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WWE Summerslam 2017 Results (8/20) Brooklyn, New York

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Aug 20, 2017

WWE Summerslam 2017 Results (8/20) Brooklyn, New York

Welcome to Brooklyn, New York and we are live from the Barclays Center for the 30th Summerslam and we open the show with John Cena in action as he faces Baron Corbin


Corbin misses with a right hand. Corbin kicks wildly but Cena slides out of the ring. Corbin follows to the outside as Cena slides back into the ring. Side headlock by Cena. Corbin with an irish whip attempt but Cena holds on. Cena has Corbin backed in the corner and Corbin with a right hand to Cena

Kneestrikes to Cena and Corbin begins stomping away on Cena. Splash in the corner to Cena and a boot to the face. Cena staggers as Corbin delivers hard rights to Cena. Cena trying to fight back with a series of headbutts. Cena irish whips Corbin who slides to the outside then back in with an explosive clothesline. Straight right hands by Corbin and he hooks Cena up for a suplex. Corbin still in control as Cena still down. Corbin with an armbar going to work on Cena's neck

Cena with a dropkick and Corbin fires back with a right hand. The crowd begins chanting 'Where's Your Briefcase'. Cena mounting an offense delivers a side slam. Corbin rolls out of the way of a five knuckle shuffle and Corbin slides back into the ring delivering a chokeslam backbreaker. Corbin up on the top rope and Cena blocking Corbin delivering headbutts. Cena with a Tornado DDT to Corbin. Cena connects with the five knuckle shuffle. AA attempt but Corbin counters with the Deep Six but only gets a 2 count

Right hands by Corbin. Series of forearm shots to Cena and he stomps away delivering more punches as the referee admonishes him. Corbin charges and slides out of the ring. Corbin back in and Cena connects with a crossbody and AA for the three count

The winner of the match: John Cena



Nattie just unloads on Naomi to start off, but Naomi returns fire and hits a sliding slap to the face. Interesting. Nattie bails to the floor, so Naomi hits a blockbuster off the apron. Nattie catches Naomi in the knee coming back in and catapults her into the ringpost to take control. She asserts that "glow time is over" as she covers Naomi for 2. Nattie with a suplex for 2 as we see
Carmella and James Ellsworth watching from backstage. Natalya continues the assault until Naomi slips out of a superplex attempt and yanks Nattie down onto the top rope. Both ladies are down, but Naomi is up to start the fiery babyface comeback. Nattie blocks a kick and drops her into a split, then nails her. Nasty stuff. Naomi comes back and hangs Nattie on the middle rope and clips her with a slingshot legdrop for 2.

Naomi reverses a back suplex into a sunset flip, then she goes for the crazy submission she uses, but Nattie blocks and turns it into the Sharpshooter. Naomi fights for the ropes, but Nattie drags her out to the middle of the ring and cranks on it. Naomi fights agin and rolls Nattie into the bottom turnbuckle. Nattie gets her knees up on a split-legged moonsault attempt from Naomi, and back into the Sharpshooter. Naomi is trapped...AND SHE TAPS!

The winner and new Smackdown Women's Champion: Natalya



Show backs Cass in the corner delivering left hands to the body. Irish whip and a shoulderblock to Cass. Show with a huge chop to the chest. Another chop in the corner and Show whips Cass across the ring.

Show with a kick to the ribs. Irish whip by Show and a side slam delivered to Cass. Slam by Show and Show just steps over Cass as he goes to the top rope. Show goes for a splash but Cass moves out of the way as Show lands on the right hand. Splash by Cass in the corner. Cass goes for the big boot but Show swats him away and delivers the KO Punch.

Cass immdeiately goes after the injured hand. Armbar locked in on Show as Cass continues to target the hand. Big boot to Show and Cass goes back to work on the hand. Show gets to his feet and a left hand to Cass as he throws him across the ring. Big Splash in the corner by Show and Show looks for the chokeslam but Cass swats him away and Show switches to his left hand but only a 2 count

Cass on the outside as Show pulls him up onto the apron but Cass slams the injured hand into the post. Enzo pulls his pants off and pulls out a bottle of oil and oils himself up fitting himself through the bar as he hangs on the outside of the cage. Enzo jumps down off the cage and Cass connects with a big boot.

Big boot to Show and only a 2 count on Show. Cass steps over Enzo and sets up hitting a second big boot followed up by the Empire Elbow and the cover for the three count

The winner of the match: Big Cass


GM OFFICE: Angle is on the phone and Daniel Bryan walks in and they talk Summerslam comparing Raw and Smackdown and which brand will steal the show.


