rope now misses with a splash. Draping DDT by Orton and The Viper is feeding off of the crowd as he goes to that place setting up for the RKO but Rusev goes for The Accolades only for Orton to counter and nail the RKO for the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton


Dillinger and styles go after Corbin but Corbin slides to the outside. Styles and Dillinger corner Corbin and he slides back in but Styles and Dillinger unload with punches on The Lone Wolf.

Clothesline over the top rope to Corbin. Exchange of nearfalls between Styles and Dillinger. Dropkick by styles to Dillinger. Corbin trips Styles up pulling him to the outside. Corbin runs into an elbow and series of chops

Corbin counters the ten punch hanging Tye up on the top rope sending him crashing to the floor. Styles back in gets floored by Corbin and Corbin side steps a dropkick delivering a kick to the ribs.

Corbin knocks Tye off the apron and then turns his attention back to AJ throwing him across the ring. Dillinger back in delivering a monkey flip to Styles and Corbin takes control again sending Styles to the outside, turning his attention to Dillinger

Straight right hand by Corbin. Elbows and kicks to Dillinger, Styles pulls himself up on the apron but gets sent to the floor again. Another elbow to Dillinger. Styles throws Corbin into the barricade. Irish whip blocked by Corbin and it's Styles who is sent crashing into the barricades. Corbin blocks a superkick.

Kick by Dillinger and Corbin answers with a right hand. Modified sleeper locked in on Tye and Dillinger falls to his knees. Dillinger breaks the hold. Styles and Dillinger are down. Styles back to his feet, elbow to Corbin, Styles looking for the Styles Clash but Corbin counters. Corbin gets sent crashing tot he floor. Dillinger back in delivers a back body drop. Ten punch on Styles. Corbin up on the apron gets caught with a punch.

Dillinger hooks AJ up for a suplex but Styles counters. Dillinger plants Styles face first. Nearfall on Styles. Tye Breaker countered by Styles who sets up for the Styles Clash. Dillinger counters but Styles rolls through and locks the Calf Crusher in. Corbin pulls Dillinger to the outside

Crossbody by Styles onto Corbin. Corbin back in and Dillinger with a nearfall. Styles back on the apron nails Corbin with a forearm. Styles goes to the top rope but Corbin plants Styles with a chokeslam. Nearfall for Corbin

Dillinger looks for the Tye Breaker. Phenomenal Forearm by Styles Corbin slides back in and knocks Styles out of the ring to pick up the three count and win

The winner of the match and new United States Champion: Baron Corbin


Natalya was in control early, countering Charlotte at every turn. Charlotte mounts a small comeback but Natalya hits a powerbomb. Charlotte goes to the top rope but Natalya escaped to the outside. Natalya back in gets caught with a kick. Charlotte executes a moonsault. Natalya rolls out of the ring looking for an easy out. Charlotte goes after her but Natalya grabs a steel chair nailing Charlotte with it leading to a disqualification

The winner of the match by DQ: Charlotte

Fashion Police skit.


Kick by Mahal and Jinder working over the arm. Shinsuke finds his way out of it and locks in an armbar but Mahal gets a boot on the bottom rope. Mahal misses with a right hand. Knee strike and snapmare to Mahal. Nakamura plants a knee on the champion. Nearfall by Nakamura

Mahal avoids a Kinchasa attempt and Mahal drives Nakamura spine fist into the ring post then sends him overe the barricade. Nakamura back in and Mahal with clubbing forearms. Chinlock on Shinsuke by Mahal. Nakamura gets driven into the canvas.

Jinder brings a knee down on Nakamura and Mahal has Nakamura's arm locked. Nakamura misses with the right kick but gets him with the left. Mahal gets caught mid-air by Nakamura and Shinsuke drops Jinder. Elbow strike to Mahal. Running knee to the midsection.

Elbow by Mahal and Shinsuke sends Mahal to the outside. baseball slide by Nakamura. Nakamura takes out The Singh Brothers. Knee to the mouth by Shinsuke. Nakamura on the apron lands on his knee and Jinder back in control with a suplex back into the ring and a dropkick.

Jinder looks for the Koloss and Shinsuke counters into a nearfall. Nakamura on the top rope hits a knee and Sunil trying to pull Mahal to the outside but the referee catches him nearfall by Nakamura. Nakamura plants Jinder face first and The Singh Brothers get ejected from ringside. Kinchasa by Nakamura but Nakamura gets a 2 count as the champion grabs hold of the bottom rope.

Shinsuke sets up for it again but Mahal rolls out of the ring looking to leave through the crowd but Nakamura brings him back into the ring. Boot to Nakammura's throat. Shinsuke misses with a knee hitting the turnbuckle and Mahal plants Nakamura with the Koloss for the three count

The winner of the match: Jinder Mahal


Side headlock by Zigglere on Roode. Roode gets out of it and looks for one of his own but Roode slaps Ziggler and waistlock takedown. Drop toehold by Ziggler and headlock applied to Ziggler who backs Roode into the corner.