Randy Orton comes out first and is attacked by Rusev before the match could even start and delivers a fallaway slam into the barricade. Orton is rolled back into the ring. The bell rings, Rusev charges at Orton and Orton sidesteps delivering an RKO for the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton



Sasha and Alexa lock up and Alexa backs her in the corner. They trade punches in the corner and Alexa with a right hand to the bridge of the nose. Alexa off the ropes, tripped up by Sasha. Alexa looking to escape but Sasha stops her and Alexa counters with a crossbody from the top rope. Clothesline to Sasha

Elbow by Sasha to Alexa who has her tied up in the ropes. Kicks by Alexa and Sasha fires back with kicks of her own. Alexa plants Sasha face first and unloads with punches. Chinlock on Sasha

Alexa goes to to the top rope but Sasha delivers a right hand. Alexa grabs Sasha's hair pulling her up but breaks it before the five count. Double knees by Alexa and a moonsault

Alexa chokes Sasha out on the ropes. Alexa goes to work on the neck. Sasha throws her across the ring and Alexa fires back with a clothesline. Nearfall again. Alexa bounces Sasha's head off the turnbuckle. Shoulderblocks in the corner by Alexa and she misses with a right hand. Sasha fights back but Alexa still in control.

Submission in the corner by Alexa but Sasha flips her to the mat and delivers a knee to the jaw. Right forearms and clotheslines by Sasha. Dropkick to Alexa and a nearfall for Sasha. Alexa with a facebuster off the knee. Alexa yells at Sasha to give up and Sasha with a kick. Alexa with a sunset flip attempt but Sasha sends her neck first into the turnbuckle. Double knees to Alexa. DDT countered by Sasha who locks in the Bank Statement but Alexa reaches the ropes and slides to the outside. Sasha off the apron yanks the ring skirt sending Sasha crashing to the floor

Alexa targetting the injured shoulder. Alexa back to the top rope connects with the Twisted Bliss but could only get a two count. Alexa picks Sasha up hooking her up for the DDT but Sasha looking for the Bank Statement as Alexa tries to fight out of it but Sasha locks it in again for the submission

The winner of the match and new Raw Women's Champion: Sasha Banks


Right hand by Bray and Finn unloads with punches of his own. Irish whip by Wyatt and Balor explodes out of the corner with a clothesline and he unloads on Bray who slides out of the ring. Flying elbow by Balor. Irish whip by Wyatt to Balor. Snapmare by Balor and a kick to the spine. Low dropkick and Balor still in control as he goes after the leg. Balor launches himself over the top rope taking Bray out

Balor goes to the top rope and Wyatt back to the outside. Right hand by Wyatt and a suplex by Bray as Finn crashes to the floor. Bray unloads with punches and bounces Balor's face off the ring apron. Back in the ring, Wyatt is in control and Balor fighting his way out of the corner but Wyatt seats Baalor on the top rope. Knee in the spine as Bray keeps Finn grounded with a chinlock

Balor escapes and connects with boots to the face. Kick by Balor and Bray is sent to the outside. Baseball slide by Balor. Running kick to the face by Finn. Slingblade and dropkick to Wyatt and Balor goes to the top and delivers the Coup De Grace for the three count

The winner of the match: Finn Balor



Sheamus and Ambrose start us off, and Sheamus quickly winds up on the receiving end of some slick double teams from the Shield. Cesaro comes in and the Shield clear the ring and stand tall together. Dean goes out after Sheamus and eats a Brogue kick, then Rollins dumps Cesaro to the floor and goes for a dive, but gets caught by both champs and slammed on the floor. BIG slam too. Rollins winds up on the receiving end of some double teaming and hits a blockbuster to Cesaro, but Ambrose is still down on the floor and not available to make a tag. Sheamus tags in and slams Rollins back into his corner and covers for 2. Cesaro suddenly becomes the biggest babyface in history by running into the crowd grabbing a beach ball and tearing it to pieces

Rollins is still in peril, but Ambrose is finally up and lays out the champs, creating enough space for Rollins to get to the corner and make the hot tag. Ambrose goes nuts and cleans house on both me, catching Cesaro with a neckbreaker for 2. Rollins connects with a springboard clothesline to Sheamus to send him to the floor, double clothesline sends Cesaro to the floor, and then stereo dives take both champs out.

Sheamus takes Rollins out on the floor as Ambrose comes off the top into a European uppercut from Cesaro that gets 2. Ambrose with the rebound lariat, then Sheamus tags in and goes to the top, but Ambrose and Rollins double team with a superplex and top rope splash for 2 when Cesaro breaks the fall. Sheamus and Rollins are going toe to toe, but then Ambrose tags in and they stomp Sheamus out in the corner. Sheamus gets sat on the top rope for a modified double powerbomb, but Cesaro slips back in and takes Rollins out while Sheamus hits a tilt a whirl powerslam on Ambrose for 2. Cesaro comes off the top with a crossbody and Ambrose reverses for 2, Ambrose tries for Dirty Deeds,

Cesaro reverses to the big swing and then gets the Sharpshooter. Ambrose nearly makes the ropes, so Cesaro rolls him into the middle of the ring and converts it to a crippler crossface. Ambrose reverses to a cradle for 2, Sheamus cheapshots Ambrose on another rebound lariat attempt, and the champs hit a top rope clothesline/powerbomb combo...for 2! Sheamus can't believe it. Champs hit the T Gimmick on Ambrose, but Rollins breaks it up at Champs put the boots to Rollins and dump him back out to the floor, then turn around and see Ambrose motioning them to come give him more. So they do. They go for the assisted White Noise, but Rollins super Frankensteiners Cesaro into Sheamus ot break it up, then superkicks Sheamus and Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds for the win!

The winners of the match and new Raw Tag Team Champions: The Shield


The announcers just pointed out how every title contested tonight has changed hands, so the Laws of WWE Physics means that the very next match after such a statement is required to be a successful title defense. AJ goes right after Owens from the start, Owens goes back after him, and Shane physically hauls Owens off of AJ. He rings the bell, and they go right back after each other and brawl to the floor where Shane yells at them to get it back in the ring. AJ comes across the apron with a kneestrike to the face, then they head back into the ring where Owens puts the boots to AJ.

The announcers just pointed out how, every time there's been a special referee at Summerslam, the title has always changed hands. Once again, I'm smelling a successful title defense. AJ hits a side backbreaker on Owens, but Owens with a shot to AJ's throat...and AJ rocks him with a big right hand in return. Owens turns AJ inside out with a big clothesline and rains down right hands on him. Owens with a hard clothesline in the corner, followed by a cannonball for 2. Owens unloads more shots,

AJ tells him to bring it on, and Owens does, then AJ goes toe to toe with Owens and picks him up in a fireman's carry before dumping him in a facebuster. Owens blocks the Styles Clash, then avoids the moonsault Deathdrop and superkicks AJ's head off. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb, AJ slips out and hoists Owens up to deliver the fireman's carry neckbreaker. AJ goes to the top, Owens shoves Shane int othe ropes to knock AJ down, then Owens gets AJ in a fireman's carry on the top, but AJ slips out and hits a sunset bomb. AJ goes for the springboard 450 on Owens, but Shane was checking on Owens at the time and got caught in the crossfire.

AJ goes to check on Shane, but Owens grabs him from behind and hits the pop-up powerbomb. Shane stirs and makes a count, but only gets 2. Owens gets in Shane's face and yells at him for not being there, but Shane doesn't back down and insists it was 2. Owens charges AJ and AJ moves and gets the Calf Crusher. Owens goes to the eyes to get out, but AJ picks the legs for another Calf Crusher and Owens kicks him off into Shane, who goes tumbling to the floor. AJ gets the Calf Crusher again, and Owens taps, but Shane is out on the floor. AJ releases the hold and now he's getting in Shane's face, then shoves Shane, who shoves him back and allows Owens to roll him up for 2. AJ goes for a leaping charge in the corner and Owens sidesteps, he goes for another cannonball but AJ drills him with a forearm and then suplexes him into the corner. AJ puts Owens on the top rope and goes for a super Frankensteiner, but Owens catches him and counters to a top rope fisherman's buster. Owens makes a cover, but only gets 2. Owens yells at Shane that that was 3 and he knows it, then he and AJ trade right hands. AJ misses a Pelle kick, Owens hits a superkick, AJ gets a rollup and turns that into the Styles Clash, but Owens is out at 2. AJ goes to the apron for the springboard forearm, Owens ducks, and he walks right into the pop-up powerbomb. Shane counts 3, but then sees AJ had his foot on the ropes and calls the fall off. Owens is livid, and he gets right in Shane's face, poking him in the chest and getting into a shoving match that aloows AJ to roll Owens up for 2. AJ with the Pelle kick and then he goes to the apron for the springboard forearm, and this time he hits it. He goes for another Styles Clash and hits it for the three count

The winner of the match: AJ Styles 


We're off, and Nakamura is already peppering Mahal with kicks, as the crowd is overwhelmingly behind him. Mahal overpowers Nakamura and traps him in a side headlock, but gets free and goads Mahal into charging him, which Mahal does and winds up on the floor after Nakamura sidesteps him. Now we go to the Japanese announce team, who say something equally incomprehensible to me as Nakamura drills Mahal with a high kneestrike. Mahala takes a breather on the floor, but that only lasts a moment before Nakamura goes after him and dumps him back into the ring.