Right hands raining down on Roode and Roode explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Roode puts the boots to Ziggler. Irish whip and a kick to the face by Ziggler. Roode answers with a pair of elbows. Roode picks Ziggler up and a top rope to the throat by Ziggler.

Ziggler with a dropkick to Roode. Roode's head is bounced off the turnbuckle and Ziggler rakes Roode's eyes across the top rope. Neckbreaker by Ziggler and Roode is trapped in an armbar. Roode gets to his feet creates separation and Ziggler with a sleeperhold off the irish whip

Roode begins to fade as he falls to the mat and Roode trying to hold on as he gets to his feet and Roode with a side suplex. Ziggler runs into a boot and Ziggler hits the corner shoulder first. Nearfall by Roode

Roode plants Ziggler with a uranage but only gets a count of 2. Roode measures Ziggler for the DDT but Ziggler gets nearfall. DDT by Ziggler to Roode. ZigZag attempt but Roode shakes him off. Ziggler back to the sleeperhold. Roode falls again but holds on looking for a side suplex but Ziggler hits a Famouser

Ziggler looking for the Superkick but misses and Roode hits a spinebuster. Roode picks Ziggler up going for the Glorious DDT but Ziggler hooks the tights and nearfall after nearfall ends with Roode picking up the three count

The winner of the match: Bobby Roode


Shane immediately takes the fight to Owens at the outset. Landing punches and throwing Owens into the barricade. Clothesline by Shane to Owens and Owens runs into the cell pulling the door closed.

Owens slams the door into Shane's face and Owens slides back into the ring knocking Shane off the apron sending him crashing intot he cell. Owens launches Shane into the cell yet again. Owens grinds Shane's face against the cell. Owens putting the boots to Shane and Shane gets thrown into the steel steps. A kick to the ribs by Owens as the crowd launches into a "Shane-O-Mac" chant. Shane fires back with a series of kicks. Owens rolls back into the ring and goes back to putting the boots to Shane.

Shane trying to fight back but Owens lands a boot to the side of the face. Clothesline by Owens and a senton onto Shane for a nearfall. Shane pulls himself up in the corner and Owens with a right hand and a headbutt. Cannonball by Owens and yet another nearfall.

Stomp to the face and Owens goes to the top rope going for a senton but Shane gets the knees up. Short jabs by Shane to Owens. Shane with an irish whip connects with an elbow and lays into Owens with a left and right. Shane drives Owens into the mat with a DDT as the crowd starts a "You Still Got It" chant.

Shane goes to the top rope misses with a moonsault and Owens hits a frog splash from the tpp rope for a nearfall. Pop up powerbomb is countered by Shane who locks a triangle in on Owens. Owens pulls himself to the outside. Shane kicks Owens away and Shane again has a triangle locked in. Owens picks Shane up and powerbombs him onto the steps

Owens continues to stomp away at Shane. The crowd chanting for tables and Owens pulls the ring apron up pulling a table out from under the ring. Owens props the table up against the cell and picks Shane up. Right hand by Owens as Shane is laid out on the table. Cannonball by Owens and Shane moves out of the way as Owens crashs through the table.

Shane picks up half of the table bringing it down across Owens' back. Shane pulls a garbage can out from under the ring. Double kneedrop on Owens and Shane props Owens up against the bottom turnbuckle, wedging the garbage can in place. Shane looking for the Coast to Coast as he mounts the ropes. Shane flies across the ring hitting the Coast to Coast and Shane covers Owens for the three count but Owens gets his foot up on the rope

Shane asks for the cell door to be open and Shane grabs a pair of bolt cutters from under the ring looking to open the door. Shane brings the trash can down on Owens' back. Owens falls to the outside and out of the cell. Shane with punches and Owens with a low blow as he plants Shane head first on the steel

Owens again runs Shane's face across the cage, kicking at him. Television monitor is brought down on Shane and Owens picks Shane up headbutting him laying him out on the announce table. Owens up on the barricade, but jumps down and scales the cell.

It looks like Owens is having second thoughts and Shane begins to scale the cell. Owens with a punch as Shane hangs on with one hand. Shane and Owens exchanging punches and Shane with a side russian legsweep onto the roof of the cell

Shane with a suplex to Owens. Superkick and senton by Owens. Powerbomb blocked by Shane who delivers a back body drop to Owens. Owens with a powerbomb to Shane. Owens picks Shane up looking to throw Shane off the cell but delivers a clothesline

Owens scales back down the cell but Shane grabs hold of Owens as Shane scales down as well. Shane bounces Owens' head off the cell sending him crashing through the announce table.

Shane clears the announce table. Shane delivers a headbutt laying Owewns out on the table and scales the cell to the top. Shane goes crashing through the table as Sami Zayn pulls Owens out of the way. Sami then drags Owens over to Shane draping him over Shane for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens


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