Nakamura gets distracted by the Singh brothers, allowing Mahal to knock Nakamura off the apron and int othe barricade. We go back int othe ring where Mahal puts the boots to Nakamura, then drops a series of knees. Mahal is now firmly in control, and yells at Nakamura to get up as the fans chant for the challenger. Mahal whips Nakamura to the ropes and connects with a back elbow, then locks Nakamura down with a chinlock.

Nakamura connects with a pair of kicks, and just like that the champion is in trouble. Nakamura unloads with a series of kicks to the chest, a charging elbow in the corner, and he lays Mahal on the top rope for the running kneelift. Nakamura covers for 2, Mahal tries to counter a Frankensteiner to a powerbomb, but Nakamura counters to a triangle choke. Mahal makes it to the ropes, so Nakamura goes for Kinshasa, but Mahal sidesteps and rolls Nakamura up for 2. Mahal goes for the Kalas, Nakamura fights his way out, Mahal charges Nakamura and the challenger sidesteps, sending Mahal shoulder first into the post.

Nakamura charges in from behind with a hard kneestrike to the back of the neck. The Singh brothers come in and Nakamura unloads on both of them, giving Mahal a chance to get up and hit the Kalas for the win.

The winner of the match: Jinder Mahal


The bell rings, and Roman and Braun immediately brawl to the floor while Brock suplexes Joe into next week in the ring. Roman sends Braun into the ring post, then Brock dares him to get into the ring. Brock suplexes him, then gives Joe another for good measure, then Braun comes into the ring to go face to face with the champ. Roman and Joe come back in to run interference, and Braun lays Joe out while Brock flattens Roman, and we're back to Brock and Braun. Braun launches Brock into the corner and then clotheslines him to the floor. Joe gets Brock in the Kokina clutch on the floor, and moves out of the way just as Roman comes in with a spear that sends Brock and himself through teh barricade.

Joe quickly gives Roman a uranage onto the broadcast table. Braun finally comes out to the floor, easily hoists Lesnar up, and gives him a powerslam through one of the announce tables. Roman blindsides Braun, but then falls victim to a dive through the ropes by Joe. Joe picks Roman up, but they both get cracked by an office chair Braun tosses at them from behind one of the tables.

Braun picks Brock up and powerslams him through another table. Braun then picks up the remaining broadcast table and flips it over on top of Lesnar. A gaggle of officials come to check on Brock as the fans chant their appreciation of how awesome this is. They end up putting Brock on a stretcher and carrying him out, and Braun batters both Joe and Roman with the ring steps in the meantime. Back into the ring where Roman uses the steps on Braun, but then Joe rolls Roman up for 2 and hits a senton for another 2. Roman gets a Samoan drop on Joe, but Joe catches him in the Kokina clutch.

Braun comes in and chokeslams both of them, but only gets 2 off a cover on Roman. Brock Lesnar comes out of the back and Braun stares him down, but Brock tackles Braun to his back and unloads on him with right hands, then clotheslines him to the floor. Brock sends Roman and Joe to Suplex City, then gets Braun in a Kimura lock. Roman drills Braun with a Superman punch, then one for Lesnar, and a third for Joe. Roman spears Brock and covers...for 2. Come on! Roman goes for another Superman punch, Joe gets him in the choke, Braun comes in and dropkicks Roman, then powerslams Joe and...Lesnar pulls the ref out at 2. Braun pops Roman into the air, Roman comes down with the Superman punch, and covers for 2. Roman sets for another one, but runs into Braun's boot. Braun with a powerslam on Roman, Brock breaks the cover up at 2. Brock goes for an F5 on Braun, Braun gets out,

Roman spears them both, and everyone's down. Braun rolls to the floor and leaves Brock and Roman in the ring. Brock pops Roman up, Roman comes out the back and Joe dumps him, then Joe gets Brock in the Kokina clutch, Brock pops him up and hits the F5, makes a cover, and Roman breaks it up at 2. Roman drills Brock with the Superman punch, then another, and a third drops Lesnar. Roman goes for a spear, Brock catches him and hits an F5 for the win.

The winner of the match: Brock Lesnar




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